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Someone inhaled Changeling, Liar was spying on me.

Carry on.

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>To Shalere
You say that like it's the first time.

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..And Rubric just said he was a virgin. Don't forget that.

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>Space Marine that does not have body

You're surprised at that?

>> No.10631893


(Hold on, what he said was:
>... I just inhaled.
>You're inside me *right now*.

>> No.10631894


Maybe in your dreams, daemon.

>> No.10631904

... inhaled?

>> No.10631911


Actually, I cut a little nick in your throat yesterday. I was technically inside you then.

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Hello again.

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>Apple Cart Explodes
>Another explodes

>> No.10631950


Well, I figured.. I don't know. Just, once before you were recruited. Or something.


That's about the only explanation you could give that wouldn't make me hurt you.

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>reads this, myface

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How many fucking times a day does this need to be posted?

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What did you spy with your little tyranid eyes?

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Usually once

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>Well, I figured.. I don't know. Just, once before you were recruited. Or something.

When I was 10 years old?

>That's about the only explanation you could give that wouldn't make me hurt you.

You can't hurt her.

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Nothing, yet

>was referring to 'I was inside you' earlier

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"Enough is enough, I've had it with these motherfucking threads in this motherfucking /tg/".

-Samuel Anon Jackson

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So Changeling, where's this vid?

>> No.10632015


Alright, well. I promise I won't hold this above your head or anything. You know, you being a 10,000 year old virgin.

Hey, this isn't by chance your mom's ship, is it?

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Don't you know its dark outside?

>> No.10632019


Rubric said he brought you to spy on me.

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>make me hurt you.
With what, your excessively sharp wit?


Oh, it should be... Uh... Wait. I don't remember this junction. Give me a minute.

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>facemask on, keeps an eye on Alex

>> No.10632044


Yes, with exactly that. And- ..Wait, yeah, where are we? Did we just turn left or right? I don't remember that grate.. Shit.

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Hey Tech-Magos, have you seen what's happened to Miss Nimue?

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That is true..

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>Stares back while pointing with an accusing finger

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It's not like I'm the oldest one out there, you know.


That doesn't look like the RIG's helmet at all.

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And what did you spy?


What happened to Nimue?

>> No.10632083


Yeah, it... Hm. I... Hm.



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Well, she, ah, she, um, went through, some, wardrobe changes.

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Thank you ever so kindly for bringing this to our collective attention. I am quite certain it was crucial information that will prove vital to all of us in the trying times ahead.

Gonna break that fucking button one day, I swear to the Omnissiah.

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No, she did not.

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I don't know about Liar but I found your porn stash and I've been thumbing through it for a while now. Pretty nice spread.

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As yes the "what if" picts, yes. I have seen those.

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Well, figure something out, you're burning my lungs and- Wait, what did I just crawl on? What is- Oh, no.. Oh god. I think I just touched one of his tubes.

Why didn't I just let Chemrat kill me?

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>it's modified


Just making sure you behave, I assume. You -are- on his ship

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I don't have a porn stash.

>> No.10632175


Stop fondling Bubbles and poke your head out the nearest grate.

>> No.10632176

Right...I might be here for a while....need to update my steam account so i can play online games

so whats happened so far?

>> No.10632182


And did I behave?

>> No.10632183

If you have green on your finger, that's acidic.

Black should be fine though.

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No? But I could have sworn... I mean, I have... has someone been hacking my servo-skull?

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>hacking my servo-skull

>> No.10632214


I would say so, actually

>> No.10632223




Were you spying on her?

>> No.10632249


I didn't ask for that!


>Why didn't I just let Chemrat kill me?

Because you like me too much?

>> No.10632257


I don't know, I can't see- My finger isn't burning, so..


Alright, alright, just let me.. Here we go.. Got it.

>Clang. Deafening silence.

...Rubric. Is it possible, in any circumstance, that you have what appears to be a bottomless chasm into a dark and abyssal plunge somewhere near the middle of your ship?

>> No.10632258


Granted I also respected your privacy

>> No.10632261


Hmmm. Then whose porn mag and I holding?
>reads cover
Deamons gone wild?

>> No.10632293


Not mine I swear

>> No.10632300


Bubbles, or yours.



>> No.10632308

I could have SWORN that she was actually going through those changes... but that would mean she'd been corrupted, and we would have to purge her. Oh thank the God-Emperor-Omnissiah.
Well, servo-skull diagnosticon says it's okay, so I guess they didn't do any damage...

>> No.10632321

>Bubbles, or yours
>Daemons Gone Wild
Just shut up.

>> No.10632329


Unless an asteroid just hit us and we didn't notice it, no. Do you have a flashlight?

>> No.10632340

Praise the Omnissiah!

>> No.10632345


You don't like daemons?

>> No.10632352


So you could have been doing -anything- with Nimue...

Right under my nose~

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>> No.10632368


You didn't answer my question.


So yours then?

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I think someone needs some R&R. Or at least someplace far, far away from overly well endowed Tyranids.

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I'm just saying that that magazine isn't mine is all.

>> No.10632383


What am I, a guardsman?


Focus, dammit. Some of us can actually starve to death, you know.

>> No.10632394

How sensitive is your nose? Maybe you could smell shenanigans?

>> No.10632395


What I do or don't do is none of your business.

>> No.10632407


Just came off the Ishimura... OF COURSE I need some R&R

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>> No.10632438


I know it isn't my business, that's what makes it so deliciously juicy~



>> No.10632442


Actually, I was just trying to get a reaction out of Bubbles. Look, let's move on to the next grate. This one obviously doesn't lead anywhere.

>> No.10632444


You arn't getting away that easily you WHORE

Let me introduce you to my new suit....

>> No.10632472

>Flips through "Deamons gone wild"
Keeper? Naw it can't b-
Wow. Didn't expect that.

>Keeps reading

>> No.10632477


>What am I, a guardsman?

I don't mean a lasrifle, I mean a portable light.

>Focus, dammit. Some of us can actually starve to death, you know.

Only the non-important ones.


For a daemon of Tzeentch, you sure don't have a good memory.

>> No.10632481


Alright, but you're scouting the next one. I don't think Rubric wants to pulled my charred corpse out of a reactor vent or something.

>> No.10632487


Bring it on!

>> No.10632488


>myface when Terminator Issac


>> No.10632494




You stare, man, you always stare.

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>> No.10632515

Why would the Tech-Magos have magazines? He'd just upload stuff into his cerebral cogitator.

>> No.10632527


Toss it here! I wanna looksee!

>> No.10632531


Ow, hey, calm down you're getting robe in my eye!

>> No.10632535


Yeah, crawling around the ventilation was always a bitch in a ton of power armor.



>> No.10632545


Wait so this is yours? Damn Bubbles you've got some crazy stuff in here.

>> No.10632546


... Fine, whatever. Not like I care about floating around being smoke. Nope, I've got to investigate for Shalere!

>> No.10632551


Yes, Juicy, about like this...

>> No.10632570


Holy crap....

>> No.10632576

Does that count as tech heresy? Or normal heresy?

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>> No.10632594


Look, just tell me what's outside that grate before I get a vacuum up here.


..Is that a robot!?

>> No.10632614


Some empty quarters. I hear sobbing.

>> No.10632617


Not all of us are immortal, you know.


The vacuum of space or a literal vacuum?

>> No.10632620


>> No.10632623

We all know Xeno likes that sort of thing.

>> No.10632628


The kind that wouldn't kill me, rustbucket.

>> No.10632633


Apparantly so

>> No.10632636


>> No.10632643

Looks like the necrons have taken a page out of Hive Siren's book.

>> No.10632657

Put that back before I-


>> No.10632676


We lost him.


As I said, none of your business.

>> No.10632680


>The kind that wouldn't kill me,

Makes sense.


Now that's just offensive.


Sobbing? Mind seeing where it's coming from?

>> No.10632692


It's haunted! ..Wait, why am I surprised?

>> No.10632697


Found an STC for a Rocket Propelled Chainsaw...you want?

>> No.10632721


>> No.10632742


Oh, nice. I guess I'll just do everything for you mortals!


Quite possibly.

>> No.10632746


>hands you STC....you like?

>> No.10632755

>continues to thumb through "Deamons gone wild"

Wow this is some amazing stuff. A lesser man would go mad contemplating how they get in those positions. I mean I've done that before but only to squeeze my way through a half collapsed air duct.

>> No.10632763


There are no such things as ghosts. Souls are different, though.


Do you want some cheese with that whine?

>> No.10632772


How did you get in the vents?

Also where is the vid you were talking about?

>> No.10632775


Why so defensive~

if you had nothing to hide then you wouldn't be so defensive~

>> No.10632786


I have nothing to hide.

>> No.10632793

Omnissiah damnit put that back!

>> No.10632794


Hmmm that looks pretty handy. Almost as fun as the combat bear servitor.

>> No.10632797


Beats me.....Force of will perhaps?

>> No.10632814


Either she can't find or it never existed to begin with.

>> No.10632821


Those tones tell me otherwise~

>> No.10632825

Why would she drag us up here if it never existed? She must've gotten lost.

>> No.10632838


Well... you are ugly.

>> No.10632849


Because she's a conniving, lying demon-thing from the darkest recesses of the cosmos?

>> No.10632856

What are you two even -on about-?

>> No.10632868


Yes. I am.


I love cheese!

>> No.10632869

Am I late?

>> No.10632870


>Puts down mag from face
>Looks at Liar

Looks fine to me

>observes breasts

Damn fine

>continues reading "Deamons gone wild"

>> No.10632872


Rubric brought Liar on board to spy on us.

>> No.10632882

They're trying to figure out if you have a boyfriend.

>> No.10632883


Why is it so dark in these vents?

>> No.10632906

People aren't usually supposed to be in here. Therefore there was no need.

>> No.10632907


Because they weren't made to be crawled through?


Look, we're obviously not going to find this thing you wanted and we're all probably going to die in here anyway, so why don't you just tell us what it was?

>> No.10632918


Thank you, I try to be.

So how many times have you been inside of Nimue again?

>other juicy details, I've spied on

>> No.10632922

They look perfectly fine to me.

>> No.10632925


Because you haven't turned your flashlight on.


She said she didn't know as it was blurry or something. I don't trust her, though.

>> No.10632927

Well, YOU'RE going to die. I'll last another month before I need more nutrient injections.

>> No.10632928


Then why are they so huge?

>> No.10632942

I don't see why she would lie about th-


>> No.10632952


What kind of question is that?

>> No.10632957


I get the feeling I'm missing something wonderful while I'm trapped in these vents.


If I die in here, I'm taking you with me. Eventually I'll waste away enough to reach my damn laspistol.

>> No.10632974


>myface, IE little miss innocence
A serious question

>> No.10632991


Because they're part Jefferies tubes.


Bubbles, if you let him die I'll kill you!


I don't see why she wouldn't lie about it.

>> No.10632992


You know Bubbles for two people from such different worlds we got a lot in common.

>closes porno mag

I like your style. Let's be friends.

>> No.10632993


>> No.10633004

i wish i was her on the bottom

>> No.10633014


>> No.10633022


>> No.10633038

Does it look like I have a sandwich on me?

>> No.10633060


I can digest raw meat, y'know. You're lucky you're mostly metal.

>> No.10633065


>> No.10633068


You're the one with the auspex in your head!

>> No.10633070


oh...Hey a light behind me came on

>> No.10633074

There were the two mindswaps.

>> No.10633081

>> No.10633083

Thought I saw a few in that mag.

>> No.10633084

Yes, and even if you could crack through my brain case with your bare hands, it would only be a light snack that would last you a few more hours.

So don't get any ideas.

>> No.10633121


Yeah, yeah.. Look, you've got a bunch of metal limbs or something, right? Can't you just punch through the walls of this vent?

>> No.10633122


Damn straight.

>> No.10633131

You two, shut the hell up.

>> No.10633144


Come on, you gotta admit it was pretty good. Mind if I check out that mag when we get out of this?

>> No.10633159


Correct, due to perils and blood rain.

>> No.10633161

Yes I do mind.

Where the hell did Changeling go?

>> No.10633166


The vital systems of the ship are connected through those vents; you could turn off the oxygen or worse!

>> No.10633179

rolled 94 = 94


>floats over
>uses tail to gently touch Alex's leg in a non conspicuous manner
>rolling mind scan if I pass this WS: 32

>> No.10633182


.."Or worse?" What could be worse than turning off the oxygen?


Left us to die, probably. Since she's gone, I might have to blame you.

>> No.10633183


Sure. Hope Bubbles won't mind though.
That one scene with the 3 deamonettes and a sister of battle. Wow. Just wow.

>> No.10633193


>tail thwaps conspicuously

Well... my bad

>> No.10633200


how bout I look through em? I got night vision goggles and lived in tunnels most my life

>> No.10633201


I'm watching you.

>> No.10633206

Well its been fun all but I've gotta run.
I'll just leave this magazine riiiiight here.

Later guys!
>takes off in shuttle

>> No.10633212

Looking through them should be fine. Just come back for us when you've found an exit.

>> No.10633219

rolled 56 = 56

Surely Im not doing anything funny

>trying again WS: 32

>> No.10633221


>.."Or worse?" What could be worse than turning off the oxygen?

You could turn off something that's actual useful! For me, anyway.

>Left us to die, probably. Since she's gone, I might have to blame you.

Yeah, let's all blame Bubbles! He's the stupid one for not using the Tzeentch damned AUSPEX built into his head.

>> No.10633226


what just happened?

>> No.10633230


>tail simply brushes the floor

>> No.10633239


>Steps away

What... what are you trying to do?

>> No.10633241

>Should have gone for sneak attack at +20. Or is it +10?

>> No.10633243

is it one of these threads?

>> No.10633252

rolled 42 = 42


Ugh, god, I haven't stood up in.. A long time. Alright, this is getting creepy. Like walls-crushing-me creepy. Uh, dammit.. I think I can reach my laspistol..

>Rolling Ag, 35 to pass.

>> No.10633258

Don't you think I've tried that? I keep getting an error message.

>> No.10633276

rolled 87 = 87


Dammit! I think I've got the grip..


Hang on, I'll get us out of here.

>Rolling again; minor failure previously, have grip on gun. 50 to pass.

>> No.10633283

The fuck are you trying to...

*Tubes flail a bit*

Right right...no legs to kick.

>> No.10633284

>Wild applause.

Hey everybody.
>picks up magizine

I wondered where I put this.

>> No.10633285


..I'm stuck. Bubbles, I'm stuck. ..RUBRIC, I'M STUCK. GET ME OUT OF THIS DAMN VENT RIGHT NOW.

>> No.10633308

rolled 3, 4, 3, 3 + 6 = 19


>puts hand on your shoulder

Nothing~ nothign at all

>fuck it, rolling mind scan, 23 manifest to pass

>> No.10633317

So much

>> No.10633323


God Emperor, stop touching me, do you have a crush on me or something?

>> No.10633332


>grabs your shoulder straps....

Ready? 3....2...1...aaand go!

>tries to pull you out

>> No.10633337


Aka don't use them.

Oh, what's that? It's all my fault you came up here of your own will? What's that? You threatened to kill me?

Suck my tubes, asshole.

>> No.10633343


>makes a face and sighs, taking hand off

well now

>whistles and floats away, shaking hips as if prissing away

(dice gods hate us today :O)

>> No.10633344

Interrogator! You escaped!

>> No.10633363

Omnissiah damnit.

Did you find Changeling? ...or an exit?

>> No.10633364

Feckin' stupid.

>> No.10633365

>Without warning, a fist-sized rock comes shooting out of the darkness with a high-pitched squeal. It slams into the side of Shalere's head, bounces off, and then hits Rubric square in the faceplate.

>> No.10633367

>Crosses arms


>> No.10633383

rolled 46 = 46


Okay, I'll try to help!

>45 to pass.

>> No.10633388

Hey can you annul DOOM and tzneetchette's marriage?

>> No.10633392



>> No.10633396

rolled 73 = 73

(Quietly uses inbuilt Medicae Diagnostor to scan for xenos genetic material)

>> No.10633402

Don't the cables lead back to the lower chassis?

>> No.10633403


Hi there!

>> No.10633404


Oh what happened? Are you alright?

>> No.10633435

rolled 100 = 100





Damn it, Changeling, you better not have put any dents onto my helmet...

>> No.10633437


Wait, wait, I'm in like this pretzel position don't pull DON'T PULL AAAAAAAAH!

>Somewhere on the ship, Hunter no doubt emerges from a vent several feet off the ground; if he doesn't catch himself, he finds himself smashed under Shale in short order. On top of that, Shalere gets beaned squarely in the head by a rock that comes flying mysteriously out of the vent seconds later.

>> No.10633438



>> No.10633439

Those only drag for half a meter or so, I'm completely detached from my lower half.

>> No.10633443

Yes. I managed to wiggle free from under a pile of them. Apperantly I was covered in enough of their.. fluids, for them to not be able to track my pheromones. I hid in one of those spore things long enough for it to be sent planetside. I found some simple things to clothe myself, and I've been wandering around half naked.

Where's Tim.

>> No.10633460

rolled 84 = 84


Damn it, now I'm stuck!

>> No.10633468

>Slips porn mag into pocket.

Maybe? Whats in it for me?

>> No.10633469

Did you have a smile on your face?

>> No.10633481


>The rock shifts into a small mass of writhing flesh. A tiny, gurgling voice squeaks out:
You already clank. Another dent or two won't matter.

>> No.10633492

For one thing that magazine you just sto-...retrieved.

>> No.10633499


so, how was their company?

they didn't take too much did they?

>> No.10633514


>> No.10633532

You're not trying to kill us all with perils again, are you?

>> No.10633536

You try running for your life, being cornered, and forcefully having your biomass taken from you until you loose track of time and pass out a few times

>> No.10633561

rolled 71 = 71


Shut up and help me get out of here.

>> No.10633575

Are you joking?

>> No.10633577

Nnh.. Never doing that again..


Hey.. That's Bubbles' mag. Mind tossing it this way?

>> No.10633578


Now you know why I kept running from Tyrannus, They don't know when to stop taking.


No, I was trying to scan him
Besides, someoen brought the slaaneshi tome, again

>> No.10633582

Changling, please let us out.

>> No.10633594


I'd help, but you weight several hundred pounds more than I'm capable of lifting.


Sounds like a good night. At least they didn't eat you.

>> No.10633595



>promptly rolls out of the way

>> No.10633612


Allo Nurse!...Wait..didn't you used to be a Sister?

>> No.10633615


Oh, hey, there you are. Thanks for getting me out.. I owe you a favor.

>> No.10633624

(To clarify that 73 result, Medicae skill is 60+20, +10 Master Chir, +10 Medicae servo-skull, -30 remote scan = 70. I don't know if he's harboring anything)

>> No.10633625


Fine, fine. Maybe we can find the video thingy without the help of air vents.


Ask politely.

>> No.10633628

Verity is the Nurse.
Varity is the sister of battle.
Remember that.

>> No.10633636

Slaanesh is .. David Bowie?

I may have to reconsider things...

>> No.10633637


And variety is the spice of life.

>> No.10633643

rolled 54 = 54


>I'd help, but you weight several hundred pounds more than I'm capable of lifting.

How can this vent hold that much, anyway?

>Strength test to smash out; 68 to pass. Thank you, Alex and Varity, for that stats!

>> No.10633645

>Mistaking Verity for Varity will get you an anal probe very quickly.

>> No.10633657


..Wow. That's a nice hole you made there.

>> No.10633664


ah...I see now...

>> No.10633665


You were trying to what?

>> No.10633678


I saw my baby, crying hard as babe could cry...
What could I do~



>> No.10633680


Um... jah, but zen... got better... how abowt joo join Verity in mein office, und kan diskuss it darling?

>> No.10633682


There we go, I'm out; thanks for the tons of help, guys...


Thank Tzeentch we were at the end of a vent, though, or I might have smashed something vital.

>> No.10633684

You're welcome. I enjoy statting things.

>> No.10633699


This is going to end well.


Yeah, like me. What were you thinking, trying to climb into that vent?

>> No.10633702


I wasn't here when this whole group thing started hence not knowing the difference


no problem....

>> No.10633725


I was trying to help you out. If that Hunter guy hadn't grabbed you a second earlier, I would've gotten you, too.

>> No.10633730


I am having a hard time not laughing...

>> No.10633733

Besides being brused and battered, I dont really feel anything strange. I am just seriously in new need of Carapace armor.
... Wait, Slaanesh is here? Well fucking hell. Wheres a good spot to hide!?
I think my leg is dislocated and I haven't been able to close my jaw correctly without pain.

>> No.10633736


Bond with you, Y'know, be friendly an all

>> No.10633737


And then we'd both be stuck. But, uh, I appreciate the effort. I'd've done the same for you, but.. You know, the weight. Ever consider filing off a few pounds?

>> No.10633750


Your.. jaw?

Do I want to know?

>> No.10633751


I don't believe you.

>> No.10633763

Erm...could someone....carry me back to my legs please?

>> No.10633766


I know~
You don't have to~

what did you think?

>> No.10633771


Perils, that's what I thought.

>> No.10633772

Sister? Hey. Its Nailes. Tim Promoted me. And for the love of the Emperor being a Interrogator is a hard life...

And I now understand why we are supposed to purge the Xenos

>> No.10633780


right hold on a minute
>gets someone he found in the vents alongside everyone else
See that nurse? Go with her

>> No.10633782


>And then we'd both be stuck.

No, we would've been out.

>But, uh, I appreciate the effort. I'd've done the same for you, but.. You know, the weight.

So you say.

>Ever consider filing off a few pounds?

No, my armor stays as is.


>kicks him to the legs

>> No.10633789


I am NOT going back in there.


Hey, we're not all bad.

>> No.10633797

rolled 20 = 20

Leg, jaw, anything else?
>Medicae check for jaw, servo-skull is too small to fix leg

>> No.10633801


Debts are all paid and done with now eh?
>carries you back to your legs

>> No.10633802

I can only imagine the cause of it happened while I was passed out...
Or if they produce some sort of chemical that alters the mind.

>> No.10633810


Taste anything funny when you woke up?

>> No.10633833

Stop that, unless you want to be a rock and roll suicide.

>Blows a kiss.

Why bother to hide? I can find you if I want to.

>> No.10633839

Thanks. I was about to ask that nurse over there if she could take care of the leg. She seems like she has medical training.
I don't exactly recall, but I remember my spit being a light blue color for the longest time

>> No.10633846


Oh, trust me they do

Protip: its in their 'breasts'

>> No.10633848


right sorry bout that


Still want someone to follow you or did that guy I sent to you get lost again?

>> No.10633852


>> No.10633853


..Hahaha. You might wanna ask the resident 'Nid if Swarmlord swings both ways.

>> No.10633858

Were you abusing psyker powers, again?
Tim? Also, hello, Interrogator.

>> No.10633867


Well, Perils it was, nothing else

>> No.10633869

.... That explains it.
.... Dammit stupid Chaos

>> No.10633873

Hallucinogenic breastmilk?

>> No.10633874

No worries. You could probably manage the leg yourself, in fact I would recommend it, rather than Nurse Verity. You may end up grafted to something you really would rather not have as a permanent attachment.
And, wasn't it Inquisitor Tom who made you an Interrogator?

>> No.10633889


You know, Shale, if I didn't know you had that scar and pulling would mess up the stitches, I'd break your leg.


I think he means Tom, but he's too stupid to remember.

>> No.10633904


Aw, come on, you know I'm just kidding. How about a hug?

>> No.10633905


And where are the results?

>> No.10633908


You suckled on them, didn't you


It's a mind numbing chemical. makes prey easier to deal with

>> No.10633919


There were none~

Nothing happened whatsoever

>> No.10633922

Inquisitor Tim? And bad things happens when that Tyranid faces the perils! Horrible things!
Oh dear sweet Emperor I didnt even think of that... I think I'm going to hurl

>> No.10633924

HAH! I KNEW I got a pict of one wearing glasses.
...why is it wearing glasses?

>> No.10633925


Interesting, I could use this in some of my research.

>> No.10633929


Maybe later.


Hey, you said you needed to get to them.

>> No.10633931

So it's not like Melona and her "I'm going to forcefeed you caustic acid now" shtick?

>> No.10633940

Bah, Tim, Tom, My head is too damn fuzzy. You trying going through what I did and coming out of it with a steady mind...

>> No.10633941


Just don't hurl on the tyranid, you might knock her up.


No, now.


>> No.10633956

You people really are dreadfully boring.

>> No.10633964


Because that is my fetish...

>> No.10633966


If I see you spying on me or Nimue one more time, I swear I will cut your tail off.

>> No.10633987


I'm pretty sure...

I have them too you know. granted I don't play with them

>> No.10633994


That's why I'm glad I don't have a body som-


>No, now.


>> No.10634012


Even dragging me would be better.

>> No.10634015

Well, that Tyranid should stop attempting to use psychic powers.
I've been through far worse things than a Tyranid invasion.

>> No.10634024


I come from a planet that's in a complete nuclear winter.....we have to wear gasmasks almost everywhere just to breathe...Kinda like Krieg except more vodka

>> No.10634029



Note taken

>> No.10634034

Hive Fleet Siren.
I was kidnapped
Horrible things happened. Why else would I be running around in scrap clothing?

Bah, where the hell is some flak armor. Even that'll do for now.

>> No.10634040

>bows to the forth wall, and walks off.

>> No.10634051


I want a hug, too.

>> No.10634056


Hey take my spare armor and clothing...I've got 4 more sets back in my home tunnel

>> No.10634057


Well, I don't like you.


Go get one from Bubbles.

>> No.10634058

I'd give you my robe to wear, but I'm afraid it wouldn't cover much,

>> No.10634059

I have some spare leathers in the wagon and my new inquisition position likely means I have armor in the ship.

>> No.10634066


Well, sorry I've been missing for so long, I've been messing with the pen again and I think I can confirm that the pen side is indeed dead. The eraser side works fine though so I'm considering trying to do some doodles using it until I can replace the pen.


>> No.10634067


yeah, about Siren, they rape their victims

>pic somewhat related

>> No.10634076

Have you been impaled on a daemon's sword, Interrogator?
As for the clothing, I have nothing but what I wear, now.

>> No.10634078

Then fucking drag me by my cyber-mantle spine.

Just don't kick me, it makes me dizzy.

>> No.10634082

>Heh. It's cute. Now put her in a maid uniform, with cleavage.

>> No.10634088

Jus' givin' 'em away are ye?

I'll take a set.

>> No.10634091


Alright, fine.

>Wraps one arm around Changeling while the other remains around.. Well, as much of Rubric as it can fit around.

..Uh, Rubric, don't suppose you can heat yourself up or anything? You're freezing cold.

>> No.10634097


You said you still had the warranty, right?

Does it cover this kind of thing?



>> No.10634105

Right..... It's not the worst thing I have seen, by far.

>> No.10634106


Ahh. This feels nice.
Wait, are your feathers dirty?

>> No.10634110


>doesn't mean I still won't try

>> No.10634123

That's what I'm trying to find out. Contacted customer service about it.

>> No.10634129


Hmm...didn't realize I had a 2nd set in that bag....Ok so I have 4 sets of armor back home, 2 spares, and one currently on me

>hands Inquisitor Naile a set of armor and clothing

>> No.10634133


True, but I imagine its not a pleasant experience.

>tool of the trade

>> No.10634135

Thanks alot. Wonder how Tom will react when I tell him I lost my Carapace Armor and Hotshot lasgun.
Its taken care of, thanks.

>> No.10634146


They're called stations, not tunnels, I'm pretty sure.


I can't gauge my strength; I'd crush it. Kicking it is.


>Alright, fine.

You're too giving to your enemies.

>...Uh, Rubric, don't suppose you can heat yourself up or anything? You're freezing cold.

I can't. I could put a fire inside the armor, but that's stupid. It'd burn you and put smoke inside the ship. I don't have any ideas to MacGyver anything up, so cold it is.

>> No.10634153

>Xenos FILTH! Swarmlord must die!

...Miss Nimue? You're looking... frustrated.

>> No.10634172

Just say it crapped out not that you dropped it.

>> No.10634184


Huh? Oh, that? It's just.. black stuff. From Bubbles' tubes. I think it might be oil?


>Is really sorry to hear that, and hopes you get it replaced pro-bono.


...Y'know, I'm more of a ladies' man, but for that? I could almost make an exception.


Hey, don't think everyone I don't like is my enemy. And I can warm you up now, if my arm doesn't get tired.

>> No.10634192


What did they say?

>> No.10634201


That thing is about as tall as you are.

>> No.10634206


My post are in the tunnels and on tope of a tower hence why I refer it as home tunnel instead of Station most of the time

>> No.10634218

...Well its not a contest, right? I'm still shaken though. I go from being a Guardsman guarding Turnips for a Dreadnought and then suddenly I get tossed new gear, fly around in the Galaxy, and kidnapped by Xenos.
I've lasted more then a week though, so at least that bet Tom made lost.
.... I really hope that the males were not on that hiveship.

>> No.10634227


You heard nothing.

>> No.10634232


>And I can warm you up now, if my arm doesn't get tired.

That's just residual heat, though. It won't stay for long.

>Hey, don't think everyone I don't like is my enemy.

I do.


Well, you DO call him gay...

>> No.10634238

There probably were.

>> No.10634249

Well, if I'm required, you can find me someplace warm.

hopefully a Gellar field malfunction doesn't throw me half arse across the galaxy, and timeline again...

>> No.10634264


so how do you like your new set of armor? It fit well?

>> No.10634266


... And?
I still think he is.


I heard everything.

>> No.10634280


Regardless of what Changeling thinks she knows.. I can appreciate a good thing, whether it's a load of thrones from a delivery, the soft hum of a well-tuned engine, or an admirable body, female or not. I've never taken a firm side on anything in my life, so hell, why'd sex be any different?

>> No.10634284

There's always suicide.
No, it's not. And, yes, I suppose you have suffered a good deal. Has it been a week? I didn't think it was that long. Time flies when you're... guarding... things, I guess.

>> No.10634288

Fits alright, still a fan of the carapace armor though, but this works rather well.

.... Where the hell is my broom?

>> No.10634294

Look's you're on the firm side right now.

>> No.10634298


Keep safe.. What do you go by, again? Doesn't feel right just calling you 'Nid.

>> No.10634299

Well, my earlier scan didn't detect any active xenos genetic material, just a number of chemical compounds, so it looks like you're (relatively) okay.
Hey, did you see a drone device when you were escaping? If it had been around, it should have tried to help you. Maybe it got away too.

>> No.10634314

Yeah. I still need to give Tom a piece of my mind though. At least I didn't run like everyone else when the spores were landing. I held that line!

>> No.10634316


Have you got your legs back yet? I'd hate to waste time kicking your ass if it wasn't attached.

>> No.10634322


What broom? You had a broom?

>> No.10634327


I think you might be...

>> No.10634329


Yes, right up until you were abducted. Was it worth it?

>> No.10634338


...warming up to the idea.

>> No.10634342


I have no idea where I am right now since Rubric decided that disorienting me was better than just dragging me.

>> No.10634344


>> No.10634350

What did Tom have to do with your predicament? Also, if unavailable, I can requisition a set of stormtrooper armor for you.

>> No.10634356


HAHA--oh, sorry.

>> No.10634358

I saw a Screamer Killer batting around something. Looked like it was playing with it. Thank the Emperor though, the monster was walking towards me and whatever it was stole its attention.
Yes. I hit heretics with it, and once smacked off a Necron's head with it.

>> No.10634359


Hey, now you're horning in on my terrible puns?

>> No.10634362

Hell I forgot to say, they apparently accepted my application.

>> No.10634384


sounds like a wonderful broom..

>> No.10634390


Even I can make jokes every once in a while.

>> No.10634392


Changeling, since I hugged you, and all, could you pull Bubbles out of the vents?

>> No.10634406

Damn. I know a tyrant got one, at least I THINK a tyrant got one, right when you were saying something about a screamer killer. Maybe the tyrant gave it to the screamer killer. There WERE two that followed you in.
It's probably too much to expect that the other one got away. Pity, it would have had recordings of the events.

>> No.10634418


I heard it as well...

I had to double-take on that one... well... c u~


>> No.10634425


Y'know, Changeling said there was a broken vid-screen in the vents here. Any chance one of your drones got on board Rubric's ship somehow?

>> No.10634430

Well, at the very least, I still have my honor and dignity.
... Err
When I give him a report of what happened. And at least a warning about what goes on in this position would of been nice. I knew it was dangerous, but that was completely different. And some Stormtrooper armor would be fantastic. I appreciate it

>> No.10634435

I'm out.

Rubric the asshole here is kicking me to my legs, I think.

So he says.

>> No.10634455


Oh, great. Well, I found your legs.. I was kicking their ass. Here, might as well kick them over to you.

>> No.10634456


Took you long enough to do it right. Sheesh.


Or out the nearest airlock, but Changeling would kill me if I did that.

>> No.10634461

Er, are you even able to?

Those alone weigh almost as much as Rubric.

>> No.10634471

Probably not; Rubric's ship was well away by the time a drone would have tried to escape. They were told to try to help Nailio escape if possible.

>> No.10634488

I can manage that being an inquisitor is fun!

*Voxxes ship hold to requisition armor*

>> No.10634489


Huh.. Guess that explains why I wasn't getting anywhere. Can't you make them walk back to you, or something?


Damn. Two mysteries unsolved, then.

>> No.10634504


That's why I need Rubric to quit dicking around and bring me back to my damned legs!

>> No.10634512

Right I'm off, I'll see you guys later


When you get that stormtrooper armor make sure you send me back mine! Very easy to find me! I live in Polis Station

>> No.10634513


If there's one thing this ship can do quickly, it's bug out; the weapons fell apart 7,000 years ago.


I'm nearly over there, anyway.


Stop cryin', princess, we're a foot or two away.

>> No.10634518

Tech-Magos? You haven't learned the Omnissiah's mystery of maglev?

>> No.10634523

Well, as soon as I return to my station, I can see what I can dig up for you.

>> No.10634536

THe system is probably in the lower torso spider.

>> No.10634538

Doing so in my current state would drain me, threatening my life.

>> No.10634542

.... You mean there's a drone running around with a recording of what happened?

Oh for the love of the Emperor and my dignity, that thing needs to die before anyone finds it

>> No.10634553


I'll attempt to acquire that drone.

>> No.10634557


>Gives a last, mighty kick.

There ya go.

>> No.10634558


Heheh, me too. How much you willing to pay to get it back?

>> No.10634576

Thanks, you asshole.

*Climbs up legs*

>> No.10634591


You always have profit in mind, don't you?


Stop crying, you got your legs back.

>> No.10634597


Any opportunity, really.

>> No.10634615

Will do.
Thanks a million. Knowing Tom though he's going to complain I didn't bring back one alive.
...What drone. What are you guys talking about.

>> No.10634632

Right. Well, if you need help reattaching your legs, there's an MIU port on the side of the servo-skull, you can interface with it for assistance. Just leave the vox-systems open.

MAYBE. The shuttle I left in-system isn't receiving any telemetry, but the drone may just be being quiet. Ideally I'd like to recover it to see if you need any, umm, "decontamination."

>> No.10634637


How much you want for a copy of the vid, if you get it back?

>> No.10634640

Glad to be of service. Is there anything else I can assist you with, Interrogator.?

>> No.10634657

Nah, I got this.

Just gotta plug in a few things....aaaaaand.

There we are.

>> No.10634660


Well, as long as you check with me before you try to sell my stuff, it's okay.

...I forgot to give you the angry words. Damn you and your hugs!

>> No.10634708

You guys are jerks.
That'll be all. Thanks.

Heheh, this promotion thing is kinda nice. I still remember that time you tried to teach me CQC. I should really learn how to escape a grapple... it would of been useful.

>> No.10634728

A grapple by a dozen Siren genestealers doesn't sound like an easy one to break, CQC or not.

>> No.10634740


Aha, so you did like it!

>> No.10634752


>is tempted to draw scenes
>already has a lot of fetish fuel in mind
>im so pig disgusting

>> No.10634764


I never said I didn't. Hugs are just strange without a body.

Wait, you're trying to make me forget, aren't you?

>> No.10634766


That's the reason you shoot them before they get into CQC.

>> No.10634781

Is that why they are so stacked?
I assume the glasses function as a lure?

>> No.10634795

Or make a tactical retreat when they do.

>> No.10634797


>> No.10634800

Well, congratulations on your new position, I suppose. I also hope you learned a thing of two from the brief time I assisted you. I am currently assigned as a garrison, I have no more pressing matters. If you would like to attempt additional training, let me know.

>> No.10634801


>Doo eeeeet.


Hmmm, forget what?

>> No.10634810

>you already have?

>> No.10634819

>Do it!

>> No.10634821


If you have some place to retreat to.

>> No.10634825


>I sorta modeled Megane tyrant off of my ex, I have a thing for adorable, short girls with large breasts, and glasses, especially after being with her for three years

>> No.10634858


You're trying to make me forget that I'm supposed to be angry at you!

...Aw, never mind, I can't stay angry at you.


Hey there, Nimue, you missed hugs earlier.

>> No.10634864

Aw, I always do

Ah well, I'll have to survive

>> No.10634877


That's way after the training montage.

>> No.10634893

would bribes of deliciously evil beer work as encouragement?

>> No.10634895

>In that case, MOAR of Megane Tyrant is kindly requested. At some point.

>> No.10634903


I can hug you, if you want.

>> No.10634912


>> No.10634915

>Also don't worry, I have my own fetish fuels which I hope never come into these threads, no matter how much I want them to. With that I'm out.

>> No.10634925

Oh god, do I need to make another training montage? Do I at least get to choose the music this time?

>> No.10634927

Sounds like a plan. I retained some of the stuff you taught me. Managed to kick one of them in the face before I booked it and they cornered me. More training cant hurt at all.
I was firing like a madman at the flying ones. They started diving at me so I, uh, performed a tactical retreat and tripped on a rock. All I could do then is flail while they grabbed me and flew up

>> No.10634928


>> No.10634950


Noone can, really. Except all the people that did.

But most of them are dead now.

>> No.10634969


Oh, well, you wouldn't have liked it anyway. I was one of the people being hugged, and I'm cold.


Probably tentacles or something.


Well, I'd ruffle the feathers on your head or something, but the whole "not able to gauge strength" problem comes in.

>> No.10634984

>Marcus is sad. For Liar. Possibly also slightly envious.

>> No.10634990


I've got a bottle of Disaronno, and soem Guinness somewhere, I'll be fine

anywhoo, was eating a bowl-o-rice, so I'ma be off to bed, work in the morning

>> No.10634997


It's the thought that counts. And the lack of skull fracturing.

>> No.10635028


Yeah, skull fracturing is really bad.

>> No.10635035


Despite being broke up, I still get kisses if we meet one another.

so its all fine :v


>> No.10635058

>I'd ruffle the feathers on your head or something
>or something

>*Raises eyebrow*

>> No.10635062


>> No.10635073

Oh god, Three Stooges Tyranids, get the Moe out of my head.

>> No.10635078

Alright. When you're ready, you can come back to the ship with me. Quartering you won't be an issue.

>> No.10635087


I have trouble thinking of ways to do anything but kill. I guess it's just all the years as a Space Marine.

Besides, you're the one to talk about implied things...

>> No.10635121

> Totally feels better

>> No.10635123


Aw, what, we can't have a platonic friendship?

>> No.10635149

May as well now. Some sparing should help calm my head, get that experience out of my thoughts

Then I just need to hunt down the droids before anyone finds them

>> No.10635153


No comments.


Well, I'd kiss you, but then Rubric would crush my skull "or something".

>> No.10635194

I better be heading out for the evening.. Night, folks, and Rubric, hit Alexandros for me.

>> No.10635216


Sure. See you later.


Shut up, Alex.

>> No.10635227


>'Boon' static

I heard that

>static, 'zirp'

>> No.10635251

Actually, I should be heading out too, I'll be in the tent trying to sleep, hopefully the walls will leave me alone this time around. Good night.

>> No.10635253

Alright, just get whatever you have for possessions together, and come with me.

>> No.10635270


Nimue good luck keeping this guy semi-sane/

I am gonna turn in myself.

>> No.10635271


I'm going to put that tent in an airlock while you're sleeping.

>> No.10635277

You're looking at all I got right now.
By all means, lead the way

>> No.10635287


Remember to make sure I'm the only one in it.

>> No.10635288

>hunt down the droids
Well, I'm pretty sure one is destroyed, but if the other one shows up I can just give it a recall command.
Of course, if it recorded anything, I think I should tell Lord Inquisitor Tom.

>> No.10635304


I'll make sure, don't worry.

>> No.10635342

He would never let me forget what happened.
If I find it, I'm smashing the thing.

>> No.10635412


Then off I go.

>> No.10635423

I think I'mma head to bed myself, g'nai
>scarpers off

>> No.10635427

Well, be careful, it's armed, and in autonomous mode. It's been instructed to help you, but attacking it may confuse it.

>> No.10635518

Huh. It cant be that hard to take out. Maybe I can convince it that deleting what it filmed will help me. It'll save my dignity at least

>> No.10635589

Good night Miss Nimue.

Well, think of it as a heavy gun servitor. With a plasma gun. And a grenade launcher. That flies.

>> No.10635707

Well crap. All I can do now is pray a 'Nid ate it. Anyway, I'm off to go get punched in the face by a Sister of Battle until I learn how to block. Good night

>> No.10635720


>> No.10636373

rolled 88 = 88


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