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Heres something to think about, what if you replaced Master Chief with a Space Marine from 40k (let's go with the Ultra's just because they are jack-of-all-trades generic)? How do you think the events of the Halo trilogy would be altered? How different would things be in general? Give me your insight because I am honestly very curious on what everyones take on it would be....

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Spess mehreen wouldn't be able to bounce around like Master Chief. Uh... that's about it.

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There wouldn't be a trilogy, because he would have finished the fight in the first game LIKE A BOSS.

(unlike Captain King)

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There would be nothing left alive in that rainbow and unicorn weak excuse of a universe.

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Ultramarines eh?

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Halo would have been about a quarter as long. Maybe even a sixteenth.

Especially if they deployed a Terminator squad. Nothing in Halo ever really called for massive agility, so just stomp in there with an assault cannon and wreck shit. Covenant would have no idea what hit them.

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The grim would be darkened and the dark would be grimed. The additional grim and dark would occur.

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Considering that most of the weapons wouldnt even be able to dent SM armor and the fact that it is extremly heat resistent (easily deflects weak Covenent plasma weapons) the only thing he has to slightly worry about is the Flood, and if he's a Tyranid War Vetrain then oh boy here we go!

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His enemies would without exception shoot themselves upon the realization that
a.) They could not stand against the most glorious executors of the Emperor's holy will
b.) Their sons could never be Ultramarines.

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The inflexible stupid fuck dies in the first game and the Covenant triggers the rings, destroying all life in the galaxy.

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The popcorn shrimp can't even really do shit to MC (unless his shield is down), and the rest of the flood don't look like they'd do much more than scratch a marine's paint job.

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A stroll through the park

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Spess Mreen jumps in the fray willy-nilly thinking the Emperor is with him so bullets will deflect off his plot armor.
Well I'm sorry to say your Emprah is in another universe entirely.

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Judging from Fire Warrior: It would have made too little money to justify a trilogy, so after the first one they would have stopped making them.

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That armor would still help, let alone the side arm is a semi auto rocket launcher....

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>Knows nothing about fluff Marines

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The covenant sends hundreds of those little fuckers at him, he runs out of ammo, and his fingers are too big to use covenant weapons, and he would never use xenos tech anyway.

He is eventually taken down by snipers.

Now, assuming he has support/infinite ammo/some other thing to keep him shooting, as well as a jump pack and compatibility with all the tech master chief used, then it would be about the same.

Master chief is basically just a human sized space marine with crappier armor but better shields.

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SM would have been glassed on the rest of reach on account of show no fear.

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And less training

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But MC didn't knowingly run from reach.

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Hurray SM fap thread!

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Well, he's not essentially immortal after all.

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Considering plasma eats through starship hulls in the Halo Books...

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Space Marines are far superior biologically. They could shrug off injuries and wounds that would incapacitate even a Spartan II.

And Space Marines aren't stupid either. They're more than capable of adapting to changing tactical and strategic circumstances.

In terms of the story things would play out pretty much exactly the same up to the point where he would encounter Guilty Spark. At this point he'd refuse to co-operate with the AI and see the entire thing as tech heresy. He's probably skip the whole assault on the control room therefore and blow up the Autumn anyway.

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Humanity would have died for a lack of Elite/human alliance flood would have eaten EVERYONE

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Multirace galactic empire?
Ancient alien weapon?

Consider it done.....

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Hand-held weapon plasma, or starship weapon plasma?

There's gonna be a difference in output. lol IRL physics in fantasy.

Either way, even if he runs out of ammo, an SM could just start punching Hunters out, and a lot of detractors are assuming zealous blind rage space marine hurpdurp. While that may be how ultrasmurf players run in tabletop, canonically I like to think a marine knows how to use cover where appropriate.

...unless he's an Angry Marine, in which case he'd just punch down the nearest dropship and hammertoss it into the ring, sundering it in two.

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So, this entire thread is leading towards a Deathwatch campaign where a kill-team takes on the Covenant, right?

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this just shows how completely bullshit the Spess Mhreens are. I mean, bullshit in the 'the fuck man it doesn't make sense' sense. Far too overpowered, a perfect plaything for those who don't like challenges.
tl;dr Spess Mhreens are for manchildren.

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There would of course be less of it traveling slower because it's handheld. But I'd assume that, without shields, it will still melt through SM armor.

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>My face when Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy have tons of different characters and Deathwatch doesn't

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They're overpowered because they need to deal with stuff a regular human has no chance of being able to kill. There are far, far more fearsome things than spess maroons in the grim darkness of the far future.

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My current guardsman can melee this guy to death.

Fuck yes.

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That's actually a really good idea, wipe out the character profiles that guy dumped earlier and someone could start a Deathwatch squad vs Covenent quest where they go through the Halo timeline.

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>stuff a regular human has no chance of being able to kill.
IG seems to be doing just fine.

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It's a game about the Deathwatch. What did you expect?

Of course, you can always insert Ascension characters in the former of an Inquisitor and/or his cadre. Besides, there's 6 different careers/specialities. DH and RT have 8 each.

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The Space Marine would die because he doesn't have the impossible amount of luck that Master Chief has.

I mean, seriously, that is the in-universe explanation for why the Chief is still alive through all this shit. He's fucking lucky. He was just as skilled as every other Spartan, and yet he lived through all that shit. Pure. Luck.

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>I mean, bullshit in the 'the fuck man it doesn't make sense' sense. Far too overpowered, a perfect plaything for those who don't like challenges.

As soon as the big Tyrannids come around...

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Guard fight on battlefields. As long as they can bring big guns to bear they're fine. Marines are spec-ops.

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Yeah by throwing millions of men and women at it and taking fifty years.

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>It's a game about the Deathwatch. What did you expect?

>Of course, you can always insert Ascension characters in the former of an Inquisitor and/or his cadre.
I could but why bother? The ascension characters look cooler and do everthing that the Spess Mohroons can, Some things even better.
>Besides, there's 6 different careers/specialities. DH and RT have 8 each.
So you agree with me then?

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Really, SPEHSS MAHREENZ are scaled to the universe they're in. It's why they're so absurd outside of it.

Everything in WH40K is over 9000. That's why it's 40-- *shot*

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i really really really really really really really really really really want to play this. What the hell is it and where can I find some neckbeards to play with?


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How the fuck did I miss this? Was there an Iron Hand posted?

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not in the "free RPG day" panphlet I think

It sounded fun, the broodlord was fucking scary stats-wise

I'd love to find a group to play this with. Been meaning to paint up a small deathwatch squad..

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A squad of Space Marines is far more interesting than a lone Space Marine.

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they would of just virus bomb the planet or fire bomb it, no trilogy just 2 days to have the planes and cruisers drop the bombs

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no Iron Hands yet.

Ultras, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templars and Storm Wardens are the chapters. A later release will have a "design your own chapter" feature and probably more canon chapters.

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A single marine? Covenant/aliens are fucked. A squad of marines?

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i want to test his armor

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It's "know no fear."

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The muhreen would take off all of his armor and use his penis to cut the covenant in half.

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I love how people say a single Marine and the Covenant are fucked, yet if we're talking fluff from both universes, a single plasma shot can break the Chief's shield. Another and he dies as it burns a hole right through his armor.

Marines don't even have shields, and they face plasma weaponry in their arsenals that are very, very deadly to their enemies and other Marines.

See the connection there?

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>No Iron Hands
>fucking STORM WARDENS got in
>my face

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To be honest, the marine wouldn't be able to fit in half of the corridors that master chief went through.

But on the other hand, they bust through those areas like bulldozers fueled by small suns in their backpacks.

And that they would be forced to use other weapons constantly if they aren't using a lasgun. (said lasgun is on par with brute *red* plasma gun and that's insulting the lasgun - read the cityfight codex if you don't believe me)

So if some of the better rifles are (almost) on par with the 40k lasgun, the bolter would be a rapid fire missile launcher (which that is exactly what it is actually) until it runs out of ammo.

Space marine would be all for handling a brute shot with one hand (taller+bigger than master chief depending which chapter, some chapters have ten foot men like Sons of Anteus, Salamanders and Alpha Legion).

Lets just say Master chief is more of a Sly Marbo when it comes to an enhanced guardsman when comparing him to a marine. Half way point between a guardsman and a marine, because lets face it. Halo universe is not forty thousand years futuristic.

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Spess muhreen armour is made of magical space adamantium, and is the equivalent in protective value to starship hulls of small/medium class vessels.

Covenant plasma is also different from 40k plasma, much more stable but less damaging.

MC armor: Kevlar and a few plates, and a weak sheild that disappates when hit with a stick

SM armor: Modern tanks can only penetrate it through sustained firing

MC: Slight ehnhancements
SM: Moves fast enough as to be a blur (canon), insane accuracy, hundreds of years of war experience

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Don't forget: They spit acid and can gain memories by eating peoples' brains.

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In canon and fluff, the lasgun is actually extremely powerful, capable of firing at a 5ft thick concrete wall and cracking the concrete (look it up, it's canon). It's relative ineffectiveness is a testemant to how good all the other armor is in 40k.

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>Implying a spartan would have any memories worth absorbing, beyond being jerked off to by 12 year olds

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>Implying SPACE MEHREENS are constantly jerked off to by 12 year olds

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Terminator armor is as strong as WW2 tank armor, so yeah they'd get trounced.

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>implying niggers

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ITT: Fanboyism

>people actually thinking the 40k universe is good because it can beat up the other ones.

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Can We please replace Master Chief with an angry marine instead?

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>comparing them with anything in Earth's history
>my face

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>I am 12 and butthurt because master chief is so awsum

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Shooting at terminator armor with anything in Halo would be like going to Mt. everest and shooting it with a BB gun

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Sigh. Basically Land Raider Armor is actually about 1/3rd as strong as a modern tanks armor, due to the authors having no idea what they're talking about. It would be amusing if, in reality, the 40K verse was incredibly weak.

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If I recall correctly, most vs threads with 40k (not this one) are started by someone claiming the other universe would win. People tell him said universe would not win, and op along with his supporters call anyone who doesn't agree with them stupid fanboys. This and the fact that every vs has been done hundreds of times has led me to believe that all vs threads are started and maintained by trolls.

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>I am 12 and nerdgasm over the thought of SPESS MEHREENS beating up the guy who bullies me at school.

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>Implying a fuel rod cannon wouldn't tear right through that like a hot knife through butter

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What do they say it's made out of?

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cruise control for cool

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Durr Star Wars weapons are like flashlights to Star Trek shields.

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I don't think the Halo universe is good.

Hell, I think it's worse than a lot of gaems I've played. But my main gripes are Halo 3 is just Halo 2: Moar, and it's not-Marathon.

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Except for maybe the Culture.

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Same. My Guardsman does 2d10+18 against him. There can be no victory for the SMurf.

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Terminator armor is retard strong and heat resistent, plus is lasts for millenia.

Also, ever hear of Melta guns?

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Alex Mercer (Prototype) vs. Imperial Guard.


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Land Raider armor is made of a composite ceramite, which was stated to be the equivalent in strength to 200mm of steel.

Modern tanks have about 3 times that. Land Raiders are therefore destroyed by a few modern bazookas.

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www._aNon_+_c_-_c_+_TaLK_.se p r wanz tlqeeddn lhdhes rsn zqbtrg

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That...doesn't seem so impressive.

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We do it because it's fun.

I still have a pet project that involves dimensional fuckery and ends with some 40k bread for battle & baked in the oven of war types trying to come to terms with the fact that, for the first time in millennia, there is no enemy to fight.

I just need to pick a setting.

I've busied myself with some SMT games and the idea suddenly tempts. Personas up in this shit.

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>200mm of steel
>modern tanks have 3x that


Do you know how thick 200mm is? If it's compressed enough to be wearable as armor that would make it dense as fuck, too.

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By "stated" you man fanfiction right?

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This man does make a good point. I doubt they're using layers of molecular bonded materials. And even if they were it would be incredibly difficult to repair after taking damage.

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New question. What if you replaced Master Chief with an Angry Marine?

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Against the whole guard? Mercer's fucked.

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From Imperial Armour 2: Space Marines & The Inquisition

Armour: 95mm Advanced Composites including adamantium plate, titanium/plasteel plate, ablative and ceramite layers that provides protection similar to 300mm conventional steel protection at greatly reduced weight.

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>Eat General or Commissar
>Command them to follow suicide mission

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200mm = 20 cm = 1/5th of a meter?

Do modern tanks really have more than 8 inches of steel in one spot?

Also, what amount of this MYTHICAL SPACE AGE MATERIAL converts to that? If it's, say, one centimeter of it = 20 cm of steel, that's a pretty damn good conversion.

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>to 300mm conventional steel protection at greatly reduced weight.
>300mm conventional steel protection
>conventional steel

"Conventional" in 40k is the equivalent of superman weilding a bfg

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Command troops to 014,052.
Command Basilisks to fire at 014,052.

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>Implying Superman wouldn't smack the SHIT out of the Emperor.

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I'd be more interested in someone like Cain being shoved in this situation than some Space Marine. Someone relatively normal compared to those lugs.

Him (because there's no way he's not blessed by the Emperor, not with his track record) or an Inquisitor.

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>the final test for new terminator armor is to drop it from orbit

might be retconned now, but that's how tough TDA is/was.

it's totally stupid and awesome

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Mercer plays it cool for a while. Devours commisars and BLAMS an entire squad. one by one.
One person notices him and reports it to the higher ups.
Mercer either gets caught in a cam as it gets Earthshaker'd to shit or the entire planet gets fucked.
Mercer is sneaky. but not platoon of guardsmen sneaky

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>just another day in the guard

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Modern western tanks use a layered steel/ceramic known as "chobham" as armor. Additional materials such as tungsten and depleted uranium can be added to the layers.

The Soviets primarily used Rolled Homogenous Armor (RHA), which was simple steel armor supplemented with blocks of reactive explosive armor.

That's why all western anti-tank weaponry is rated in the depth of penetration it can achieve in RHA.

Chobham is much tougher than RHA by thickness, so one inch of chobham composite may be worth 3 to 4 inches of RHA.

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It's supposed to keep the marine alive in events like teleportation fuck ups making them fall from orbit/ pop beneath the ground, operating inside the radiation levels of exposed Gellar field generators, getting stepped on by titans...somehow genestealers still manage to rip them open.

>> No.10631733

But only against HEAT rounds, it's not nearly that much of an advatage against a simple KE penetrator.

>> No.10631774


which shows how strong stealers are, not how weak termies are...

>> No.10631778

Don't forget about Decoy though. Magically you can point at someone and OH NO THEY'RE THE DEMONS.

>> No.10631846

it's more like they're instinctually programed to find the chinks, nooks and vents and exploit them. agean mith not exert the same pressure as a titan's foot, bur it has 4 sets of rending claws and they're yanking and scratching at any rough surface, eventually something vital is gonna pull off, like the helmet.

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Terminator armor was based off of exoframes that were used to walk around inside plasma reactors to do repairs and shit. I always thought they should have had a special rule that let them take armor saves vs AP2.

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>implying that crap like Mercer is new to 40k, and guardsmen dont already deal with it daily when fighting rouge psykers and kayohz

>> No.10631902

It may have been retconed, but at least in older fluff, genestealer claws are psychicly enhanced.

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In the guard why bother?
once you consume a Comissar or someone of equal rank just shoot him and plead heresy.
Next to no one will bat an eyelash
With decoy they kill the guy and go "OWAIT, He isnt mercer! Kill that guy that pointed him out!"

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Well they do get dat invul. So ha.

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all nids are, every part of them is an extension of the shadow in the wrap where ideas stay abstract and regular psychic activity fails, so their claws are made of as much chitin as of the "concept of sharp" and their carapaces of "the concept of resilience".

>> No.10632014

yeah but the inv save is the force feild intigrated into TDA

>> No.10632049

They have been stated.


Ws average guy, they are shooty not choppy
Bs Good shots, well trained
S Cybernetic augmentations
T Still just a regular guy underneath that armor and cybernetics
W force field provides a second wound
A again, not a choppy people
I cyberneticly enhanced reflexes
Ld elite commando type people
Sv he wears full body carapace armor, go him, 6++ is from bionics

Special rules
Amphibious: Treats water features as clear terrain
Regeneration: at the start of your turn roll a die for each wound suffered, on a 6+ that wound is restored. If the Spartan did not move in the previous turn the wound is restored on a 4+

Expert rider
Move through cover

Frag grenades

To convert to master chief
Add +1 bs +1Ws, +2W +1A, +2Ld and krak grenades
Add rules: Independent character, Lucky bastard (aka plot armor), you may remove expert rider and move through cover (as both are included in Independent character)
Lucky bastard: once per phase MC may reroll a single die for any check he makes, or force an enemy to reroll a die that targets MC.

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Gotta use the Prototype rules too though, Decoy makes everyone forget you existed, no matter what.

Mercer probably would get fucked anyways, but it'd be pretty damn entertaining. He'd probably wind up consuming a Guardsman, when a Baneblade would come roaring out of his large intestine, crushing the threat to the army in one bout of tactical genius.

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I could see it.

>> No.10632197

lol what the hell are these rules?

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MC obliterated. Fluff Marines versus Fluff Chief is a massively uneven fight given the abilities and equipment Fluff marines have. There's basically nothing that the MC has which has been demonstrated by their fluff to be capable of safely tackling a space marine. Marines aren't default soldiers though, it's dumb to compare them. It's like saying "Who wins, the world's best pitcher with a rock or M1A1 MBT. How about if we replaced all the Red Sox pitching staff with artillery firing baseballs, how much better do they do?"

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Tactical Genius

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