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so why did GW change the daemonettes from semi-hot disturbing sex demons into razor-toothed dykes?
My gf is into the fluff and I would love to paint a daemonette for her but the new versions are just deppressing

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Green stuff is your friend

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Your GF is ugly dogfaced Harlot, They are perfect.

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Because bare tits were not PC enough

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Because little kids play now.

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rolled 6 = 6

beacuse of "oh my god there is breasts on my 16 year old sons plastic models! this is an outrage I must get these banned"

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no you
I forgot that part

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Go to your local GW. Count the number of people under 13.

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bare nipples might mean fewer 12 year olds get into the game and since that's the market they're trying for the demonettes had to be less sexy

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the "new" design is very much the old design.

daemonettes never where ment to be sexy (though I love the former versions of them, great looking minis), they're ment to be sick twisted and disturbing and by the power of chaos (illusion and daemonic phermones) lure people to think that they're sensual.

but, still like the "old " "new" design. The current plastic is not that bad, they dont have the bug eyes atleast.

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>implying little kids weren't always the target audience

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I remember being 10 year's old and trying to explain Slaanesh to my mum...

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I wish i could go back in time and buy some of the old ones, They are super rare now. Some broken set of 5 with missing arms and 3/5 with chopped feet sold for over $40 on ebay.

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It's also the reason they toned back all sexual overtones with Slaanesh and why he/she's the god of decadence and excess and not just straight up pleasure.

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All of the new daemon models are going back to the 2nd edition styles. More obviously demonic, less cute. I like the 3rd edition ones too, but it was a pretty comprehensive style change.

They've also gone and made Slaanesh androgynous rather than female. Maybe they really loved the Sandman comic books or something.

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This is why we must take it upon ourselves to make all their other armies more sexy in protest.

Anyone got that ogre with a greenstuff cock? That and the old daemonettes. Ogre dicks and daemon tits are what Warhammer is all about, really.

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someone post a picture of old and new

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Pleasure isn't limited to sex only, bro.

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It was always that way, creepy neck-beards made it about ten penis' and 500 breasts.

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Just don't. Explain Khrone. A god of rage and violence who demands nothing but constant death will set better with Americans then a sex god.

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This is how daemonettes should look.

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>Implying 12-year-olds don't like titties

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They do, their moms don't

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They do, but they have to ask their parents permission before they can actually buy anything.

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About 15 years too late bro. She's now a minister in the Methodist Church. Wierdly enough she was cool enough with it at the time. She even got some of her church pals to set up a warhammer club in the church hall. I look back on it and think how the fuck that happened.

Then again, she wrote her theology dissertation on gay sex and the church.

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If there's one thing I learned from King of the Hill, it's that Methodists are cool.

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Khorne is the god of martial combat. Khaine is the god of wanton murder.

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This. A thousand times this.

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could someone post pictures of old 'nettes models?
I've seen like 2 metal kinds (one with huge claws, other looking more "human") plus new platic ones.

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Look at the OP

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new ones then?

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