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I have a question about 40k fluff:

What are the Golden Men, Stone Men, and Iron Men?

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I've never heard of the Golden Men.

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Space Marine chapters im guessing

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If i remember right the men of stone (or earth) created the men of Iron (AI) to help them reach the stars. The men of iron grew jealous of the men of stone and started a great war with them (the dark age of technology) then the emperor and the sensei (the golden sons i think) reunited the men of stone (humanity) and reclaimed the stars without the men of iron.

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You dipshit there is no such thing as golden men.

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Jesus guys, do you guys REALLY not know?
The stone men refers to when holy terra was about our tech level.
Iron men refers to about 20 minutes into the future, and is named for the robots they used.
Golden men is named for the era of prosperity before earth turned to shit and teh empra had to save it.

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Sauce or stfu.

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The Dark Age of Technology isn't named as such because it was full of war, but because the Imperium has lost so much of what it had at that time.

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the butlerian jihad that's what happened

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The dark age of technology was actually named for the fall that came after, and the tech-heresy. New40kfags. Lexicanum more

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The Golden men are from early pre-Imperial history, they are basic earth humans and were the ones around during the dark age of technology, during the peak of human knowledge and scientific advancement. The Stone Men I always think of as a result of the wars and after-effects on terra, genetic engineering, and adaptation to colony worlds. Men became tougher and more resilient but also more inclined to follow authority, etc. The Men of Stone made the Men of Iron, who were AI-guided robots. The Men of Stone and the Men of Iron fought a war, which the Men of Stone won at great cost. The birth of slaanesh right afterwards caused enormous disturbances in the warp, which made warp travel very difficult and finished the destruction of the human hegemony or whatever it was. The age of strife was a period of war between terra and mars and on terra between the warlords. At the end of the age of strife, the Emperor reunited mankind and led the new Imperium to the stars.

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hnnng lexicanum is worse than wikipedia in terms of 12 year old faggots logging on to it and creating entire pages of fluff. Or worst posting their armies fluff as canon.
As a fucking old old old 40k fluff fan the only way to learn is to read all of the GW published material.

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Yeah its been a few years since i've read up on the old histories. Did GW ever expand (or retcon) the star child myth?

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Wutang, u mad

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A myth, made to explain the age of technology.

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rolled 10 = 10


Isn't their stance that everything is true do to the amount of propaganda and misinformation?

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Are the Angry Marines basically an WH40k meme or an actual part of the mythos- because I saw a guy with their symbol on the back of his car once.

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Their icon is an angry stick-face. Not exactly a unique image.

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I see.

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The birth of Slaanesh actually calmed warp travel, instead of making it difficult.

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He's right, though, in a way. It killed the warp storms around Terra and some other ones, though it -did- have the nasty side effect of tearing reality a new asshole.

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The initial turbulence was caused by Slaanesh's formation. When Slaanesh was actually born, the warp storms raging across the galaxy ended.

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god /tg/ has become stupid over the years

Golden Men are prehistoric, superpsyker humans who started noticing they could no longer reincarnate because the warp was becomming shit due to Chaos eating everything. So they got together, made a big ritual sacrifice, and fused together to birth the Emperor.

Iron men are robots/ai. Don't think too hard about them. Just know that machines rebelled, shit got ugly, and that's one of the many reasons the AdMech hates true AI.

Stone men I don't remember very well but it's honestly not important. IIRC, they're "modern" humans.

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Iron men are more complex the reason they rebelled is due to chaotic possession. Ie Chaos androids.

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But that means the human empire existed during the Eldar one. And the Eldar Empire was HUGE.

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Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space, listen..

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I swear I remember reading this stuff in my 2nd and 3rd ed rulebooks...

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