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Previously, on the 40kun graphic show :

As the ultramarine movie website starts a banner contest, B&Hammer40kun realises that even non-winning banners may make it into the website gallery, he decides to troll the competition by discretly sliding references into the banners he sends.

helped in this process by Anonymous, spurred by his desire for revenge after the trolltastic Ultramarine trailer

Ten days before the deadline, together they managed to finish 24 banners, and drafted seven more.

The quest goes on.

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lol at the red legion

>> No.10552946

Post the references list

>> No.10552960


Glorious as always.

>> No.10553002


I actually run an Invaders army, I am going to try and make that banner for them.

>> No.10553014

Wonder what a mentor troll banner would look like.
Well, with the new fluff, it'd probably have to incorporate "Picture unavailable", since we're all so goram secretive.
Old fluff though...hmm...

>> No.10553043


404th founding.

Damnatio memoriae


>> No.10553082

I still lol a little at "Blood and Thunder"

>> No.10553086

I Like it.
Now, since they took away our owls and gave us hawks (for some reason), that'd probably have to make it's way in there...
Maybe work in the mentor owl into the background, or at least the scale-V thing.
Also pretty sure we were 26th founding, not like anyone at GW gives a damn

>> No.10553087

Black templars : Chuck Norris, Holy Grail
Ultramarine : Guise of the Thespian, 4chan mottos and logo, Alpha legion
Relictors : Wakfu
Desert fangs : /tg/ related, prince of persia
Blood Angels : Franken Fran, PMS
Crimson Fists : Oglaf's Kronar
Red Legion : Gurren Lagann
Raven Guard : Armored core (slightly), Cowboy bebop, Gainax, and Hideo Kojima
Imperial Fists : Angry marines
Flesh Tearers : Doom Guy
Dark Angels : Lionel Johnson's Dark Angel
Brazen slayers : /tg/ related
Salamanders : Dragonforce
Space Wolves : Wolvie Blackeart, Sergal, Yiff, Nathan Explosion, high ammount of Futhark
Toxic Avengers : Trauma movie, Orange lantern
Iron Hands : TF2
Space Sharks : Rogue TRader old fluff
Ultramarines : goatse
Alpha legion : V for vendetta
White Panthers : Brendan and the Secret of Kells
Black Dragons : Mortal Kombat, Cynder, Wolverine
Invaders : Space Invaders
Death Spectres : Discworld's Death
Cryo Marines : Cyrno, orange chainsaws
marines malevolent : WRYYYY
Emperor's spears : Moby Dick
Interdictors : /tg/ related
Blood angels : twilight
Warp Hyenas : /tg/ related
Deep ones : /tg/ related

>> No.10553094


Not to mention Honor to the sons of man is below it.

>> No.10553155

You are indeed of the 26th founding.

>> No.10553182


Well, you can have it as 4th Squad 04th Company to get the 404 in it...

>> No.10553188

But the 404th founding also has a nice ring to it, especially for trolling purposes.

>> No.10553211

Has there even been 404 foundings? >_>

That's a better idea

>> No.10553221

No, probably not.
You know what the funniest bit is?
The army I play is the 4th Cohort

>> No.10553225

>Imperial Fists : Angry marines
Oh god I didn't see it til I knew. well played, sir.

>> No.10553256

I gotta say B&Hammer, all of these are fantastic.

>> No.10553331


4th Squad

04th Cohort

Damnatio memoriae

We need to work Ruby Quest in somehow...

>> No.10553373

need one totally made of bacon, sausages and hams.
Space Boars.

>> No.10553440

4th Cadre
04th Cohort
I don't quite know how to work Ruby's quest in. Nor why. The Mentor Legion has enough troll material on its own.
...need to work in Biel-tan eldar, since Matt Ward saw fit to include them

>> No.10553500

>Matt Ward
Speaking of, hows about a banner ripping into him?
"Purge the horrendously powerful Daemons"
"Destroy the worthless Orks"
"Ignore their cannons!"
"The dead and the bloody shall unite to stop evil"
and so forth. I'm sure others could think of better ideas.

>> No.10553514


Mentor Legion marine standing atop a pile of eldar corpses. Like this.

>> No.10553529

well, however it goes, I won't be around to see it, as I must sleep.
Best of luck on your trolling campaign, I hope that our brainstorming helped.

>> No.10553558

Matt Ward is definitely in need of some mockery.

>> No.10553560

It's helping... Even if I'm still kinda dry, and don't really see how I could do the mentor one, though it might be a fun ride :s

>> No.10553588


Biel-tan Eldar has just the right sound to make some kind of reference to a Bel-Air but it would take an anon more creative than I to figure out how.

>> No.10553648


Purity seals should look all... bacony.

>> No.10553718

If you're the anonymous I'm thinking of, why wouldn't you do one of the sketchy ones ? :3

>> No.10553776


I don't know if you're the one you're thinking of... but I have no artistic skill whatsoever.

Unless its mildly entertaining photoshops and LoGH related stuff...

>> No.10553816

there's an anonymous drawfag around here and it's kinda hard to knwo when he's around :3

>> No.10553885


Yeah... there was a time when a lot of draw anons would name and trip to be better known...

... I think they were chased off.

>> No.10553895

well I'm still here :3

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>> No.10556138

There needs to be a Salamanders banner that references Star Trek's Vulkans somehow... perhaps something in the background being reminiscient of their hand sign? (kinda like how you worked the angry marine symbol into the IP banner)

>> No.10556238

I like how the dark angels have a green penis in the banner.

cannot unsee, etc

>> No.10559829

finishing the Mobi Dick banner...

Anything you'd like to see on this one ?

>> No.10559956


The poem.
Or excerpts of it.

>> No.10559970


Reference to poem.

I love this comic.

>> No.10559985


God dammit I missed that...

>> No.10559999

Hey, this thread's still going.
I'll bite, who's the moby dick banner for?

>> No.10560028

hah, just got the invaders one. Well done.

>> No.10560065

>>Doesn't see a single Angry Marines banner

WTF /tg/!

>> No.10560073


Look at the Imperial Fists banner you derptastic motherfucker.

>> No.10560084


they're meant to be references and hidden stuff, not blatantly obvious shit, retard

>> No.10560301

If any of you have any skill in latin, knock yourself out, since the dictionnary gave me the words, but hell if I know how to conjugate them...

>> No.10560322

There are a lot of things you could do with that too.

I mean like "aim for his crooked brow and look him straight in the eye". Crooked brow is clearly the sign of a mutant and the eye is, well, The Eye.

>> No.10560501

well, I thought that "harpoons thrust to the sky" would seem more innocent...

>> No.10560546

What are you trying to say on this one? I can't find any of the words anywhere.

If it's "aim for his crooked brow", I'd go with
"supercilium bravum tende".

>> No.10560553

Oh, I see. Looking into it.

>> No.10560583

Yeah, that's also a good one.
It's shorter too, so it fits better in the limited space on a banner.
I was pretty much typing >>10560322 at the same time as the banner with the text was posted so I missed it.

>> No.10560631 [DELETED] 

Okay, how about "harpagones caelis feriunt"?
Or use battuant, laedunt, pellunt tundunt instead of feriunt.

>> No.10560632

Holy shit I haven't seen this in a bit.

These are looking awesome. Really. This is among the best things /tg/ has ever done in my opinion, well done.

What's the latin on the Deep Ones mean? Also maybe try sneaking the letters /tg/ in there. Maybe swords in a diagonal position to represent the / and two latin words one beginning with t and the other g. Maybe put it in the Deep Ones banner, it looks a bit bare.

>> No.10560649

Okay, how about "harpagones caelis feriunt"?
Or use battuant, laedunt, pellunt or tundunt instead of feriunt.

>> No.10560801

>Warp Hyenas
I am not familiar with this /tg/ chapter.

>> No.10560960

shouldn't it be imperative ? Like "ferite" or something ?

just something one guys asked out of the blue, really...

I've forgotten... And it's witten so bad I'm not sure what it means :s... Maybe something along the line of "in the depths we wait"

>> No.10561046

I think the sentence is meant in a describing sense, not in a commanding one. That's why I used indicative, not imperative.

>> No.10561136

Hmm. There's something similar on the 1d4chan page, maybe replace it with this?
"vel in profundus ego etiam servo" - Even in depth, I still serve.

>> No.10561140


>> No.10561148

Anyway, the imperatives are ferite, battuate, laedite, pellite and tundite.

>> No.10561216

Well, to me, it's more like he gives order so as to slay the beast, thus imperative. No big deal anyway.

That one ! Thanks !

>> No.10561242

We need an angry marine one.
Use the modified angry face symbol in order to make it look legit.

you know, the one in this pic.

>> No.10561343



>> No.10561351

I'm expecting a "fistmind" right now, since everyone will point it out. But take a look at the Imperial Fists banner.

More specifically the way the swords form eyebrows, the moon has craters that form the eyes. The planet becomes the mouth if you follow the outline.

>> No.10561404

Maybe try putting a Crazy Hassan reference with the Desert Fangs?

Maybe in latin "Everyone need Camel"

Or "Have camel. Only slightly used"

>> No.10561415

>blood and thunder
Anyne have that comic?

>> No.10561468


>> No.10561506

The latin word for camel is camelus, so that'd be a tad obvious.

>> No.10561555

Sooo, how about that NOD-themed Red Scorpion banner?

>> No.10561603


Would an icon of a camel with latin text saying "Only slightly used" be too suspicious? I mean they'd just think it was a desert themed chapter.

>> No.10561646


Damn fine piece of music too!

>> No.10561659

While we're here...

It's coming.

>> No.10561668

You could probably get away with it. Maybe use a slightly different term than camel, like "hump horse"?

>> No.10561687

Oh shit, I didn't catch the hand and the sword! You magnificent bastard.

>> No.10561690

Okay, what the FUCK is this comic?

>> No.10561732


Google it.

>> No.10561800

Is 'societas via leturn' grammatically correct?

>> No.10561881

Try sneaking Squats into one of them.

Or Kirby. Kirby is always good.

>> No.10561892

What's "leturn" supposed to mean? My dictionary doesn't recognise it.

>> No.10561902

Don't. It's not as good as /tg/ claims.

>> No.10561930

Oh god yes.

For Squats, some Squat imagery. Techno-hammers and the like. Maybe something along the lines of "screw canon" in latin?

Kirby, Space Marines fighting Tyranids with the same color scheme, Latin words spelling out Kirby atop the picture.

>> No.10561947

I do love Oglaf. It is rather good and shows tits on a regular basis.

>> No.10561952

It's pretty damn good. Nice artwork, decent update schedule and some nice jokes.

>> No.10561967


>> No.10561970

>nice artwork
Not particularly.
>good jokes
So far I've seen pretty much nothing but crappy sex jokes, lame one-liners and DURR HURR.

>> No.10561994

not great art but at least very decent. I mean, when you compare to B^U

And if the humour doesn't touch you, there is nothing to do about it, but I remember laughing most of the times I read it.

>> No.10561999 [DELETED] 

Oh do shut up...

>> No.10562052

Hmm, I'm pretty sure that "via" only means "road" in latin. But I don't really get what you're trying to say. Brotherhood through annihilation?

>> No.10562074

Well I consider it quite nice. For a webcomic, at least. Above the standard.
And yes the jokes are about sex, but I think quite a lot of them are quite well done. And there are a lot of not sexual jokes that are good, the fountain comics are ones I quite enjoy.

I mean I appreciate it might not be for you, but I consider it a very good webcomic.

>> No.10562093

The Nanoha creed.

>> No.10562119

It's Societas per leturn.

It's a spoof on NODs slogan "Peace through Power" if my latin is up to date

>> No.10562175

I'd translate "peace through power" with "pax per vi" or "pax per potestate"

>> No.10562230

I ran "Peace through power" in this translator: http://www.translation-guide.com/free_online_translators.php?from=English&to=Latin

It gave me "Pacis per vox"

>> No.10562233

Are you sure it's not letum? That'd mean death.

>> No.10562309

Think you could give us a sneak peek at the banner you are working on right now, B&Hammer?

>> No.10562331

Man, aren't you nosy ? :3

>> No.10562339

Looking good! Keep up the good work!

>> No.10562362

You know how people say "4chan is the dark heart of the internet" or "4chan creates all the memes"? It's not 4chan as a whole, nor is it single boards. It's people like you, B&Hammer, that perpetuate the 4chan mythos. You are a hero!

>> No.10562380

Oh fuck yes.
Add black hand somewhere.

>> No.10562387

We need something reflecting the "dark heart" thing now

>> No.10562417


Isn't the Nod symbol traditionally on a black background, not a white 1?

>> No.10562435

Like he said, it was just a sneak peek.

>> No.10562458


I lol'd way too hard at Blood & Thunder

>> No.10562508

I'm too lazy to put any effort into this shit. I was considering turning the inverted Omega that the Ultras use into a goatse, with the Imperial/Crimson Fists holding it open. Ultrafists?

>> No.10562582

Check the OP. Third row, last column.

>> No.10562607


aha. subtle. I like it.

>> No.10562884

It's a bit crude, but I really like the effect that creates.
Sort of "bathroom stall grafitti", but as a banner. Especially with things like "Alphas rule, Ultras drool".
Pretty cool.

>> No.10562899

Well, how do I put 'alliance through annihilation' in latin? The translators are giving me increasingly shady translations

>> No.10562940

foedus per letum perhaps?

My latin is a bit rusty but i think that's correct.

>> No.10562948


yeah, that was basically what I was going for. I kind of like the idea that if some space marine went renegade and wanted to join the Alpha Legion, part of the initiation would be that he'd have to sneak onto Ultramar and vandalize some public symbol of Ultramarine pride. Whether it's a statue or a banner or whatever.

>> No.10562958

"Societas per excidio"

>> No.10562993


This must be their Chapter Master.

>> No.10562999 [DELETED] 

Okey. I haven't used my latin skills for some years and as i said i'm a bit rusty

>> No.10563003

I think letum just means death, while excidium is more like destruction or downfall. Foedus should be fine, although it can also be an adjective meaning abhorrent.

>> No.10563015

Now I'm imagining a pair of Alpha Legion marines giggling as they doodle mustaches on a painting of Calgar or something like that.

>> No.10563086


>Now draw a dick in his mouth! No, wait. Have him getting teabagged!

>> No.10563271

I've a suggestion: How 'bout a Rainbow Warrior banner with a HARMONY theme.

>> No.10563301

it's gonna be hard to pull... I had suggestion for a poer rangers themed rainbow warrior banner, though...

I have stille no idea of what I could do with such ideas :(

>> No.10563390


have you tried pressing z and x to make all your wishes come true?

>> No.10563436

speaking of HARMONY... well... wat.

>> No.10563484

Have a marine with a rainbow shoulder pad with a chainsaw in the other hand dripping blood.

The motto should be 'Through War, we live in Harmony', repeat Harmony on one side of the banner underneath the main graphic and on the other side, underneath the main graphic, have Harmony, Oh Love for the Emperor."

>> No.10563591

Also, put the marine standing on the severed head of a grimdark'd robot unicorn, Captain Morgan-style?

>> No.10563669


It's gonna be kinda hard to make that discretly XD

Anyway, someone asked me for his "broken sword" chapter, so I slided a reference to the game of the same name and a wakfu visual reference.

>> No.10563671

This is damn cool. I've a few suggestions:
Avenger Chapter - Reference to the Marvel Avengers or the TV Show
Genesis Chapter - Fundie jokes
Guardians of the Covenant - Indiana Jones references
Night Lords (Pre-Heresy) - Batman
Steel Cobras - Cobra Commander

>> No.10563728

Put it in latin to disguise it.

And instead of rainbow, a unicorn.

Maybe at the bottom those steel dolphins or whatever they are.

>> No.10564042

AS it's getting late, I have to go. I'll try my best to provide more lulz in the future.

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