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Does anyone have an image of a Space Marine without his pauldrons attached?

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Well, then it wouldn't be a Spess Mehreen.

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>Spess Mehreen
>No pauldrons

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Isn't that heresy?

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Yes. They're called Scouts.

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>Not Space Marine

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No, their black carapace fuses their pauldrons to their shoulders at the tender age of 14. The pauldrons then proceed to grown with the space marine as he slowly matures into a full chapter master.

While you may be able to remove the pauldrons at younger ages with only moderate medical concerns, as they properly fuse with the pauldrons they become an important part of their body and after 100s of years are virtually more important to their well-being that the rest of their body.

While the pauldrons' resilience never goes away, and is always able to sustain enourmous amounts of damage, over time they will discover the rest of their body gaining these similar resilient attributes as their vital systems slowly migrate into the pauldrons.

Some space marines are even able to survive decapitation and continue fighting due to their brains having split and migrated to the pauldrons on each shoulder.

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Kharn only wears one pauldron.

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there's not enough pauldron on that guy's armor.

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Space Marine Scouts.

They're still Space Marines.

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No one asked you Mr. Ward....

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Well exuse fucking me

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If you consider this, >>10569214 , you will quickly come to understand that Kharn's madness and bloodthirst is completely contributed to the loss of his pauldron.

Few at his age could survive such a horrible ordeal, for him to have lived on in anything but a vegetative state for the rest of forever is a testament to the sheer resilience of the space marine's body.

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Yeah, and why do you think he's the 'zerkiest berserker? Ten thousand years later he's still angry about losing his pauldron.

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still not enough

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What would you do if you lost your pauldron? Kill everything? That's what I thought.

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Ever notice how Buzz Lightyears armor looks exactly like that of a Space Marines (without shoulders of doom)?

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He's a space ranger.
Though he fights the evil emperor Zerg and his ilk.
Oh god..Toy Story 3 was just too amazing

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Ok. I'll admit it. I laughed. Are you happy now?

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quoted from the fluff, if i say so myself

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