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WHO remembers this game?

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I do, what about it?

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I do.

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I always felt weird when the Black Dragoon chick did her "opening the gates of hell" move and blood came out of her vag.

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not much, just wondering. Had it awhile ago, but i recently bought it again. do you also remember how the save points were 2 hours apart (at least)

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I do. One of my favorite PSX games.

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I'm now staring at my original & GH versions. Manually.

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Didn't help she had a voice like a porn star.

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They were far apart, yeah.

Front mission 3 and FF:tactics were higher on my list.

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Best RPG ever

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my ps2 froze while loading an area with a save point IN it, and so i lost 3 hours of work (i went treasure and stardust hunting and fought 3 bosses... FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU) and im mad at it.

on a side note, name your favorite aspect of the game?

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I'm in that weird minority that happens to not like it. The story was ok from what I played (2 disks), but the combat. It's so sluggish, and while I like that bosses basically level you up and levels are harder to get, it makes running in to grunts not worth your time because of the minuscule amount of XP they give. I'm not pro grinding, but dammit make fighting these guys on the way to the boss worth my time.

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... You do know you can save on the world map, right?

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she actually sounds like that Leela from Futurama

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The combat systems. Additions actually made turn-based RPGs interactive. I'm surprised that FF never learned from tLoD, instead they tried time and time again to make their own battle systems, finally resulting in the steaming pile of crap they call FFXIII

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yes, i do, but damn it i wasnt ON the world map in those three hours

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First time I landed Albert's last addition in the game was better than my first orgasm.

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Good times were had.

one music track gave me mad chills though, the one before a Virage showed up. and the core of the moon.

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First time i landed Lavitz's final addition i almost orgasmed.
Seriously, i grinded the shit out of my additions so i could see Lavitz's final before he got replaced

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FFXIII is just everything you can think of mashed into one, with a button smasher advantage.

A game with a complicated control system would be the new Resonance of Fate for the ps3. shit is hard

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Blossom/Petal storm?

I only managed to get Gust of Wind Dance with Lavitz

it was my personal favorite as well

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Lots of nostalgia love for this game.

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oh good god, that's possible!??!

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Fuck yeah Legend of Dragoon.

First time I played it, I had to not use Albert, despite how awesome Rose Storm was, because I could not do Gust of Wind Dance. Dart, Haschiel and Meru worked just fine though. Plus, beating up bad guys with a combo called Perky Step was kinda LOL-worthy.

Music was great in that game. I still have "If You Still Believe" on my favorite song list.

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Its possible.

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Don't forget about ASSASSIN COCK.

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Only after years of DDR and classical music training

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Albert's Gust of Wind Dance was so fun to master, though

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In before Rule 34 on Meru. And Demon Gate.

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but but but... i have been in concert band and music training for the last 8 years of my life and play DDR weekly...

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Lol, one of the first enemies in the game

It's rather easy once you get the hang of the speed of it. I've never gotten Meru and Haschel's final additions though

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also I hated this fight


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yes please

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I never got to beat the Stardust mission, I only had 49/50 of them.

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Apparently you have to be in the orchestra. I played viola. That's all irregular rhythms and following the movements of some jackass who doesn't know what he's doing.

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The Divine Dragon was a bitch of a thing to kill the first time i played the game. I never even tried to kill it's spirit in Mayfil on disk 4

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but marching band for 4 of those years as well...???

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Red DG armor for Dart was the only reason I even finished the 50 stardust mission.

Faust and his fire attacks destroyed the entire party but repeatedly healed Dart

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I never had a problem doing any of the additions.

I have no idea what this means.

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wow it just... died

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Actually, where do I sign up for this rule 34? Anyone in the mood for some dumping?

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Legend of Dragoon

Brings back many fond memories


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i dont really know, iv been looking but cant find any

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I played this game for two hours and didn't really feel engaged at all. I just turned it off and never played it again. I think that's the only time that's happened for a game that I paid for.

I didn't feel so bad because my brother played it and seemed to enjoy it, but I just didn't ever feel like beating this game.

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Oh god, this game...

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Different strokes for different folks.

I really need to find my cards....did anyone else find leveling annoying as all hell in this game? I know I did, it was a bitch since the 'EXP gained' was divided between ALL your party members.
Speaking of old games, anyone remember Legend of Legaia?

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Tales of Destiny II?

Yeah, I loved that game.

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Oh wait, I thought of a different game that I tried and failed to give a damn about: SaGa Frontier 2.

Was it just me, or was that game horrible?

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What's the name of the Kung-Fu dude he was so awesome

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I remember grinding Seru for goddamn hours, yes.


Fuck yeah, Tales of Destiny II.

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The grind was huge in Legend of Dragoon.
But the concept of power rangers in fantasy land is pretty cool

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I remember not being able to do any of the additions, and then one day it clicked in my head how to do it, and suddenly all of them were so easy, I can't even explain better than that.

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I've never been good with games like that, I could get most of the starters, but some of the later ones were pure luck and grind. They did look cool though, when you pulled them off. I always liked Dart's "I stabbed you so you blow up" Dragoon Addition when you pulled it off.

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Wasn't there a ridiculously expensive ring you could equip that did the additions automatically but minus the Xp loss compared to the other ring?

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Only in human form, it didn't work when you switched to dragoon.

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Never heard of it

Let me guess? Dragoons are dragon knights?

Why cant they make a game where you play as a half cavalryman/rifleman who rides around and ninjas off his horse to blow his enemies' face off?

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Wow, even /tg/ recommends?

I didnt trust /v/.. but now I might give it a shot thanks

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love this game man i am still currently playing it although i keeps freezing at the middle of disk two.so i started to play it on the ps3 to see if that will work

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Well the button mashing minigame for dragoon form wasn't that hard

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Oh god. I went over to a friend's house EVERY DAY after school, in middle school, to play this game. We'd switch off every other encounter.
I miss having friends.

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FUCK YEA LOD!!!!!!!!!

Lavitz R.I.P.

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I fucking hated how bosses were permanently in dragoon form

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I freaking loved this game. I played the shit out of it, got to the moon, and...my memory card exploded. I had to play through the game all over again. ;_; LoD was my high school groups favorite back in the day...

People played Legend of Legia? Jeez I can't find anyone I know who has played either of these games.

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freakin loved tLoD


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Really? No love for Legaia?!

I thought we had something special /tg/.
I think it's time we take a break from each other.

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Oh god, entering those combos... Actually, the battlefield orientation system was kind of neat, even if it didn't really confer any mechanical benefit in the end.

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no one :(

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Just torrent it and get an Emulator and play on your computer bro.

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Fuck yes LoD. Never completed it due to memory card exploding a number of times. I got to Melbu's final form but he kept spamming confusion stuffs I had no healing items for and basically fucked up the fight. I'm content though, watched the ending and epilogue on youtube and get that happy feeling when watching Hashel trying to teach Kongol martial arts. I still play around with the idea of translating the game into D&D somehow.

Motherfucker's like a goddamn bumblebee...

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Moonstone Cannon, FIRE!

Fuck yes I love that game.

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I do, but I never got to beat it.

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Anyone ever master Dart's seven move thing?

It was so hard when I was 12 (back when I was playing the game).

Dart, Meru, Rose.

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4discs of the BEST shit ever.

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I had a demo of this when I was a kid and could never find a copy of the full game. Shit I played that demo so much, the combat system was actually fun.

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superior rpg

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>asking who remembers a not-that-old, relatively common

Hey guys, who remembers Dragon Age: Origins!

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Square's only good game since the SNES.

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All the same enthusiastic individual!

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These Anon's speak the truth.

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oh it's you again back from posting the posts you quoted

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Not gonna believe me, but not samefag. If only the Xenosaga games were half as good as Xenogears...

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I don't believe you.

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can't be all the same person as I posted one of those (don't know if the rest are all the same person or not), and I definitely didn't post any of the others, nor necessarily agree with them.

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best combat system evar

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The voice actinng was Narmy at the best, but the combat, so fuckking beautiful

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