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How will your Amazon tribe be like?

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NE society that believes men to be weak and impure. They kidnap (and rape) men, killing them afterwards to maintain their numbers. They also use shamanistic magic to ensure that the majority of their births are female, and kill the ones that are born male.
They would simply be left alone, except that they happen to live in an exceedingly rich aztec-esque jungle, prompting adventurers to venture in frequently to steal their gold.

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With pubic hair so thick it's mistaken for bear-pelt granny panties.

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Jesus Christ. Somebody get the spaniards in here.

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I present: an Amazon!

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God damn... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

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You are small-time!

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Is that so?

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Oh boy, i like where this is going.

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'Cause I don't think I'm small-time.

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Dickgirls (the kind without a snatch), each and every one. They capture women from other villages to knock up and keep as pets to maintain their numbers, the children of these unions are always dickgirls themselves.

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My Amazons will all be dickgirls without balls!
And they will make bloody war on your people!
Actually... Without the need to pillage and kidnap others for the purposes of procreation, they'd likely end up being a reclusionist, peaceable society.
I am okay with this.
I think I'll pattern most of their culture off of the Aztecs, but without the ritual warfare and human sacrifice.

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>Dickgirls (the kind without a snatch)
That's called a shemale.

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GODDAMN! Sane people are trying to fap! Cut that pubic bear dump!

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If you're sane, what are you doing on 4chan?
If you're insane, then what's one more mental illness? Go ahead and have a wank.

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No I'm going to watch you all fap, best not look out your window

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It's objectively impossible to fap to renob-inducing shit like that.

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If it's objectively impossible to do, then why am I doing it right now?

And besides, fap to something enough and you can make anything a fetish. Whole reason I'm into hairy women now is because I lost a bet and could only fap to hairy women for two weeks.

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You sir, are a bro.

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>I lost a bet and could only fap to hairy women for two weeks.
UHHHH...what the hell?

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I have bad news for you anonymous. Foron calling you a bro is basically an insult.

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in what sense, bro?

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I don't make bets involving money or property, but betting dares and such is perfectly OK.

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Then don't fap!

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And besides... you don't fucking welch on a bet.

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Orc lesbians.

Maybe they're plants, so they don't need guys.

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Could I really be said to have backed up my end of the bet if I didn't fap? Moreover, where's the fun in life if you deny yourself new experiences?

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Separating themselves from normal civilization for religious reasons, they follow a war goddess who preaches that men do not have the moral strength to wage war without becoming monsters. As such it is the duty of the Amazons to put down the predominately male armies that rape and pillage their way across the land. So they see themselves as Paladins for the only truly good War deity, and given how hands off the gods are in my game world it may be true.

As for breeding, they sponsor a yearly week long fighting tournament where all are welcome to compete for gold prizes and for honor. What the male competitors do not realize is that they are being watched very closely, everything about them being evaluated like they were prize horses. Those that win at least one round and pass the evaluation of the amazons will often find that for the next year their luck with women has mysteriously improved- unaware that the casual partner is a disguised amazon fulfilling a religious vow to continue the Amazon sisterhood. If a male wins the grand prize, is considered worthy, and is at least honorable enough to keep a vow of secrecy, he will be informed of the true purpose of the tournament and that if he wants to mate with an Amazon over the next year she'll consider it an honor. If he wins 3 tournaments he's considered good breeding stock for as long as he's fertile.

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>Could I really be said to have backed up my end of the bet if I didn't fap?
Why would you make such a retarded bet in the first place?
>Moreover, where's the fun in life if you deny yourself new experiences?
Some experiences are meant to be denied, and I can have fun doing new things in other aspects of my life -- aspects that don't require desensitizing my penis and sacrificing my pride.

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The fucked up part is that my preference is either 100% cleanshaven or EXTREMELY fucking hairy with no in-between. I mean, unless her pubes grow extremely thick or cover an extremely broad area I just find my thing for hairy women doesn't kick in and I'd much rather she waxed or something instead.

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>not having a particular fetish
Bro, that's pretty sad.

Stop bawwwing about how some people like something you don't.

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>for as long as he's fertile
Men continue to produce healthy sperm their entire lives.

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Eh, go ahead and live your life the way you like, then. I'll be over here living mine. Have fun with whatever fetishes you have, man.

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Yeah, but at some point the effort he needs to get it up is no longer worth it.

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What surprises me is that their legs are all clean shaven, no matter how hairy their armpits, crotch, or even happy trails are.

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Why would Amazons have profuse bodily hair? That tends to get full of nasty stuff in the jungle.

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What is this i dont even.

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I'm also a leg man, and smooth skin on the legs is simply... wonderful. I prefer the sort of Frankenstein mix of perfectly shaven legs with completely overgrown pubes.

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I was under the impression that this "happy trail" only really happens on men, since female body hair usually follows very different patterns.

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I will, and I'll have the courtesy to not shove them in other people's faces.
Now in 4chan terms:
>posts fetish pornography on a traditional gaming board
>tries to take the moral/intellectual highground
I don't think so, Tim.

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These are the same kinds of people who draw bright pink nipples on very brown women.

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A serious response? In my porn thread?

I guess it happens more often then one thinks.

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Slaves. They tried their warrior-nation shit, but they got overpowered and conquered.

Their lineage is quite beautiful however, and mixed children are highly valued.

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about as often as centipedes in your vagina.

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Any number of reasons could crop up. Lots of pubic hair could be a status symbol, for example. It could be a statement that they don't need to make themselves attractive to men. It could even be a fashion that came about due to a taboo against performing oral sex on another amazon (plus an added humiliation for captured men forced to orally pleasure amazons).

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I sure would like to have my /tg/ without fetishes, whether I like them or not.

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My point stands. In a jungle, you wouldn't WANT thick body hair. It would be bad.

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That assumes that amazons must be jungle-dwellers. They could occupy more temperate woodlands where body hair would be more practical.

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When one of tal Kyrte misses steppe and sky, she longs not just for their beauty but also their cruelty and indifference. For among the free people the presence of one's own death, and heaven's indifference to it, is the keenest and most brilliant pleasure, rendering all precious. This is the supreme mystery, the fact of existence itself, before which one may only stand in silence.

The city people hated and feared this mystery. Against it they had founded their walls and battlements; not so much to repel invaders of flesh, as to hold at bay this unknown, to blot it from their hearing and wipe it from their sight.

This is why they hate tal Kyrte, the free people. Our existence recalls to them that before which they have flown in terror. If we can live with it, in fact live in it, then they must be less than we, to have erected such edifices to its exclusion. That is why they hate us and why they came, Heracles first and then Theseus, to destroy us.

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you're all retarded. Amazons would shave their pubes so they don't get caught in their chainmail skirts and bikinis.

Also, Amazons have only 1 breast. They cut the other off so they can fire a bow more easily.

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I thought Amazons were named after the Amazon.

Also, CLOTHES would be far more practical. Kill a large animal, wear its skin.

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This is how retarded you are.

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Also, the status symbol thing actually kind of makes sense. Excessive feminine body hair growth is indicative of elevated testosterone levels, which could come about from weight training or body building to a degree that isn't normal for women. As a result, in an Amazon society where women routinely train as warriors it would stand to reason that the woman with the most body hair would be the one that's working the hardest.

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The Greek Amazons were named after a rainforest in a part of the world that people didn't even know existed?

The Amazons didn't live in the Amazon.

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Other way around.

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Indeed, who would make a show about a bunch of rap artists playing card games?

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Shut up, Mokuba.

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Lace is a fag.

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Savages always fall back on their "noble nature" argument. Oh, the civilized folk are afraid of living wild and free, they are weak fools!

We are not afraid. We ARE free, more free than you. We are free from the shackles of starvation, of predation, of the elements. We are free to pursue art, education, the mastery of skills other than hunting and identifying poisonous plants. We are free to invent, to think, to wonder what else we can do, now that we are free from nature.

You say that we are trapped in a cage of stone and metal, but I say that you are trapped in a cage of vines and wood. You are so mired in your style of life that you see anything suggesting at advancement as inherently wrong, and seek to destroy it. A plow? Surely, if the gods above intended us to farm the earth, you say, they would have given us a body that could do that.

But I say, they did give us a body that could do it. They gave us our brains, and with that magnificent tool we shall carve a path to ever greater freedom.

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Other way around, bro. Amazons came from Greek mythology, which was kind of in vogue when The New World was discovered and Europeans started naming the shit out of stuff.

Also, I'm sure many of you will be pleased to know that I'm out of drawn porn with hairy women and I don't feel like posting the real stuff.

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They're the Coda.

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>I thought Amazons were named after the Amazon.

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Yeah, bald is the way to go.

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I'm sorry, I would pay ENORMOUS money to see Lil Jon and The Game play Magic.
"Alright nigguh, I play Birds of Pa-"
"Punk ass- Alright fine, fuck you, Llanowar E-"
"Fake ass motherfucker, the fuck even pla-"
"...Your turn."

And the next twenty eight minutes are nothing but ineffectual drunken gunfire.

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Yes, but you're a fucktard LN.

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Oddly enough, bald chicks work for me too. Got any more?

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atleast I'm better than you at children's card games.

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>completely ignores >>10594391
I'm not sure why, but I find it so amusing how predictable people like you are.

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That's what he gets for playing BoP after the first turn.

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Not as many as I'd like. Most aren't even completely.

Although honestly, I like partial bald more than completely bald. I certainly wouldn't turn either down though!

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Pictures like that remind me of the Dinosaur Planet series by Anne McCaffery; the heavyworlders.

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They leap over bulls for sport, wield axes, and wear dresses that conveniently expose their breasts. They also like snakes and playing board games.

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Hair = Ticks.

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think sly marbo but female

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This thread made me fap to a compilation of cumshots on hairy pussies.

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