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The Federation would beat almost every major space government in fiction (though admittedly no all of them). Why? Warp strafing.

In Elaan of Troyius, the Enterprise is sabotauged so it can't go to warp and use FTL weapons, which renders it unable to attack a Klingon ship that starts warp strafing (attacking a sublight ship at warp speed) and basically just trolling the hell out of Kirk. Now this isn't some minor retconned TOS detail like when Spock says the shields can survive 450 photon torpedoes or that it'll take twelve hours to fly 90000 light years, this was the entire plot of the episode.

The Imperium of Man can't attack at faster-than-light speed, which means that once the Federation realizes this weakness, their FREIGHTERS become invulnerable to any attack. Same with the Star Wars Empire, Babylon 5's Earth, and anything that fights in real space.

It doesn't matter how ludicrously large Imperium ships are if they can't hurt Federation ships.

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... so why don't the Federation or anyone else ever use this tactic again?

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actually the imperium can fight at FTL, in the warp, there are no SHIELDS however in the warp because its all going to the geller field to keep the ship from loldemons

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If SG-1 could get its hands on a Federation vessel, they could basically take over all of science fiction.

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Because it didn't work even in the episode. Enterprise just turned toward the Klingon and unloaded photon torpedoes. Warp maneuverability is an advantage, but the Enterprise hit the Klingon just fine.

Plus, Op is a troll.

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Well OP is a troll is a given

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Presumably because they usually have to defend something, which means they can't fight at FTL speeds, or both ships can go to warp and thus no one bothers with it.

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They aren't moving FTL when in warp, they are STL in a different dimension.

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That pick is awesome...

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So in the DS9 episode Sacrifice of Angels both fleets go to impulse instead of warp strafing everyone why?

Additionally, why aren't most fleet battles conducted at warp?

In the Culture-verse, most combats take place in FTL and occur over a few second. So at the very least, the Federation massively loses to them. Also, the Federation have significantly lower power levels than most other sci-fi universes.

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Everyone loses to the Culture except the Time Lords and the Q. People jokes about the Imperium being a twelve year-old's wet dream, but the Culture is the ultimate Mary Sue government.

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The webcomic it came from was pretty lame, I can't remember the name though,

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> Additionally, why aren't most fleet battles conducted at warp?

I can only imagine that it's difficult to hit other things going at warp, but that contradicts other available evidence. I can't really give an explanation.

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At least the Culture had some development and decent books, not just GRIMDARK.

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Star Trek warp is not the same thing as 40K warp.

At all. This thread is full of dumb.

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No one said it was, brah.

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>See picture
>Irkan ships

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Vaillant, Pegasus, Enterprise C, ...

Federation folks go insta-grimdark as soon as the replicators stop working for more than a day and a half.

How little coherence the technical vision of Star Trek demonstrates is best seen in DS9 7x13 Field of Fire where a transporter enhanced sniper rifle can insta-kill anyone in transporter range, but is never mentioned again and does not revolutionize the Federation infantry warfare from the Napoleonic era.

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I can't tell... is this supposed to be a troll, repeating a conclusion most people agreed on? Or is the troll part that you renamed it "warp strafing" which just sounds retarded. Or are you trying to start a legitimate conversation with what is becoming copypasta.

Short version, Star Trek breaks more rules and wins by cheating. Some call this the fundamental problem with these discussions. I don't care, challenge proposed, challenge answered, Most sci-fi ships can't touch a Star Trek ship.

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the feds would be fucked planet side, with Imperium whose forces are many, and many types.

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So it becomes the eye of terror campaign all over again. Except this time Imperium winning all ground engagements.

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>Mary Sue


I mean, sure, the Culture is probably the best society to live in ever, but it's far from perfect. People are breaking up from it all the time because they don't like how it's run, they're the Culture Ulterior. And pretty much all the books are about the Culture fucking up in one way or another.

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The Culture is made of nothing but absolutely perfect hippie people who can do shit like call themselves 85% Culture citizens, never risks civilian lives, and can't ever be challenged militarily, where the second most powerful empire once took 0.5% of their resources to defeat.

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that's your only answer.

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Culture is basically a silly leftist hippie Mary Sue society, yes. But there are the Homomdans. And some others.

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Good man. Not even the combined might of every race in the universe could stand against the might of the Therians. They will be lazy about fighting, but they WILL get shit done.

Pic Related

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TA here, we're basically what would happen if the Culture had a massive civil war.

Really, TA wins on both the combat angle and the grim and dark angle. I mean, it basically asks the question "What do you get when all light is snuffed out of the universe, and evil turns on itself?"

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Supreme Commander would also own star trek.

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Most things would. Only Startrek can own Startrek.

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Hell, SupCom and TA both beat Star Trek on the simple fact that neither of them have anything like space ships, because neither side really needs them.

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Why do people always ignore the fact the federation develop time ships? fair enough if you specify TNG era, but the federation develops completely safe time travel by the 26th century. Yet people ignore it.

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Therians wreck Star Trek on one principal. Ships are all automated, and their battleplan is essentially auto-build, set rally point, watch as our fleet runs into their fleet. They'll run out of ships eventually, we won't.

Imperium wrecks Star Trek. Even Imperial Cobras would pose a threat to most Star Trek craft. Anything they can't threaten will be dealt with by larger craft. Also, anything else from 40k universe would skullfuck Star Trek, they're already skilled at killing humans.

Halo. Humans, maybe not so much, but the Covenant are not only tough to kill but can destroy their targets with ease.

Whoever fights, Star Trek loses.

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And by screwing with time, you could inadvertedly kill yourself by doing something you were never meant to do. Waaay to fucking go!

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The federation in canon, have time travel so well figured out that every single high school desk has a temporal communicator. Remember that episode where that ship could calculate what changes would be made to time if you changed any event? yeah, they will have better versions of that kind of tech.

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Stargate Command would beat Star Trek. mostly because Stargate uses "militarized" treknology.

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Warp strafing?
So you can fire weapons while warping... accurately?


So, this shit has been done once?

Okay, I'm not entirely convinced star trek's weapons would even work on star wars tech. The reason i mention this is from some geek who did the math. Turbolasers can vaporize asteroids (Empire) and phasers take nearly an episode simply to bore a hole in a similar asteroid.

So given the fact that their defenses are probably similar in scale to offensive capabilities... all the star destroyer would need to do is hit it once.

Let's try this thought experiment.

Federation fleet encounters SSD executor and his fleet. Vader, being a badass motherfucker, decides to hail Kirk/Picard/whoever your favorite captian is on his comm.

"This is Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise.. blah blah peace and love blah blah"

*force choke*

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Yes, it did.
Scotty had to bring the warp engine back online before the Enterprise stood a chance.
That was the episode's plot. Also a thing about making a stuck-up space princess shut up and get back in the kitchen, but I tend to ignore those parts of TOS.

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Chaos wins.

You don't fuck around in the Warp without a Gellar Field. Everyone not Imperial gets fucked, and then the Imperials get fucked in the end.

Except maybe Stargate guys using the gates because that's basically the Webway.

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sauce on OP pic is w00tness.

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Supreme Commander had it's own version of the Warp.

Guess what? They killed them.

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Yawn, so many deniers.
Normally in TOS both ships attacked each other at warp speed. It was not a one-off thing, it was par for the course. The fact that usually both ships were at warp tended to nullify the advantage that was demonstrated in this ep.
The only way the enterprise (without warp) was able to beat the Klingon (warp sabre dancing) was by pretending to be helpless so the klingon got impatient and moved into point blank range to finish them off.

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Okay well I'll give you the settings that have already canonically kicked Chaos' ass.

And TA's way out of scale with 40k and that's saying something.

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Therians don't need the warp. When you're immortal, you have all the time in the world. And the entire time while waiting, you're playing in highly detailed MMOs designed by your friends, chatting on forums, designing wepons, and being a lazy fucker.

And not even worried, cause we're not even on the warships!

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>And TA's way out of scale with 40k and that's saying something.
TA and SupComm are post-singularity universes - the ability to create anything using only mass/metal, energy and time (not much time, mind you) is pretty insane. They devoured an entire galaxy in their war. They win almost all crossovers, hands down.

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Who needs to attack the freighters of the enemy when you can virus bomb his home planet?

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you know what should happen to TA?


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Go away.

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Pfft, that's not the way they'd do it - the Core had the contingency plan of wiping out their current galaxy and starting anew that way.

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Starfleet Medical can cure all diseases in 45 minutes or less.
Do you remember the plague Section 31 invented to genocide the Founders?
The Founders being the supreme masters of biotechnology and genetic engineering, having re-created themselves from solids into perfect shapeshifters, created a number of subservient races whose DNA commanded them to worship the Founders, and thousands of bioweapons and cures for said bioweapons throughout the Gamma Quadrant?
The disease that the Founders couldn't figure out at all?
Which Julian Bashir cured after learning a mere FOUR BASE PAIRS?
Virus bombing a Federation world just means that the Federation renders virus-bombs impotent exactly one episode later.

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Uh. The virus used in viral bombs, at least the ones I've read in 40K "literature", described it to cause death within minutes of exposure.

But if that isn't enough, I guess ordering a Exterminatus would do the trick.

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40k would still win one book later via phyrric victory, if you want to play like that.

probably via a bald headed no-helmet captain blowing up the last ship or whatever.

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Usually less than that. The virus melts organic material into an almost soupy material, inorganic is reduced to dust if I recall. Haven't read that book in a while. Filters are nigh useless, they just prolong your existance in the virus cloud for another few seconds.

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45 minutes is a matter of minutes.
Also Voyager's constant use of "stasis fields" for all medical related purposes, because otherwise the diseases would kill the victims within random bullshit pulled-out-of-the-ass numbers of minutes.

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"captain, they have unleashed some kind of virus onto the planet, sir, life signs are dropping fast... the population has been eradicated"

"ensign, activate the temporal displacement drive, we have to rectify this"

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You are now imagining the Scimitar from Nemesis strolling right on up to Holy Terra under cloak and zapping it with radiation weapon while cloaked.
Suddenly Emprah is pile of dust, Astronomican cuts out, Imperium fleets can't warp travel safely, all know the Emprah is dead, half of humanity falls to Chaos.
The Eldar planned it all.

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Dahak + those 40 something other ships slaved to his control could wipe the floor with any universe in here.

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Fucking U.S.S. Relativity.

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>Suddenly Emprah is pile of dust,
So there's no change in his condition, then?
Good to know.

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I meant "moments". Re-reading the Horus Heresy novel where Virus Bombings where featured, it was actually a matter of seconds.

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>captain's chair not on large dias

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A moment is a medieval unit of time equal to 90 seconds.

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Still works

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If you want consistency in trek you need to go elsewhere. Try Star Fleet Battles. Yeah, overcomplicated wargame, but nothing /tg couldn't handle.

Ships decel down to under warp 3 to engage others or else their targeting systems couldn't keep up. One race chucks nuclear missiles, so that sets the scale to 12pt nukes vs 30pt shields. All combat is FTL unless you're doing something weird, like spinning in place.

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>Captain's chair facing a goddamn wall
>ship's main transporter right on the bridge, what if you beam up someone wrestling a hostile alien again, or something blows up mid-transit again, or some alien confuses your transporter again, or fucking any of the transporter-related episodes happen again
>nobody's even directly facing the viewscreen, what's it even fucking there fore
>what the fuck is that little alcove with a fucking barstool on the far left, why is it there, why would you have a stool rather than a chair for a main station, why would you have that upright cylinder display, what the fuck is going on there
I hate the Relativity with a passion rivaled only by George Lucas' hatred of the Star Wars franchise.

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Oh thanks for reminding me.

"Sir they don't appear to have temporal shielding"

"How quaint, beam a photon torpedo into their bridge, 20 minutes ago"

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Did they do that?

Sure is deus ex machina.

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Sorry but the Bydo would like to have a word with everyone.
Just travelling from the future to the past and corrupting everything just by being close to you.

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Thats the big problem I have with Trek. Everything is either inconsistent, nonexistant, designed to solve any problem, or RETCONNED to solve any problem.

40k may be retarded, but at least they can kick ass while getting their asses kicked.

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Not that I know of, but temporal weapons do seem to be able to ignore normal shields. I was making a play on this picture where the Enterprise D sees a star destroyer and is all "they don't have shields" and Picard is all "how quaint, beam a photon torpedo onto their bridge"

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>Sure is Voyager
Yes, yes it is.

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"A moment" in my head is the same as "an instant", as I'm a Swede and the word that came to my mind was "ögonblick" which means something like "the time it takes for an eye to close" also translates into "a moment".

It's complicated, but I stand by my statement. I should'ave typed "seconds".

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The worst part about the Bydo?

Even if you're corrupted, you don't realize it. You still think you're human.

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The nice part of SFB is how they make Star Fleet into a working navy. The strategy game spinoff, Federation & Empire, covers the logistical problems of having your one salvage & repair ship in the southeastern theater taken out by a klingon squadron behind your lines.

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They beamed 7 of 9 basically wherever they fucking wanted, whenever they wanted, right through anything, no matter the circumstances, shields or no shields.

"Temporal shielding" was invented by Voyager's crew later, during the Year of Hell, to combat the Krenim, who had (weak) photon torpedoes out of temporal phase with reality so they ignored all conventional shields and armor and just materialized where they were wanted, when they were wanted.

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>out of temporal phase with reality

Fucking techno bullshit being star trek's entire plot...

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>The nice part of SFB is how they make Star Fleet into a working navy.
But that takes away the very thing that makes it Starfleet, it's utterly nonsensical approach to absolutely every single situation it ever encounters!

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Yeah, I know.
I maintain that 70% of the blame can be rested on the aggregate creative genius of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

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That's a pretty cool word, bro.

>> No.10632373

They were in temporal flux, so the torpedo could presumably be at a time when the shields weren't there to bypass them, and the same for armour.

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Puppeteers were here. Enjoy finding out you've all been manipulated all along. Just wanted to determine the best race for some selective breeding. Btw, we sent some Slavers to give you all access to advanced FTL travel, teleportation, time travel and whatever else you need to fight on even terms. Cheerio ~ ^_^ ^_^

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Well, technically, it's a mix of two words. "Ögon", which is eyes, and "blick", which is gaze. "Ögonblick" is today a word used to describe a very short, hardly measurable time period, like an instant.

But yes, Swedish has its moments.

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True, but that's what happens when your game designers are some military geeks who publish http://www.strategypage.com

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Fucking Rick Berman

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A challenger appears.

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I remember seeing a comic on /co/ where the motherfucking Flash is floating in space without an air tank, internal-monologuing about how he's going to run out of oxygen real fast and is careening away from Earth and can't get back to Earth, so he...
vibrates his molecules...
so fast he goes back in time...
to when Earth was right beneath his feet...
and has a conversation with five of his previous selves, all congregated around his house, about which of them will take his wife to dinner... and... they draw straws. Because now that they've traveled through time, they're back permanently, unless they vibrate their molecules to go back to their own time, and for some reason they don't want to.

Goddammit DC.
Comics aren't just overpowered, they're lolverpowered. DC is to 40k what 40k is to chess.

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>requires fucking flash.jpg

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Ok what the shit are these Therians. I tried searching it but all I got was shit about therianthropy (furryism) and it was not only frustrating for being irrelevant but it stirred righteous hateful fires within.

Also, >>10631978 they establish in TNG on many occasions that they can filter shit while transporting. Like 'beam them up, but don't materialize their weapons, armor, or any explosive devices.' I presume in the inevitably super-power-creeped era of temporal transporting they can do all sorts of mary sue stuff.

I guess I think Trek wins, but only because Q has a crush on Picard and won't let them get hurt.

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The AT-43 wargame. Therians are a post-singularity race that..
Screw it. They're Space 4chan. /b with Culture tech.

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also thanks for pointing me towards AT-43. Very helpful.

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Here's the Therians vs Tyrannid thread that started it all. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9725505/

"Oh my GOD..... can you imagine what space /d/ must be like?"

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Xenu can defeat the Imperium of Man.

>> No.10635399

You run out of beans mighty quick without planets to feed you.

And one of the things the Imperium is not, is afraid of blowing a few planets. Doesn't matter how much the Federation tries, it doesn't have the fleet to defend its planets from that kind of bombardment, since the Imperium needs to get just one ship to the planet.

Since you can't take and hold ground from space.... yeah after a few planets were gone the Federation would surrender pretty quick.

>> No.10637232

How does one compare the tiny federation to these galactic sized powerhouses. Any of the civilizations in 40k would steamroll the federation. The star wars empire would make the feds scream like a bitch while it plowed them from behind. Total Annihilation/SupCom... don't make me laugh. It would be like two ten year old boys with .22 rifles taking on the US military. Even when the tech difference isn't huge the sheer number of men and ships would crush the little federation under a wave of enemies.

>> No.10637270

The universe Omnipotent Bullshit, or OBS, could easily handle 40k, what with it's basic handguns destroying goggillions of multiverses with each shot.

>> No.10637445

Retardedly strong bullshit like Star Wars, 40k, and the like beat Star Trek hands down. Star Trek's photon torpedoes are stated to be about 30 megatons. Those fuckers can pretty much just take that to the face all day long. They can just drive on over to federation planets, kill everyone, and drive on home, getting shot the entire time. And most factions that tough have so many planets that the federation could go warp strafing every planet they find and still run out of food and fuel before they could make a dent.

>> No.10637619

Daleks talked about yet? ANything non-Dalek is up for termination. Even pure mechanical beings get the axe.(Non Dalek, compitition.) Alliances? Sure, but that will only last as long as they consider you useful, then you die with a shrug and smile.

>> No.10637653

40k warp is a space hell with daemons and countless other horrors, waiting to devour or corrupt any unprotected outside life that enters.

Federation ships do not have gellar fields. Enjoy your Slaaneshi rape, Picard.

>> No.10637673

Total annihilation regards your daleks

they then ignore the daleks via dedicating one planet to producing things the daleks can kill and recycling the things they produced that were killed

>> No.10637682


>Implying Slaanesh wouldn't immediately fall head over heels for the Bald Bastard on the Bridge.

>> No.10637717

The Culture here.
Fuck everyone else with a neutrino bird!

>> No.10637721

Tyranids beat the Federation. They will adapt to phasers Borg-style, and Shadow in the Warp disables Warp Travel, much less Strafing.

>> No.10637742

Some 40k races have gods on their side, not to mention bullshit technological advancements.

Let's take the necrons for example. They can travel FTL without entering the warp, and their weapons basically one-hit KO any ship targeted.

>> No.10637765


If you count the C'tan as a "race", the C'tan win.

>> No.10637776

Star Trek ships are unbelievably slow compared to everyone else's ships - it takes 70 years for Voyager to travel from one quadrant of the galaxy to another quadrant other. In comparison, the Millennium Falcon, a fucking cargo ship, can travel from one side of the galaxy to the other and back in a few days.

Trek lose just because they can't defend their planets from attack. Their enemy can travel a million fucking times faster than them.

>> No.10639114

The only reason the Therians haven't won in AT-43 yet is because their /k/ is still having lenghty discussions about Photon Cannons and Particle Cannons.

Also Masterwork Katana > Lightsaber.

>> No.10639711

>"wait. I hear something"
Foward Men! drown them in your blood if you must. and hand me over that lasgun clip

>> No.10640263


>the ability to create anything using only mass/metal, energy and time (not much time, mind you) is pretty insane.

OK, I hate versus threads with a passion, and I'm necro'ing this one because RAGE.


>> No.10640411

I think that what he meant is that they have Alchemy-like machines or at least Cornucopia machines that can make ANYTHING out of atoms.

Like you put shit in it and it spews machine guns.

>> No.10640447

40k ships do not travel sublight.

In fact. They do not travel at all.

A better word would be... 40k ships teleport.

>> No.10640572

To answer the question, why don't vessels in Star Trek fight at warp speed?

Two answers.
1. The majority of the power generated aboard vessels in the ST universe comes from their warp cores. When at warp, that power is propelling you at FTL speeds. When not at warp, it is what provides most of the power for weapons and defences.
2. The majority of ST vessels are armed with phasers, disruptors, or other such beam weapons. At sublight speeds, they hit almost instantly, but when the firing vessel and the target are both moving at FTL speeds, the weapons simply cannot 'catch up' to the target. This limits a vessel to using solid state weapons, such as Photon Torpedoes, which can travel at FTL speeds, but are generally less effective against shields.

>> No.10640594


Of course 40k ships travel. They enter the warp and move faster than light.

>> No.10640612





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>> No.10640655

But interplanetary travel is done out of the warp at less than light speed.

>> No.10640674

James T. Kirk usurps Slaanesh.

No matter who wins. all female xenos loose.

>> No.10640732


He slept with Green Tits in the Movie

>> No.10640786

Any "versus" thread that includes Star Trek should just be laughed off the front page. Everyone with an ounce of intelligence realizes that the technology level in Trek is ludicrous.

Not only is it unbelievably advanced, but there are canonical details in how various bits and pieces of science work in Trek that are completely inconsistent with one another, and with general known physics of the universe even as they are today.

Trek and the Federation are retarded. Absolutely retarded. The writers for the series are notorious for basically making shit up however they want, and it almost never makes any goddamn sense.

I mean, if warp strafing is physically possible, for example (WHICH IT SHOULDN'T BE BASED ON THE MECHANICS OF WARP TRAVEL IN TREK), why do ships ever engage at sublight speeds, for any reason, ever? How come in every series we see ships slugging it out at knife fight ranges when phasers are known to be able to target perfectly at hundreds or thousands of kilometers?

Trek is gay. It is retarded.
A lot of Sci-Fi writers fuck up technology and science for the sake of telling the story that they want to, but the Trek writers are one of the most grievous violators among all of the popular franchises.

Fuck Star Trek.

>> No.10640850
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>Not only is it unbelievably advanced, but there are canonical details in how various bits and pieces of science work in Trek that are completely inconsistent with one another, and with general known physics of the universe even as they are today.


>> No.10640877

>It doesn't matter how ludicrously fast federation ships are if they can't hurt Imperium ships.

>> No.10640885

Oh snap

>> No.10640905
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ps: good luck attacking imperium with emperor protecting it

ps2:op is a troll

>> No.10640956

>>why do ships ever engage at sublight speeds, for any reason, ever? How come in every series we see ships slugging it out at knife fight ranges when phasers are known to be able to target perfectly at hundreds or thousands of kilometers?

Really, the only reasons ships in Trek stop, stare off, and fight sublight is because it looks better on screen. TOS was pretty good at showing fights at FTL in a few eps, while TNG onward was a HUGE step backwards.

I guess I'll harp on SFB again, where point-blank range (where your photon torpedoes' explosions will damage your own shields when they hit the target)is 10,000km. Klingons 'sabre dance' at 120,000km+ until they can get an advantage in position or shield strength before closing, and battles become decisive when two ships close to within 50,000km. Kzinti have developed long-range missiles to hit targets in neighboring star systems.

Sadly, the -worst- representation of star trek physics is their own tv show. Sigh.

Oh, and Ian banks once said he considered the Culture to be the Federation without the Prime Directive. The Feds could have Culture-level tech if they got over restrictions on AI, Human genetic modification, actually used the replicator and transporter to realistic limits instead of plot device to skip special effects shots,etc.

>> No.10640961
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The Bydo were created by mankind in the 26th century to be used as weapons of ecological destruction against our enemies within the galaxy. Unlike conventional weapons of defense, the Bydo were conceived as limited range weapons with the purpose of destroying every ecological form in their path.

The Bydo were placed inside a container almost as large as the moon where they consumed everything and continued to evolve. A combination of physics, genetic engineering, and black magic resulted in man-made creatures of evil.

Mankind intended to send the Bydo through a wormhole to the enemy solar system to annihilate their planet. Everything appeared to be going as planned. However, there was a slight error and the Bydo became active in our own solar system. For 150 hours they raged until they were carried away to another dimension by a special weapon. It appeared that mankind in the 26th century was safe.

However, the Bydo were still alive and continued to evolve in another dimension. After wandering for what seemed like an eternity, they reappeared in the 22nd century to demonstrate their power against Earth.

>> No.10640979


god damn for games with zero dialogue scrolling shooters had fucking awesome storylines

>> No.10641327

Star Trek wouldn't stand a chance against many Sci Fi armies... why not? Because they are fucking commies. In Mass Effect, humanity is very powerful and they only have one major planet (Earth), and all other planets' populations don't often get to the millions. ME has much more deregulation of markets, and thus they can make much more use of what they have, much more efficiently than any commie hippie commune empire like in Star Trek. Hell, in ME humanity allows companies to work unopposed and become hugely successful, becoming as powerful as small empires (Cerberus).

Also, non Star Trek empires usually don't go through huge holocausts just before the story starts. Have you ever wondered why every alien species has a single race, single culture, single government, etc?... It is obviously because every single species (including humans) had massive holocausts just before the the story starts. At least other Sci Fi stories are more upfront about all the genocide that happened in their settings.

Also, Datajack Rose wins against all Star Trek empires. Hack their space ships and tell the inertial dampeners that the ship is going to light speed. Splat!

>> No.10641400

Post-scarcity economies aren't communistic, though. They're anarchistic.

>> No.10641401
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Don't be Mad just because you know that Wesley Kid could beat the Emperor

>> No.10641419

I think pholto birds beat culture, but arent they a time lord level thread?

>> No.10641650

Oh fuck, you came here from Dakkadakka didn't you?

There was a massive argument on Dakkadakka that basicly ended up as a trekkie screaming just that. And somewhat convinced that ST's isoton torpedo yield put it into warhams 600 gigaton range.

>> No.10642016

I don't see how anything can beat the culture, seeing as if they know what solar system you are in they can just eradicate it entirely. I like the others, but i think the culture will always win hands down.

>> No.10642954


The Culture loses to the Time Lords. Everyone loses to the Time Lords except the Q.

>> No.10643360


Your logic is infallible.

>> No.10643427


Star Trek measurement units are never linked properly to real world metric, so they could be anything.

>> No.10643542

Enjoy having your Federation planets exterminatus'd, genius.

Figure to shield them? Enjoy the Empire figuring a way to blow up your stars.

>> No.10643599
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you think you're awsome?

these guys were faced with an impenetrable deflector shield, weapons have no way to get through it

What do they do? They throw a god damn black hole into the shield

when you can throw black holes I don't think there's much you can do against them

>> No.10643636


Well the Culture would have had time travel, of a sort, if they hadn't fucked up the whole Excession thing.

>> No.10643657

Everyone knows master chief would beat all these universes while listening to breaking benjamin/linkin park

>> No.10643690

>Enjoy the Empire figuring a way to blow up your stars.
You mean they don't have Trilithium/Protomatter torpedoes yet?
What primitives.

>> No.10643699


WwW._anOn_+_c_-_c_+_TALK_.SE sacd r izozcgdvv nmwqogizyho a xiy vp df

>> No.10643729

>The Imperium of Man can't attack at faster-than-light speed, which means that once the Federation realizes this weakness, their FREIGHTERS become invulnerable to any attack. Same with the Star Wars Empire, Babylon 5's Earth, and anything that fights in real space.

Yeah. And? They still aren't able to even scratch the paint on any IoM warship and said ship can simply take a hike to the next Feddie planet and tell them to either surrender or watch their civilisation getting bit by bit wiped out via orbital bombardement.

Game over.

Also, IoM vessels routinely engage targets moving at 70%+ of the speed of light, so I wouldn't even bet on this working in the first place.

>> No.10643756
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"We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it and you will end because we demand it."

>> No.10643765

Hey, Hey guise.

Omnius gonna get yall

>> No.10643785


>The United States of America is made of nothing but absolutely perfect conservative people who can do shit like call themselves African-American, never risks civilian lives, and can't ever be challenged militarily, where the second most powerful empire once took 0.5% of their resources to defeat.

America is a Mary Sue you guys.

>> No.10643793

>It is obviously because every single species (including humans) had massive holocausts just before the the story starts.
This is canon for humans AND Vulcans. World War III, the post-WWIII courts (as seen in TNG), the eugenics wars and the Vulcan/Romulan Schism and Surak's rise and all of that shit. Human culture was built by the survivors of global thermonuclear war, which is also why their technology is so ecologically friendly and capable of terraforming so many worlds, we basically rebuilt Earth from burning radioactive garbage. Vulcan's wars were more intense, and despite the Federation's best efforts, ancient antimatter-warhead-related storms still ravage the planet.
>At least other Sci Fi stories are more upfront about all the genocide that happened in their settings.
The Cardassian genocide that happened when the military seized power (mentioned in the "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS" episode), the human genocide and Vulcan genocides (mentioned in too many episodes to keep track of), the followers of Kahless conquering all of Quo'nos and turning them into a monoculture, all of that's pretty laid out and up front, man.

>> No.10643811

Count as Necron Lords

>> No.10643859

Why would you say that?

Now i can't un-imagine it.

>> No.10643882
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>> No.10644111

Ming would take you all on, and win, unless someone was a football player.

>> No.10644143


>> No.10646147

Yeah. The Therians out in the field right now aren't even interested in fighting. It's a mini-game to them.

Their basic infantry (Arachns aside) are Necron Warriors in durability, run faster than humans, and have weapons for every situation.

Elite infantry are softer than Termies, but also alot faster and equipped with better weapons. Imagine dual-wielding las-cannons that almost always hit.

Infantry and vehicles can be healed instantly through combat routines. Murderous recon striders can be created by vehicle pilots for a decent amount of resources every few minutes. If their commander dies, he can be respawned. And thats WITH nerfing to keep them on par with other races in game, not even story canon.

>> No.10646517


tl;dr: Therians are hilariously overpowered, but are kept from being Mary Sues by their overwhelming incompetence at fighting?

>> No.10646540

/r/ing LuBu as a Space faring Warship

>> No.10646550

Yet the Dark Mechanicum would fuck them up the ass with machine curses

>> No.10646585


>> No.10646689

Pretty much. It's like giving the command position of a legion of soldiers to a /b/ tard. Therians who actually know how to fight can be pretty dangerous, but are usually still pretty lazy. They're fourmites.

And Therians are masters at hacking, coding, etc. Have fun fighting back when we just converted your control panel into a squad of infantry!

>> No.10646714

Ontop of that, the Mechanium has/always will be known for slapping their dicks on their machines in an effort to make them work. Good luck.

>> No.10646816


That trolling might work on a board with less intelligence, but I am pretty sure /tg/ is too cynical/intelligent to believe in blind nationalism/propaganda like that.

>> No.10646854

But to concede my spot, Therians may be AWESOME AS FUCK, but they can be pretty incompetant as fighters. As a result, a challenging fight, even if you ARE playing against a mildly retarded commander.

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