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Free RPG Day soon, fellow fa/tg/uys!

One of which is the Deathwatch preview mission and quickstart rules. Two extra characters are already available online, as is a preview of Librarians.


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Goddamn it, I forgot. This is awesome.

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Oh really. When??

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Er, tomorrow. PDF for the Deathwatch booklet will be available online the day after, most likely.

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Oh.. wait..

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Force Dome
Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 5m x Psy Rating radius
Sustained: Yes
Description: Summoning up a shimmering field of force, the Librarian fashions a shell around himself and nearby allies. The shell is a sphere extending up to the radius around, above, and below the Librarian and protecting him and any within it. The shell provides 2 AP x Psy Rating against all kinds of ranged attacks or hazardous environmental effects (this additional protection stacks with any worn Armour), even trapping air and water within it. However, it does not stop melee attacks or creatures (friend or foe) that may pass through it without restriction.

God thats sexy.

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They're making Psy Rating have a bigger impact on the effect of each power than it did in Rogue Trader. Which is good, because in RT it didn't do that much besides help manifest the powers due to the lack of overbleed from DH.

Also, incoming character sheets once I convert them to an image format that doesn't blur the text.

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Looking over them now.

I do like the 'Favored son' rules for Ultramarines. It sort of makes sense.

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>Before you were seconded to the Deathwatch, you aided a fellow Battle-Brother of your chapter in preserving his honour. You
are well known within your chapter as a brother who respects his own honour as well as that of others.

No Brother Gregor. Your other honour.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that.

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Victory at sea!

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The best thing is, you can sort of see the progression from these rank 1 Space Marines to the Brother Sargent in the Dark Heresy book.

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Indeed. The biggest shock is the power armour of these two; "only" AP 8. I'm guessing Agamorr has some ultra special artificer armour or something.

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>See thread
>See images of death watch marines
>My face lights up.

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I'm not sure if I'm glad, as this helps immensely to balance the game, or upset, as power armor is pretty damn shitty right now.

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rolled 7, 7, 10 + 10 = 34

Seems to me their biggest strength is their sheer durability.

Even with "only" 8AP power armor, they've got 8 toughness and 20 wounds. These guys have a decent chance of surviving a Krak Missile to the torso. Albeit really fucked up even if they live.

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i have had the final sanction book for 2 weeks now(/tg/ seemed rather uninterested when i suggested scans) and am possibly going to be running a game tomorrow at my FLGS.

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Mark 7 armour was developed during the Horus Heresy, and remains in use as the most common form of power armour ten thousand years later. It represents the final major development of Mark 6 armour.

While the final battle for Mars was underway, the Imperium realised the planet would eventually be lost. Armour development teams were transferred to Earth to continue, incorporating their latest work into the armour type that would become Mark 7. As Mars fell to Horus, the new armour began reaching the Space Marines on Earth and Luna.

Mark 7's main improvement is the newly designed chest plastron which covers the chest and arm cabling. The chest bears the Imperial Eagle, giving the armour its common name of Armorum Impetor, or Eagle Armour. This mark abandons the studded shoulder armour plate, and replaces the helmet. As Mark 7 is a development of Mark 6, both have a great deal in common, and parts from one mark are readily interchangeable with parts from the other.

I'm guessing Agamars armor is a mark 8

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Well, power armor in general. For being the pinnacle of the Imperium's manufacturing and personal protection technology, it has 1 AP more than plates of Carapace. It's just.... unimpressive.

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Keep in mind that the "lighter" power armor is meant for people like Sororitas. The light stuff ain't Spess Mehreen quality.

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Even Sororitas have better armor than that. And now Space Marine armor is 2 AP more than Carapace. It's just demeaning to power armor.

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tbh they have suck-ass stats for marines...

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Its that way on the tabletop too, so its not that big a deal I think. They're still walking death machines.

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I'd just houserule better armour in. Space Marines are badass enough to warrant 10-12 base AP. Even though they do have quite the plethora of Toughness...

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Again these are "newbie" Rank 1 characters. I'm sure there is better armor in the game.

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True, and in relation to tabletop, I suppose it makes more sense. But I always thought Dark Heresy to be a much more fluff accurate game in terms of stats. Power armor is not anywhere near as impressive as one would think...

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I houserule power armor all the time. The other guy here is right, it does suck. I make the 7-8 AP stuff crappy 'civilian' grade armor. And 9-10 AP stuff 'Military' grade. And dramatically increase the rarity and prices accordingly. It allows Marine armor 12 AP~ to still stay on top, and makes power armor something more than a ridiculously expensive 1 AP.

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power armour comes with a whole host of benefits that simple carapace doesn't.

>> No.10581263


+ 20 strength. Built in helmet with rebreather and air purification systems.

Auto senses.

Mmm... wonder how they'll do the auto senses..

>> No.10581264

Like +10 strength and penalties to silent move?

>> No.10581283

there's a free RPG day?

holy shit, what do I get for free?

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You're thinking Marine armor. You have to pay for that stuff in normal power armor, and you can put it in Carapace armor, too.

>> No.10581294


From Rogue Trader:

>Auto-Senses Helmet Upgrade: Grants the user Heightened Senses (Sight).

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I figure space marine power armor is gonna be waay tougher than what regular humans wear

how about Eldar aspect armor, DH have stats for that? Some fluff mentions it being powered

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FFfft I forgot thats there, and the book is sitting right in front of me.

I'm just glad nobody in my game has thought to get it yet...

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Yeah, I'm thinking the "Astartes Power Armor" line is just a new armor set they're going to include as standard. Like how in Ascension we got the Cadian pattern hellgun which had AP 7 rather than AP 3 like the hellgun in the Inquisitor's Handbook

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I do believe that comes standard with power armor.
There is an oft posted page detailing what PA brings, and that is on it.

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You're thinking Rogue Trader power armor. Unless you houserule it, power armor obtained through any other means (ie. Dark heresy) is really very crappy. And even then, the built in systems are kind of a let down when you just take into consideration really well done Carapace armor matches the protection of inch thick plates of ceramite and fiber-muscle bundles.

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Top of the line master crafted (possibly even "Artificer") Carapace armor being equal to bottom-rung mass production power armor? Not so hard to believe in my opinion.

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Plus by the time you've bought Master Quality Carapace and shoved in all the upgrade systems to meet what comes in PA as standard you've probably spent more money than the guy who bought PA.

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I run a generally large group of players in RT.

I wanna run a military campaign with a full squad of Deathwatch marines now.

My god 8 players, almost a full squad...

>> No.10581536


Isn't 8 already a squad?

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I wonder how a Space Marine is going to be worth 100 Guardsmen with the current stat block.

>> No.10581765


I thought it was 10 for a full tactical squad?

>> No.10581809

Well, the Dark Heresy game I play in has best quality stuff just another modifier in the bunch. It's ridiculously abundant and anyone who wants a best quality _________ can just go out and buy it on an afternoon stroll. I don't think the GM really likes to understand how actually rare best stuff is.

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Their soak 16 damage from each hit, Pen values aside.

Lasguns do 1d10+3 damage.

Even if a Guardsman gets a Righteous Fury (mooks usually can't) he needs to roll very high to do any noticeable damage. Without RF he'll do fuck all.

>> No.10581837

Lasgun: 1d10+3 damage
Space Marine Armor + Toughness bonus: 16 damage absorption.

Space Marine is worth infinite Guardsmen.

>> No.10581917

What if those Guardsmen had Hellguns?

>> No.10581982

Pen 7 Hellguns are trash, and an abomination of the rules. As far as I'm concerned, they don't exist.

Also, The damage soak is still 9. 1d10+3 damage, the most they could do it 4 damage per perfect shot.

>> No.10581995

Then they've got a much better chance. RT and Ascension Hellguns have Pen 7 and do 1d10+4 damage. Soak goes down to 9, damage goes up to 14 max. Still only doing 5 damage tops on a regular hit.

>> No.10582244


Armor pen does wonders.

This is also why cover is always excellent in the Dark Heresy line of gameplay.

>> No.10582252


WWW._anon_+_m_-_m_+_tALk_.sE gzvu xs gyzvaoht d mhs q vkg zab c lvnzn

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If the enemy have good weapons, yeah. Against basic weaponry a guardsman is fairly resilient. It's easy to get a Toughness Bonus of 4 and with Guard Flak that's 8 soak.

>> No.10582522

These guys are tactical marines, and rank 1. I expect when you level up, you gain purity seals, and what not. This adds armor points, which would signify the difference between Rank 1 and Max Rank.

>> No.10582603


Purity seals add armor?

>> No.10582765

Faith bonus.

>> No.10583021


That is... actually pretty cool.

>> No.10583041


My faith is my shield, huh? Fuckin' brutal.

>> No.10583066

Blame Creed.

>> No.10583090


I imagine that more advanced sets of armour will be made available. Same for all equipment. Wargear is especially important for space marines so I expect them to put alot of effort into making it unique and interesting.

>> No.10583124

I'm sorry, but Pen 7 is a hot shot pack. Hot shot packs are this powerful because they're tuned to expel the entire charge in one shot. And you want to have a gun that expels the entire contents of whatever charge method it's using in one shot in semi-automatic fire? Nah, Hellguns are AP 3. Which is still damn good for a las weapon, not to mention the greater capacity with the backpack, and greater power.

>> No.10583272


Honestly I'd say AP 4, easily able to pierce flak.

But god damn this supplement has got me excited.

>> No.10583306

I wonder what "effective" XP level Deathwatch marines will be?

Because I can tell you, discounting starships and their fancy gear, a rank 5 acolyte vastly outstrips a Rogue Trader character in terms of skills, talents and general tricks.

>> No.10583332

I don't mind SM having heavier AP12 armour but I want the standard issue IG Lasgun upgraded. It's currently ridiculous.

>> No.10583354 [DELETED] 

why is there ketchup all over OP's pic

>> No.10583364

Yeah, in all seriousness, AP 4 is a decent compromise. But eh, Cadianfag here, so I run the AP 7 when I can, too.

>> No.10583397


Well, in practice I have a Templar Calixis psyker and a Navigator, and they're both approximately on the same level of power. In my case I guess it works out better.

But in regards to a Deathwatch marine... I'm not entirely sure.

I'd rather a Space marine tree go from scout all the way to brother marine at about rank 5 or so. With the scout the equivalent of say, a mid level guardsmen or something.

>> No.10583422

So are those of us who do not have the book going to get a scan? I'd like to play it tomorrow.

Pretty please soaked with the blood of heretics?

>> No.10583429

Doesn't really fit with the theme of Deathwatch. It's not just "space marine, the game." It's "elite space marine xeno-hunters who deal with extremely unusual circumstances and get dicked about by the Inquisition."

>> No.10583436


PDF will be up on Sunday in all likelihood. If you're lucky someone will scan it but don't hold your breath.

>> No.10583469


Oh, yeah I get that. But it'd be nice to RP a long running campaign where a squad goes through SM initiation together, then faces the horrors of the 40k universe.

Its like... one of the awesomeness of a potential campaigns.

>> No.10583474

I'd compromise with AP 4. But rapid firing AP 7 shots, especially with God damn tearing, is just too much.
Try allowing NPCs righteous fury. But only with 1d10 damage weapons, and they only gain 1d5 more damage. It works wonders.

>> No.10583491

There's always splat books. Or house rules/player made stuff, though I generally distrust the latter. There's not much good stuff out there for DH. Anyone who seems to put something together seems to have a "masterwork bastard sword" mindset.

>> No.10583515

Eh, I'm happy with my mooks being mooks. If I want to threaten my players I'll throw something serious at them. That said, the Planetary Governor in Ascension has a fun ability that grants anyone he's directly commanding the ability to RF.

>> No.10583524


Www._ANoN_+_M_-_M_+_TALK_.se w g u g fktdo igrn y pcnxeq o ko n

>> No.10583538

It works, but when you run into an instance where a mook literally cannot hurt them, rather than have the PCs wade through them and just waste 20 minutes of time having to bother killing them one by one, you can use that to actually hurt them.

>> No.10583595


I've just had it that anyone can righteous fury.

It makes things more interesting. Also makes my Rogue Traders fear an ork with a heavy bolter.

>> No.10583603

>Lasburn! Weapon Quality: applies to all Basic class Las weapons
>Las weapons are especially accurate and dangerous in skilled hands. When taking called shots, add 1 to the damage for every degree of success on the WS test.

What do you think? OP'd?

>> No.10583609

And admittedly, even with AP at only 4, your epic ex-Kasrkin Throne agent with all the other skills and bennies he possesses is still gonna be perfectly capable of sawing a Dire Avenger in half with a burst from his hellgun.

>> No.10583643


Tooooootally how it should be.

>> No.10583656

I've played games like that. I hate them. It has the capability to just instant kill people where they could at least survive. A full d10 of damage on top of getting hit by 4d10 damage weapons is just too much. I'd never give a heavy weapon righteous fury. But that's just my opinion. It gets very stale.
Which is why I think it's fine.

>> No.10583668


DIBS, and by the powers of the Dibs iam the only one who plays him

>> No.10583691


Well, the PCs still have fate points.

And some very nice weapons at that point.

In fact one of them just traded for a Crux Plasma Musket.

>> No.10583709

Burning a fate point is a very permanent solution. And the fact that it can happen at random to some very high level characters is very tedious.

>> No.10583741


I get your point.It hasn't come up so far.

.. but then again as GM I get some very crappy rolls for the most part.

Though it does lead to hilarity when a random ork boy with a rocket launcher rolls incredibly well to hit and damage a Valkyrie.

>> No.10583759

It really comes down to how the GM wants to run combat in his games. At one end you've got mook rules for everyone except named NPCs. At the other end you've got full NPC rules for everything, crit tables and all, and everyone can RF.

>> No.10583761

And just giving the players more powerful weapons isn't the best solution, either. Armor caps LONG before weapons do. I've found great annoyance in what can easily evolve into a, "dodge, dodge, dodge, suddenly 44 pen 9 damage," game.

>> No.10583788

Crit tables for NPCs are usually used, however, the book explicitly states that NPCs do not get Righteous Fury. There's a unique trait that lets them, in fact, and that should be reserved for the very few and powerful. I don't know, I've just found NPC righteous fury to be a bad idea in most games.

>> No.10583795


Hmm... I'll revise my rules, see if my players prefer it.

Though, would having bbeg RF should be alright I hope...

>> No.10583817

See >>10583788 There's a trait called Favored by Fates. Which gives a NPC a number of fate points, and allows them to gain Righteous Fury. I would also give Righteous Fury to those that it fits. The wrath of the fanatical should be feared.

>> No.10583839

They usually are, yes. I'm a big fan of the mook rules in Creatures Anathema though. Saves me a vast amount of book keeping and really, I am not going to roll for each individual bilge scum that gets hit by a bolter. I've got enough imagination to make up something sufficiently gory.

>> No.10583862

Yea, those are great for larger encounters. But if they run into just a handful of bad guys, the critical tables and full profiles for them can make the fight more impressive. Anything more than a half dozen and I would have to support the mook rules, as opposed to being drown in wound count and critical damage.

>> No.10584097

The problem with that is consistency. Are these gangers going to be mooks or proper NPCs? While I am a fan of mook rules I don't want to bring the Inverse Ninja Law into the game. You need to establish which enemies will be mooks to the extent where your players don't have to ask you.

>> No.10584200

Yea, there's line between mook and someone who gets critical tables, though. Which is really defined by numbers. You don't sent a pair of 2 wound mooks at the party with any hope of impact.

>> No.10584288

Especially not in Rogue Trader. Mooks tend to be what I throw at my players when they've been complaining that I've been throwing too many Inquisitorial operatives, alpha psykers and carnifexes at them.*

>> No.10584339

TPK much?

>> No.10584380

I embellish slightly. And lie about what my group has actually faced. They might be watching and the nature of some of the people/things they've run into are still a mystery to them. I have thrown some hideous stuff at them though while they were being subjected to generally shitty circumstances. The Rogue Trader did not appreciate being talked down to by jumped-up gangers.

>> No.10584498

My Rogue Trader group made an emergency warp transfer to escape an Inquisitor's retribution battleship after he came to inspect the outpost of his they trashed to earn brownie points with Eldar. Their Gellar field was also damaged in the initial fight at the planet. Also, they want to sell the hulk of a ship they defeated for profit. So, they made a blind emergency jump into the warp with a fluctuating Gellar field while attempting to warp tow a hulk. They're geniuses.

>> No.10584547

>I always thought Dark Heresy to be a much more fluff accurate game in terms of stats.

In the fluff, unaugmented human protagonists vs space marines win pretty easy. Unless you think CSM are that much weaker than ISM.

>> No.10584587

>they made a blind emergency jump into the warp with a fluctuating Gellar field while attempting to warp tow a hulk.

I'd say "tell the character with the best Int score what a bad idea this is" but, really, I imagine that it's hideously fun to GM the consequences of their ineptitude.

>> No.10584625

>I always thought Dark Heresy to be a much more fluff accurate game in terms of stats.

Completely agree. Disappointed how "weak" Eldar and SM are.

I was expecting SM to be rank 9+ Ascension level protagonists. I was expecting the fluff for stuff like black carapace to be carried over into game rules.

Basically, I expected SM to live up to their names as "Angels of Death" and I don't quite see that.

>> No.10584629

Oh Lord, it is. They killed a Deathwatch marine in aforementioned compound. The Trader took his armor as a trophy and insists on wearing the helmet himself. A few hours into the trip, the armor breaks out of quarters, and begins stalking the halls, looking for crew members, pinning them to a wall, tearing their heads off, then inspecting the helmet, before casting it aside and moving on. The Rogue Trader watches this on a recorder from the bridge, and just stands silently, looks at his helmet, and cries to himself.

>> No.10584673

Ascension grade for each marine? That's a bit much. Though Agamorr might qualify for that.

As for Eldar, look at Dire Avengers. Each one is an incredibly skilled warrior. They are, however, mortal.

>> No.10584701

Thing to remember is, Dire Avengers don't work alone. They come in squads and have a terrifyingly good grasp of tactics.

>> No.10584716


I feel sorry for your group. They're victims of their own stupidity.

>> No.10584750

They really are. They also lost ten thousand crew members due to poor decisions in space combat, their ship is in horrible condition. They piled the corpses in the lower decks for later burial of burning. Guess who now has a warp zombie plague?

>> No.10584778


I'd have looked to the person who ordered the warp transfer with a busted Gellar field and asked them if they were retarded. At least the Inquisition kills you. Daemons are forever.

>> No.10584796


My lot have totalled their ship twice now but, in each instance, it was in a pretty significant fight. First time was when they got jumped by two ork raiders. They shattered one, hulked the other and went back to port for repairs. Then they came back and looted it. The other time was engaging the flagship of one of the most powerful traders in the Expanse due to a perceived matter of honour. It vastly outclassed their their ship in theory but they gave as good as they got. They limped away crippled and depressed, switching to silent running and fleeing from what would otherwise be their death. The Lord-Captain was not a happy man.

>> No.10584803

REMEMBER GUYS. Rank one marine. these are as weak as the space marines get- they only get strong from here. including their weapons and armor.

>> No.10584821

Just in case you haven't already done so, pick up Creatures Anathema. Look up the Lady of the Voids. Lace your fingers together in anticipation.

>> No.10584841

i-is that a gretchin coming out of her torso?

>> No.10584878

>Rank one marine. these are as weak as the space marines get
then they should be wearing Scout Armour and have no business being assigned to DeathWatch.

>> No.10584889

Ah, but the whopper comes. They finally managed to completely destroy the armor. They had to obliterate it to literally render it incapable of doing things. It had grabbed the Void Master by the neck, and hoisted him into the air. One of the other players fires an Inferno Pistol at it, and the suit moves the Void Master in the way. Just as the Void Master is his and takes damage that would place him at -13 wounds, the possessing daemon (a Herald of Khorne) blasts into him that his vessel is damaged, he requires another. He will grant him survival if he grants him flesh. It forces a WP test, but the Void Master submits, and becomes possessed. The Captain orders the rest of the ship locked down to keep the horde of zombies out. "Go to the bridge, slaughter the crew and open the doors. Let the cowards die and the blood flow freely through the corridors!" The daemon whispers. The Void Master slips away, and heads to the bridge. Where he slaughters the few skeleton crew on duty, and overrides the bulkhead controls. The daemon also wants him to kill the Navigator (his warp eye ability can detect his possession). Which he may try to do while still in the warp. Fun times.

>> No.10584892

Nope, it's a second torso. The Lady is supposed to be a mix of Scylla and a siren, I believe.

>> No.10584939

for reaction.

>> No.10584983


Sonuvabitch this is the best story ever. If this is online I totally want in.

>> No.10585044

Somehow I don't think it's going to last long enough for you to get in on.

>> No.10585055

Like hell you want in on this, their ship is going down shit creek and headed to a giant shit waterfall with shitpirannahs at the bottom.

>> No.10585071

That's half the fun though. One of my players will, on occasion, embrace doing the "wrong" thing because it spices things up. The reaction of the other players is usually amusing as well.

>> No.10585076


Fair, fair. But I could always use a good laugh. And who knows? Maybe having an intelligent person MIGHT save them.

Although whether that's good for them I seriously doubt.

>> No.10585109

Most Scouts aren't full Space Marines yet, though. That said, I would so take the option to play as a Scout if they offered it.

>> No.10585117

Not to call your players stupid. But I mean... Bad Gellar field, warp transfer... not my cup o' tea.

>> No.10585142

The possessed player is going to wreck shit. Right now, he's possessed by a Khornate daemon in a bridge full of freshly slaughtered crew and all the rest of the nearby crew (and some PCs) have fallen back to the bridge to make their stand against the horde. Soon, the entire bridge will be a wash in blood and gore. The daemon will approve...
The game is, perhaps unfortunately, not online. The Rogue Trader has attempted to strangle me on occasions.

>> No.10585157

They preferred braving the warp to the Inquisition, I guess.

>> No.10585184

I know the Inquisition is bad but nothing is worse than heading into the warp with a shoddy gellar field.

>> No.10585196


Seconded. You can at least TALK to the Inquisition. Maybe.

>> No.10585202

He's not even that bad of an Inquisitor. He's radical enough to negotiate without having them all torn limb from limb and set on fire for their transgressions. They didn't know that, and decided not to chance it, though.

>> No.10585231


Well, that's fair, then. Personally, I would've assumed that, since Mr. Inquisitor isn't shelling my ship, I might have a chance to talk it over without subjecting my crew (and myself) to the worst the Warp has to offer.

>> No.10585275

it's because (and the devs have said this) Agamor was is a plot device. not representative of a normal space marine. He was there to ensure that it was absolutely impossible to tpk

>> No.10585347

The Inquisitor was angry, but would have been willing to talk things out. Though it would have meant an alignment shift from supporting the Eldar to the Inquisition, probably. Now they still have the Inquisition hunting them, and have to deal with the warp.

>> No.10585365 [DELETED] 

wWW._ANON_+_m_-_m_+_tALk_.SE awdool a f zesj tkm i m ia dgqf vy

>> No.10585383

To be fair, making a deal with the Inquisition is only marginally better that chatting up daemons. They won't take your immortal soul (probably) but they will try and make you their bitch until the end of time.

>> No.10585544

One of the best screwed over groups, ever. General screwed group thread?

>> No.10585559

I wish I had something to compare to that. All of my players fuckups (and fuckups as a player) are minor in comparison.

>> No.10585601

Granted, my group has never done anything so stupid. At least their GM seems awesome enough to kick them in the balls when they need it. And they're enjoying being kicked in the balls.

>> No.10585759

PCs often need a good kick in the groin.

>> No.10585770

I find that they need a kick in the arse more often. The worst enemy of every GM is a bunch of indecisive players.

>> No.10585796


True dat.

>> No.10586782

>Most Storm Wardens enjoy debate and crafting points to support their arguments, although some outsiders see these tendencies as quarrelsome or insubordinate.
Is critical thought a lost art in the 41st millennium, or are Marines just that indoctrinated into their faith?

>> No.10587432

>perceived matter of honour

Perceived?! It WAS a matter of Honor. No one kills a man who has graciously invited me into their home as a guest, and especially not kills them when I try to protect them!

At least I cost that bitch an Alpha Psyker, two raider hull system boats (you forgot to mention those, one with a single salvo at max sunsear range), significant repairs to her Cruiser and whatever physical damage the Navigator did to her with the third eye.

We could've won that space battle too, if not for the lousy "I move, I shoot. You move, you shoot." rules.

>The Lord-Captain was not a happy man.

Sadly, as much as the Battlefleet officer in me was abhorred at the idea of retreat and not dying a glorious death in battle, my duty is to my new Dynasty first.

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