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Hey /tg/uys, I just finished reading Final Sanction. Wow! I love it.

One question, though: Shouldn't the strength bonus for the Dark Angel Assault Marine with Power fist be 14?

By my math:

base 4 (ten's digit of strength)
times 3 (unnatural strength + powerfist = x3 modifier)
equals 12
plus 2 (from the +20 power armor strength bonues)
equals 14

so, sum total damage for the power fist should be:

I can't figure out why FFG has it listed as 10.

hope I didn't divide by zero here...

(also, here's a map for the adventure that I found scouring the webz)

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Someone helpful also made this reference card set... it also seems to emphasize the x3 on the PF entry.

Any thoughts?

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Flood avoidance time:

I really love the hordes mechanic... as it really does (pretty much for the first time in an RPG for me) give a good mechanic for fighting against whole crowds of enemies.

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It kinda reminded me of Andre the Giant from "The Princess Bride":

"It's that I haven't fought just one person for so long.... You use different tactics..."

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Well, also... on that note, does /tg/ have any good ideas for stats on a C'tan phase sword in DH/RT/DW?


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>>10626764 C'tan phase sword in DH/RT/DW?

ok, just to keep it simple and within the current rules...

Lathe Blade Force Sword = C'tan Phase Sword

Does that work?

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>>10626976 Lathe Blade Force Sword

Ok, it'll do in a pinch.

So that's
+10 WS
1d10+4 damage (rending)
5 penetration
cannot be destroyed by power weapon field
has armor of 25 if directly attacked
best quality craftsmanship

damage seems low, though....

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how about:

"ignores all armor protection and toughness bonus"

that way, all the damage goes through every time....

1d10+4 rending (+4 SB) = 9-18 damage

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Ok, well apparently no ones knows or cares about the Final Sanction question...

So, I am going forward with 14.

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It's 14. They forgot to apply the additional level of Unnatural Strength the power fist grants the wielder.

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Cool beans. I was thinking to myself that there could have been some strange "max bonus" or something. But then I saw the gene-stealers have a 12 SB... so I knew something was up.

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But it just felt wrong for the PF marine to have a lower SB.

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Has anyone actually played through "Final Sanction"?


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bumpan one last time

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did anyone ever manage to scan this and upload it to /rs/ or something?

My FLGS didn't sign up for free RPG day becuse they are bastards.

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Someone posted a PDF of it earlier, but I have the link of just the images here.


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Thanks much

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PDF link here.

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Thanks for the goodies.

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Your spiritual liege, Deathwatch.


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the god emperor is my spiritual liege

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Yes but who is the God Emperor's spiritual liege?

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is own for he is the god emperor of mankind,

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You speak heresy!

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So i don't see any rules for all the extra geneseeds that SMs have are they not in the game or just not in the demo?

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how can this be heresy for i believe in the emperor?
NAH you are the heretic!

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Dammit my assault marine better be able to spit acid into his enemies eyes.

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There are 6 chapters listed in DW.

Space Wolves
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (original Chapter)

However the Chapter rules aren't very massive. It'd be easy to come up with new Chapter Demeanors for other Chapters.

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Ya know, I just noticed all the keys he is wearing on chains.

I wonder what they're for.

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I was hoping for Imperial Fists or White Scarss... but I guess thats alright...

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His bicycle lock.

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It would be really simple to homebrew up chapters.

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Mmm... yeah.

With the new vehicle rules comming up for RT, I'm seeing Deathwatch on motorbikes.

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Well here are examples of the chapter bonus abilities:

Ultramarines; Favoured Son - get to reroll fellowship tests when dealing with (NPC) Imperial military

Space Wolves; Wolf Senses - get to reroll failed perception tests (and can see in total darkness) so long as they do NOT wear a helmet.

Dark Angels; Stoic Defense - gain 6 temp wounds (taken off first) and have their movement reduced to 1/2 their Ag bonus so long as they stay in their current "Location".

Blood Angels; Blood Frenzy - once per fight, for one round he may reroll damage dice with his melee attacks (all or nothing if rolling multiple dice, IE 2d10). In addition he scores righteous fury on 9s in addition to 10s.

Storm Wardens; Thunder's Call - May challenge a foe to singular combat, gaining several bonuses against him so long as only he fights the foe, the enemy also gains several penalties if he tries to ignore the Storm Warden's challenge. Pic related.

There is no example Black Templar from the Final Sanction pregens.

So what kind of special ability would be appropriate for the Iron Hands? The White Scars? The Salamanders?

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White Scars: Re-roll all drive skill tests?

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Might be appropriate, but ALL tests is a bit much.

Then again, its pretty specific and specialized. However, I can't see Kill Teams getting access to vehicles too often.

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Maybe not ALL tests, just tests to control small (relatively) vehicles like combat bikes?

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Maybe reroll all WS and BS tests while on a vehicle?

... yeah it seems kinda too specific.

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I know its not vehicle related, but maybe something that gives them extra mobility?

Like letting them charge a huge distance once per battle?

How about the other established chapters? Let's try to avoid something specific to certain weapons or equipment.

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Salamanders: Some kind of bonus to the use of flamer or melta weapons.
Chapter Demeanour would be linked to defending the weak.

Iron Hands: Possibly being able to re-roll failed toughness tests, due to large amounts of cybernetic replacements.
Chapter Demeanour no doubt linked to the weakness of flesh.

Not a clue what to do about White Scars.

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I'm hesitant to link abilities to specific equipment, if only because they'll either not always have it, or WILL always carry it because of the bonus.

Either way, I'm genuinely and increasingly excited for the actual book. I'm reading through Final Sanction right now, and I'm loving what I'm seeing.

I hope I can convince my group to let me one-shot it.

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fuck me man, i wish they had included Imperial Fists...

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Like I said, it wouldn't be hard to "houserule" a Fist. Just think of an appropriate chapter demeanor and a special ability and you're good to go.

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Salamander : some levels in technological skills...or more pimper equipments... Also they never despair.

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