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DAT femanon/ca/tg/irl census thread continuation as last one stopped bumping. Femanons report in!

Old thread >>10619042

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Hey, are any of you single? I'll be your boyfriend! Post tits!

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This is no thread for wimpy Paladins

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I'm a girl! Not a boy at all. Tee hee.

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The first thread was funny.

This is just pandering.

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First thread highlights:

-Fun convo
-Rawk pics
-JE posting new pics

This thread highlights


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well pandering is fun....then again...why am I posting in a thread that is for femanons and ca/tg/irls?

guess I'm just bored.....or I'm being forced to by the Sith Lord next to me

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>JE posting new pics
And I missed the thread. Fuck.

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Fucking rawk, derailing a mildly interesting demographics thread. I still don't believe she isn't some ones gender bending alter ego.

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Please do not use pictures of my waifu with your metathreads.

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Just bra-on tits, that's all.

>> No.10622096

Rawk pics?

>> No.10622098

But that's not Tali/a musclegirl/a thri-kreen/a dragonborn/a lascannon at all!

>> No.10622099

Fucking attention whores

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But... there weren't any Stormtroopers when Darth Nihilus was around.

>> No.10622105


agreed...when was that first thread? last night?

>> No.10622110

No, Kagami is my waifu, not some meme.

>> No.10622129


Attention isn't the only thing they whore for.

>> No.10622158


I know....but it's was too good of a picture not to post....

Oh man the story behind it pretty damn funny....if I can remember it

>> No.10622164


But signed bra on tits. Just for /tg/

>> No.10622179

Uhm, would you mind posting it?

>> No.10622182

So whats the purpose of this thread? Hooking up neckbeards with ronrey ca/tg/irls?

>> No.10622202


Finding out how many femanons lurk /tg/

>> No.10622213


You should of asked that in the last thread.

>> No.10622222

haha, butthurt ronrey fag doesn't have a clue.


>> No.10622230


But Rawk derailed it with her cockteasing stories and hen JE got talked into taking pics

>> No.10622243

>should of

>> No.10622252


something like that

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>> No.10622288

reporting in

>> No.10622291

I only did that toward the end

>> No.10622293

also it seems this is Rawk and her Dom posted these to punish her

>> No.10622329

RAWK is a fictional character.

>> No.10622332


As in 'Jessica Elwood'?

>> No.10622339

and so is the emprah

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>> No.10622362

more Rawk

>> No.10622381

yeah, dumbass. she posts tits.

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>> No.10622387

Rawk what sort of accent do you have?

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>> No.10622399


Russian? Georgian? Ukrainian?

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>JE new pics


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>> No.10622447


That is RAWK????!!!!!!1111

>> No.10622475

RAWK claimed to be a blond muscle chick until these appeared.

>> No.10622481

hmm... when im out of the south people say I have a southern accent but while in the south people say I don't

>> No.10622499

So show us some southern hospitality, lets see that fucking snatch

>> No.10622503

Blackheart talked for us.

>> No.10622508

>hey guys, have a look at my new bra

I've seen that already. You know what I'd rather see? Your fucking face.

>> No.10622535

So...you're Spanky?

Wonder why you're not using the tripcode...

>> No.10622547


she's not confirming or denying that so we don't know

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>> No.10622555

And Russ did too, he tried to sound cool bless his heart.

>> No.10622639

JE as the candidate for paperbag-chan

>> No.10622643


>seen that already

You can't, she took them today

>your face

I am just pointing to the other thread. Don't be such a retard

>> No.10622646

If she really does have a phobia of cameras then she likely wants us to believe that those are her so we'll shut the hell up. But at the same time if those really weren't her then she should'd likely be glad to tell us they aren't.

>> No.10622685

Dear Jessica,

Stop posting 300x200 pictures. Most digital cameras take photos at recockulous resolutions upwards of 3000x2000 last I checked, so you have no fucking excuse.

>> No.10622700


she uses a webcam. That is why everyone says she should get a decent camera

>> No.10622722

But she won't because she's a teasing attention whore and likes to torment everyone who claims to be a fan of hers.

She should gb2/drawing hot chicks instead of being an INTERNET CELEBRITY ffs.

>> No.10622751


The rage she causes among some of you is both hilarious and astounding. Is like she raped your moms

>> No.10622769

Your Queen Jessica

>> No.10622775


That's not her.

>> No.10622785


Dude, it has been stablished that is not her.

>> No.10622792

That is just hope talking.

>> No.10622793


I'd still hit that... as long i get to cuddle after. ;__;

>> No.10622805

>guys giving a shit about tits posted on /tg/
Hahaha, really? Really, guys?!

>> No.10622809


No, that's definitely not her. There's another picture of her alleged face floating around the internet.

>> No.10622830

Wrong hair.

>> No.10622834

And the other alleged face is like 10/10 for cuteness so not her.

>> No.10622846


And more importantly, wrong tits.

>> No.10622849

I'm a girl.

I like girls.

Not guys.

>> No.10622856


Don't be an idiot. she got implants

>> No.10622857

>image name is 3yrsago
>Using length of hair as an indicator of who a person is


>> No.10622863

Birth control pills + 20 pound weight gain.

>> No.10622871

It kind of annoys me that most nerdy girls are lesbians

>> No.10622882

Don't even look fake.

>> No.10622883


It sure is virgin here

>> No.10622885


[citation needed]

>> No.10622896

Look at that LAWBSTAR was asked to provide proof that wasn't pictures and she slunk away.

>> No.10622898

You clearly don't understand what implants look like.

>> No.10622903

This is JE. Got it from a friend who claims to know her IRL (and I have plenty of reasons to believe). From dec 09

>> No.10622920

BC can cause breast hypertrophy.

>> No.10622941

>friend who claims to know her IRL

Yeah, I can claim to know Helen Clark IRL. Doesn't make it true.

>> No.10622944

Why would a friend post pictures of her?

>> No.10622945

If this thread is any indication femanons should remain anonymous. JE and rawk have pretty much shown us why posting pictures is a bad idea, and if the law of statistics is taken into account most femanons are not as attractive or more self-conscious or (most likely) both.

>> No.10622953


Please stop typing. For you own sake

>> No.10622975


He didn't post. He shared it. I had it since before she began canwhoring here

>> No.10622981

You could stop being wrong yourself.

>> No.10622994

Blackheart ans SoS can make as much drama with their pictures.

>> No.10623006

Then you should be thankful that most nerdy girl lesbians are really ugly.

>> No.10623012



If things worked that way EVERY girl would do that instead of getting silicone

>> No.10623018

Not her directly. I'm just sick of her trolling and how utterly you all seem to be falling for it.

>> No.10623031

So, that girl is RAWK? yes or no?

>> No.10623038

Well it doesn't happen with every women, just some, like how some women have a second growth spurt during pregnancy.

>> No.10623051

Likely not her, or just shooped beyond recognition.

But I think they play nids

>> No.10623052

I prefer Xiombarg's Storyteller.

Because she contributes actual content, doesn't post pictures and isn't a humongous attention whore.

>> No.10623061

Xiombarg's Storyteller is a girl?

>> No.10623062


>constant trolling
>people having fun

You are a really sad, grumpy little man.

>> No.10623110

I like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
She contributes to the discussion at hand and often has interesting stories to tell.

>> No.10623134

I do like J.E

Most of the fucktadness is done by her stalkers or trolls. She is a rather cool girl when you talk with her.

>> No.10623153

Yes. You don't think a guy would write that sort of stuff?

>> No.10623175

I like her tits. And her art. She's a damn fine artist. And generally kind of nice.

I do remember she has demonstrated bitch-ness on several occasions, not that I can pick anything out off the top of my head but hey, that's to be expected.

I'm also not pleased by this whole camwhore shenanigans and the way she's dealing with it by being the most gigantic cocktease in the universe and then putting on the :3 face and acting all cute and innocent while the fanboys drool like idiots.

>> No.10623176

I think touhoufag is probably the only poster more aspie than her.

>> No.10623177

Well I havent actually seen Xiombarg's Storyteller on for ages.
Possibly due to different timezones.
What sort of things does she post?

>> No.10623183

My ex was pretty cool, her fiance and I could have likely gotten her into /tg/ stuff.

Hell I don't speak to either of them anymore but I think he was gonna teach her Mtg.

>> No.10623190

So is true RAWK is a big time submissive with a Dom? and she has slept with all of the other players because they pass her around during the games?

>> No.10623192

horrific smut like all steady writefags.

>> No.10623206

>So is true RAWK is a big time submissive with a Dom?
>and she has slept with all of the other players because they pass her around during the games?
I dont know, but if thats true I wish I was in that group because shes hot

>> No.10623221


Besides remember /tg/ has some of the worse misogynists of 4chan. Anything female is inherently wrong.

>> No.10623228

I wish fapnote was a woman.

>> No.10623250

>worse misogynists of 4chan

>> No.10623251


>I like her tits. And her art. She's a damn fine artist. And generally kind of nice.

That's all what I need to like her. Besides, if a hot girl happens to deliver when asked, I think is a good thing.

>> No.10623261


Dude, there are guys here that ban females from their D&D groups

>> No.10623270

someones never been to /r9k/, /adv/ or /v/

>> No.10623271

Vaguely like my ex, just different in that she had a bit more power than you would think and didn't play pnp.

Pretty much she had a choice on who got to pet-sit.

Fuck I miss those two.

>> No.10623281

Porn full of bad, bad, bad things. Mostly death, blood, little girls raping each other to death.


>> No.10623301

>Porn full of bad, bad, bad things. Mostly death, blood, little girls raping each other to death.
I'm glad that I miss out on all that.

>> No.10623307


>complain someone camwhores and shows too much tits
>complains about said girl not delivering

>> No.10623315


JE the person is alright. Gets nekkid and doesn't afraid of anything. Some of her fans, on the other hand...

>> No.10623323

/adv/ isn't that bad if you can weed out the obvious troll bait.

>> No.10623344


Honestly I don't. Neither interest me too much. /v/ is a hive of teenagers and I don't even understand the purpose of the other two

>> No.10623352

/tg/ never seemed that bad to me.
The only time I've seen them rage at a female was in the "DM brought his girlfriend and shes not really interested in the game" threads.
But then I'm not on /tg/ all day so I could be missing the sexism

>> No.10623356


The white knights. And funnily so she dislikes white knights

>> No.10623389

I didn't say she shows too much tits. She just keeps posting the same crap again and again and it's getting dull. Which is okay.

What's NOT okay is the fact she acts like a complete fucking shameless attention whore troll in the way she does it.

>> No.10623395

Sometimes you have posters acting bitter and jealous of gaming couples and hide behind Bros before hos, but we can all tell from their typing they are the "that guy" of the group.

>> No.10623401

ITT: people who believe in femanons and ca/tg/irls

>> No.10623404

What white knighting in specific is so annoying?

Just the "Lay off asshole" type posts?

Those never seem so bothersome really.

>> No.10623452


The LEAVE JE ALONE!!!111 type

Most of the lay off posts are done by regulat fa/tg/uys because the whinning about what JE does turns annoying as well.

>> No.10623453

she enjoys shitting up /tg/ with troll fest.

>> No.10623510


I haven't seen a single evidence of said trolling. Even in the other thread she was being cool. Te only trolls I've seen are the guys who get all OH NO JE BLINKED SHE IS TROLLING US HALP!!!

pìc related

>> No.10623535


She isn't even posted in this thread and a couple guys are crying trolling. Is beyond retarded

>> No.10623552

Holy smokes I leave for a bit and this is what happens?

>> No.10623561


More like people post and repost those pics, turning treat into trolldom. It's the same tease-into-frustration thing, courtesy of /tg/ trolls.

Would I happily ogle Elwood doing more than carefully posed nudes? Certainly. But I happen to like women of her body type to begin with, and I like exhibitionists too. Win-win.

>> No.10623573

Implying they are not trolls trying tog to turn elwood into the next edition war or Jeanstealer.

>> No.10623606


so you like fat girls

>> No.10623646


is a trolldom on both sides. Some people post JE pics, but others react like a centipede crawled up their asses when they could just ignore the whole deal if they don't like tits.

inb4 but shes a camwhore and i haet camwhores and lololol

>> No.10623649

A different anon, but I know I and Krieg, would appreciate even heavier voluptuous girls posting, but they would get called fat and trolled so they don't.

>> No.10623659


>implying JE isn't a chubster

>> No.10623660

You clearly don't understand what fat people look like.

>> No.10623665

I would LOVE to see Jessica doing more than just the same low-resolution titty shots she keeps doing. But that isn't really going to happen.

>> No.10623666


Delicious curvy chubby girl is delicious, yes.

>> No.10623690

Kreig prefers them up into fair excess.

>> No.10623702

That's because White Knights usually have some sort of ulterior motive; 9 times out of 10, a white knight is not motivated by some sort of archaic chivalry but rather the desire to see his chosen lady in the buff.

At least trolls are honest about their intentions, you know?

>> No.10623717

yes, but that was before or after the game, not during

>> No.10623728


You were passed around?

>> No.10623744

and enjoyed it

>> No.10623748

Look at me improve this thread.

>> No.10623749

You guys care so much...

>> No.10623751

But of course, some kinds of fun work better when left heterogeneous.

>> No.10623752

You fatty lovers make me sad. Saying your chubbies are healthy and shit. This is how a healthy girl should look like, without fat clogging her arteries

>> No.10623761


since we won't get pics we demmand details! For the glory of Khorne!

>> No.10623769

And the thread descends into guys declaring that only the kind of woman they find sexually attractive should be found sexually attractive by *anyone*.

>> No.10623773

Rawk post your damn voice.

>> No.10623782

That looks like Jailbait.

That exclamation button looks nice, I may need to press it.

>> No.10623786

Pedophilia bro

>> No.10623788

I like how any femanon gets pressured constantly to post pics/video/whatever, and if they do, they get trolled right to hell. Counterproductive, guys.

>> No.10623789

The sad thing is knowing this will elicit another 100 posts of attempts to counter an obvious troll.

>> No.10623791

That takes it WAY too far..

>> No.10623794


Exactly. The double standar is just fucked up

>> No.10623807

Misogynis/tg/uys only like women when they're getting off to them. They hate them the rest of the time.

>> No.10623811

>implying women don't troll camwhores

>> No.10623816

now that i can live with

but uhhh... it's not like that was a rare thing so detailing several dozen encounters will take a while

gimme specific questions if you want answers outside of postgame orgy shenanigans

don't have a mic, but if i get one i will (and considering i'm playing UT again that's likely to happen soonish)

>> No.10623817

Not really a 'double standard.'

That being said, for better or for worse, given how that is the standard modus operandi, it can hardly come as a surprise to those that choose to post pics that this will be the result.

>> No.10623821

here. Since I am not the only one who sees it I am gonna fire away. Let's just hope the mods don't stay after they turn his IP over

>> No.10623832

Not so much, no.

Oh for fuck's sake, pick a good game.

>gimme specific questions if you want answers outside of postgame orgy shenanigans
Airtight, y/n?

>> No.10623840

And that totally justifies the behavior!

>> No.10623848


>Oh for fuck's sake, pick a good game.
and play a modern FPS that babys the players? No thank you.

>> No.10623852

Bukkake? DP? Bareback?

>> No.10623860

No sirs
This is what girls look like outside of both your /tg/aming circles, and america.

>> No.10623868

itt people don't realize that anonymous is not a single person. Horde of shameless 15 year olds scream for tits. People with restraint who aren't slaves to their dicks scream when tits are spammed like the holy grail.

>> No.10623874

Predicament bondage, or inescapable and building punishment?

>> No.10623880

you really need more than 3 guys to have a proper bukkake

and since the only way i can get pregnant is through wallhacking around my cervix I provide my own highly effective birthcontrol

>> No.10623889

ITT people jealous that I actually get laid spamming the thread

>> No.10623898

Not sure it's wise to rely on that alone....

>> No.10623900

Yes ;_;

>> No.10623901

I'll admit to that.

>> No.10623903

ITT a cute widdle Anon JUST DISCOVERED that he can impersonate namefags! Good luck, kid!

Fail. Triple penetration is shit tier. Can't focus on anything and can't even use your mouth properly.

>> No.10623904

I'd imagine as such but im pretty sure someone's fapping to the idea

>> No.10623917

I never said that, now did I. Justification was never the point. People have to justify things to themselves, not my job to do it for them.

But it's not going to change and expecting people to change is just foolish. Indeed, trying to get people to change over anything is stupid. Instead, learn how to play people with how they are.

>> No.10623923

RAWK, I like your style.

And by style, I mean you don't take shit from anyone.

And by that, I have no idea where I'm going with this.

Good show.

>> No.10623949

it works

it's more probable that every person in this thread would get laid tonight than sperm make it through my overzealous immune system

it is really difficult to do triple penetration unless you're used to it and bothered planning out the position

Why thank you good medic

>> No.10623950

And by "you don't take shit from anyone", you mean penis.

>> No.10623952

...Haha, you think triple penetration is about the penetration? No, 3x is all about how you're a worthless piece of shit, a piece of meat that isn't even worth being waited for, just a rapidly rotting sack of putrid fat flesh that needs to be used, abused, broken, and thrown out.

Drives the bitches wild.

>> No.10623962

pretty much this

>> No.10623967

Hehe, I come here again for a moment and you remind me I have pics of a certain ca/tg/irl. Oh, I'm far to gentlemanly to share them... but DAAAAAYUM, baby got back!

>> No.10623992

What happens when you met the guy who's own immune system is compatible with yours and his doom guy sperm tear through the mucus?

>> No.10623994

Shut your fat stinking mouth, you worthless shit. You have nothing, and will never have anything.

>> No.10623997


Not a problem, crustacean.


Hey Anon.


>> No.10624006

i suppose i'd get super pregnant or something

>> No.10624016

...What, you think I need you to corroborate me? Did I say "At least, hurr, I think thats what Lawbstar thinks". Its fucking obvious to anyone who's not a limpdicked shithead.

>> No.10624023

Rawk does not look like she could snap me in two. In fact, it looks like I'd have a non-zero chance of WINNING a fight with her.
This ruins all of my fantasies of her forever. :[

>> No.10624029

well what happens if there are mpdicked shitheads out there?

>> No.10624030


>> No.10624032

I'm not too sure that staying here is a good idea

>> No.10624038

i dont think that's her, just someone claiming it was here

she's never said anything other than 'if it is it's highly shopped'

>> No.10624042


he mad

>> No.10624057


Then why's your.....nevermind....

>> No.10624058

Then they're never going to see a fucking pussy in real life anyway, nevermind alongside two other dudes. Are you as retarded as the "baww dey posting porn" fags make you out to be, or are you just playing up the "I'm a worthless woman pander to my submission issues" angle?

>> No.10624072

i'd lean more toward the second one as im fine with porn

>> No.10624089

This thread is in desperate need of an existential crisis.

>> No.10624097

>> No.10624105


>> No.10624108

Rawk, how do I cope with knowing that you are nowhere near as able to tear people in half as I originally thought? :(

>> No.10624109

>implying rawk is actually a girl
>implying that the shit "she"s talking about is even vaguely true

>> No.10624112

>> No.10624115


he extra mad.

>> No.10624122


Questions, she says? What tends to be the most oft-repeated requests of your fa/tg/uy harem?

Do you miss them, or anything they do? Or was most of it physically enjoyable (if that) and you'd enjoy doing more like it?

>> No.10624124


The hell?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. helped me work out a 'paladin loves a succubus' plot earlier.

Can't be a chick.

>> No.10624131

Alright, I have a legitimate question.

Barring the people you know that know how to fuck, how do you look at members of your gaming group after you fuck them and it's a bad lay. I've had the problem where it was just bad and I couldn't look the other person in the eye ever again. At least without thinking "Oh god, I've failed them."

>> No.10624132

>> No.10624142

That baby would grow up to be the most badass motherfucker in history.

Though it might need "Babysitter of protection +9001"

Because great babies draw great violence.

But this guy makes sure nobody can kill babies.

>> No.10624143

RAWK is like sergal, she makes bad threads worse in an entertaining way, but usually doesn't ruin good ones.

>> No.10624154

> how do you look at members of your gaming group after you fuck them and it's a bad lay.
Hints that they need to grind their XP and level up their lovemaking. The least subtle hints ever.

>> No.10624177

..No, she just doesn't ever allow them to touch her again. She can still scream rape.

>> No.10624178

>> No.10624186

Yes that is why stalker is awesome, she can some how be a girl and have the board change absolutely in no way in their reaction towards her.

>> No.10624187

they've all long since moved away, but most of the time i was tying me up blindfolded and then teasing me till i was begging

the same thing i do when i have a player who doesn't know what they are doing, help them not to be terrible anymore

>> No.10624192

>> No.10624203


take it you're posting for the hell of it now eh?

>> No.10624208

>woman who desperately wants dozens of men to beat her and rape her
>scream rape

>> No.10624222

>> No.10624227

What ever happened to Prawnchan, she used to dump interesting art.

>> No.10624234


Yep, I remembered they were on their way by this point. Miss the variety, or happier with a single partner?

>> No.10624251

i miss the variety everynow and then but my Dom is very capable of keeping me occupied

>> No.10624253

It's like adding spice to dinner to make it taste better.

Except in this case it's nightmare fuel.

>> No.10624258

Did she post porn and talk about how she was a slut?


Then she's worthless.

>> No.10624263

>What ever happened to Prawnchan

Prawnchan did more than cam on /s/??!?!

I need to start paying more attention to this board.

>> No.10624271

Damn, you seem awesome.

>> No.10624275

>> No.10624277

he DOES know that he can never please you like that, right? That any one man is worhtless to you, and you need a dozen men to beat you and rape you to do it, right?

>> No.10624288

*sees picture*

Ey! Ey ye! Ye're now be an enemy of the fort!

*flips off winged jaguar ram man*

>> No.10624294


>> No.10624298

She cammed!?I just remember she had a large collection of art and their would be interesting discussion in the dump, I think that was her.

>> No.10624304

>> No.10624313

>> No.10624322

>> No.10624331


I see.....
you paying any attention to the original reason for this thread?

>> No.10624339


He must like you quite a bit, keeping you that well occupied. Lucky woman.

>> No.10624350

Not even the sex thing, just the fact she does actually help bad players in games to not suck.

If it extends to sex, sure that's great too, but that does not fucking matter..

>> No.10624366

Anyone can help roleplayers get better. Hell, a fucking BEER makes people better roleplayers. Creepy sweaty worthless shits like you? Takes about 5 years, hundreds of dollars of Jenny Craig, and a whip.

>> No.10624395

I doubt people really mind some artwork being posted.

>> No.10624398

What the fuck, /tg/?

Have you been reduced to sniveling children, kissing the feet of camwhores? What the hell is this, /b/?

Hijack soon, fellow stalker.

>> No.10624399

Coherence mother fucker, DO YOU HAVE IT?!?

>> No.10624415


She has a webpage with a bunch of her self-shots mixed in with some pokemon stuff, but I can't remember what it is.

>> No.10624427

>bad lay

Surely anyone can be taught if they're willing to learn?

>> No.10624428

>> No.10624429

... Um, that's not the sub. That is a player. The sub is over in the corner.
In other news, Envy! Rising up my list of deadly sins, vying with Sloth for 3rd place.

>> No.10624431

>> No.10624436


You? you'll never even see a girl in a bikini.

>> No.10624453

So helping people get better at sex is like helping people learn to Roleplay and roll toons.

Too bad I have Social Anxiety Disorder.

Fuck yeah, not being able to talk to people.

>> No.10624462


>Implying this thread isn't almost at autosage

>> No.10624464

My experiences with players in World of Warcraft suggest otherwise. People don't learn. Not even if they want to learn.

>> No.10624465

you only get better with practices

bad lays never get practices BECAUSE THEY'RE FAT UGLY SHITS

>> No.10624469

Most people aren't interested in learning.

>> No.10624480


>> No.10624487

*shrug* Apparently I was a decent lay even on my first time.
All that Internet Pornography Watchin' learned me a thing or two. Hooray for porn!

>> No.10624494

>> No.10624496

oh, they'll definitely learn.

Sometimes it just requires a little extra incentive.

>> No.10624509


Some people just never are comfortable being with someone else, sexually. Championship fappers, left dangling any time there's a real person interested (girl, boy, or otherwise).

>> No.10624514

Sweet, dwarf fortress finished world gen.

About damn time too.

>> No.10624522

This one is kind of often-posted, but it's still good.

>> No.10624525

So Rawk (and JE too if she's around)

You were ever made to stay naked during the duration of a game?

>> No.10624532

Well how about if you wire up their testicles to a car battery, will they learn then?

>> No.10624536


>> No.10624548

>> No.10624552


Even if they haven't...I have!

It was cool too, because I had just shaved and felt like a badass. Even if the black guy next to me had a goddamn hammer in his lap.

>> No.10624558


>> No.10624559

Explain why they are bad lays - maybe someone can offer advice.

>> No.10624562

>> No.10624563


I'm taking it that you're a femanon now...Am I right or wrong about that observation?

>> No.10624587

>> No.10624590

Bad lays remain bad lays because nobody wants a fucking bad lay, unless youve got the money to make it worth their while.

>> No.10624595


Probably not. Nothing like massive jolts of pain on top of anxiety to ruin someone's ability to learn.

>> No.10624606

>> No.10624618

This is still going on? o_O

>> No.10624630

>> No.10624631

*waves at JE*
*Throws Beanbag in JE's direction*
Take a seat, grab a coke or a beer or something.

>> No.10624637

Well! I never said anything about *negative* reinforcement.

But hey, if you like it that way...

You'll just have to keep guessing.

>> No.10624640


Fuck yeah it is. Welcome to the shitstorm.

>> No.10624644


Sure. It's a quiet Sunday, and sexuality is always a long-lived subject on /tg/ when it doesn't degenerate into rampant misogyny.

>> No.10624652

>> No.10624656

I gotta go, but before I do, let me just congratulate Rawk, JE, Medic et all on a great couple of threads and say good luck to you and keep doing what you're doing - do what you want and ignore the haters.

Even if I personally disapprove of girls playing RPGs you've got a right to make your own choices.

>> No.10624667

It always degenerates into trap threads. Always.

>> No.10624672

Hoe do you be a bad lay if you try to be considerate and listen to your partner, seems like anyone healthy and with empathy should at least achieve meh, tier.

>> No.10624673

ITT: Men

>> No.10624675

I really do hope you do that drawthread some time, by the by. I've got a certain character I'd love to see you draw, and I'm too damn poor at the moment to justify commissioning it.

Drawthreads with good artists are my best bet.

>> No.10624679

>> No.10624693


I'm a shit artist. At least I think I'm a shit artist.

>> No.10624694


Tits = /tg/'s apple of discord

>> No.10624695

New thread time?

>> No.10624709

Why's the Stalker guy saging?
I like stalker. I like girls, too. I declare this thread to be about both.

>> No.10624722

Autosage is here?

Thank god.

>> No.10624727

Not just tits, tg's trolls worship Khorne, I once saw a 200+ post troll thread over medieval banking tangentially tied to Spice and wolf

>> No.10624729

hey, faggot. you're fat. You're ugly. You're smelly, you're worthless.

>> No.10624733


Always. How's it been?

>> No.10624735


guess so


I'll take that as a yes and leave it at that....does that work?

>> No.10624739


Oh yeah I will. I plan to do like 4-5 requests (linearts only tho. I am a snail when it comes to coloring)

>> No.10624750


STALKER and girls, you say?

There are no girls on the internet.

>> No.10624754


Also is time for NEW THREAD

>> No.10624761

>> No.10624773

So, i don't come to /tg/ for a few days and this is what happens?

>> No.10624777

Bathe and excercise then

>> No.10624779

Hope I'm one of the lucky few, then, cus I've been wanting to see the character done up for awhile now.

>> No.10624781

/tg/ is happy with scribbles, sir briggz was popular and that was all he did, funny scribbles.

>> No.10624786


So so. the water heater was being a bitch so I couldn't get a shower till now.

>> No.10624805


that sucks

>> No.10624810


Did you finally get to unpack all your stuff, or are they still tearing your place up to fix that pipe?

>> No.10624814



>> No.10624815

>> No.10624819

Well that sucks. I can relate a bit. My AC is out.

In the middle of Georgia summer.

>> No.10624825

Wow took you a while.

>> No.10624827


Ah, lucky you.

My damn dryer broke, so I can't help but wear the same clothes.

>> No.10624843

>> No.10624849


Make it a statement against fashion!

>> No.10624850

>> No.10624865

Did you download your own picture from 4chan and repost it here?

>> No.10624867

Are you telling him to not wear clothes?

>> No.10624873


Not when your only good pair of jeans is getting caked with sweat!

I've been sitting without pants for the past three days.

>> No.10624887

That's not a pun.


>> No.10624888

People wear pants?

>> No.10624889


mmmhmm, was easier than going through the mess that is my sketches folder



>> No.10624891

>> No.10624895


So it's half past pantsless for you for some time now eh?

>> No.10624896

nudist party time?

>> No.10624897


shower pics! I am the only one who wants them?

>> No.10624908

I want whatever it was with the file size too large to post :P

>> No.10624915


And No.
I want shower pics too, but hey, patience is a virtue.

>> No.10624916

Ok, I was just making sure everyone was clear on this.

>> No.10624921

Most people don't go and request them directly to her though.

>> No.10624928


Scratch that, it's always nudist party time.

>> No.10624934

I see that this thread is safely on it's way to page 15.

Good riddance.

>> No.10624943


That's...interesting...heh at least no one's asking me to put my TK stuff on

>> No.10624956


Let me guess... NO.

New thread time fucker

>> No.10624960

Threads like these are where pics come out of the woodwork by themselves

>> No.10624965


You really need to organize your files.

>> No.10624978


Holy shit, Hiro!

It's been a while.

>> No.10624986


Dunno, this thread seem to be adamantly against pics =P

>> No.10624996

I say we stick around till it 404s so we have fewer trolls.

>> No.10624997


what's up with the stalker sagefag?

>> No.10625005


Pfff. When did you decide to start caring about that?

>> No.10625021

For some reason, this was the first image that came to my head.

>> No.10625022

Why do you love reaction images so much?

>> No.10625025


I'm all for pics. 'Specially since it's autosaging and most of /tg/ won't be seeing them since only the first page exists.

>> No.10625027


Meh...no one cares...I think

>> No.10625033


Whyyyyy not?

>> No.10625037


Hey, I don't post pics for trolling purposes! otherwise I would post yours! XD

>> No.10625047


You know darn well those are all worksafe!

>> No.10625062


trolling you say?

>> No.10625064


>> No.10625068

SFW? pft

>> No.10625075

Speaking of nonworksafe pictures, There's a picture of $100 in my dick SOMEWHERE on the internet.

Your task is to find it and bring it here.

>> No.10625090

Post anything you want the thread is on autosage.
So the anti-pic trolls are likely gone.

>> No.10625097

Or post his ex girlfriends nude pics, that would work.

>> No.10625106



>> No.10625109


>> No.10625115


You do that and you'll be eating your grits through a TUBE.

>> No.10625139

And if I should refuse this mission?

>> No.10625144


Yes. IN.

>> No.10625154


Then I suppose you won't get to see my dick.

>> No.10625156


Paper cuts...

>> No.10625160


beats me....

>> No.10625163

Now we must see them.

>> No.10625183

Hell, it's not even a good picture. All you can really see is my router and the first inch. But within that inch is $100 shoved in.

>> No.10625186

That's ok, because...

>> No.10625189

Just started HRT, If i ever get hot I'll totally postits for you guys :3

>> No.10625196

Mmmm I love this towel

>> No.10625200


Out of the question.

>> No.10625210

its a very lovely towel. I want it.

>> No.10625213



>> No.10625222


>> No.10625229

It's a trap!

>> No.10625234

JE.. Please tell me that you'll NEVER do hardcore porn or do something like shoving things inside of you and posting them on the internet..

>> No.10625237

And one more. I'm starting to get cold so I gotta get dressed

>> No.10625246

>> No.10625253

Brb, banning you.

Only way to get it lifted it to come to the IRC.


>> No.10625256


Waaaaaiiiit a minute I detect reverse psychology.

>> No.10625259

Scratch that, I'm lookin' at the pic now. All you can see is the head of a very blurry penis. Limp, too.

Nice pics, Jess. You're awesome.

>> No.10625261

You wearing clothes... pics or it didn't happen.

>> No.10625268

and I like whats in that towel

>> No.10625271

Fucking Ninja.

>> No.10625274


>> No.10625277


Damn girl...that's one fine towel

>> No.10625304

Really, I'm not. I honestly don't want to see her that way.. I don't want her to become like a generic camwhore.

>> No.10625310

I'm not in the position to make requests here...Hell, I haven't been in the position to do anything for a while...But could we maybe see a little bit of leg?

>> No.10625326

I would rather it not end up like that too I guess though I would like to watch her getting off.

>> No.10625331


I think she kind of crossed that line when she started routinely putting naked pictures of herself on the internet, bro

I mean, not to be Johnny Mcnofun here, but, well, yeah

>> No.10625338


sorry, that's enough pics for a day! =P

>> No.10625344

>implying that she isn't already a generic camwhore

>> No.10625350

Clothes or gtfo :P

>> No.10625373


Nah, I won't go that far. I am not a fan of explicit stuff

>> No.10625441

hormone replacement therapy

>> No.10625447

So...What's goin' on?

>> No.10625467

Chilling in Autosage, that's all.

>> No.10625489

>I am not a fan of explicit stuff

>> No.10625515


Hell yeah. Sittin here and playin' WoW, chillin in an autosage thread.

>> No.10625569

Why the hell not?

The trollplayers do it all the time.

>> No.10625588


Define trollplayer?

>> No.10625624

We had a few in the first thread.

YOu know DOOMRIDE Tzneechette, Khornette, Alis, Nimune, Liar, and the others.

>> No.10625632

right I'll see you guys and gals later

>> No.10625639

Well, here is hoping that the drawthread takes a bit. I've got to go take care of some things, I'd hate to miss it.

>> No.10625652

This was fun guys! seeya later! <3

>> No.10625671

Seeya! =P

>> No.10625675

You'll be back :P

>> No.10625684

Have a nice one beautiful!

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