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Does Cultist Have an actual name? Because if for some reason she makes an appearance in anything I write, she is gonna need a name. If she doesn't and no one can agree on a name for her I'll just make one up.

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She's cultist, don't be an idiot

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She has no name. The whole point is she's a nameless Cultist, who by all rights SHOULD be utterly meaningless in the eyes of the Dark Gods and their servents - and yet, has somehow become the favoured mortal plaything of the Great Four despite being a generic, useless mook.

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Just stick with Cultist. It's not like anyone who knows the character wouldn't know who you meant. Hell, if you want to make it easier, albeit more weeaboo, make her Cultist-chan.

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you are so kawaii-desu~



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You're an idiot, OP

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>implying that's not the already used name

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She never had a name. She is utterly devoted to the Ruinous Ones that she has lost all sense of self and now exists only to spread the hand of Chaos. Cultist is not what she does it is what she is.

If she ever had a name, parents, family she has forgotten centuries ago. She probably never even noticed or cared that she forgot.

She is, and always will be, nothing more or less than Cultist.

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The "Epic Cultist" bullshit was the second-worst thing related to Cultist ever created.

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I hope the first thing is Cultist herself.

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Agreed. Totally missing the point of the character.

And I think I know what the worst was.

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Her name is Chan. She's a cultist.

Thus Cultist Chan.


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I'm gonna go ahead and guess Dranon's Delight

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Just for you

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That doesn't exist.

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what is it?


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Late to the party?

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it's in the "D" section

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No I think that would be you actually there skippy.

So just cultist is is I asked because I never payed much attention to her when she first appeared and she was really annoying but she grew on me over time.

I can just see it now...

" You there, cultist! Yes, you" The Daemon growled.

Just have to look over all the artwork that has her talking because that snaggletooth speech pattern of hers will be a pain to get right.

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I think that was the first picture of her I ever saw.

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It comes from the 1st Dawn of War game. The speech pattern is same that the cultist units had.

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You should play Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (or Soulstorm). She, and hear speech pattern is inspired by the cultist troops.

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Listen to the cultists from Dawn of War. She was originally inspired by how much their "accents" sounded more like some kind of speech impediment.

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Amendment: I realized chaos was a playable faction in Winter Assault too.

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Are you one of the the ones applying to BL?

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Thanks, looks like I have more research to do.

That will be the best excuse I have had to play Dawn of War lately too.

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Or Vanilla DoW skirmish/multiplayer.

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>I realized chaos was a playable faction in Winter Assault too

Chaos is a playable faction since the first DoW and cultist were their workers and cannon food since then. Winter assault added the Imperial Guard

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From what I've dug out of Culexus, she's basically never really had a family.
Just an orphan from a Chaos-ridden world.
She's never known the love of a mother, or the comfort of a friend.

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Yes, i was being dense. Completely forgot DoW had multiplayer.

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Has anyone statted Cultist?

She should be objectively useless, but damn-near invincible.

She should have a power wherein you roll each turn for random effects for units around her; some detrimental, some near-useless, some kinda useful sometimes, and one or two inarguably useful powers.

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BL? I assume Black Library? Nah, I still have a lot of work to do before I could make money with my writing I think. Right now I am just trying to write about some stuff I am interested in for practice and fun.

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Cultist doesn't have a name. Just Cultist,which is a nickname in and of itself.

I can do that for you. Mmh-hmm. Reeeeeeallll easily.

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She looks like a "Daisy"

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Yeah that is actually kind of what i figured but I didn't know the whole history of the character here on /tg so I figured I would ask and find out. as a bonus it got examples of her speech patters posted.

Thanks again everyone.

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If you're going to write about her seriously, I recommend just referring to her as "the Cultist."

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> She should be objectively useless, but damn-near invincible.

Pic related.

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So she's the Tick?

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Cultist is actually Amberley Vail, Inquisitor. She created this utterly ridiculous disguise to be able to move freely among heretics.

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Bah speech PATTERNS damned typos.


Well I had not planned some sprawling epic story about her but I am thinking of having her in the part that has a lot of chaos in it.

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i hate 40k but not even i can hate cultist-chan

<i mean look at her she is adorable

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She is the only thing related to 40k that catches my attention. In a positive manner, anyway.

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No brah it makes some sense...

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God damn, she's got that "come fuck me" look on her face there.

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So what's it like to be turned on by middle school notebook pornography?

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Not much different from being turned on by regular porn, i assume. Turned on is turned on.

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I want to read this fic

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oh how i wish someone posted all of Dranon's Delight right now,

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thought her name was Hwee :)

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I shouldn't have laughed at that.

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Nobody can be arsed to post the whole thing, have some highlights:

"You know what must be done with her," the other growled. "We must... purge her!"

"Yes! We shall purge her spirit so that she may not be slave to Chaos and darkness!"

Throughout this whole extremely angry discussion, Cultist had merely smiled at them. She laughed as one of the Angry Marines grabbed her by the back of her head, his hand large enough to be able to squish it like a grapefruit, lifted her up, and slammed her face-first to his chest plate, breaking her nose and spurting blood everywhere. As his other hand began to remove his lower armor, the other Marine moved on behind her, grabbed her underwear - the only thing she was wearing - and ripped them off.

She screamed of pain and pleasure as the Marine in front of him, against whose cold chest plate her face was being scraped upon, rammed himself within her, still dry and unaroused, stretching her to almost impossible levels. She began to bleed profusely as skin and muscle tore open under the merciless assault of the Marine. Her strength drained, she could but whimper as the other Marine invaded her from behind, tearing her bowels wide open and causing horrible and deadly internal injuries, as well as external. She was coughing blood, as if anyone here cared. She had lost all feeling of her lower body, preventing her from feeling any pleasure from the act, but she knew that both Khorne and Slaanesh would be happy, and as such didn't care about that either.

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Um yeah I can see why that is hated by so many. I can tell you I don't think Ill be writing anything like that shit.

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That's fucking terrible.

And I mean the writing. Whoever wrote that is a hack. I could write something better than that, and I'm a shit writer.

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Damn. I can't tell which is better now. Huh. I'll keep them both.

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