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Oh neat a 40k mmo coming out-

>2 sides, order and destruction.


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2 sides?

Fuck off.

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So, like, tyranids, orks and necrons are on the same side.

Oh, this will end well.

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I can't wait until GW changes the fluff to match the MMO.

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A class feature of Bald Commander.

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If there's going to be two sides, I'm rooting for:

Order: AdMech, Spees Mehreens, Imperial Guard

Destruction: KAY-OSS SPEES MEHREENS, KAY-OSS KULTEESTS and Orks (because in all seriousness, Orks have cooperated with Chaos)

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hmmm, an mmo about war, with 2 sides. sounds oddly familiar.

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more like orks are very predictable and can be pointed in a direction by any competent plotter.

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I want imperial gu

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So, no Tau?
I swear if they dump Tau in with Imperium I will flip out.

Actually I just won't buy it in all liklyhood.

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GW are probably going to throw everything into those two.

Order - Spess Muhreens, IG, Tau, Eldar, Admech,

Destruction - 'Nids, Necrons, Orks, chaos, dark eldar...

Bleh, this is probably going to suck.

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guardsmen were in the trailer but its not known yet if they're playable.

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I want squats.
If they're not in I won't bu

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order - Marines & Eldar

destruction - Chaos Marines & Orks

only thing that makes sense.

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I want to play as a squad of gardsmen.

fuck year

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The final raid boss for destruction side is The Emperor and it haves three levels, the first is defeating the Adeptus Custodes, the second The Golden Throne and the third and last a psychic projection of the Emperor himself.

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I want to be a commissar with guardsmen pets that I can execute for damage buffs.

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Why must everything have a side? Orks just like a fight, dark eldar just pillage and rape for survival, fun and profit and tyranids are hungry. Necrons are law and order taken to the extreme.

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Don't understand why you need to have "two sides" and then team up huge galactic civilisations into them

Just throw everyone in, and disallow SPESS MEHREENS.
Everyone plays Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy. With alien races availiable.

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Is there actually any confirmation about the order/disorder thing or are people just complaining/trolling because they can?

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We should try and get away from the flame fest that is discussing the factions, and try to speculate about other more important things, such as where equipment comes from and how the leveling system will work. I mean a bolter will blow up a person whether it's shot by a space marine or an Imperial guardsman.

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So you haven't played 40k for like 15 years?

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This made me curse the name of Mythic out loud. Curse those worthless bastards for ruining that game.

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>where equipment comes from

Low quality from vendors, mid quality from quests, high quality from raid bosses

>leveling system will work

Kill enemies, get XP. Do quests, get XP.

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Where did you hear that? Proof please.

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Only two sides?
I hope you are trolling.

There was this penny arcade strip about how well that would go, couple of years ago, basically 40k and only 2 sides is raping the canon to death, seriously.

They might just as well call it "GenericWoWripoff online - Now with bolters instead of bows and chainswords instead of normal swords"

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gear check at Imperial Palace, DO NOT SUCK

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On the games very own webpage, in the game info section there is a tidbit:
>Choose from the forces of Order or Destruction
Check it yourself. It's there.

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On the official website a backstory for the game was revealed.

>On the very edge of the galaxy lies the Sargos Sector. For centuries it was rendered uninhabitable and isolated by volatile Warp Storms. Even now, deep within the sector the very fabric of reality is unraveling. Only the ancient Sentinel Devices hold the Warp at bay. But the ravages of time and meddling of humanity have weakened the Sentinel Devices-and now, the battle for these lost worlds is at hand. Drawn to the conflict, the great races of the galaxy descend upon the Sargos Sector, seeking to preserve reality-or to tear it asunder. Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction, in a war that will unlock ancient secrets, reveal dark purposes, and determine the fate of the Sargos Sector. For in this dark millennium, there is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter.

>Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction

>order and destruction

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Everything looted from battlefield, mainly other player.

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The GW will just declare it non-canon if that happens.

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They could just mean that as a general good vs evil thing and we wont actually have all races crammed into two teams. But I'm probably wrong.

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Penny Arcade, ladies and gentlemen. They share our cries our anguish.

It's going to be Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning all over again. Except this time I won't go through the hurdle of disappointment.

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No, it's taking place in a remote sector. Chance of plot advancement is nil.

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The final raid boss for order is the Outsider. It would have three levels too.

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WH40K proverbs:

The enemy of your enemy has a good chances of being your enemy as well. Also, the guy in the same armor as you who worships the same Emperor, but has a little different colour scheme is your enemy as well.

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What about the Alpha Legion? I hear they are pretty cool guys.

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This mmo is EXTRA HERETICAL! It is also made by DOUBLE HERETICS!

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>2 sides, order and destruction.

when will devs realize COPYING WOW <> GOOD GAME

Prepare for fail

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Ok, that did it for me, I will not buy this piece of shit!

Are there any infos if there will be a decent crafting system? That _might_ change my oppinion, although i doubt it

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Yeah, but no-one likes them.

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I know this may not be the best place to say this but......eeeeh, is it really that horrifying that they make team-ups?

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I like them...

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to do list:
> rape the plot
> simplify the game
> win money from drooling fanboys
familiar as well isn't it ?

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Max level engineering : Dark age of technology technician

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craft titans in your backpocket. Only costs a few dozen mats you can buy off the webway auction house at the order capital.

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Personally I want a 40k mmo done like planetside... No lame ass pve, give us planetary warfare.

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Where did that titan come from? Must've taken some kind of extremely good craftsma-CREEEEEEEEED!

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You guys do realize that The Enemy is quite capable of hiring DEldar and Ork mercenaries, and that the Imperium is able to (for brief periods when it's entirely necessary) work with the dirty xenos forces of the Eldar and the Tau? Nids and Crons better not be playable or even that teetering balance will crash and burn.

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Having 2 factions really puts a dent in immersion and, overall, choice of opponents.

If you could "forge" alliances for campaigns in a system like Planetside, then suddenly turn on the weakened ally, now THAT would be something.

Instead, it's "hey spess muhren brother-captain ima farseer aoe-heal spec you wanna loof for 3 dps to raid Eye of Terror 5man?"

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What are you all talking about?

You know you're going to play it anyway.

You're all going to hate it, and play it. Meanwhile, at THQ headquarters, the CEO will be rolling around in his money, yelling out to no one, "...JUST AS PLANNED!"

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So much for plot.

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Hmmm, I guess that Nazdreg or Ghazzghull could see the cleverness in allying (not permanently) with somebody else.
Wait a minute, the last known lore of Ghazzghull says he was being chased by the black templars right? Maybee he's the Ork leader in this game!

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Really, all this crap of two factions is making me rage like anything before.
Why they didn't a game about Rogue traders? I mean, why the fuck must do a game where there should be two factions for justify the PvP?

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well, just two factions but I guess they will at least play largely different from each other.

I mean how do the factions in WoW or most other mmo differentiate from each other? It only effects their stats and maybe an extra ability but hardly their or gear or even playstyle.

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I'd play it.

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>Implying the diffrent races will be helping each other.
>Implying that the whole concept of order and distruction isn't based on weather a particular race wants to stop the fabric of reality from tearing open or not.

Look kids. Just because you have similar goals doesn't mean you aren't going to shoot the other fucker in the back.

Here's how its going to go down.

People who want the fabric of reality intact:Spess Mhureens, IG, Eldar, Necrons.
People who want it torn open like a festering anus: Chaos, Orcs, Dark Eldar.

Just so you know, wanting the same thing =/= working together. It just means you environment is target rich.

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In the gothic sector war eldar and imperials joined to beat chaos.

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Oh right, I forgot they were best buddies with the spess mehreens.

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Of course they are, especially with the Blood Angels.

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What they'll probably do is have the 2 sides, order and destruction, but they will be in a form of gentlemen's agreement. They won't be aligned, and may occasionally fight each other, but in large cities and certain areas, the armies have orders not to attack each other.

But they'll probably just fuck it up and say they're alligned but they still distrust each other.

And I don't think all the races will be playable. Something like that would be a huge piece of information that would create a lot of good hype for the game, but they went out of their way to not say anything, and just say that they're going to be represented.

At the same time though, if all races are going to be represented, they're probably going to make models and characters for all units in an army for raiding purposes. (Who wouldn't love to raid a Necron Tomb?). So that doesn't completely throw all the other armies out the window.

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Why would Orks want to rend reality asunder?

That would mess up their paradise of Always Fighting, All the Time.

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/v/ is at it again.

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Dark Eldar want the universe intact just like regular eldar.

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You forgot

People who are hungry: Tyranids

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Who the fuck gives a shit about fluff? Gameplay-wise (which is the only thing that matters), they might as well be best buddies for life.

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Orks don't want one way or another, they're fine with WAAAAAAAGH. Necrons don't want the fabric of the universe destroyed so much as the warp itself cut off from the material world so their spacevampiregodmasters can slurp up all life again. Dark Eldar just want to feast off souls and live forever without going to Slaanesh, so why the hell would they work with the chaos god who has a grip on their very essence when they die?

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I would love that so much if they did it. Hell it kind of even makes sense too.

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Jesus christ...

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If Crons or Nids are a playable race I will find the designers of this game and beat them to death. They're not even individuals.

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The Thousand Sons cry for the future of 40k.

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It should be Space Marines (with a server limit) + IG vs CSM (w/ server limit) + Chaos Cultist.

Order (Imperium) vs Destruction (Chaos).

Or just Space Marines vs CSM.

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This Dark Millenium MMO shit finally make me lost any hope in the future of pen and paper RPGs.
I'm going to do an hero gnoll.

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Hey bro, I can sense your injured posterior. That was a joke referring to previous fluffrape.

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Funny, when info on trailer first came out, everyone loved it.
Now nerdrage is all I see.

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I wonder if creating a guild would be creating your own chapter for spess mehreens.

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Though, both would make great NPC races.

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Oh yeah, both are perfect NPC races. We don't have enough unsympathetic, faceless evils nowadays. Beats butchering endless amounts of animals or some stupid shit.

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Leaving aside whether any of the factions would actually fight alongside one another, thematically the 40K universe can be divided as such:

Order: Factions who strive for stability, structure, civilisation and empire (their own, for preference). Humans, Tau, Eldar.

Destruction: Factions who just want to Wreck/Kill/Corrupt Everything They See. Orks, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Necrons.

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"The hive tyrant is a fun to play damage dealing and buffer class which can do great combos with Plague marines and Ork flashgitz. And when you introduce the dance command, look, it performs the Macarena choreography!"

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Actually i think they chose the right SM chapter, if you make a guild within the templars that would be your own fighting company and a guild within the choas would be another warband. thats how i at least see it

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I love when people act like WoW invented the idea of a two sided conflict or anything in general about MMO's.

It is entirely possible that an expansion will add a third group into the mix. Of course then they would be ripping off Dark Age of Camelot.

I imagine part of the reason for the limits is looking at what Mythic did to fuck up W:AoR and are try not to make those mistakes; trying to promise way more than is reasonable within a certain time frame being one of them.

I recall an interview where Nids where listed as being important as an npc faction.

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Also, very related to /v/ at the moment.

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It's not like the game's still in alpha and mass emailing the devs would change anything.

oh wait

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Chaos want the warp hole to tear the universe. By being on the same side as the faction(s) that want that, it goes against the Necrons idealogy. If it was just a matter of trying to conquer planets for army specific reasons then I could see it happening. But that's not what's happening.

>> No.10536145

But the Eldar would never be on the same side as the Necrons. That goes against their ideology.

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Daytime /tg/ is different from nighttime /tg/.

One sucks, one sucks less.

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Because nothing in the trailer implied Orks would be best friends with Chaos and Eldar would be going out for hot dogs with Space Marines. And then the official web site went up.


Yes, it is possible for Orks and Chaos to team up, or Eldar and Space Marines to not kill each other on sight. Thing is, these are infrequent events, and in this MMO there is no doubt that we will see Eldar galavanting around an Imperial base and Chaos betting on squig fights in an Ork base, all the time. Just think about that. When the Blood Angel captain reluctantly agrees to not shoot the Eldar farseer until they kill all the Necrons, does the farseer invite the captain over for tea in the webway? Fuck no, they keep to their own shit. "Alliances" in 40k are more like cease-fires rather than cooperation and sharing.

>> No.10536255


To be honest I suspect the Necrons and Tyranids are going to be NPC factions as they're basically inimical to all life in the galaxy, each in their own way.

>> No.10536312


Chaos warhost (Lead by an I.W) attacks the Ultramarine's section of the galaxy. And guess what? Its composed of everything except Orks.

I can accept that the "Bad guys" team up. But filthy Xenos in my Imperium? Suck a bad of fucking cocks made out of nigger hats.

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Not this shit again, THERE ARE FOUR FACTIONS!
Imperium, Chaos, Orks, Eldar - all PvP each other
Five if you count the Tyrants NPC in the PvE

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Hahahaha. Turns out that /tg/ has, was, and always will be impotent in its rage.

When will it learn from its brother /b/ when it comes to organising protests and generally being internet superheroes?

>> No.10536342

If 'sides' means that there are more chances to team-up rather then fuck up a given faction, then I am fine with it.

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ITT: Nerdrage

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>Five if you count the Tyrants NPC
Do you even play 40k?

>> No.10536371

Order: Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Mechancius

Destro: Chaos Cultist/Chaos SM/Orkz

>> No.10536375


Got a source?

>> No.10536376

well, wasn't the video narrated by a servitor... of the empire of man...
ofcause he will see it as two sides "us and them" aka, in his mind "order and destruction"

>> No.10536383

you guys are jumping the gun. the races can be split into order and destruction. they can be described as such which they have been, but no ones said anything about it being just order vs destruction.

>> No.10536397

>"Side with the forces of Order, or the vile hosts of Destruction"

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There are precisely three MMOs that I have played that have truly good PvP design. Dark Age of Camelot, Planetside, and, though I will surely get hate for this, EVE

In the first two games, the devs realized that pitting one side against the other will NOT work if there is a population imbalance. With three sides, you get more interesting world PvP

With EVE, they realized that the whole concept of "sides" was fucking retarded and just let players build their own "side." This is, to me, the best example of well designed world PvP, but admittedly would be out of place in 40k

For 40k, a better course of action would be to combine these ideas of the necessity of more than two "sides" and simply have each race be their own "side." Allow the potential for communication between sides where it would make sense (IE Dark Eldar can communicate with and possibly work with Eldar, etc) and thus diplomacy and truces will become an inevitable part of the metagame

But so fucking help me, if they go with the HURP vs DURP style of PvP, I will not touch this fucking game with a ten foot pole

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>But filthy Xenos in my Imperium?

Because the Imperium has never allied with the Eldar, and never subjugated, instead of destroying a race, when it benefited them.

>> No.10536421

>narrated by a servitor...
>ofcause he will see it as two sides "us and them"
>in his mind "order and destruction"

well yeah, erhm

>> No.10536432

Here's a flaw for you guys arguing that there should be more than 2 factions: Order, and Destruction.

Let's have multiple factions, one represented by each race, except for the Necrons and 'Nids, and have them all playable and facing off against the other factions.

End Result: Population Imbalance.

Good luck trying to find the other players to kill them, when there are only 4 Eldar players on the server at the moment.

>> No.10536456

In the fucking mmo you ass turd, they are planed NPC only

THQ forum from a while back, this is old news dreged up cos of e3

>> No.10536460

Dawn of War ?

>> No.10536469

the language isnt exclusive. eldar, imperium can be thought of us factions of order cause the're civilisations buildings empires and what-not. destruction is just another word for chaotic factions which the orcs, chaos, demons are.

we dont know if its actually literally split into order and destruction or if some writefag in vigil wanted to write that up to make it sound dramatic.

>> No.10536475

Well if they had gone with a necromunda and dark heresy inspired game they could have done the eve type factions.

>> No.10536491


And the next thing you know Eldar are going to be taking quests from the Emperor on Terra and no one will have a problem with it.

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>Your being trolled

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>ass turd
>im 12 and wat is this

>> No.10536549

I got a feeling when the game comes out.. there is gonna be some kid that wanna be a female space marine and complains they are diffrent from Sisters of battle

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>These guys are so defensive about their loser hobby.

>> No.10536563

It's a pretty safe bet that it's going to be layed out like WAR, though.

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Though that's true, then you run into an gameplay issue. Do they really want to make an EVE styled game when EVE already exists?

Reviewing the thread, I am thankful to see that there are 4 factions, clearly separated by races. I might give this game a look if they put more gameplay videos out there

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...oh god, i think im beggining to understand the rage lorefags go through when they see a game bastardise their world.

>> No.10536645

Visit to the Emperor completed.
300 exp awarded.
You receive:
>[Custodes Helmet]

>> No.10536650

There are many things on eve that could be tweaked or changed to make a different gameplay while still maintaining the user created feel of the political scape.

>> No.10536681

well, you're right but i think there's still plenty of room for hoping it wont be like that,

>> No.10536704

it could be like the death knight problem in wow, you get limited to a specific number of races and classes, but when you get to a certain level with one character , then you have the ability to create a character of the previously locked class, and or race

>> No.10536715


If it is, that's game breaking for me. As much as the fucking with lore would piss me off, it's more that I fucking hate the two side system. Whichever side is losing, their players jump ship to the winning side. Balance is fucked.

With three or more factions, you end up with people sticking with their faction and trying to take advantage of other factions fighting one another.

Two factions is recipe for fail.

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Posting this comic just cause it's one of my favourites.

>> No.10536781

enjoy giving a shit, people who give a shit about 40k fluff

because there can be nothing more pure and inalienable than FUCK THINKING ABOUT ANYTHING, EVERYONE WANTS TO KILL EVERYONE FOREVER

game is going to be shitty, 40k fluff is shitty, why give a shit honestly

>> No.10536806


Honestly, the only thing good about 40k is the fluff.

>> No.10536815

This mmo would have been more interesting if it was like Necromunda.

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> Hasn't read 40k fluff
> Thinks GRIMDARK actually applies

>> No.10536859

I'd prefer a middle-ground between that and Rogue Trader. Multi-race hives. Human gangers, eldar delinquents, ork partyboyz and chaos cults.

>> No.10536904

>Your being trolled

>> No.10536930

I hate this picture. The bloody pulp looks so bad.

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lvl 30 SPHES MAREEN wtb herbs, need 2 level my Herbalism pst

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>> No.10537280

/2 Armageddon- "guyz were iz the EMPRAH i need 2 hand in qeust but cant find him help plx"

>> No.10537528


>> No.10537691

It'll be fun!

>> No.10537719

itt: A bunch of "mankind fuck yeah" faggots that completely ignore the precedence this has on the fluff

You faggots need to stop this shit and be happy we will have more than SPESS MEHREENS: THE MMO

>> No.10537756


I will LAUGH SO FUCKING MUCH if this happens

>> No.10537848

Except it IS just SPESS MAHREENS the MMO. I don't want to be no goddamn eldar puss.

Looks like it's waaghin' time. God damnit. WHY IS IT SO WRONG TO WANT TO BE A TECHPRIEST?

>> No.10537874

>Eldar Puss

Said that to my Striking Scorpions tough guy. I have power fists in the shape of crab claws, motherfucker.

>> No.10538035

Contact info, spam them with that comic.

MAYBE we can save it.

>> No.10538076

Sure is Warhammer Online up in here

>> No.10538173

So much butthurt. It is... hilarious.

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He is right you know.
The makers of Warhammer tend to tell things from side they are telling about.

Like Squads never existed, if you say otherwise online you get banned from whatever online media you are using, while in warhammer 40k you get labled as heretic and killed.

So technically it could be true.

>> No.10538688

shit just got real

>> No.10538708
File: 18 KB, 379x214, imokwiththis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yarrick as the Order leader.

>> No.10538733

Hey, this is done by the same company that did Darksiders. Well, at least they'll understand Warhammer 40k character design.

>> No.10538767

squats, not squads.. but still

>> No.10538787


>> No.10538789

They put in Order/Destruction in WAR, why did you idiots think it also would not be implemented here?

>> No.10538810
File: 600 KB, 1200x1175, purginginprogress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are only two sides.

Order, as in the Order of the Imperium and our Glorious God Emperor.

And Destruction, as in every mother fucking xenos and heretic from here to the Warp is going to get destroyed by his holy promethium.

>> No.10538834
File: 219 KB, 681x908, 1273974082067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right. Did any of you ever think that the so-called "Order VS Destruction" comment might be merely a classification?

As in "Play Destruction" meaning "play orks" or "play chaos". Not TOGETHER HAND-IN-HAND. Besides, stop fucking getting your heresypanties in a twist as it's all speculation and assumptions. they've given you AdMech Skitarii and Titans! Kindly shut the fuck up!

Pic to get your attention, hopefully.

>> No.10538889

The fact that people are whining and crying about Eldar/Imperium and Orks/Chaos teaming up just shows how little they know about 40k.

Protip; the Imperium and the Eldar fight side by side just as often as they fight against one another. Hell, standard Imperial policy regarding the Eldar is "leave them the hell alone unless they attack us, in which case, drive them off and don't bother persuing". They're too useful to simply hunt down and exterminate - the Imperium can suck up the damaged the Eldar cause, but might NOT be able to defend itself against anything they have to ally together to defeat.

>> No.10538928

You realize you guys are discussing a game that is still more or less in Pre-Alpha right? You realize all kinds of shit could drastically change between now and then, right? You all realize you are having huge arguments over interpretations of a fucking wikipedia article, right?

Ok. Just making sure /tg/.

Never change.

>> No.10538937
File: 41 KB, 504x360, InquisitorParty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry, did you just suggest the Imperium DOESN'T have an entire order dedicated to the hunting down and purging of aliens while trying to blunt their plans called the Ordo Xenos?

And that the Eldar think of humanity as any other than funny numbers they can trick into walking onto a battlefield to save the lives of a handful f Eldar?

The Imperial standard policy is "If it's not human, or human enough, kill it. If it's barely human enough, oppress it but use it". And the only things barely human enough are space rat-men and space Ogres. Elfdar are on the "kill on sight" list.

>> No.10538971
File: 116 KB, 256x256, warhammer-online-age-of-reckoning-chaos-256x2561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Order? Destro?


>> No.10538974
File: 70 KB, 1024x634, 1276080029526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10539003

No. Space marine chapters run around destroying craftworlds because they're there. They want nothing more than to outright exterminate everything that isn't human.

>> No.10539006
File: 136 KB, 800x600, Deathwatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you, a xenos loving faggot? Or just an elfdar? Get the fuck out of here, you cross dressing pointy ears xenos scum.

>> No.10539025




>> No.10539038


I think the confirmed sides are the Imperium (Marines and Guard) with Eldar

Facing Chaos Marines, Chaos Cultists and Orks

>> No.10539054

Chaos with orks isn't really a problem, since orks really only want fighting and Chaos have never had a problem getting other people to do their dirty work (Unless, you know, they're Khorne worshippers), but where the fuck do you see Eldar and Humans on the same side? Where's the actual confirmation?

>> No.10539056

If Eldar goes hand in hand with the spacemarines, I will cry and kill this game.

>> No.10539060

No, the only confirmed playable sides are space marines, chaos space marines, and orks. Guard, cultists, and eldar are still speculation. It's still pre-alpha, so a lot of stuff is still up in the air.

>> No.10539085


>> No.10539096

I was actually starting to look forward to this game before the two sides bullshit.

When will MMOs learn that you can't fucking balance any kind of enjoyable pvp with only two factions, fuck.

>> No.10539141


When will MMO's realize that you can't balance PVP unless both sides have the exact same numbers and exact same skill and exact same computers with the exact same connection so that everything is fair.

>> No.10539318


It's not supposed to be fair. It's supposed to be a seesaw. With more than two factions, no side can throw everything they have at one of the others, or the third side will take advantage of the lapse on their front. The More factions, the easier pvp is to balance on the factional scale because weak factions will ally toward a common end to take out stronger factions, and then turn on one another as they invariably do.

Look at some of the great wars in Eve Online to see it in action.

>> No.10539405
File: 185 KB, 800x764, Daemonhunterantifurry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10539416
File: 41 KB, 689x429, Map1914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Five factions worked moderately well IRL until... you know... mass production.

>> No.10539443


In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

>> No.10539455

The amount of faggots thinking that the Ordo Xenos means that the Imperium can't team up with the Eldar makes me laugh.

Brotip: It will be a shaky alliance. I bet they will even throw some missions where you kill xenos and you kill humans. Settle down you neckbeard "MANKIND FUCK YEAH HERP DERP" faggots.

>> No.10539518
File: 286 KB, 1024x634, HERETICS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>black templars
>ally with aliens

>> No.10539559
File: 65 KB, 450x402, 1275162841134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinks that applying a BT color scheme in this MMO will change anything about the game

>> No.10539593

Seems like you'll only be able to play Blood Angels then...

>> No.10539614


>thinks that doesn't bring us right back to the lore problems people were having

>> No.10539654
File: 1.59 MB, 1500x1500, 1276068492409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 sides, order and destruction.


They might be able to pull that shit off in Fantasy, but in 40k NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL.

God, why did i even have a sliver of hope for this game being anything more then utter shit.

>> No.10539849

>lore problems


>> No.10539861


When the lore is 'Everybody shoots everybody else,' it's pretty unforgivable to fuck it up.

>> No.10539864

Butthurt newfags never heard about Rogue trader /1st edition... where every thing was about chaos and the rest.

>> No.10539945

Are you surprised? Did you REALLY expect them to do something other than the old tired 2-sides-to-a-conflict MMO factions that damn near everyone uses? I did have a little hope that they'd take a chance and make tyranids playable, but Orks and CSM comes as no surprise honestly. Since Order only seems to be comprised of SM at the moment it can be assumed that the other will likely be Elfdar, with Tau as a far outside bet.

>> No.10539962

And then /tg/ was the cancer. Also,
>He thinks 1e is still canon

>> No.10539976

Yeah, Blizzard raped the face of Warcraft lore. They do it with every expansion. Somehow, the game still thrived and all the Warcraft fans still played WoW, even if for a little bit.
It would be absolutely fuckwinawesome if they can keep the 40k lore intact for this game, but if my options are:
1) Good lore, shitty game
2) Shitty lore, good game

since you KNOW we're not going get both, I'll gladly take the good game and get my lore from the books and fluff.

>> No.10540015

Oh boy, WoW clone PVP.

>> No.10540032


Lore makes the game, for me. If that flies, I'm out, and I'd wager a lot of 40k fans will agree. I mean, shit, that's how we pick our armies. We like the aesthetic and the stories behind them, so we play them, even outdated ones like thousand suns, like my flatmate plays.

>> No.10540291

What are you talking about? Of course we are going to get both shitty lore and a shitty game.

>> No.10540372

there should be three factions

Imperium: IG and spess mahreen
Disorder: Orks and Chaos
Chaotic awesome: Tau and eldar

other races for expansions

>> No.10540440

>not going to get a good game with good lor-

oooooh, you got me.

>> No.10540458

Guys. Only confirmed races so far are Imperium, Eldar, Orks and Chaos. Tyranids are the PVE enemy race. I'm sure they'll make expansions or something silly in the future but stop making fucking assumptions til we have some actual fucking info instead of going OMG ORDER AND DESTRO IT'S LIKE WoW until we have some fucking concrete info you fucking idiots.

>> No.10540532

Oh man, do you know how they should do the death thing? When you die in the game, you literally DIE.

When you "respawn" you are all the same with the same appearance, with the same equipment, and option to change your name. This represents the vast population of the Imperium/Xenos/Chaos. Your allies will still see you as your Login name but your enemies will see a fresh reinforcement - Grogtag Bitzbitah is now Gitzbad Frawz.

Pretend I threw in some obligatory comment about Space Marine baldness.

>> No.10540533

>You are given a quest to kill 10 eldar who are standing around in a field

>> No.10540686


It better be more creative then that, I would hate to see 40k reduced to another grindquest

>> No.10540727

Wait, what? What did Mythic do aside from make the game rather boring?

>> No.10540734

Collect 2,000 skulls for the skull throne!
Shed 10,000 gallons of blood for the blood god!

>> No.10540738

>Kill 10 Pestulant Cultists
/hand in
>Kill 15 Loathsome Cultists
>hand in
>Kill 8 Elite Fiery Cultists and collect 5 Icons of Tzeentch

>> No.10540766


In the grim future of the 41st Millenium, there is only grinding.

>> No.10540774

sorry, this reasonable line of thinking is null & void in /tg/.

Please check back in .... never.

>> No.10540842

There should be a system where (as a Khorne whatever) you have the option of taking blood and skulls as an item when you loot a body. Then when you return to "town" the game asks if you would like to offer these items to the Blood God (provided they are in your inventory). The items are otherwise useless but if you decline, at random intervals in the game you are struck down as a Chaos Spawn for like 5 minutes.

>> No.10540905

Middle of a raid, become Chaos Spawn, wipe.
"lol srry guys 4got to handin my skulls today"

>> No.10541005

You all assume way too much about fluff making it as classes. Remember, they're going to need enemy filler.

I can guaran-fucking-tee that 'Nids and IG will be the generic shitty mobs you grind on to gain levels, depending on Order/Disorder. Sorry IG fanboys, but I'll be collecting 20 Lasrifles for DA WARBOSS.

>> No.10541048


Orks have bolters, shitty bolters, but bolters nonetheless. Why would they want flashlights? I'm pretty sure they can see in the dark.

>> No.10541076
File: 86 KB, 600x668, 1275342196625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IG for chaos, cultists for imperium. Nids come in near end game, I bet.

>> No.10541099

They can tape 20 of them together and tie all the triggers to a single string.


>> No.10541156

They are elves in space.

Get over it

>> No.10541230

i just realized, this game will either be fluff-breaking or "sexist"

I seriously don't hope i have to see female orcs and spess mahreens running around

>> No.10541231

If I recall correctly, the Nids were announced to be an unplayable constant enemy to both sides

>> No.10541233

just because IG will be the generic shitty mobs doesn't mean that they will be unplayable. i mean look at orcs and humans in WoW there are orc mobs as low as level 18 and human mobs as low as level 3.

>> No.10541317

who cares.

It's an MMOTPS, it will likely be quite refreshing

>> No.10541332
File: 553 KB, 1600x1200, female-orc-warrior.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10541346

I'm wondering just HOW TPS its going to be. I'm enthusiastic if it is remains true to the genre, but I saw too many stat bars and hotkeyed abilities to be completely comfortable

>> No.10541364

It's all speculation. The. Game. Isn't. Even. In. Alpha. Yet. All this information is bound to change. Hell, even the interface could change with good feedback.

>> No.10541405

I'm fine with everything as long as I get to pick which cult I join and actually show that by more than color alone.

If I pick Slaanesh, I want some rape tentacles, even if I have to wait till later levels.

>> No.10541442
File: 126 KB, 500x349, mass-effect-pc-screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm wondering just HOW TPS its going to be. I'm enthusiastic if it is remains true to the genre, but I saw too many stat bars and hotkeyed abilities to be completely comfortable
It'll work fine.

>> No.10541449


I like this idea - The blood and skulls don't take up inventory space or anything, but every few hours or so you have to sacrifice a bunch of them, or get a debuff that will turn you into a spawn for a minute at random intervals. Alternatively, since that's rather punitive, just make it so that skulls and blood are reagents for powerful abilities or something.

I also like the "Die, re-name/re-customize character, but retain all items/gear/stats/levels/whatever" idea. Very fluffy.

>> No.10541459


Look closely. They don't change from scene to scene, no matter what we're looking at. That's not how the game is going to look; it was added in later, probably just as a 'No, really. It's an MMO.'

>> No.10541490

My god, I want to play Mass Effect again after seeing this. I still need to get those achievements for having Wrex, Garrus, Ashely, and Kaiden in my party for most of the game.

>> No.10541504
File: 163 KB, 474x458, 1275561692033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, does anyone actually look for information about the game first?

I see a lot of people expecting Necrons, Tyranid, Dark Smelldar, and Tau being playable.

They're not.

It's going to be Orkz and Chaos on one side, (They are both planning on backstabbing each other.)

And Imperium + Smelldar on the other side.

People seem to forget that Smelldar and the Imperium have fought side by side before the Whoreis heresy.

>> No.10541516

Even if, IF they want to add more sides (and almost confirmed for expac - drivable vehicles) in an expansion they're exactly doing the same thing that made WAR die an early death.
If you fuck up the early game, no one will play it, if no one will play it you won't make money, if you won't make money you won't be able to fix the game so it will stay shit forever.

>> No.10541577
File: 934 KB, 160x120, cat what the fuuuuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If Nids are playable in a side with any other faction this game is officially dead to me

>> No.10541585
File: 472 KB, 654x1024, 1276077847243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vehicles are already confirmed for release.

They changed their mind and decided to put them in.

>> No.10541589
File: 94 KB, 400x400, advicetechpriest6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha, that's actually what I thought of as I was typing it

That aside, the way that characters reacted to damage was just too...MMO-y. The imperial guardsman stands and fires while he's getting shot through the chest, he doesn't even shudder. When the Space Marines are fighting the dreadnaught with the flamer, they just stand there and keep shooting. It's things like this that make me wary. MMOs are ruined by a sense of artificiality. Getting slashed across your torso 7 times is one thing when your character reels back or falls to his knees every time. Getting run through and just firing on like nothing happened? Ehhhhh....

>> No.10541607
File: 84 KB, 409x189, 1270726795649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]








>> No.10541624


I thought the idea behind MMOs these days was simply to sucker in as many people as you can before the release period (along with expensive collector's editions), then use the trickle of remaining subscribers to keep the servers running after everyone goes back to WoW.

>> No.10541646

Well the game is not close to being finished, as far as I understand. So that might change, hopefully.

>> No.10541650


Where's this info coming from?

>> No.10541673

Hurp a derp.

>> No.10541681

I've been trying as well. It's like /tg/ just becomes full retard when reading this stuff.

>> No.10541682
File: 219 KB, 486x783, 1275698946447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vigil games twitter and interviews on the THQ site.


You can check here in the near future for more info. It's the new game site. Came up around yesterday at 2:00PM.

>> No.10541709
File: 42 KB, 251x251, advicetechpriest4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I understand that, but it's an MMO that looks like it "won't be like the others!"


>> No.10541711


Well, fuck that. No longer interested.

>> No.10541723

You must collect 10 chaos rat tails.

>> No.10541774
File: 86 KB, 400x400, advicetechpriest2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I were collecting them from a stash hidden at the end of a randomly-generated chaos stronghold which I and my squad had progressed through in a series of daunting, aggressive, skill-based firefights with both enemy players and intelligent NPCS, then so be it

>> No.10541937

Me too, however skill hotbars don't worry me. If a skill is well implemented, it can break the monotony of point and shoot that shooters can sometimes suffer from.
Also I hear cover plays a role. They like their cover, these videogamizations of the warhammer 40k franchise.

>> No.10541965

>People thinking Tyranids can't be both playable and still make sense with a minimal amount of effort
You guys are fucking retards.

>> No.10542054

Thank you, they were both my ideas and I'm pretty happy with them. I can't imagine it would be worth the time programming in but it would be very "realistic".

I also think that the Chaos Spawn shouldn't be particularly useless either. Have its strength scale to the character's level and make it a bit stronger. The bonus is that you are a damage dealing tank, the downside is that you have no abilities and you're a whirlwind of bullshit that lashes out at your target and automatically anything in the general area, allies included.

We could probably do something similar for the other factions - Blood Angels going into a berserker rage, Black Templars unable to switch up weapons because their current ones are chained to their hands, Orks getting a slight bonus for being in groups but have a crippling downside if the group drops below a certain threshold (no change if the Ork is alone to start with) to promote squads over zerging. It will fuck with balance so much but it would certainly appeal to people who are fans of the fluff.

Oh, and there should be mandatory hot-keys so the battlefield can be spammed with sounds of WAAGHHH, FOR THE EMPEROR, or BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. They won't be specific phrases either (because that would be hell) - each button picks a random phrase from the corresponding category:
1 - Venerate the Immortal Emperor
2 - Fighting Heretics
3 - Fighting Xenos
4 - Fighting Traitors
5 - Encouraging Statement

1 - Seething Rage
2 - Praise your Foul God
3 - Statement Regarding Harvest of Body Parts
4 - Embracing the Pain
5 - Fighting Imperium Forces

The Eldar unfortunately, will be stony silent on the battlefield.

>> No.10542078

This thread basically amount to people getting angry over their own assumptions
I vaguely remember elves sometimes being referred to as eldarin in the Silmarillian anyway, so it's kind of moot. I doubt they were ever going for anything other than elves in space

>> No.10542207

That's exactly the point. They're doing it wrong.

>> No.10542238


Automated battlecries would be cool, but I think the best way to handle them would be to put them all in a channel that you can turn on and off as you please, and have there be a minimum amount of time between the end of one and the start of another - Like, for five seconds after you finish the current one, another one can't occur, but after that point, it can proc randomly.

>> No.10542352

There's always this:


>> No.10542467

Why don't we just send in hundreds of thousands of emails pleading with them to change the 2 side thing?

>> No.10542489

All you faggots are going to make it even worse if you do that I think. Not that it'll change their minds but if it does you'll all bitch about how you can't ally with x race or how x race kills eveeryone or something fucking stupid.

>> No.10542615



I guess you're right. At least there's always true 40k players who go on servers to keep all the groups separated.

Space Marines shouldn't team with Eldar.

>> No.10542668
File: 10 KB, 420x420, 1270808285664.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But they have in the past.

>> No.10542698

Are there any instances (please post source) where the Imperium and the Eldar have teamed up and immediately after they reached the objective they opened up on each other? Or one side shot the other in the back?

>> No.10542900

You guys are quite silly. You realize that if they had each race be independent of the others, that EVERYBODY would play the most popular races. The others would get left in the dust. This way, at least for gameplay purposes, the two "sides" will at least be about even in numbers of players. Also, the "Forces of Order" and "Forces of Disorder" thing has been going on in 40k since as far back as I can remember. That doesn't mean that they are literal allies, just that they share some goals.

And fuck you all, I'll still play this game because I want to play as the Adeptus Mechanicus. That's been my dream for a long time. And not only that.. there are TITANS in this game. I will cum buckets.

>> No.10542933


Hypocrites, bro.

These faggots want it to be just like in the fluff, but the only flaw there is that: A) This is a game, B) People have teamed up in the fluff.

Utter retards :[

>> No.10542940

You say this like you actually know there's only going to be two factions in the first place
The whole order and chaos thing is pretty vague

>> No.10543089

Dawn of War: Winter Assault
Depending on which path you take (Eldar or Imperium), you leave the other side in front of the portal they can't pass through to die from unending assault of orkz and chaos.

>> No.10543195


Don't you mean the future?

>> No.10543282


What would make the most sense is malleable alliances - Each race is a faction, and the game does the math periodically to find out which race combinations would make the most even playing field - Let's say you have a server where it's 5% Orks, 30% Eldar, 40% Space Marines, and 25% Chaos. The game automatically allies Eldar with Chaos players and Orks with SM, until the numbers change to a point where there's a more even distribution possible.

>> No.10543307

not trolling but a necromunda mmorpg would have been to better

>> No.10543369

Eldar allied with Chaos can be compared to a gigant nigger dick stuck in the ass of the fluff and penetrating it full force leaving several buckets of cum inside

>> No.10543473


I realize that. The system obviously needs tweaking if you want it to remain accurate to the fluff, so that it'll prevent certain combos such as Chaos+Eldar, but you have to understand that, from the developer's point of view, mechanics > fluff. And really, this is just my best shot at how to solve the typical imbalance problems that a two-faction setup has. It becomes a non-issue if each race is truly an independent faction (Which is personally the direction I prefer, and which makes the most sense lore-wise), but then other problems start to crop up - But those are mainly issues of "Faction X doesn't have enough players", and if you have an alliance system (With fluff-based restrictions), then that problem can be solved as well.

>> No.10543656

Well, of course a free for all would be the best decision fluff wise, but its canon that eldar and humans have made uneasy, temporary alliances, and the idea of chaos hiring some ork mercenaries seeing as they are in a disatvandage.

When it comes to gameplay mechanics, races with lower number of players could simply recieve more NPC help, like titans on the battleground having more hp and sheit like that

>> No.10543657


Makes even more sense if every racial faction has political factions within it that advocate allying with various other races - The game's auto-alliance system can be explain in-game by one political faction within a race gaining the upper hand.

>> No.10543707

Hey, Winter Assault the shaky, inevitable betrayal-style alliances.

>> No.10543773


Because that's worked so well in other games, re: Lake Wintergrasp.

In all seriousness, I would like to see this in a perfect world: Each racial faction is independent. You're not forced to ally with anyone. However, the different political factions within your racial faction advocate allying with other races, and you can join as many of these factions as you want. For instance, let's say that you're a Space Marine - You can remain a purist, and just kill any non-Imperials you see. You could also join the subfaction that wants to employ the Orks as allies, allowing you to be on friendly terms with Ork players that have joined their racial pro-marine subfaction. You could also join the pro-Eldar SM subfaction - So that you can compose parties that employ Orks, Eldar, AND Space Marines.

>> No.10543780

Warhammer 40,000: IN THE GRIM DARKNESS OF THE DISTANT FUTURE we all actually come to a decent diplomatic agreement and, for the most part, get along very well when need be.

>> No.10543793

Well, that would work for humans + eldar, or eldar manipulating orkz to help them, but i cant really imagine eldar allying with a bunch of guys that would gladly sacrifice their souls to slaanesh on the first occasion, they have simply too much history.

But, orkz can be split into group of mercenaries.
For example group A has been hired by the imperium at the beggining of the game, after a few months more people started playing chaos, so the ork players can choose with sticking to humans and be considered worthless, or join the chaos forces and gain multiple benefits from being where they are needed.

>> No.10543802


Are you an MMO developer or something? Seriously, Vigil needs to hire this guy.

>> No.10543822


I'm sure there are Eldar Chaos worshippers out there - It's a big universe, and wasn't there a Slaanesh-worshipping Dark Eldar cult in the 3rd Soul Drinkers novel?

>> No.10543839

I'll laugh if they let you choose to play a Squa-

>> No.10543872

Dark eldar and craftworld eldar are two very different factions bro.
You didnt read much Eldar huh ?

>> No.10543882

That's actually a great idea.

Shame that means it'll never happen.

>> No.10543902
File: 35 KB, 400x400, Looks clear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying anyone would play this game for anything other than killing everything that moves

>> No.10543909


I realize that they're very different, but IIRC, Eldar in general do their best not to fight each other. It's a very uncomfortable alliance, but it's not hard to justify fluffwise.

>> No.10543935
File: 89 KB, 504x282, whatsimon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really? You think the Dark Eldar don't go out of their way to fuck over the Craftworld Eldar at any opportunity?

>> No.10543954

>Implying the developers think the game would survive more than a year with that kind of gameplay focus

>> No.10543967


... Yeah, actually. Another Eldar, no matter how much their lifestyle disgusts you, is still worth infinitely more than any other being.

>> No.10544000

Man, the current dark eldar were the ones who started The Fall, they are the ones who created Slaanesh.
They are the reason the Eldar as a race is dying out, you really think they would come into an alliance?

>> No.10544015


>implying they're right to think so

If a piece of shit like counterstrike can survive this long, I'm sure an EPIC BATTLE OF MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS RAGING ACROSS A CHANGING PLANETARY LANDSCAPE will draw a crowd.

>> No.10544041

They will torture a craftworlder to death for the tasty soul on a personal level, but on the political level of cabal I am pretty sure they try to keep an eye out for the future of the race.

>> No.10544053


... And again, Eldar lives are worth vastly more than anything else, no matter what variety of Eldar.

>> No.10544058

My only wish is they do this properly. that means a frag fest everyone vs everyone

AdMech / Guard / Inquisition ? / Space Marines on one side


Everyone else

Chaos vs everyone
Eldar vs chaos
Dark Eldar vs anything fuckable
ORKS being orks

Nids and Necrons killing anything that moves and some things that doesn't move

>> No.10544105


Easy enough to pull off. To compensate for all the Imperium players the necrons or nids would hit their territories the hardest, and their areas in PVP would be surrounded by multiple enemy factions, forcing them to spread thin to defend their holdings.

>> No.10544134

The main difference is, when you play counterstike you just install the game, run it, join a serwer and shoot everything for as much as you like, when the next map hits you start from zero.

When you are playing an MMO shit like character building up, getting equipment etc takes time, sometimes a fuck load of time.
Sure, a counterstike with space marines instead of counter terrorists will attract some people, mainly 12 year old fanboys, but that will keep the game alive as long as they dont find another brainless game they can sink into

>> No.10544200

I played a squad based korean MMO for a time even as a single player you could control 3 characters at the same time and use their different skills

Imagine a nid player not playing like a single tyranid but as a group of 4 or 5 killing machines, any single Imperial player will be pretty much fucked up

>> No.10544221


I think the point is that a shitty game can have millions of cult followers. A far more interesting game that doesn't fit the mold could easily attract enough players to make money.

Again, I'll point to Eve and Fallen Earth. Both of those games fail to follow the 'lol, good guise bad guise' theme, and they're doing very well for themselves.

Personally, I think this is a horrid oversimplification. Instead of having each race with it's unique characters capable of filling needed roles, you'll have the roles split up across the 'sides,' like they did with Age of Reckoning.

"The FUCK do you mean humans don't have KNIGHTS? Play an elven SWORDMASTER if I want to tank?"

Each army is more than capable of being independent, and four factions would ensure that there would be no roundrobin keepchasing (or trading) like in AoR.

Not to mention, it would make for some epic ambushes. Imperials and chaos are duking it out for control of a plateau. Suddenly, motherfucking Eldar show up and sabotage everybody's shit.

>> No.10544244


...I'm not sure what point you're trying to make in relation to mine.

>> No.10544313

Tyranids are the main antagonists in the game, and are the main pve cannon fodder brosef

>> No.10544348

Can someone tell me why 4 factions is unholy blasphemy that we arn't even allowed to beg for in fear of displeasing our video game overlords?


Someone tell me what's wrong with 4 factions.

>> No.10544370



>> No.10544381

there is nothing wrong with 4 factions (Imperium, Eldar, chaos, orks)

the problem will be only 2 factions (Imperium and Eldar vs Chaos and Orks) and it seems that they are going to do this (Order vs Destruction a WoW clone of Alliance vs Horde)

>> No.10544390

>they like their cover

No. Real life likes it's cover, ever since we advanced beyond muskets and marching towards each other in brightly coloured uniforms.

>> No.10544397

This game may be good, but it won't give me what I really want.

I want to spend my first ten levels as a Guardian.
Then I want to make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Banshee, and don the mask.
I want to spend ten more levels gaining Banshee-related skills, and then... watch as some of my allies spend a skill-point too many, and must take on the mantle of Exarch.

But I will leave, and my skill-points will be freed up. I shall then journey to the Shrine of the Dragon, and re-spend those points, and gain ten more. Once more, I shall turn away as those I once knew as friends become trapped on the path.

And then, one day, when I have soared on wings of fire, when I have speared Orks from hiding, when I have wailed doom into the hearts of men, when I have shredded a Tau with monofilament wire....

I will turn my back on these Aspects. And into my hands shall be placed the greatest weapon of the children of Asuryan. I shall wield the Swordwind of the of Eldar.

>> No.10544401

It'll be a pain to balence I think when it comes to the classes and everything, especially if most of them are unique but have a general archetype but with varying differences. It would just get pretty confusing and they already have the system set up so let them do what they want with it in my opinion. If you end up liking it, good, if you don't deal with it.

>> No.10544427


Yeah I know, It was a question to the many people that accuse us of "whining" as if god forbid we should have a say in what we want to play.

I dispise those nay-saying fucks. We should just shut up, sit down and gobble our shit like good little boys and girls? Spineless.

>> No.10544462

>WoW Clone
WoW wasn't the first one to do the whole faction vs faction thing. People really need to know what they hell they are talking about instead of hurr dur WoW clone.

>> No.10544473

Man, i would really enjoy slicing up some chaos fuckers with a striking scorpion teamed up with you

>> No.10544488

I want to start as a Imperial Guard to be promoted to Space Marine

>> No.10544491

Except the only info you guys have is a trailer, some text from the website and some info from the THQ thing. You are all making assumptions before anything is even confirmed, how gameplay mechanics are, all of that. Sit down and shut up til you have actual info to bitch about.

>> No.10544502
File: 11 KB, 192x235, Easy Now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10544582


"It'll be a pain?"

I'm sorry, are you the one doing the work?
Excuse me if you personally are the one that has to calculate up all the "balances" and what have you.
I'm sure I can understand them putting you personally in charge with the majority of the hard work.

Wake up, designing games is a job, which implies hard work. Do you think when Leonardo was hired to do the Sistine Chapel they told him "just splash up any old thing, it doesn't need to be a hassle."?

Either I "deal with it" and we get a crummy game that neither of us plays for more than a month or you "deal with it" and continue to do nothing while I lend my voice to others in an effort to make a plea to Vigil and we get possibly an amazing game or the same one you were expecting. I don't see how us "dealing with it" causes you any problems. Can you answer that?

>> No.10544703

>Personally, I think this is a horrid oversimplification. Instead of having each race with it's unique characters capable of filling needed roles, you'll have the roles split up across the 'sides,' like they did with Age of Reckoning.
Well, to be fair, that wasn't how WAR was originally intended to be. But that shit got cut along with all the other non-human city tiers when Mythic was trying to shovel out their game.

Hopefully Vigil won't make the same mistake.

>> No.10544733

They've already put 3 or so years of work into the game with an estimated time of early (Or possibly mid/late) 2011 of it coming out. I just think most of you guys are bitching without a proper amount of info or justification other than We hate 2 factions only, make it how we want it. They're not going to cater to your whims. They're going to go for what makes the most money and if people still like it even with the 2 faction system then hey, they just made more money. To me it hardly looks like a "cruddy game" already with the footage I've seen but that could be due to change. Even if the changes do go out, if it became worse because of said changes, most of you faggots would blame the company, not the fans who whined about said changes and got a stick up their ass when it wasn't up to their exact specifications or assumptions. You're all just complaining stupidly in my opinion. If you're going to flail your arms and complain and petition be my guest.

>> No.10544826


FUCK you.

>> No.10545293

>Implying trying to create a game that will succeed long-term is somehow a bad profitability strategy
Are you high?

>> No.10545824

They already stated that even if they only get around a million, they'll be making a shit ton of money and could care less.

>> No.10546007


So? They're greedy fuckers, the more people they can get, and the longer they can keep them hooked, the more money they make. It's fucking stupid to toss a shitty half-formed game out there, even if you do recoup any losses and end up turning a profit, because if you had done it WELL, you'd likely end up turning a much larger profit and manage to milk the game for far longer, which means more microtransactions (If they go that route, which they seem to be considering doing).

>> No.10546127
File: 77 KB, 354x320, FUCK YOU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fucking micro transactions.

>> No.10546320


Yeah, they suck, but if I had to choose between a shit game like WAR with no microtransactions, or a quality game WITH them, it's not a hard choice.

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