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Today was Free RPG Day.
I have before me this delightful offering from Fantasy Flight Games, the Deathwatch 'introduction'.

I was not disappointed. Not only did the rules work, the length of the campaign inside was far longer than everything else available: the DnD offering lasted those who played it less than an hour. This lasted us, with a few short breaks, a good 6 hours.

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Firstly, the pregen characters.
The four in the book are pretty good.
First, you have Brother Elyas, a Dark Angel Assault Marine. Next is Brother Sepheran, a Blood Angels Devastator, packing a heavy bolter.
From the Space Wolves came Brother Skold, a tactical marine whom I played, and then there is Brother Lucian, an Ultramarines Apothecary. We also had Brother Octavius, an Ultramarine, and a member of the Storm Wardens, whom I cannot remember the name of, both of which were extra characters downloaded from the FFG website.

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Know what I got for Free RPG day? NOTHING.

Know why? Because my town's ONLY flgs is run by a weeaboo and the ONLY people who ever frequent it anymore are underaged drones that flock around the hot owner's daughter and play Warcraft and MtG. And the only free shit available went to placate said drones.

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... picture of hot owner.

Or your daughter which I think you were referring to.

... only if shes of age.

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Marines scale bolters are base 2d10 damage right?

Are heavy bolters up scaled in the same regard?

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Main differences from DH at the character sheet level is the Demeanour system. Each character has two demeanours; one from their chapter, and one from their own personality. A demeanour can be triggered, once a session, to provide the effects of a fate point. Additionally, they can be improved by roleplaying the effect this demeanour has.

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Wow, I would go on a killing spree. We had this chick as a cashier a few years back at the local store. She was quite mediocre, but you can't even imagine the legions of greasy neckbeards coming to play WoW CCG every day just to talk to her or even just look at her and drool. The whole store smelled of rotting bodies, we had to move our gaming sessions because of that. The worst thing was that there were some among them who were about 14 years old, and couldn't play the fucking CCG without fucking shouting. Women don't belong to an flgs.

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Space Marine Bolters swing in a 2d10+5, improved to 2d10+7 if you are a tactical marine.
Heavy Bolters are 2d10+10.

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did it seem friendly to the other versions of dark heresy? I think i could probably get a mixed game of heresy going at some point, but not a deathwatch or pure inquisition game.

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It could be. Problems are as follows:
Deathwatch characters are nasty. Armour 8 is standard. The bolters are silly powerful, and they are only really balanced by the Hordes you face of against.
Secondly, Hordes. Deathwatch uses alot of them, and I doubt any standard DH character could resist that damage (for example, Brother Skold, took 13 wounds in one attack from a horde, even with 8 armour and a toughness of 8).

If you were to do it, you would need pretty high up DH characters, and baseline Deathwatch marines.

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I wonder this as well.

Will a space marine outstrip a vanilla DH character?

Do they have the huge trait automatically, right?

The bolters still count as tearing?

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yeah, that was kind of what i figured, I love they're making this. I just wish my friends weren't such powergamers.

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rolled 6 = 6


Ahh okay. Wait.. hordes, as in rules for horde NPC enemies?

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also, thanks for answering my question, was busy being frustrated so i forgot, my apologies.

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About how many pages is the Death Watch booklet?

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You want to know what is glorious?
The effect of the Heavy Bolter on a Horde.
Brother Sepheran has a skill, Unrelenting Devastation, that causes an addition point of damage to a Horde's Magnitude (abstract representation of strength) for every hit. Combined with the extra hits for degrees of success, he was able to take out large chunks of a Horde in one volley...

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So horde is specifically designed to deal with super powered characters then?

I am intrigued sir.

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Can someone explain the Horde rules to me

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This handbook doesn't mention that trait, but it can be assumed that they have it.
And yes, the bolters have tearing.
Given the equipment and stats, the Marines are roughly equivilent to level 9 DH ascension characters (or so our DM said).


Ye-es, the Hordes system. It functions as an individual character, but wounds are replaced with its magnitude, and has a single armour value.
Attacks from hordes are based on the magnitude, as is the damage. Simply put, these can be very, very dangerous.

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My god thats awesome.

I've just been rolling for individual NPCs.

It doesn't account for say... cover does it? Pinning and the like?

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Can you give an example of a Horde's stat line

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38 pages, all told.


Okay then, time for me to post the rules.

Attacking a Horde;
Attacks against a horde are treated as if they are an individual. Full auto and semi auto weapons deal extra damage.
Damaging a Horde;
Each damaging hit reduces magnitude by one.
Blast weapons deal magnitude damage equal to a number given in the stat block (for instance, Marine Frag Grenades are Blast [5]).

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God damn thats awesome. I'm going to try that in my RT campaign now.

It seems easy to include boss mooks like a nob in the middle of the horde and such.

Does it give an example for how big hordes are? Like numbers wise, a rough estimate?

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No, Hordes were not effected by cover or pinning, but more on that below.

Gladly: Rebel Horde Profile!


Equipped with melee weapons, or stub rifles.


Melee attacks against hordes inflicts one extra hit for every two degrees of success on WS test. A power field on a weapon adds an additional hit.
Breaking a Horde:
When a Horde's Magnitude is reduced by 25% in a turn, must take a willpower test when next it acts. If failed, it flees at maximum speed.
When below 50%, the test is taken at -10, and once the Horde is below 25%, it automatically breaks.

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When the Horde attacks, is it the equvalent of a bunch of normal attacks? Or is it just a 1d10 damamge roll spread across the whole group?

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Does it say how many individuals in a horde?
Does 1 dude=1magnitude?

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>When a Horde's Magnitude is reduced by 25% in a turn, must take a willpower test when next it acts. If failed, it flees at maximum speed.
When below 50%, the test is taken at -10, and once the Horde is below 25%, it automatically breaks.

So horde=squad

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Seriously, this book has got me excited.

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The Rebel Hordes we faced numbers between 25-45 strong.


Finally, the Horde Attacking rules!

Melee; Horde attacks all adjacent enemies in close proximity. These attacks cannot be dodged or parried, due to weight of numbers.

Ranged; Ranged attacks equal the first digit of the magnitude (Mag 25= 2 attacks). Additional hits from sustained fire can be applied to any eligible target. Modifiers for range and sustained fire apply as normal, but cannot aim.

Damage caused by Hordes;
Any hits has damage caused increased by the number of d10s equal to the magnitude, divided by 10, upto 2d10. This is in addition to the normal damage from weapons.

That bonus is the real source of the damage, as we found out...

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Doesn't have to be. The magnitude is an abstraction.



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>Melee; Horde attacks all adjacent enemies in close proximity. These attacks cannot be dodged or parried, due to weight of numbers.



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Precisely. If the Marines are grouped together, one Horde can lay down a lot of hurt.
In our case, it didn't really hurt us, as our assault marine was the only one who really got up close.

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When there's a single PC, they'll get easily swamped then I'm guessing...

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So the best way for a bunch of cultist mooks to kill a dodgegod Eversor is to charge into melee with it?

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And then it blows up.

Though I'd have to wonder how Fear effects work on Hordes...

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Not without supporting fire, as we found.


Maybe. They wouldn't have much chance of hitting him, but if they did, he would not be around long.

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Sadly, the rules in the book didn't go into that much detail.
I'd assume it would work as it would on an individual character.

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Hmm... I'd think it might be based on the Fear rating with a Fear 1 getting rid of another magnitude thats fleeing in fear.

What do you think?

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Pffft And Fear 2 getting rid of 2 from its magnitude and 3 getting rid of 3 magnitude... etc etc sorta thing?

...I really should read before posting.

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What was the magnitude for this lot? How many of them were there?

How did you feel about the abstraction? Consistent? Weaker than usual?

Was it satisfying to kill?

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This all sounds awesome.

I waaaaant.

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Seriously man.

My god.

I feel like I can run a daemon hunters campaign now with rules like this...

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Yeah, sounds like they figured out how to handle the combat pretty good.

I wonder how well they'll handle the non-combat. Overall I really want to see how they structure missions. For the time being I'm planning on taking cues from certain games, like Republic Commando.

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We shall see when the full rules come out.

One final thing before I go.
The profile of a Genestealer Broodlord....prepare to be afraid.

WS: 67
BS: -
S: 60 (12)
T: 60 (12)
AG: 60
Int: 45
Per: 55
WP: 50
Fel: -

Wounds: 80
Traits: Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatual Toughness (x2) [The bracketed 12s above represent the bonuses given by these traits)
Armour: Reinforced Chitin (All 8)
Weapons: Rending Claws (2d10+12, Pen 5, Special)

Special Rules:
Stealth: If moving at half speed or slower, and does not attack, a challenging (+0) Awareness test must be passed to detect it.
Rending Claws: If an attack roll gives two or more Degrees of Success, double its Penetration.
Lord of the Brood: May attack three times in a single round with a full action. These attacks may be against seperate targets.

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they needed to make a sequel to that

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It was reasonably satisfying. They were tough enough to threaten us, and as such we used focused fire to take them out if they were in the open.

The horde in the tunnel.....that got bad.

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that's a big rape machine

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Sadly, we had to stop the game roughly half way through, so we never got to that fight.

Maybe, just maybe, it was for the best....but I have the book, so I can run this whenever I want to.

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I just felt my sphincter pucker up.

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These were the additional characters I referenced earlier. Not in the 'main' book, but very good.

Storm Wardens are excellent, if only for the claymores.

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Sacris Claymore.
What? a marine claymore.
As in a Claymore in marine size.
Fuck. Dude might as well swing a house.

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can you post the Brother Sepheran, a Blood Angels Devastator

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Yes. It was glorious.

Brother Skold felt slightly insignificant. Then he realised that that claymore had the two Ultramarines frothing from the mouth inside their helmets (seriously, none of the party but me took their helmets off) for not being Codex, so he and Gregor were true Bros.

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could you just scan the booklett?

>> No.10603184

Whats the damage on that thing?
I mean fuck.

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Sadly, I do not have a scanner.


This means I cannot get you Sepheran's character sheet, as I can't take a decent enough picture. I am sorry guys.

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It was 1d10+6, going up to 1d10+16 with the full strength bonus added.

As I said, glorious.

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I shall endevour to get to a scanner in the next day or so, that we may all benefit from this wonderful book.

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I think the PDF is going onto the FFG website on sunday, isn't it?

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I didn't hear anything about that, but if it is true, I shall no doubt see it here.

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OP, favorite part of the game?

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I haven't had a chance to play this yet, we ran out of time at my FLGS but we are probably going to play it later in the week. Cant wait based on what I have heard ITT.

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I was at my FLGS today but unfortunately they had a limited supply of Deathwatch modules - apparently it'll be available as a free .pdf from the Fantasy Flight website before too long, though.

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whats the deal with the brackets in the characteristics?

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A pitch-black tunnel.

Brother Skold and Gregor were investigating the tunnels under a PDF equipment warehouse. I could smell (and see, even without a helmet) that rebels had been this way, looting weapons and arms. It was narrow, so we could only advance in single file. We reached a junction, Gregor went left, Skold went right. We both turned a corner, in the darkness, and all hell broke loose.

We both ran into a horde. Underground. Gregor fell, multiple las-bolts bouncing from his armour, before a plasma pistol sent him flying back.

I had a bigger problem. I could smell a tyranid. In a dark, claustraphobic tunnel. While I was fighting a horde, alone. Bastard thing brought me down, with me having to burn a fate point to survive.

And the worse thing, above almost dying in a dark tunnel? Being saved by a Dark Angel....

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They represent the total bonus, once Unnatural Strength and Toughness have been added.

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That's what happened with the Rogue Trader booklet from last year. Up on the site on Sunday/Monday.

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I'm very intrigued by these horde rules. I ran the back of the book scenario for Rogue Trader for my friends before, and we ended up having an encounter with between 20-30 individuals. This consisted of the PCs, their small retinue or armsmen, a trio of agents from a rival rogue trader, and a bunch of Orks lead by a Nob. It was definitely a hassle to manage, even when I ended up using abstractions such as "wounded" and "almost dead" rather than keeping track of everyone's Wounds and status conditions. The horde rules sound like they'll help a lot with situations like this, being a happy medium between full-fledge combat rules and the super simple "mook rules" presented by one of the DH supplements. I just gotta wonder if they work just as well with the lower levels of DH and RT where people aren't superpowered Space Marines.

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AHahaha thats great.

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To be fair, he hit the thing with a power fist right in the torso.

It. Did. Not. Die.

It took me, barely concious, dumping the last rounds in my bolter into it's back, to finish it off.

Covering both of us with Genestealer ichor.

Only time I regretted not wearing a helmet in the entire game.

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I do like the sound of these horde rules. I can definitely see them transferring over into Rogue Trader and DH-Ascension games.

>> No.10603686


If you tone done the bonus damage they get from magnitude, I can see it working quite well.

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So, anyone got the scans for this shit? Cuz the /rs/ link was a Cyborg Commando Roll.

>> No.10603858

OP here, I'm off. Hope I've been able to shed some light on the rules of the game.

Also, a message from Brother Skold, to any Ultramarines reading this:


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So, an assault marine with a power blade can tear through a horde like butter.

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All the books were taken in an hour.

The store was the only store in 100 miles, and they only ordered one box because they were sure the two other stores in the Orlando area would join in.

They didn't.

>> No.10603969


As it should be?

>> No.10604036

Did the gameplay feel any different from dark heresy or rogue trader?

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From the sounds of it, I'd say its a lot more Hollywood actiony. Especially compared to DH.

>> No.10604284

That's a given with the much more powerful characters.

>> No.10604319

Don't get it wrong through.

It isn't like Generic Action Flick #20593 where the heroes win without trouble.

Imagine it as Aliens. Except this time with trained soldiers instead of space hicks.

>> No.10604343

>Aliens. Except this time with trained soldiers instead of space hicks
Fuck Yeah! I reaaaally wants it now

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Oh thats what I was expecting, and hoping.

Not everything is gonna be hordes.

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You rang?

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Most excellent.

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>Space Hicks
I have no eyes, but I still see what you did there.

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Temple Assassins can dodge un-dodgeable attacks. However if first digit magnitude is 6+ then maybe?

>> No.10604573

Good point.

RAW, Temple Assassins can dodge an Exterminatus.

>> No.10604615

4+ dodge save against lance strikes in the tabletop

Fucking Temple Assassins, how do they work?!

>> No.10604658


Well, they have a number of reactions equal to their Agility bonus, right?

If anything, I'd say they'd only be able to dodge half their Agility bonus vs hoards?

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Magic, rainbows, and the grace of the God-Emperor

>> No.10604728

I imagine an Assassin looking up in the sky for possible incoming ordinance every 30 seconds, calculating the perfect path to find cover or get out of the blastzone.

>> No.10604787

and if they use the virus bomb?

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So, it's basically Dark Heresy where the foes are just that much greater. Sounds awesome.

Jesus, see picture...

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You know how Temple Assassins get into impenetrable fortresses?

The throw themselves at the locked doors... and dodge it.



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Which for a Vindicare is still 7+

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Can't use a virus bomb in the tabletop... OH YEAH!

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Giving this a bump for the Emperor.

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