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If your chosen setting was real, what would you look for in a woman?

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My penis.

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She can cook, she knows her place(in the kitchen) and she is sexy, and she can fuck real good. This is for every setting.

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Level six clearance or above in the Genom corporation databases and a penchant for disguises and roleplaying, as well as firearm or tonfa proficiency. Ability to commandeer a Mecha considered marriage material.

It never hurts to have someone on the inside.

Also, DAT ASS and ability to cook wonderful cake desirable.

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You know what I really want in a girl?

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Perfect genetic make-up, resulting in a naturally occuring, ludicrously idealized exterior appearance.

Also superpowers.

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She's adding her own personal flavour to those brownies. Duh.

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Two heads are better than one if you need to solve puzzles

also lock-picking

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This. My party is always lacking a lockpicker.

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one that wouldn't immediately attempt to kill me or stab me in the back by robbing me

zombie survival, hurr

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The same things that I look for in a woman right now. Happy, Bright, Cute, Possibly quirky... with a haircut that doesn't pass her shoulders, be within healthy weight standards, and have a nice pair of breasts.

Though she'd probably only have a college or trade school education, at the most.

Universities are rare and very prestigious in said universe. It's not like it is now where a bachelor's degree is a bare minimum requirement to get a decent career job that isn't in the trades.

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Seven Penises

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She'd probably have to be a Stand user.

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just like here I wouldn't have a shot with her.

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a Thyrsus mage with a couple dots in Matter.

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So those dots would be...


... where it mattered?

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Being a Lunar.

With Twin Faced Hero and a spider crab totem

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rolled 3083 = 3083

What you say?

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pic related

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My chosen setting? Look for in a woman?

Oh god, let me think... If it was me, suddenly living in the setting?

I want a girl who can shoot. I want a girl who can run. I want a girl who can take orders and give them as well. I want a girl who will never play hero, only survivor.

I'd be the only action hero needed. When I die, I want to know she'll press on and see our group to green hills Over Yonder. The zombie apocalypse is a bad place to be.

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Vulcan. I find them to be sexy as hell.

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This smile.

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Honestly, I can't even think of which setting I'd want to live in.

Should I be assuming that I'd be a PC?

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T'Pring was a manipulative bitch, T'Pau was an ascended special snowflake Mary Sue, T'Pol was Seven of Nine with dem ears, and Selar was a nonentity.

Which, yeah, OK, this *is* /tg/, but still.

The only realy interesting Vulcan woman? Was a human. Pic Related.

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Anarchocapitalist with morph of her own. Firewall agents and Exsurgent-infected need not apply.

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wWW._AnoN_+_M_-_m_+_talk_.sE hb z tv o kpo lxwd shi vilujct zroegwqezd

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I will settle for anyone who likes me back and isn't a member of the Cheiron Group.

Oh dear god. Never again will I date one of those wack-jobs. I had a dream about her bosses, see, and one of them was a pile of eyes...

They were all watching me. Oh god. They were watchin

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12 feet of tail.

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Guys, I got a video in the mail of a Cheiron hitsquad talking about "using the gristle for Tass" and something about a watchtow

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If my chosen setting were real, I wouldn't have to look for a woman.

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I dunno lol girls are gross

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i wanna be tuff

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Your dream girl is your own anthropomorphic cockroach daughter who will rape you because she likes that you never bathe.


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Takes all kinds really.

Not even half as bad as some of the other monstergirls.

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Fucking hell, OP, the bitch in your pic has transcended gangster style and simply gone full retard. I'm not even a /k/ommando but holy shit that looks ridicuous.

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which setting? im running a few atm.

the last one played is based in a PoW camp, so probably a cute chick, not too scarred with a nice attitude. The same as what i look for now.

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Not really.

More along the lines that everything in the Monstergirl Compendium is out to rape you.

Multiple times.

Possibly steal your soul.

But apparently even that just leads to more sex.

So could be fun.

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Fuck yeah macro girls.

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I wonder,just how dangerous would it be to make a living as a hunter in that universe?

>> No.10591386

I'd RIP AND TEAR her guts, if you know what I mean.

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I expect that if you can manage to resist the chemical fuckery they use to attract men as a young hormone-addled teenager/twentysomething year old, you could probably resist their tricks as you got older and make a decent living hunting them.

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poke her with a 6 inch fleshy protuberance repeatedly until she quakes?

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Www._anON_+_m_-_M_+_talK_.SE suz rm j lefgf dnj dpw p guktylt xou

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I always liked the idea of an older paladin going about slaying monstergirls.

Maybe he has a cowgirl assistant.

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Faith, loyalty, Powered armor, bolters, and yet the willingness to bend the rules for the sake of survival or success.

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Physical strength and endurance may also be a requisite seeing as some monstergirls can be some what subdued with either hot dickings or just plain beating them.

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>If your chosen setting was real, what would you look for in a woman?


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There are many species of monstergirl from the Compendium that will pretty much stick around if you defeat them.

Lizardgirls offer to marry you.
Werewolfgirls become your "pet"
et cetra, et cetra.

You'd either amass a large following of girls or you'd have to kill them off.

Could the Palladin's Code of Conduct allow for the slaughter of admirers?

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One willing to put up with the utter evil I use to pursue the greater good so noone else has to.

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Combat Prowess would definitely help with some of the more dangerous monstergirls.

But it could be a double-edged sword, considering what some of the girls do if you do manage to beat them into submission.

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> always liked the idea of an older paladin going about slaying monstergirls.
> older paladin going about slaying monstergirls.
> slaying monstergirls.


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Someone not crazy...

>> No.10591618

Also, not one with the powers: Immunity (Age, Toxins, Pathogens). Fucking immortals. Maybe a dwarf, or an elf. One's a walking headjob, one's a walking fashion model.

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In the world of monster girls, the only thing you can count on is getting raped.

>> No.10591621

>and yet willingness to bend rules
Now you're just getting ridiculous.

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The bad ones.

>> No.10591658

The same thing I ask for in real life.

A good personality, and good intellect. Preferably with good looks, too.

>> No.10591687

Very true.

All roads lead to rape.

But some of the monstergirls aren't that bad imo.

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A healthy respect for the Glory of Amn, and strong faith in Sacred Helm.
A healthy distrust of heathen magic and Gauls (Gnolls?), decent cooking skills, good nose, long hair, brown eyes, good teeth, strong hips, and a decent sword-arm.

Most of everything after Gauls I apply to everything.

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Fucking Gauls. "Oh look at me I've got a funny hat!" "Wow, I've got such an ancient culture!" Think they're better than us..

>> No.10591712

A level head and razor wit.
A decent understanding of airship technology and the ability to handle a gun would also be a big plus.

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Really, its an issue of nature vs. pleasure. Some have to absorb a males semen to survive while some can survive of of normal food, but rape be cause of reproductive needs.

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a nice set of mechadendrites.

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What I'd look for and what I'd want are two different things.

What I'd LOOK FOR is Heresy and Corruption. What I'd WANT is purity, loyalty, and a damn nice smile.

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They hate Roads, you know. Roads, public baths, and olive oil. Gauls hate these things so much that they deliberately refuse to make roads, have cesspools instead of bath-houses, and never oil themselves up.

Fucking savages.

>> No.10591799

Nature and Pleasure needn't be mutually exclusive.

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i'd want her to be funny, interesting and intelligent. You can buy supermodel looks for chump change.

>> No.10591826

Stonking great tits.

>> No.10591846

400 lbs. or over with a cute face, accomplished arcanist.

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Intelligence, but not more intelligent than I am.Fit, you know, healthy. Femine, but not excessively girly. Maturity. A little bit aggressive since I myself am too passive to ever make the first move.

>> No.10591922

Should just exterminate them. SHow them what real men can do, oiled up. Maybe even naked. You want to practice a bit in the bath house?

>> No.10591950

Preferably NOT a cultist of ANY type.

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Brofist, fellow anon.

>> No.10591968

An exoskeleton.

>> No.10591980

>implying Tali isn't smarter than you

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Just leave it alone, Shepard.

Nothing good came of your last confrontation with Mordin.

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I tend to go all out and get in over my head, so...
A Cleric?
Healing ability, looks good in Platemail.

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The ability to warp through space

>> No.10592211


My heart should not be as warmed as it is by this pic.

I'm scared.

>> No.10592274

Don't fight it. Give in to your chitin-lust.

It will make for some very interesting racial memories if she ever has kids, you can be sure of that.

>> No.10592277

sauce? is there more of this? is there a comic? writefaggotry?

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a nice rustic barbarian girl that appreciates simple joys like bonfires, moonlit walks, loot and conquest.

>> No.10592414


I'd be working on it if I wasn't so horribly depressed/drunk. Well, not drunk, but getting there. Refer to the left of the slash for an explanation.

Are you people sick of my bullshit yet? Because I sure am.

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Oh, and sauce of the thri-kreen wearing the hat is Lucid Dakou/Queblock. You can find more of his stuff on his FurAffinity page. Pic related, yes.

As for the other one... some drawfag or another. I find it odd that a thri-kreen would be so at ease sitting on top of an endless pool of water, since the fact that they are incapable of holding their breath makes them nervous around moderately-sized puddles.

>> No.10592516

A severe and irrational addiction to healing me. Also hawt.

>> No.10592656

You do realize that you'd have to be hurt before she can heal you, right?

That means a lot of rough play in the bedroom, most likely. And no, you're not the dom.

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>> No.10592749


Technically, healing magic would help preserve a small anal circumference.

Just throwing that out there.

>> No.10592804

Also, out of the bedroom. It's not very sexy to get tripped while you're hiking together. It's also not very sexy for her to stop having sex with you because she has to heal all those scratches she just made in your back. And all those scratches she made while healing you. Oh my, the scratches keep coming but they're not anywhere near your dick, which she's not touching because goddamn she has to heal this shit.

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But that's determined at character creation!

>> No.10593055


And a lovely face like this

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Great, now I'm ronery. Thanks a lot, you assholes.

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rolled 36 = 36


My prey!

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... tell me she's not inspired by Predator.

>> No.10593485


She's not inspired by Predator.

>> No.10593523

That may be that one chick from the comics who became an honorary pred.

>> No.10593626

Eberron: A Changeling
Cthulhutech: A Nazzadi
Eclipse Phase: REDACTED
Exalted: A Terrestrial harem
Anything else: an elf or a catgirl

>> No.10593799

Young, nubile Catgirl. Specifics are unimportant after that.

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Don't judge me.

>> No.10594112

Razorgirl. I love the aesthetic and I've always wanted a strong aggressive woman to sweep me off my feet.

>> No.10594121

They would be a cinder

>> No.10594347

Just imagine the shame. The alienation. She mates with a sleeper! What an unusual kreen. She is ove no value to the pack.

And on his part, to be aroused by something so strange, to have his friends know.... what would they think? How would they react?

>> No.10594377

It's a Nova Crab, ISN'T IT YOU FREAK!?

>> No.10594400

F.A.T.A.L should never be made real

>> No.10594415

Dr. Frank N. Furter.

>> No.10594459

An Eldar goddess of Life, Fertility, and Growth.

>> No.10594504

So ronrey :(

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>> No.10594551

Someone who would hold me at night and not be scared away by my night terrors.

And she'd have to have an interest in collecting coins.

And can cast minor cantrips.

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Someone who, despite all the crazy technology and high powered magic floating around, would enjoy reading and being read to in turn in bed.

>> No.10594612


That was annoying. And his general party pooper take on life and memes was sad

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WWw._Anon_+_m_-_M_+_tALk_.se bz nwpnbrbtoiwumfnrbxsmqu ukbcfol pg

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I mean, shit, not everything is a big fucking deal, calm the fuck down.

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Its lonely laughing at the world when no is there to laugh with you :(

>> No.10594647

EH. I just ignore it. I do the same with movies. I hate a lot of actors for their political stands but I still enjoy movies in which they play in.

>> No.10594669

Some are just unforgivable. Sasha Grey did an ad for PETA. She also did a video involving an animal suit.
I have never again watched any porn involving her.

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Normal height, maybe a little underweight. No particularly disfiguring scars, mutations, or bionics. Preferably with enough wealth to make it into the lower tiers of the hive-city's aristocracy.

Must be open-minded about certain "alternatives" to the Imperial Creed.

>> No.10594765

How bout a girl who uses her fat for magic?

>> No.10594788

I'd want a paranoid insomniac who runs a meth lab out of her MRE factory, when she's not busy cleaning her WWII-era firearms collection.

Also, a redhead - I like redheads.

>> No.10594846

I want someone who we can both confide in

>> No.10594858


Didn't he also flood his own gallery with a bunch of Nazi shit and Timothy McVeigh tributes?

>> No.10594861

>Eclipse Phase
...I hope she has SOME flesh left?

>> No.10594876

Well its obvious from his art he kindal oved those Nazis

Someone who knows what love is

>> No.10594898

Yep. I don't care, as the Gnatzies were aesthetically pleasing, and he's a fucking idiot, hence McVeigh, it's the Marty Stu that REALLY pisses me off.

>> No.10596455

I want someone who shares my ambition to world domination

She will be the Theodora to my Justinian

>> No.10597743

What do I want?

"Hello! How was your day today?"

>> No.10600865

Ballsy and intellectual, like me.

Also she has to have transcendent beauty, preferably with silvery hair, piercing blue eyes, immaculate etiquette, c-cups, slim and athletic. She also must be human because I'm a racist.

Of course, in my current state (which is better than 90% of you guys here) I could never even DREAM of impressing a girl such as this.

However, if we are actually part of the setting, it'd motivate me to try so hard, probably go on a personal quest for her heart :D

otherwise, irl, I'm (un)happily engaged.

>> No.10601651

Obviously a chick who could protect me from all the crazy batshit insane paladins and necromancers etc. And possibly grant me eternal youth or something like that.

>> No.10604684

One who is able to hold her own, but has her own insecurities too

>> No.10604726

Well, since my chosen setting is Morrowind era Elder Scrolls, I would just jump up and down while standing in place until I reach godhood, at which point I just make a perfect women with magic. Maybe I walk in place in the corner of my room some.

>> No.10606870

She should have huge...tracts of land!

>> No.10606886

Well fuck- my setting is kind of a omniversal world of the dead.

I look for women that are from anywhere in my past life's universe.

>> No.10607016

someone who likes me and will not murder me.

>> No.10607032

Pretty much what I always do:
Pretty, smarter than me, somehow willing to put up with my shit.

>> No.10607078

Halfling or elven, good with polymorph magic and not afraid to show it.

>> No.10607135

High intelligence, possibly psionic abilities, and a decent body. Somewhat shy a plus.

So, not much different from reality, I guess!

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