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What's the point of being evil if you're just going to fuck yourself over in the long run?

You can't be evil, no, you want to kill somebody? Your reputation with everybody decreases, leave the village, outcast.

You can't do anything evil without drawbacks.

This. This has always annoyed me.

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Evil is its own reward. Rape that baby cuz it feels good.

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>You can't do anything evil without drawbacks.

Every major corporation and political party in history was here. You're full of shit.

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Evil is a point of view.

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Oh yes you can.

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theoretically the drawback to them is if their hideous crimes were properly exposed then people would hate them

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I was once an evil necromancer.
I could go anywhere I wanted to, fuck up shit and set things on fire.
If cought or in trouble, my sidekick (another necro) would come and help me.

Everybody already knew us, but we were so feared that no one ever dared to defy us.

We ended up being the unique PCs alive by the end of that campaign.

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They only call you evil if you get caught.

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>You can't do anything evil without drawbacks.
because people hate evil people cos they do stuff like this and fuck up the lives of normal people?

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>You can't do anything evil without drawbacks.

I always knew you were fucking dumb. Now it's confirmed for everyone to see.

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BWAHAHA. Hideous crimes are exposed every day. Corporations cut corners that destroy regions and end human lives. Parties support ideologies that marginalize the weak and powerless. They never really suffer for it.

Hell, look at BP. $24bn in profit every year, and asking for $20bn over the course of a few years is a "shakedown". No matter which side you think is the bad guy here, they're exposed, and they'll get away with it.

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No, not really. Evil is doing things for your own benefit, completely disregarding the well-being of others.

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Be a necromancer, and find really poor endebted people, pay their debt and in return you get the rights to their post-death bodies. Raise them as skeletons. Technically an evil act but everyone wins! Eventually the poor and down trowden will come to you, you can make a town and use your money to help them live in your own (in return, they all pledge their dead bodies to you), eventually you make a nation with a standing undead army, and all the living citizens are trapped in a strange wonderland of splendor, everyone loves you but your still evil for despoiling so many bodies with your magic (make sure only to use skeletons though, and bleach them, that way they don't rot and make pestilence)

Eventually outlaw all chruches and have them also dedicate their souls to you as well. Use said souls to acchieve god-hood as an evil god of Splendor and Joy.

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I think that what the OP means is that you can never do something completely evil (as in, everyone knows that you did it and everyone considers it an evil deed) and be rewarded.

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Nearly everybody is of a good or at the very least neutral alignment (otherwise communities would all be in shambles because everybody would be killing and raping and eating everybody else), thus the people who are evil are ostracized with good reason. An "evil" person's "morals" are completely foreign to the mind of a "good" person.
Is that so hard to understand?

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As if I'm dumb.

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Well then Flee, perhaps you should learn to phrase your retarded prose better.

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I assure you that everyone who isn't a particularly retarded strain of republican hates BP a lot. Also, their hideous crime was an accident.

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If you don't think corporations and political parties get away with doing things that are completely evil, you don't keep up on current affairs.

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>otherwise communities would all be in shambles because everybody would be killing and raping and eating everybody else

Only Chaotic Evil works that way, and even then only with dumb interpretations of it. Lawful and Neutral Evil are both perfectly capable of functioning in society, and do.

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>Also, their hideous crime was an accident.

Erm, no. Drilling deeper and farther than you can recover from should something go wrong is not an "accident", and neither is cutting corners on the safety of the operation for time and money. That they finally had something go wrong and POINT OUT their behavior doesn't change the fact that the behavior itself was evil, by the exact definition of evil for DnD - selfish and shortsighted, without concern for impact to others.

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What context is this in?

In most RPGs/Vidya I've seen, you're right.
You do evil shit, but you're Shot on site.

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Hey, it's better than pleasure island. Skeletal Servitors are waaay better than donkeys

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>implying you aren't.

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ok, I can see lawful evil blending into society for the most part, although probably 95% of the community would hate the guy's guts even if he is technically 'law abiding.' Neutral evil is trickier, I think it would depend alot more on the individual

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For the most part it depends on the society.

You can get away with all kinds of shit in America because thats how the system works. Amusing
you have money anyways.

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That's generally because the person playing a 'evil' character is playing Chaotic Stupid or similar. Best evil is subtle evil, or natural evil you get from a selfish prick thief.

To take your example, stealing is wrong. Everyone knows this and you could easily recognise that stealing for greed (rather then necessity to survive) is evil. Especially so if you are taking something someone needs and you do not.

However, stealing while evil, does present a quick reward, assuming you are smart enough NOT TO GET CAUGHT and this is pretty much what being evil is about. It's about finding quick, amoral solutions to your desires. Need more cash? You could work for it, or steal it, someone finds you stealing? You could kill them, take the rap or get out of dodge.

Explicitly stating evil acts have no rewards is dumb. It has to have some reward for the person or else they wouldn't do it, be it emotional reward from enjoying the act, power from breaking natural laws or a quick solution to a commonly hard problem.

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the best way ive done evil so far is by not being evil to peoples face.
i would summon unseen servant give it a knife, have it go crazy in a orphanage.
use telekinesis to push people down wells,ram pitchforks threw there skulls, drop canlelubrias on there heads
and with enough bluff and a ring of non-detect alignment i was able to convince the PC paladin that it was a ghost curse

(unfortunatly they looked at my sheet shall the alignment and the ring and metagamed into finding out i was evil ingame)

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>the best way ive done evil so far is... summon unseen servant give it a knife, have it go crazy in a orphanage.

Son, you appear to have confused "evil" and "retarded."

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The way evil is run in most campaigns, yes. I'd say only VERY chaotic evil is really destined to screw itself over.

If you're going by evil=looking out for yourself and getting what you want, it would be better to scheme and machinate and be nice to people who you know can get you what you want. You can keep the evil alignment, but still be a good party member because it's not in your best interests to get arrested for killing orphans and puppies.

Pic related, it's how my LE guys usually turn out by end of campaign.

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lol Discworld.

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That's not how unseen servants work.

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Huzzah, good sir. I've had a similar idea floating around in my head for a while - have you tried this in a game?

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You can be evil without being stupid.

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You got something against Discworld?

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might have confused it with another spell, is unseen servant the one that makes a 99% real creature. oh no thats shadow servant my bad

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Is Kohaku from Tsukihime CE?

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Is madness evil?

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Lawful Neutral.

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Unseen Servant is barely strong enough to use a knife as a tool, let along against a person. It's got like -6 Str.

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Ok. Though, if you were doing that, why not use the spell to make the version that's a wolf or lion? Then they can't blame claw/tooth marks on you.
I may have the wrong spell in mind, however.

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hmmmm, good idea if i do the character again i could work on the lie and go with that

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More importantly, it's not allowed to make attacks.

Though I suppose you could pull off some rules-dickery by having it "drop" the knife over infants. Like how in that one Asimov story the robot couldn't harm humans, but could allow them to come to harm.

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No I haven't tried it in a game, most of my DMs like to have the gods send paladins after every and any powerful evil person who ever gets power and is also a PC.

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Well, it's a general approximation - he wasn't EXACTLY Vetinari. But he did take care of his contacts/subjects and kept everything perfectly in line while allowing people enough freedom to think it was their idea.

The difference is he did it because he liked power, wanted to keep it, and realized that the best way to do that was to be damn good at his job.

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T-thou FuriO_uS.

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Better yet, go into town, raise some skeletons and zombies ruff up some villagers and wreck a few places. Tell them pay you a large sum of money or this place will be totally trashed and everyone will join your undead soldiers.

But I'm generally the Evil Dick, I'd come in demand money. Kill a few people, perhaps more than a few people. Then get bored and be nice to everyone, and laugh as they run away in fear.

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