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Has anyone here ever played a bard whose Perform skills were primarily focused on comedy?

How did that go?

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I have. I was not allowed to make jokes after the first few times.

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I'm pretty sure Perform (comedy) is just for flavor, like a jester-turned-adventurer.
Sing and Dance are the only really "usable" ones. The rest are there for if you want to make a quick gold piece on the street.

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I've played wise cracking bards, but I've never taken the comedy skill or played a comedian as a character concept.

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Yes, but I've been bar'd from the game table ever since!


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I played a 3.5 Bard who was a stand-up comedian equivalent in a Rogues/Bards campaign. Also took Knowledge: Philosophy at max ranks. We used the character to get into all kinds of nobles' houses, usually to gather intel/valuables. Lots of fun. Played small venues for free room and board for the party.

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Any Perform skill is usable for Bardic abilities. I had a Bard who was an angry Scotsman who used Perform (Angry Rant). I was required to constantly complain about things in a Scottish brogue in order to use my bardic music.

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>pic related

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An archived thread about a guy who wanted to run a comedian bard; asking for in-character jokes.


My favorite one in the thread is probably still one of the ones in the OP:

A dwarf and an elf step into a restaraunt and sit at the table. The waitress asks if she could take their order.

The Dwarf says. "I'll take a 24oz steak. Rare. With a bottle of Dragonfire."

The Waitress responds, "And what about the vegetable?"

The Dwarf looks at the elf and growls, "He'll take the steak too, and HE'LL LIKE IT!"

Most of them are just regular jokes reflavored to fit the setting, but they're still pretty solid. Not really too much about people actually PLAYING a comedy bard, but figured it's worth mentioning.

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Female jesters really need to be more commonplace in adventuring parties.

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No, but while you're mentioning comedy as an in-game skill, Reign has a really interesting Jest skill.

For every point you put into Jest, you get to write a "set-up" on a card and hand it off to the GM. A set-up would be something like "The villain says 'You're nothing but flies to me!'" The GM then has to try to arrange the set-up for you during that session.

So, you corner the bad guy and he draws his weapon, drawing his arcane fury into his free hand, bellowing "You're nothing but flies to me!" so you can deliver your punchline.

"You must be some foul shit to attract this many flies!"

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And now for a jester girl dump.

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That's awesome. I'm going to suggest this to the GM of this game I'm playing (a game he made up, and is open to suggestions about)

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>a harle pic I actually haven't seen before


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Man, I feel like a idiot for not realizing sooner that Harley Quinn is a wordplay on Harlequin.

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Until you posted that I didn't realize it either. Shit. I feel stupid.

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Wait, what?


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Good God, what're you people, twelve? Next up, The Riddler, Edward Nigma = E. Nigma = ENIGMA.

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wow you're fucking stupid.

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I think the Joker actually brings that up in Mad Love.

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Aha, I requested that from a drawfag.

He had to go to sleep before he could finish it he said. But he liked the concept!

I believe greenmarine did it, I forget though he didn't sign it.

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I never thought of him as E. Nigma., just Edward Nigma. I always thought Nigma was a stupid last name.

My life will never be the same.

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...You are retarded. Seriously.

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... Seriously? ... You... wow.

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> Dr. Victor Fries
>German pronunciation is "Freez"
>*waits for it*

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To get the thread back on topic...

I once played a bard who was a bad comedian, but thought he was fantastic. People were amused and came to see him and he was delusional enough to not know he was being ridiculed.

tl;dr: GW Bush as a comedian bard.

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You could probably solve catch half the criminals in the DC universe just by hunting down everyone with a funny name.

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You know, it could've been worse. We could've had Sylvester Stallone or Hulk Hoagan as Mr. Freeze.

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Heh, Remember the part in Last Action Hero with Stallone as the Terminator?

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An elf walks into a bar and says "ow."
A dwarf walks into a bar and says "ow."
A human walks into a bar and says "ooooh" and fathers a generation of half-bar children with it, reminiscing every now and then about how he serendipitously ran into his beautiful cross-species wife one day after she'd been so carelessly knocked about by others in this cruel racially prejudiced faux-medieval society, teaching his children to be honorable warriors even though they are rejected from both human and bar societies and as outcasts and outsiders they have to make their own way through the world and nobody can understand their pain.

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I still chuckle when I see the scene from Demolition man when they're talking about the Scharzenegger library.

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I played a female comedian bard once. I actually bought a book of jokes and tried to look through it for some good ones to say during combat.

For the first few sessions, I would actually tell jokes during combat to represent my Perform: Comedy. The problem was I was telling the jokes in rounds so I would only say 6 secs at a time. It was hard to keep track of where I was in the joke so I dropped that part of the concept fairly quickly.

Instead, I would use the taunt skill which usually involved my high CHA bard with her huge tracts of land shaking her bottom at the enemies and insulting them.

tl:dr If you use jokes in game, keep to the one liners and not shaggy dog stories.

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In my head, now, is your bard dueling the BBEG while recounting everything he had done thus far as an especially long, convoluted and black humor heavy shaggy dog story, recounting his every failure with the sort of stage-deadpan normally used for The Aristocrats.

The punchline is a contrived, horrible pun about how everyone will remember him as nothing more than a joke. Then she cheerfully cuts his head off.

This is a good thing to have in my head. Thank you.

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That player's GM here. You don't have to imagine that. It totally happened. To which one of the other players actually said, "The Aristocrats." XD

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I played a bard in a 3.5-rules, post-magicopalypse NYC setting. He was great fun. I told a relevant-to-the-situation joke whenever I used my bardsong. The fluff was that the zombies and demons didn't seem so bad when you could laugh at them. As for the actual jokes, I'd say they were funny half the time.

This worked well in a large party- both because giving a +1 or +2 to everyone adds up in a bigger group, and because it gave me more time while everyone took their turn to think of a situational joke.

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