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New thread here, old thread here >>10587319

Posting schools and such from my L5R 4th book.

Usagi Bushi School benefit: +1 Reflexes

Rank 1 (Speed of the Hare): In any situation where you have room to dodge, jump, and otherwise maneuver (GM's discretion), you may add your Athletics Skill Rank to your Armor TN except when in the Full Attack or Center stance. Your Water Ring is considered 1 higher for purposes of how far you can move with Move actions.

Rank 2 (Leap of the Hare): If you are in the Full Attack Stance, you can leap forward and attack an opponent up to 15' away without taking a Move action. All of your attacks on this turn must target that opponent.

Rank 3 (Swift as Lightning): Your attacks with unarmed strikes, knives, or Samurai-keyword weapons are considered Simple Actions.

Rank 4 (Kick of the Hare): You may now perform your Rank 2 technique while in the Attack Stance instead of the Full Attack Stance. If you perform the technique in the Full Attack Stance, you may make your second attack of the Round against another opponent within 15' of the first opponent.

Rank 5 (Reichin's Style): You may perform the Feint Maneuver for only 1 Raise, and your damage bonus from a successful Feint is not limited to your Insight Rank x 5.

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Hot DAMN. That's some high-flying stuff.

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hooray more L5R goodness, the last thread and this one have made my night Roshi-san.

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Yep, welcome to Hare Clan. That's how they do everything.

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No problem, but, uh, if you really want to help me out...think of something nice I can get for Shizuka-chan.

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So, what else do people want to see? I can stay up a bit later.

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Well you're not likely to outdo the Kakita artisans on objects of beauty, perhaps something difficult to find in the Crane provinces? Surely your clan has access to more exotics than anyone save the Unicorn?

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I know. Was more referring to how awesome they've become SINCE back in 3e now.

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Maybe some of the courtier schools? (Bayushi in particular)

Were any of the imperial schools included? If so I'd be interested to see them.

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Nagas arnt listed in the core book.. Naga, Ratlings, and more ronin stuff will be in "Enemies of the Empire"
and i predict expanded shadowlands and maybe some gaijin info

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>Nagas arnt listed in the core book


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How about some Ikomas? That should be interesting.

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God, just imagine what a massed battle with these guys would look like...

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I think you spelled "bad" the wrong way, anon-sama.

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Hmm...spices? Rare flowers and scents from the sultry islands of the Mantis? A pet parrot? The magic of Gaijin lands is not something any wise man involves himself in.

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Constant jumping.

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A whole army of bounding soldiers. It would look ridiculous
Parrots can be troublesome pets for those not versed in their care. This could give you an opportunity to aid her in training the bird, perhaps. Though, perfumes are certainly a safer gift.

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Something like that?

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Ikoma Bard School Benefit: +1 Intelligence.

Rank 1: You gain the Precise Memory Advantage for free (If you already have it, your exp for it is refunded to you). You may use the Perform: Storytelling skill to engage in public bragging on behalf of another. If you can cite heroic or noble actions by that person and successfully roll Perform: Storytelling / Awareness at TN 20, that person will gain a number of points of Glory equal to your School Rank. This may be done a number of times per person per month equal to your School Rank.

Rank 2: You do not lose Honor or Glory for displaying emotion in public, so long as you do so on behalf of another Lion or for an honorable cause greater than yourself (such as your Clan, the Empire, or the code of Bushido). At the same time, your understanding of both Honor and emotion strengthens your soul against temptation. Anyone attempting to sway your emotions through the use of the Intimidation or Temptation skills must add +5 to their TN for each of your School Ranks.

Rank 3: Prior to a battle or skirmish, you may inspire your allies by speaking for a few minutes and rolling Perform: Oratory / Awareness at a TN equal to 15+5 per person you are inspiring. Targets who are not members of the Lion Clan increase the TN by 5 for each person. With a successful roll, each person you inspired may add their Honor Rank to the total of any one Skill Roll during that battle or skirmish (if this benefit is not used by the end of the battle, it is lost).

Rank 4: A number of times per session equal to your School Rank, as a Simple Action, you may verbally encourage an ally with a tale of great deeds from the past, rolling Perform: Storytelling / Awareness at TN 25. With a success, the next time during the same day that the chosen ally fails a roll, he may re-roll it, adding your Honor Rank in unkept dice to his roll. However, if he fails this second roll, you lose 2 points of Honor.

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Rank 5: Five times per session, when you are making a Contested Social Roll against an opponent, you may cite historical precedent to support your views and roll additional unkept dice equal to your rank in Perform: Storytelling. (In situations where citing history seems inappropriate or strange, the GM has the final say on whether this Technique may be used.)

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Holy shit they get MANLY TEARS.

Best class ever.

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>A whole army of bounding soldiers. It would look ridiculous

Absolutely, and I want to see it!

>Parrots can be troublesome pets for those not versed in their care. This could give you an opportunity to aid her in training the bird, perhaps. Though, perfumes are certainly a safer gift.

True, although she doesn't seem to be here, anyway. Well, the hour grows late. Someone please archive this on suptg, so I don't have to repost the two schools later. I'll make a new thread on the morrow, or keep posting here if this thread is still alive. Daidoji Dave can take over for me, or feel free to engage in a general L5R thread.

Goodnight, everyone.

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Fuck. Yes. Ikoma Bard/Omoidasu FTFW. >:D

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I have just one question before I go to bed: how do Ronin work in 4e?

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Manly, hotblooded heroism is for winners. Shouting, hotblooded berserking. Badass chessmaster tacticians who fight with a plain single-sword style. Ghost-talking MEGAHONOR priests. Manly Tears Bards. Fuck yeah Lion Clan.

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It's in the last thread, linked in my first post. I also list all the Ronin stuff there.

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I just hope Shizuka likes Roshi's gift. ;_;

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What about unicorn?

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not an army, but here is two

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what do you want to know about unicorn?

Both moto and otaku have schools listed in the other thread.

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I'm not that anon, but what if anything do we have for a Shinjo school?

Unrelated to the Unicorn, do we have Asako Henshin in the book?

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Shinjo are not in the core book. They are in the Strongholds book, which was /supposed/ to be out before the core book came out, but due to a printing problem its still delayed, and thus nothing for shinjo yet.

So my knowledge no we do not have asako henshin in the core book, Shiba Bushi, Isawa Shugenja, Asako Courtier, and Agasha Shugenja i believe are the 4 schools chosen for the phoenix.

With Isawa Tensai as the path and Elemental Guard as the advanced school.

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Tell us about Elemental Guard.

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wish i could, but i sadly do not have the book myself, i have 2nd hand accounts from Roshi and other friends that do have it, so a lot of my information is gotten that way, and none of them are avalable right now to get a spoiler from.

I will try to do so as soon as i can though, unless roshi beats me to it.

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WHAT other thread?

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this one >>10587319

Roshi linked it in the very first post of this thread

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How about Daigotsu's Legion?

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Aww, okay. Thanks anyway! You're a good dude.

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Aw no Shinjo ;_;

Do you know if there were any artisan schools included or are they being saved for a supplement?

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Tsi Smith is in, but that's it.
I assume Kakita Artisans at least will appear in some later book.

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What are the Ronin schools like now?.
Do they still have warrior, duelist, and yojimbo?.

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huh, seems weird to put in the Tsi but leave out Kakita artisans. Maybe they were trying to avoid giving too much attention to any on great clan.

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there are no ronin schools.
Ex-clan ronin work just like they did in 3rd edition to my knowledge.
You can go full ronin with no techniques, Or ronin can chose a path at each Insight rank, chosen from a list of ronin paths, currently theres only 5 of them and they are listed here, >>10608091

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You're fucking right, sorry.

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Crane have the Kakita Bushi, Doji Courtier, Asahina Shugenja, Daidoji Iron Warriors

Path of Empress Guard (Kakita 3 or daidoji 4), and Kenshinzen as advanced school.

No artisan yet, but i immagine they are either in the strongholds book (which is delayed due to printing problem), or in a yet unnamed supplament

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They were sticking with the 4 schools per great clan thing, which means they'd have to drop the Daidoji Iron Warrior school for the Artisans.

I think they also tried to fit as many Minor Clans in as they could (or did they manage to get all of them?).

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Ooh, oh.
What are the Shosuro Infiltrators like?

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Do Kitsune still have there Chikashudo portal power?.

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I know they had Oriole, Falcon, Hare, Fox, and Wasp.

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for posterity ill try to list, to my knowledge the schools that each great clan gets, what path is included in the book, and what advanced school the book has. THIS IS NOT COMPLETE, i dont know every one but i can guess at most

Hida Bushi, Kuni Shugenja, Yasuki Courtier, UNKNOWN 4th
Path: Hida Berserker
Advanced School: Unknown

Kakita Bushi, Asahina Shugenja, Doji Courtier, Daidoji Iron Warrior
Path: Empress Guard
Advanced School: Kenshinzen

Mirumoto Bushi, Tamori Shugenja, Kitsuki Courtier, UNKNOWN 4th
Path: Mirumoto Mountanier
Advanced School: Mirumoto Swordsmaster

Akodo Bushi, Kitsu Shugenja, Ikoma Bard (Courtier), Matsu Bushi
Path: Unknown
Advanced School: Lions Pride

Yoritomo Bushi, Yoritomo Courtier, Moshi Shugenja, Kitsune Shugenja
Path: Unknown
Advanced School: Unknown

Shiba Bushi, Isawa Shugenja, Asako Courtier, Agasha Shugenja
Path: Isawa Tensai
Advanced School: Elemental Guard

Bayushi Bushi, Shosuro Shugenja, Bayushi Courtier, UNKNOWN 4th
Path: Bitter Lies Swordsman
Advanced School: Unknown

Moto Bushi, Iuchi Shugenja, Ide Courtier, Otaku Battle Maiden
Path: Border Guard
Advanced School: White Guard

I do not guarentee this to be 100% accurate, it is only to the best of my knowledge.

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How many years after the Day of Thunder is this? i haven't run L5R since 2nd Ed.

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Kitsune Shugenja School
Benefit: +1 Stamina
Affinity: Earth
Deficency: Air
Essence of Chikushudo: None in the Empire are closer to the ways of nature than the simple Kitsune who make the wilderness their home. You may use the Sense, Commune, and Summon basic spells to affect the animal spirits of Chikushudo as well as kami (using Summon results in the appearance of a single animal spirit rather than a set amount of elemental material). Animal spirits tend to be more direct than the kami, and perceive things differently, but have just as little sense of why man does what he does. You gain a Free Raise on any non-damaging spell cast on an animal.

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4th edition is timeline neutral, there is no "baseline time period" you can set the game whenever you want, though certain things change in "offical canon" based on when your playing, Notabley the Tamori family, and the agasha defecting to the phoenix. The moto taking control of the unicorn from the shinjo.

But other then that, whenever you want it to be.

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I'll take being able to properly play an Iron Crane over Kakita artisans, as much as I like the kakita artisans.

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The Paths for the Lion were mentioned in a previous 4e thread: Deathseekers (Bushi), and Bishamon's Chosen (Shugenja)

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Scorpian one I think is.
Bayushi Bushi, Soshi Shugenja, Bayushi Courtier, and Shosuro Shinobi.
Soshi Shugenja is a diffeniate because they were an option to play in a 4th edition mod for a Rp day event I went to.

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Never any love for the Yogo ;_;

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I dont know which one made it into the book for certain, though deathseekers is more likely.

Could verywell be, but the 4th edition free day pamphlet is not the core book, and does not nessicalry mean thats whats in the book, though between both, soshi might be more accurate as they are a bit more prominent as shugenja among the scorpion then any other family, save maybe the yogo.

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MIght be a family option to play them but will probably have to wait for another book to get the ward master school or something else from them.

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4th Crab is Hiruma Bushi (seems to be half their ancestral school, half scout)
4th Dragon is Tattooed Monk.
4th Scorpion is Shosuro Infiltrator.

>> No.10614349

Just mentioning it as it made sense to me that Soshi would be the other school for them.
Also it makes sense to put them in as they are the 'Face' family of the Shosuro's if I remember correctly.

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Well, some of the clans don't exist till after DoT(monkey) or even later (Spider), but it's good they made it timeline neutral.

>> No.10614365

Also the Instigators are the Scorpion Advanced school.

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i shoulda remembered the dragon one, ill blame it on a brain fart.
Hiruma scout is also a likely one, though i havent heard anything about it to know what its like.. if its more scout or ancestrael bushi.
Shinobi is a likely 4th choice for scorpion, AEG does seam to cater to the stearotype of ninja scorpion so its probably the case.

Like i said though, i dont have the book so all i have is 2nd hand information and stuff i can find on forums and online.

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It's not really possible to give the great clans (much less the minor) proper treatment and be completely timeline neutral.

>> No.10614389

The Hiruma school's techs were listed in the RPG.net spoiler thread. It seems quite squarely half and half.
The Infiltrators seem to just be a renamed Shinobi school, from what I've heard.

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True, but they are trying to be as timeline neutral as they can be, in areas of confliction, Such as moto or shinjo being the leaders of unicorn.. Agasha being phoenix or dragon... Mantis being major or minor clan (with centipede, fox, wasp, and tortise absorbed), they defaulted to the more recent information.. BUT they do still tell you "if your setting your game in X time period, these changes should be made to stay consistant to the way things were in that time period"

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For completion.
Spider (hidden away in the advanced rules chapter)
Daigotsu Bushi, Chuda Shugenja, Daigotsu Courtier, Order of Venom Monk.
Paths: Obsidian Magistrate, ...Some Chuda Path I forget the name of.
Advanced School: Unknown

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I was never fond of the Dragon-Phoenix war storyline or it's results personally, it just seemed out of character for both clans, and the personalities in them at the time.

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That's the way it is with a lot of 'em though.


All due respect to Roshi-san.

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spider isnt anything i have heard about yet, as in i havent seen anything for their school. This doesnt account for my intense dislike for them anyways. I dont think they should exist, but most things in the current story, after the 4 winds of toturi. i could care less about.

But thats why i didnt know about them or even mention them in the list.

i also didnt mention any minor clans in it, beacause i dont know what all they chose to include, theres so many minor clans over l5r, some absorbed into other clans (Fox, Falcon, Centipede, Tortise, Wasp), others that formed recently (Bat, Ox, Oriel, Monkey), and some that are defunct (Boar, Snake), and others that are just there (Sparrow, Hare)

>> No.10614561

Yeah, the story line gets pretty bad at times. Works well enough for generating new cards and mechanics for the CCG but it hurts the setting as a whole it seems. Not always, but often.

>> No.10614590

>spider isnt anything i have heard about yet, as in i havent seen anything for their school. This doesnt account for my intense dislike for them anyways. I dont think they should exist

I found the Spider Clan incredibly disappointing, especially because I actually kind of liked the City of the Lost (in the sense of it being a horrid mockery of the celestial order mocking Rokugan from the shadowlands)

>> No.10614723

I don't like the Spider, either. One would think that they'd be fairly easy to root out and destroy, being (at least I was pretty damn sure they were) the Lost, except more organized

>> No.10614743

They actually arnt lost themselves, they just kinda, control they lost.
The spider themselves, for the most part masquerade as ronin, or stay in the city of the lost deep in the shadowlands (which is why they havent been eradicated),

and apparently FOR SOME STUPID REASON, they ahve shoehorned their way into being accepted as a clan, by some of the real clans, because they clans apparently have more important things to do then worry about the shadowlands organizing itself and trying to gain a political foothold, and for some reason, BEING REGOCNIZED and allowed to do this.

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Aren't they even technically counted as a *Great* Clan? I heard that somewhere and I think I had a raegstroke.

>> No.10615030

I was hoping that Daigotsu got support for the race to see who becomes the Emperor storyline thing.
Be good to see the Real Emperor take the throne.

>> No.10615100

A hantei is a hantei in my book.

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>> No.10617119

Does anyone else find The Lying Darkness more annoying than compelling as an antagonist/setting element?

>> No.10619031

So does anyone have the spider schools techs?
It might be good to know what we may be facing.
(Especially those damn spider monks that keep infiltrating temples and giving monks bad reps)

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None taken, we just like that delicious Kitsune ass.

>> No.10619185


I would too, if I wasn't certain that was wrong. Lemme check.


Or Iweko is keeping them where she can see them. Get all her enemies in one spot, essentially.

>> No.10619234

Can you post the Kenshinzen? And if you're bored some courtier you find interesting, since so far it's mostly bushi and a few shugenja.

>> No.10619259


Apparently, they are NOT recognized as a Great Clan. Whew.

>> No.10619320


Alright. Kenshinzen it is. Lots of nice art in the book this time, incidentally.

Requirements: Fire 4, Void 4, Iaijutsu 5, Lore: Bushido 4, Meditation 5. You must defeat an existing member of the Kenshinzen in an Iaijutsu duel.

Rank 1: If you are in the Center Stance, you add an additional +10 to your Armor TN.

Rank 2: When making an Assessment or Focus roll as part of an Iaijutsu duel, your dice explode on a 9 as well as a 10.

Rank 3: If you make only one attack this Turn, any opponent you hit is Stunned until the beginning of your next Turn.

>> No.10619390

Wait... Rank 3 works with any weapon? And you could do it every turn? And there's no roll to get unstunned?

>> No.10619418


Aside from fluff, I usually post everything word-for-word.

>> No.10619512

That's quite sick then.

>> No.10619578


You get it around rank EIGHT, usually, of course it is. Earlier if you want to give up the capstones for Kakita Bushi.

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Then stop eating Kitsune Udon in front of her...

>> No.10620030


I'd eat more than just the Kitsune Udon, if you know what I mean.

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File: 1.14 MB, 2000x1600, Kitsune_Omachi-naked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delicious Kitsune...

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So, what other schools do people want to see? I'll post Fox Clan, if people want.

>> No.10620522

Not sure if it was done yet but if not, can you post up the Yasuki courtier?

>> No.10620660

can you say a little more about which advanced school was included for each clan?

>> No.10620835


Later, sure.


This first.

Incidentally, the first thread was archived on suptg, please check there first if you want to know if a school you want to see is there.

>> No.10620867

Now this one's in there too.

>> No.10620938

Crab have Defender of the Wall. Great against Shadowlands creatures (their 10s don't explode for attack and damage against you), gives you Reduction 8 (which is massive), which stacks with other Reduction. Finally, you can go "lol no" to any condition but Mounted (don't laugh, it just means you're on a horse) or Grappled.

Crane have Kenshinzen.

Dragon have Swordmaster. Swordmaster lets you spend an additional VP per turn while using niten, gives you a permanent +1k1 bonus to your Focus roll in Iaijutsu, and lets you ignore your enemy's Reduction when using Niten.

Lion get the Lion's Pride (with a sidebar explaining that, while the actual Lion's Pride is female-only, it's possible for there to be a less well-known unit for men who show the same potential, with a suggested name of "Sons of the Pride". They get +10 Armor TN in Full Attack Stance, enemies with lower Honor can't reroll 10s in a 30' radius unless they spend two VP, which protects them for the encounter, and when an opponent attacks them in melee, they can take one of the attacks they'd get on their turn and use it immediately to counterattack, which resolves BEFORE the opponent's attack, and is useable in Full Attack Stance.

>> No.10621030

Could we get the Ide Courtier and Yasuke Courtier schools?

>> No.10621110

Mantis, to my displeasure, get a Shugenja school, Storm Riders. It gives you +1 to School Rank for casting Water spells (making Mantis Shugenja bizarrely Air/Fire/Water all at once) and lets you expend a VP to cast lightning bolts from your hands. Then it increases your Shugenja school rank by one, flat-out, and your Water ring is considered two higher for purposes of determining the number of spells you can cast per day. Finally, you get another +1 School Rank for Water spells, and can spend a VP to be totally immune to Thunder keyword spells of level 3 or lower for three rounds.

Phoenix get Elemental Guard, another Shugenja. The first technique gives +1 to your Shugenja School Rank for your chosen element's spells, and lets you spend a VP to add twice your Rank in your chosen Ring to your Armor TN, for minutes equal to your Shugenja School Rank, and has a cool visible effect. Your Shugenja School Rank goes up by 1, your chosen Ring is considered two higher for the purposes of determining the spell slots you have in that Element per day Finally, you get another +1 to your Shugenja School Rank for spells of your chosen Element, and you can pick one spell of Mastery Level 3 or greater that you can now cast with a single Simple action a number of times per day equal to your Void. This third ability reeks of absolute rape.

Scorpion get a Courtier School, Scorpion Instigator. The first gives you bonuses depending on the difference in your Honor and your enemy's. The second makes your lies insanely persuasive. The third means that you can utterly crush anyone you blackmail, if you win a roll versus them (and the consequences for revealing the Blackmail would be worse than doing what you ordered) they must obey or lose 4 points of Honor.

>> No.10621121

Spider get Obsidian Warrior. Your maximum Raises are no longer limited. You reduce nearby foes' Bugei and Damage roll totals by your Strength plus your Taint rank, unless they spend a VP once per turn. Finally, you roll extra unkept dice equal to your Strength+Taint Rank when resisting Intimidation or Fear, and get the same bonus in unkept dice to any damage rules with melee weapons.

Unicorn get White Guard. They can inflict penalties by spending a VP to inflict your Lore: Theology as a penalty to the TN's of one enemy at a time, for the whole encounter. They ignore 2x Lore: Theology in Wound Penalties. Whenever they make an attack, they can add 5x their Lore: Theology to the roll if they spend a VP.

I'll post Ide and Yasuki Courtier later, as Courtier schools are a bitch to write up.

>> No.10621170

What is the art like?

>> No.10621177

What is Reduction? How does it works?

>> No.10621282

I'm guessing the damage reduction armor gives, substract from damage taken?

>> No.10621651

>I'll post Ide and Yasuki Courtier later, as Courtier schools are a bitch to write up.

Would it be less of a pain to give us a brief overview of what the various alternate paths do?

>> No.10622441

>Elemental Guard

Oh my, that's incredible.

>> No.10622850

So OP, i can't remember if it was you, but somebody said joining an advanced school then going back to the basic one was likely to piss off the advanced one. What about joining a new basic one?

Like say a Crane goes Kakita Bushi -> Kenshinzen -> Daidoji Iron Warrior (maybe some friend got killed in battle and he wants to learn to protect people or something).

>> No.10623087


Ashigaru armor grants +3 Armor TN & 1 Reduction, Light Armor grants +5 Armor TN and 3 Reduction, and Heavy Armor grants +10 Armor TN and 5 Reduction.

>> No.10623127

thats certainly a viable option, but its not quite what your making it out to be.

Lets say for example Kakita Bob, going to the kakita bushi school gets ranks 1 and 2, when he makes it to IR3 he decides he wants to try and join the kenshinzen. He gets permission from his sensei at the kakita school, and then does what he must to join the kenshinzen.. and makes it.

So now he is Kakita 2, Kenshinzen 1.
Time passes and he gets to Kakita 2, Kenshinzen 3..
he is done with the kenshinzen, finished with everything they had to teach him. He has 2 options now.. Petition to return to the kakita bushi school, if he can convince the sensei to accept him back he can rejoin the kakita bushi.
this is NOT dishonorable as he has finished the training he took leave to do. but he is not guarenteed to be accepted back.

His other option is to move onto another school, such as daidoji, but he still has to petition the sensei of that school to allow him to join.

The social aspect of whats going on is not represented mechanically, its part of the RP experience.

>> No.10623411


People might be a little :| about it, but you wouldn't need to seppuku. I'm no Crane expert, though. The Hida likely wouldn't give a fuck, the Kakita would.

>> No.10623505


Absolutely, Shizuka-chan. Storm Rider is...weird. Moshi Shugenja are Air, with a secondary Affinity in Fire during the day. Storm Rider basically gives them almost a third affinity, for Water, and forces them to be strong Shugenja, but unspecialized. It's basically a worse, Water-only version of Elemental Guard, with lightning bolts that roll and keep your Air for damage, and can be bumped up by +1k0 for each spell slot you expend, to a maximum of your Storm Rider rank (which is horrible, as that's only +3k0) instead of the awesome, long-lasting armor ability. It also gets thunder immunity instead of the rapetastic Cast-Your-Rank-Six-Spells-Instantly ability that an Elemental Guard gets.

>> No.10623523


Gaijin Name Disadvantage hard at work, I see.

>> No.10623608

Ah, so they'd mostly get pissy if you try to leave halfway through the advanced training i guess?

Still i guess finishing one first then switching is less messy and less annoying to your sensei. Also it gives you more time to get the prereqs instead of forcing you to focus on them over anything else.

>> No.10623650

Bump because this is more related than that fucking femanon thread.

>> No.10623693


The Sensei of your original school might be kinda pissed and not take you back. "What, you weren't done with your training? And now that you've learned the Kenshinzen method, you're back and expect us to wait on your convenience?"

Not completing something and then coming back and going "oh, hey, you can finish training me now" is kinda disrespectful, I think, is how it's seen. Of course, it depends on the sensei. Additionally, you might be reminding them that your NEW sensei in the more prestigious Advanced School you went to is better than them by coming back with your new superpowers. Unless it's the same sensei for both, which is unlikely but not impossible (say, if your mother trained you, and she was a Matsu Bushi/Lion's Pride).

>> No.10623705

>Ah, so they'd mostly get pissy if you try to leave halfway through the advanced training i guess?

Socially there'd be a good chance of your old sensei getting pissed at you for leaving early to attend an advanced school as well. So depending on how the roleplay goes and how much of a dick your GM feels like being, you might not get back in if you left early (you almost certainly wouldn't if you left an advanced school early without extraordinary circumstances)

>> No.10623736


>> No.10623762

I have a small request. People, please, if you know anything about numbers, analyze the classes, talk about which ones are good, which ones are bad, be active.

Second...buy this book for yourselves. It's expensive, yes, but it's a BIG book with loads of advice for GMs, all sorts of helpful player stuff, tons of material...everything a gaming corebook should be and have. Plus, an insane amount of really gorgeous, mood-setting art. Buy it, with money.

>> No.10623796
File: 12 KB, 287x213, pakku[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Personally, to avoid GMfuckery, I always assume any mentor or sensei I have is this guy.

>> No.10623835

>Second...buy this book for yourselves.

Personally I plan to as soon as I have a job again, what you've presented out of it makes it look wonderful after the mess that was 3e. God the layout of that book, I had the damned thing indexed with like half a pack of sticky note tab things to help me actually find anything.

As for crunching the numbers, it's not really my strong area (which is particularly unfortunate since I GM, but fudging rolls helps if under or over estimate by too much wide a margin.)

>> No.10623908


The one confusing thing about 4th's layout is that, while Advantages are right after Skills, like in 3rd, Classes are in front of Skills rather than farther back...although now that I think on it, maybe it was the same in 3rd revised.

>> No.10623993

I will once it gets translated into Spanish. Getting my friends to play something if the book's in English is nearly impossible.

As for crunching, besides the obvious things like Feint being silly and probably making the damage raises useless (except when Feint would probably get capped), it's hard to do without the book.

Well i can also say that
>Whenever they make an attack, they can add 5x their Lore: Theology to the roll if they spend a VP.
can have sick results. It's essentially a free raise for every rank in Theology.

>> No.10624061

I definitely plan to as soon as I can find a store within bus distance that sells it.

>> No.10624077

I will eventually, but I'm going to need a scan anyway, since a legal PDF release is unlikely and I'm probably going to be doing most of my gaming with this online. Easier to have a PDF a click away than to fumble through a big book I don't quite have room for in here.

>> No.10624111


So...how do you feel about parrots, Shizuka-chan?

>> No.10624162

By the way, this can be a general L5R thread too, when I'm not posting schools. Go ahead and talk or roleplay or whatever.

>> No.10624174



>> No.10624328


You terrify me, but sure.

Matsu Berserker School Benefit: +1 Strength (the Matsu Family bonus is ALSO +1 Strength).

Rank 1: You add your Honor Rank to all damage rolls. Whenever you assume the Full Attack Stance, you may move an additional 5 feet per Turn in addition to the bonus you receive from the Stance. (This does not allow you to move more than your maximum move per Turn).

Rank 2: When you assume the Full Attack Stance, choose an opponent within 30'. If you successfully hit him this Turn, the target is frozen with fear and cannot take Move Actions to move from his current position. During the Reactions Stage, an affected opponent may attempt a Willpower roll against a TN equal to the amount of damage dealt from your latest attack to negate the effects of this Technique (the opponent does not suffer penalties from his Wound Rank for this roll). If he fails, the effects of this Technique end during the next Reactions Stage (the second after he was struck.) Enemies who are immune to fear cannot be affected by this technique.

Rank 3: You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action.

Rank 4: You ignore TN penalties from Wound Levels equal to your Honor Rank, or twice your Honor Rank while in the Full Attack Stance.

Rank 5: Once per encounter after you roll damage for an attack, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to activate this Technique. You rend the opponent, ripping open his wounds and dealing grievous injury to him. All of the dice you chose to keep explode, re-rolling and adding the result to your damage total.

>> No.10624393

Parrots? I'm not entirely sure I'm familiar with the term. What are they?

>> No.10624504

Here's a question. Are all characters assumed to start with 2 in each Trait before family/school bonuses and character point spending, like last time?

>> No.10624615


They're birds that can be trained to talk like men, large and colorful, with big, curved beaks. They eat seeds and nuts. I was thinking of giving you one as a gift...and perhaps sticking around to help you train it.

>> No.10624636

A bird that can talk like a man? What a strange creature. Could you teach it to recite the Tao?

>> No.10624671

Can they discern truth from... well, you know.

>> No.10624747

one thing im working on Roshi, is making a word database with all the schools youve presented so far that i can upload to a rapid share, just to make indexing of schools youve already posted easier to find.

>> No.10624775

If my LGS had the book in, I would of already been memorizing the changes to the system. I want this book so badly but I have to wait sometime this week most likely.

>> No.10624939
File: 26 KB, 525x600, Cockatoo_sulphur_crested_3_op_525x600[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Undoubtedly, but like many I've met, it wouldn't understand it, and would just repeat the lessons spoken to it.


Not in my experience, though some are more clever than others. Here is one I was thinking of giving to Shizuka-chan.

>> No.10624971
File: 195 KB, 341x596, Scarlet%20Macaw[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the other. Pick whichever you like, Shizuka-chan.

>> No.10625001


Excellent. Remember, I left out the fluff of each Technique to save space.

>> No.10625104

When you say they speak like a man, do you mean they have conversations? What do they talk about?

>> No.10625131


They repeat things you say to them. They speak, but aren't intelligent.

>> No.10625166

This thread has great promise, I shall be watching closely. Yoritomo-san, Asahina-san, Naoto-san, a pleasant evening to you all.

>> No.10625223
File: 104 KB, 615x458, 8245_moto_hotei Miguel Coimbra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>White Guard
>Lore: Theology

I never knew White Guards were all about religion, I just figured they were the equivalent of mounted Marines. I look forward to reading about their fluff. I guess they are tied to the Lords of Death?

>> No.10625285


Yes, they're Lord of Death cultists, actually.

>> No.10625295


You too, Scorpion.

>> No.10625353

Well, obviously an animal couldn't hope to understand the teachings of the Tao.

What a beautiful bird! Such a gift would be-

-fascinating to the scholars at Shinden Asahina. Of course.

>> No.10625520

>What a beautiful bird! Such a gift would be-

Ah, excellent! I'm happy you like it, and of cour-

>-fascinating to the scholars at Shinden Asahina. Of course.

...Was I just co-er, katanablocked by a Scorpion? Damn it.

>> No.10625556

Bump for 4th edition goodness, and the eventuality of a scan.

>> No.10625557


Oh dear, it appears I've started trouble and interrupted something. My apologies. I wish you two only the best, I am certain you make a fine couple. Don't worry, I've no interest in hindering romance, and being friends with everyone is much more profitable than blackmailing them.

>> No.10625600

>being friends with everyone is much more profitable than blackmailing them
If only more people thought like that...

>> No.10625623

Interrupted something? Of course not. It is very kind of Yoritomo-san to offer such an exotic creature to the Crane. I hope that we will be able to reciprocate in kind.

>> No.10625627

Oh dear, how excellent it is to see you, Koganaga-san.

>> No.10625702

Oh, some of them can be surprisingly intelligent.

Far more intelligent than some of the infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters that Storyteam uses, anyway.

>> No.10625712


Yo-san, I am glad to see you again. How was your journey?

>> No.10625807


Er, I was specifically offering it to you, not really so much to the Crane in +general+.

>> No.10625820

Is the Shoshuro Actors School still in?

The actual actors. Who had techniques that were cooler than the goddamn ninjas.

>> No.10625867

I see the sun has not yet set on Yoritomo-san's hopes yet.

>> No.10625884

Then I would be delighted to accept, on behalf of the Crane Clan and the Asahina Family. Perhaps we could meet someplace to discuss what sort of gift would be proper to give in return. I believe you mentioned a teahouse you were fond of?

>> No.10625899

So, let us say that I wished to make the most "hotblooded" team imaginable. I suppose I would take a Toku Bushi and an Ikoma Bard, who would I choose for Shugenja?

>> No.10625966

I'd imagine someone from the Kuni family.

>> No.10626013

Or a Tamori. IIRC those guys at least used to get katanas and Kenjutsu as part of their starting package, and their technique was directly related to kicking ass in a swordfight.

>> No.10626021

Rather well. There was barbecue. I enjoyed it.

>> No.10626025


Oh, yes. Heh, of course. I'd absolutely love to. The teahouse I mentioned is a rather quiet place, but the music and food are both exceptional. You'd like it. What sort of thing did you have in mind?

>> No.10626060


(Good, now compare her eyes to sunsets, or the ocean at noon, women love that!)

>> No.10626081


Hope rises high enough that the sun's face is never out of view.

>> No.10626122

Not at current no, Bayushi Bushi, Bayushi Courtier, Soshi Shugenja, and Shosuro Shinobi are the only scorpion basic schools in the core book.

Stronholds may have them, but as has been mentioned its delayed.

>> No.10626130

Unfortunately, I am not officially able to give you much of material value, but should you require the services of a Shugenja not of your clan, I'm certain something can be arranged. Especially since, ah, I haven't seen Doji Yuri-san since she stormed off.

>> No.10626138

The only clan that matters to me is dragonfly. They still have their shugenja school right?

>> No.10626144


It was indicated that more schools are coming out in later books. Incidentally, the devs claimed this would never occur, but apparently they were wrong.


Hmmm, tough choice. Moshi, maybe, or original Chuda? The Iuchi also make great Magical Girls.

>> No.10626172




>> No.10626219


Yep, they're still here. I'll post them, even.

Tonbo Shugenja School Benefit: +1 Perception.
Affinity/Deficiency: Water/Fire
Technique: You may expend one spell slot to gain a bonus of +1k0 on one Social Skill Roll. You may never spend more spell slots than your School Rank to augment a single roll. You gain a free raise on any spell with the Divination keyword.
Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon, 3 Water, 2 Air, and 1 Earth.

>> No.10626260


I'm sure you're both absolutely hilarious, honored elders, truly your kindly wit has left me with nothing to say.

>> No.10626302


An offer of your presence, and your smile? Truly, the most valuable gift I could have hoped for.

Oh! Also, the gentle warmth in your eyes reminds me of the summer heat on the Isles, and the overwhelming life of the jungles there.

>> No.10626345


...Eizo-san, I think he just called us "old". I never thought the day would come, I'm not ready to stop being young! I am only in my third decade of life, not too far past twenty years! This is unreasonable and uncalled for!


Ah, good, I'm glad things are going well for you, old friend.

>> No.10626445

So they repeat what they hear? As in, word for word? Do they have their own voice, or can they mimic the voices of others? I'm truly fascinated by this bird now too... the possibilities...

>> No.10626595


They repeat it word-for-word, though sometimes erratically and jumbled-up with other things it has been taught to say. I believe you need to repeat something often before it will say it. Their voices are rather scratchy and clownish, but they do try to imitate the inflection as best they can.

>> No.10626619


Hmmm...perhaps more useful ones could be selectively bred...Naoto-san, I have a cunning plan.

>> No.10626639


Old? I can remember the first time I called one of the other monks that. He told me he was not, but that he was merely just further along his own path.

>> No.10626734


Yes, but still...I don't think the time has come for us to begin the autumn stretch of our journey yet. It's still springtime for us.

Maybe I've gotten too attached to managing my village and properties, perhaps focusing more on my swordplay would help. By the by, did any of you who saw when Roshi-san posted the school have any ability to tell me whether we are now "nerfed" or not?

>> No.10626769

I...I'm quite flattered, I don't know what to say.

>> No.10626808

Maybe if Yoritomo-san doesn't get one for Lady Asahina fast enough I'll have one for her myself...

>> No.10626869


Then say "yes", as cliche as such words are, and let us keep this as discreet as such things can possibly be with two Scorpions nearby.

>> No.10626893


I do believe it is later in the seasons for me then you Bayushi-san, but yes I don't think either of us could be considered leaves that have begun to change.

>> No.10626896


He's already given it to her, and besides...remember that Clan property is Clan property, and not to be given away frivolously, no matter how much you enjoy the girl in question. We'd look like fools if our own alleged tricks were used against us.

>> No.10627024

Of course. Yes. If the exchange of gifts is acceptable to you and to your Clan, then of course I shall keep my word.

...But the details, of course, still need to be worked out. I hope your teahouse isn't far off.

>> No.10627029


Or parrots that have lost thier colors.

>> No.10627036


Nonsense, you still look young to me. Must be that monastic living.

>> No.10627164


If I were not so bald you might have seen the beginnings of fall on my head, but yes I do like to keep myself in good condition because as I have been told "While you rest, your enemy practices"

>> No.10627257

I also believe there was mention of tea? Would anyone mind if an *old* man joined you? Hahaha

>> No.10627372

With all due respect, Bayushi-san, it is occasionally difficult to discern the age of a man who keeps his face covered at all times.

>> No.10627455

Oh no, I...I hope I didn't frighten Yoritomo-san off. Was I too forward? I don't really have a good perspective on this sort of thing...

>> No.10627471
File: 157 KB, 800x350, Crab_Wall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should be grateful you can actually afford to grow old. Not everyone has this luxury.

>> No.10627502

Oh, I doubt you need worry. The Mantis are always busy and he's likely just running an errand.

>> No.10627562


And for that, all of Rokugan is understands that there is someone there to combat that evil, for by giving their lives they allow so many others to live to their own fall and then winter. I have been to the wall only once in my life Hida-san, and I only saw a tiny portion of what your clan is up against. And I understood.

>> No.10627912

Thanks Togashi. It's good to see not everyone think we are only unrefined brutes.
Next time you're coming to The Wall, ask for me, I'll show some "attractions" we don't normally let strangers see...

>> No.10628065


Not far at all, and of course, yes, the details are of utmost importance. Perhaps our discussion might last long enough that staying the night is necessary?


Not at all, I merely received a message from home, then went to change into better clothes.

>> No.10628099

Why does L5R produce the only RP threads (not quest threads, those are different) on /tg/ that don't immediately descend into stupidity?

>> No.10628134


Some day, soon, I intend to thank your Clan for their service in the most practical way possible. I will go to the Wall, and I will serve a term there. I do not know if quick wits and a quick sword work on Oni, but I will try nonetheless.


Ask nicely enough, and I may let you take a peek beneath, Doji-chan.

>> No.10628150

because the system and setting are such that they encourage players who like to actually roleplay, while not being so popular as to generate many trolls.

>> No.10628168


Because L5R is a game where sitting around and talking politely over tea is encouraged, where there isn't exactly "loot" or power levels defined solely by combat (Artisans and Courtiers exist too), and where words can be as strong as steel...as one of my Clan's Daimyo found out the hard way.

>> No.10628183


That's the great thing about Crab chicks; they're always out for cock so they can breed the next generation of soldiers for the Wall. If they're not pregnant already, they'll even get it on with a Mantis.

>> No.10628185


Ah, that might be something. Actually, I am on my way to Crane territory, so perhaps I might join you sooner than you expect.

>> No.10628282


"even"? I resent that. Also, I'm fairly sure that's not true. The Crab may be very fertile, but the women serve on the Wall too.

>> No.10628292 [DELETED] 


wwW._ANoN_+_C_-_c_+_TaLk_.SE cqvt xsesgfkmacz qsuhhyfjfbqryoj nx g fck

>> No.10628302

We shall see, we shall see. I am not the skilled negotiator a Doji might be, but even I know that everything must be made clear and proper. That could take a while, you know.

>> No.10628316
File: 132 KB, 620x460, Crab_KaiuHaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome anytime, Bayushi.
Although I would advise you not to dirty your sword with shadowlands' blood. You wouldn't want your soul stained.

I'll be waiting for you then. I'm not going anywhere soon.

>> No.10628368

I believe you have taken me for the wrong gender. Though I'll admit that's not the first time it's happened.

>> No.10628393


Oh? What would you recommend, then? I was thinking that perhaps a spear would be useful. A swift thrust can pierce even an Oni's hide, and the distance would likely complement my speed.

>> No.10628403
File: 91 KB, 655x482, Crab_HidaOUshi4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HAHAHA. That was a nice joke.
You shouldn't tell it in front of everyone though, some could take it badly.
Especially Crab "chicks", as you called them. You wouldn't want to eat soup for the rest of your life, right?

>> No.10628406


It's your walk, I think, or perhaps the hair.

>> No.10628414

Yasuki merchant here, we make very excellent ivory false teeth. Only used once!

>> No.10628425

I hope I didn't accidentally abandon Shizuka-chan. I would never want her to be hurt as a result of my actions, rogue or not.

>> No.10628447

I-I'm sorry, I'll try to speak up next time. I'm not very good at this sort of thing...

>> No.10628456
File: 49 KB, 491x245, Crab_Tetsubo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd recommend stronger weapons. Heavy weapons are the best for fighting against Onis.
Of course you will most likely fight against Ogres and Goblins, we don't let our honored guest go to the more dangerous places. A spear will do nicely then.

>> No.10628505


It's alright, I'm here now. Shall we go to the teahouse? I'm thinking that perhaps it might be best if we stayed the night...we have a lot to talk about, Shizuka-chan.

>> No.10628524

Needs less RP crap, more 4th edition information and potential leads on a scan.

>> No.10628526


Honored guest or not, I came to fight for Rokugan and aid those who dedicate themselves to its defense, there is no need to coddle me. I realize that I cannot say "I am ready", I doubt anything could prepare me, but I am nonetheless determined and willing.

>> No.10628532

Is there any particular reason why weapons using gaijin pepper aren't allowed on the Wall?

I mean, the greater the distance from which you can start killing Tainted abominations, the fewer of them will actually make it into melee range, and the less likely it is that they overwhelm part of the Wall. And it's not as if they require unspeakable rites to produce.

>> No.10628542


Ask a question, then. As for the scan, OP said he wasn't making one, and encouraged us to buy it.

>> No.10628555

If you've got more stuff to request, do it.

Also, buy the book.

>> No.10628579

I have a question.

Why the fuck hasn't Amazon gotten it in yet?


>> No.10628587


...Forgive me, I spoke rather harshly. I respect your hospitality, but if possible I would prefer to earn it, rather than inadvertently using your brave warriors as a shield.

>> No.10628588

Thread appears to be auto-saging.

>> No.10628591


I have heard fire also works on the beasts of the shadowlands, is this true? For I have very little knowledge of how to use these weapons and I would not want to hinder any of the Crab forces by weilding ssomething I have no knowledge of.
I do however make a lovely bonfire.

And Bayushi-san, perhaps we might see each other on the wall, eh? Haha. It would be a sight to see. And hopefully not the end of our fall.

>> No.10628620

Of course! I shall leave a note for Lady Doji that Crane Clan business has called me away unexpectedly. Should she return, I would not want her to worry.

>> No.10628641


Perhaps we should move to the tea house then?

(New thread?)

>> No.10628646
File: 246 KB, 500x363, Shadowlands_Ogre-tetsubo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wasn't trying to belittle you Bayushi.
But Oni are mighty foes and fighting monsters is very different from fighting humans.
When you're more used to those, you will then be able to fight alongside us.

I guess a Dragon would say you need to walk before you can run or something like that...

>> No.10628672


Good times indeed, Eizo-san. You have taught me much about wisdom, it would be an honor to fight by your side.


Safety reasons, I hear it is difficult to store, and vulnerable to fire magic. Also, water renders it useless. Aside from what a dishonorable, filthy weapon it is...there are better ways to make things explode. For instance, Shugenja.

>> No.10628698


Sometimes, a man needs to run. I will take your advice into consideration, but if an Oni approaches, I will not hesitate to do battle with it.

>> No.10628747


You're a kind woman as well as a beautiful one.


(Go ahead and make it, then post the link here)

>> No.10628772

(Thread isn't autosaging yet, I just checked)

>> No.10628775
File: 177 KB, 900x741, Crab_KuniSpell_by_GENZOMAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gaijin pepper is forbidden. Using it would be like using Maho.
But we have our own war machines thanks to Kaiu ingenuity, and they quite are effective I assure you.

It's okay don't worry. I understand what you feels but even we must learn to fight against those monsters and count on each other.
We all are the armored claws of Rokugan.

Fire will also do nicely. Although if you're talking about sorcery, I heard the powers of Earth is more potent.

>> No.10628806
File: 140 KB, 655x482, Shadowlands_OniNoKyoso2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If an Oni approach, I hope you won't be alone against him. I hope noone would have to be alone against such foe.

>> No.10628831

So what do the Asako Courtiers look like, this time around?

>> No.10628879


Preferably, I won't be fighting it alone.

>> No.10628901


You mean Asako Loremasters? Lemme get that for you.

>> No.10628905

You've heard Lady Doji when she gets upset, Yoritomo-san. I would not like to subject anyone else to that.

>> No.10628909

(New thread if anyone wants)

I am merely saying some of our order have a *warm* greeting, even for our foes.

>> No.10628948

Not even close, you're not at 250 posts yet.

>> No.10629195


They're fluffed as, essentially, Rokugani historian-sociologists.

Asako Loremaster Benefit: +1 Intelligence

Rank 1: You gain a Free Raise on any Skill Roll with a Lore Skill. Any time you spend a Void Point on an Etiquette Skill Roll, you gain a bonus of +3k1 to the total of the roll instead of the normal +1k1.

Rank 2: After spending at least one day observing the events in a particular court, you can roll Lore: History / Perception at TN 20 to gain a bonus +2k0 to the total of all your Social Skill Rolls for the next two days, so long as you remain in that court. (This technique can be reactivated with another skill roll when it expires - it is not necessary to spend additional days observing so long as you remain in the same court.)

Rank 3: You may spend an hour conversing with a friend or ally and then roll Lore: History / Intelligence at TN 25. With a success, that ally may add your Lore: History Skill Rank to the total of any Social Skill Rolls he makes within the next 24 hours. You may Raise twice to affect one (and only one) additional ally, provided that ally also participates in the conversation. (This technique cannot be used on the same person again until its effect expires.)

Rank 4: Any time you fail a Contested Social Skill Roll to resist someone trying to influence your emotions, opinions, or behavior (such as with the Courtier, Temptation, or Intimidation skills), you may re-roll using Intelligence as the Trait for the second roll in place of whichever Trait was originally required. You must keep the results of the second roll. This Technique cannot be used to resist Fear.

Rank 5: Any time you are rolling a Lore Skill, including for your other School Techniques, you gain a +5k0 bonus to the total of the roll.

>> No.10629268

Ah, yes, thank you.
They were named Asako Courtiers in 3ER, but they were already Loremasters so the name fits.
They're seem to be more useful for social interation than before, which is good.

>> No.10629358


See? Kind. You're still blushing, you know? It's cute.

>> No.10629474


Oh! And you can call me Roshi.

>> No.10629489

You know, it would be fun to roll as a party of one of those, a Suzume Courtier, an Ikoma Courtier, and... who would be a good choice for fourth member?

>> No.10629511

Just find her an attractive Doji man, Asahina-san.

She'll never notice the difference.

>> No.10629548

She might not like his "surprise" though.

>> No.10629667

All right, Yori- er, Roshi-san.

Truly, your wit astounds.

>> No.10629959


That's perfect, Shizuka-chan.


The Kakita Bushi picture in 4th looks like a white-haire Miles Quaritch. Crane men are NOT actually super-womanly.

>> No.10630016

It was intended in all seriousness.

Of course, if they've finally taken the concept of genetic diversity to heart, it may no longer be valid advice.

>> No.10630276

We're now in the new thread, here. >>10628870

>> No.10631963

1) Do spears and other polearms still do shit damage against anything that's not mounted or large?
2) Do skills still have the mastery levels like in 3e, where you get extra benefits for getting a skill to a certain rank?

>> No.10634286
File: 275 KB, 308x431, zombie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I'm back from a long weekend, so, L5R bump.

Also, I picked up Legacy of Disaster Sunday (won't get my book until tomorrow). The Scorpion characters seem to have significantly better traits than all of the rest of the starting characters, I'm wondering if that's in error.

Seems like a good adventure, though. I thought one of the playtest teams was going to release an updated Topaz championship--I'm looking forward to that.

Also, anyone see the character sheet up on the main website? It's nice lookin'.

>> No.10634309

I haven't seen the ones for 2e and 3e. Are they still FUCK YOU THE NPC WINS like the 1e one?

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