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Hey /tg/,

We over at /v/ got to see this at E3.

For those of you that missed it, or don't know about it, it is a WH40K MMO. This is the new trailer that was shown at E3 (with gameplay).


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Link for the /v/ thread?

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Gimmie a second /v/ery helpful anon, I'll check it out and give you my thoughts.

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>Implying there hasn't been 20 threads about it here today before you

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Do want, but this brings up a question:

Should it be discussed on /v/ or /tg/?

And yet another:

Imperial Guard or Angry Marines?

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Ah okay, yeah this one.

It shows promise. But I won't lie and say I'm not excited a bit.

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Unfortunately the ones I have seen (and made) 404'd.

/v/ is too busy shitstorming over Gabe Newell, and Nintendo at the moment.

I'm gonna give it a few hours before I try again.

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There has been a discussion of a /tg/ Ork Waagh for this...

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/v/ doesn't discuss video games.

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I just went to check out /v/.

This fact is confirmed.

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I think the trailer shows a lot of interesting moments.
I'm curious as to how it will really turn out.
I'm not the biggest MMO fan, but I like 40k enough to get a trial at least.

Thanks for linking this, /v/irgin.

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Gabe Newell seemed really out of breath.

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Another Warhammer MMO? Cause the first attempt they made was so good, right? I expect failure, even if the hordes of 13 year olds that buy up most of GW's Space Marines get an account.

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Shut the fuck up nigger

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This time around it's being made by a smaller dev along with THQ.

It shows some promise.

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Anyone know when is Vigil having its press confrence in E3?

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and a /tg/ guardsman regiment. And a /tg/ space marine chapter. And a /tg/ slaaneshi cult...

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Oops, my mistake. Silly me.


/tg/ rolling Orks? Hmmm... Sounds interesting, but the trailer did show off what looked like an Imperial Titan, I think. If they throw in a Baneblade I'm totally all for rolling with the Guard.

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If armor and insignias are customizable, there's only one thing for /tg/ to do.

We must create a legion of Angry Marines, in the name of THE MOTHERFUCKING EMPEROR, YOU COCKSWAGGLER!

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So far it looks... interesting!

Will it be $40 + $15 a month interesting though

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Personally, I'm all for the guardsman regiment.

We shall call it TACTICAL GENIUSES!

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Probably all the 13 year olds start playing SPEHS MAREENS, not a place I want to be in.

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will eldar be in this game?

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until we run out of space.

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Its rumored I think.

Unless someone has confirmation?

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He seemed more nervous to me.



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You can see this in the trailer. The marine is bloody obvious, the Chaos Marine is heavily implied and the Ork is shown doing the same stuff (riding a bike and a deffkopta, etc)

The guardsmen, admech, daemons, cultists, etc ARE ONLY NPC ENEMIES. NOT PLAYABLE.

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I sort of doubt 13 year olds would play this......

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indeed the hardcores will all go Chaos/IG

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Sauce or Get The Fuck Out.

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god i hope so, then i'll play it

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Nah... The acronym for Tactical geniuses is TG. That way it's a reference to both CREEEEED and /tg/.

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In the trailer, it's
I honestly hope that this comes out OK and that it isn't full of retards and 12 year olds that can't spell

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Seeing the Marine just charge through a hail of bullets with his thunder hammer ended all debate for me.

Power Armour done RIGHT? Yes sir I do like it.
Might roll guardsmen if a MIRACLE happens and they become playable before the first expansion.

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>He got squished in the trailer

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Ahh, that makes sense.
Okay that works.

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I'd play it I can be an adapt or shit like that. Fuck space marines

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All we have so far is a trailer and a few vague hints. There will be some more info at Gamescom or some other conference in August.

For all we know, guardsmen/cultists might be playable in squads.

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Moar vids and pics.

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Yeah, ok, I admit that makes sense.
Guessing we'll see IG and Eldar in an expansion pack then.

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there better be a buff ability called FUKKEN XENOS!

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I'm going to go full retard and admit I'd rather play a single blinged up marine than a squad of guardsmen.

In other /v/ related news, I need to get a 3ds and like 900 copies of MGS3 and OoT for it.

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not playing this shit if no eldar. fuck that shit

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Almost like looking in a mirror, eh, fa/tg/uys?

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3 RACES WTF?!?!?!?!

boring... i hate all these races

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I'm a tyranid player, how do you think I feel about this?

At least Eldar have some chance of being playable.

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They could just be holding back some of the other races and unveil those as time passes, just to keep interested.

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Imperial Guard could be playable

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Eldar aside, who else could they have put in there?
We need some balance in a game, and alliances aren't really '40k'.

Besides, a 3-way in the spirit of Planetside seems a lot more fresh than the ALLIANCE/HORDE setup everything has these days.

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That would be 2 imperial factions VS orks and chaos
Unless it's Marines VS IG VS Orks VS Chaos, which is silly but doable, or IG+Marines VS Chaos+Orks which is GAY and FAIL.

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imperial guard, TYRANID DURR, tau

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An MMO without elves or space elves?

Count me in.

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Guard+SM+Eldar+Tau VS Chaos+Orks+Dark Eldar+Tyranids.

Only way to do it right.

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>Only way to fuck it up



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>join a side

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Races were confirmed a while back as Imperial, Ork, Chaos, and Eldar.

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srsly why couldn't they work there asses off and do this game right. A FUCKING WARHAMMER 40K MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER WITH ONLY 3 OF THE UMPTEEN RACES IN THE UNIVERSE??????

what the fuck man

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>Implying EVERYONE vs EVERYONE hasn't been done before

someone hasn't played DoW

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>Chaos+Dark Eldar

No. Dark Eldar hate Chaos just as much as the regular Eldar do. That's why the Harlequins treat them in the same manner as they treat the Craftworlders.

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Meaning guardsman or marine?

Or would guardsman and marine be separate classes for the imperial race?

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This means that Imperium will have uber gimped choises on classes (Marine, IG, Sororita) or everyone else will have very silly ones to equal out class amounts (Shoota boy, Stormboy, Nob, Loota, Grot, Flash Git, Mek, Painboy, Warboss, Killakan, Meganob, Digganob, Squattanob, Red Grot, Black Gobbo, White Dwarf, Orkimedes, Slugga boy)

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It worked in DoW.
It should also work in an MMO

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Warhammer Online: 6 playable races out of a hoped for 12.
Dark Millenium Online: 3-4 playable races out of a hoped for 9.

Same ratio. Precedence tells us this game will fail.

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Go to 41 seconds in the trailer. You'll see what appears to be Shuriken cannons firing at the Space Marines.

Eldar might be in the game....

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As retarded as it was those campaign modes gave us some very memorable characters

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Less is actually better in a game like this. If you have too many you spread the playerbase out too much and most of the factions are underpopulated. With three or four very popular factions, you can have large scale fights.

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pic not related.

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Looks to me like the AdMech will be playable

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Difference: WAR was an unrefined and blunt fantasy MMO released at around the same time as the far more polished Burning Crusade.

Dark Millenium is more of a Mass Effect the 40k MMO

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Chaos and Dark Eldar are natural allies, insofar as such treacherous creatures can be. Both are evil, have similar aesthetics, love torture and slavery and backstab the hell out of each other. Besides, Dark Eldar are as much under the power of Slaanesh as the Emperor's Children.

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let me try again

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Don't tease me, you delicious faggot.

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Or at least escortable. It looked a lot like an escort quest in the trailer (marine and AdMech VS Nurgle daemon)

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Okay, that one counts.

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Evil is not always an ally of Evil.
The Dark Eldar hate Chaos and Chaos hates the Dark Eldar.

It's not like Necrons and Tyranids are buttbuddies even if neither talks and both are unfeeling omnicidal forces of nature.

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>thousand sons

That better be playable too.

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True, but if you try to sell it as honest to the fluff you have to either cut out races or make 10 factions.

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And the backdrop in that particular picture looks a lot like a "Field-lab-that-one-needs-escorting-away-from" kind of place.

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Oh god. I hope so.

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They already said that Eldar would be playable.
He must've had autorun on.

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>Cadian pattern lasgun
not that anyone who isn't a giant fat nerd would know or care but FUCK.

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Never change.

>> No.10517720

Its probably all he had at hand when his research station got attacked. After all the fucking things are EVERYWHERE in the 40kverse

>> No.10517729

Real techpriests mount themselves on treads and carry lascannons.

>> No.10517750

He probably a low tier tech-priest. After all he still has his human hands and arms and only one Mechendarite.

>> No.10517878

He'd still have Skitarii pattern guns.

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I like how the banner behind him has what looks like the "There is no strength in flesh, only weakness" AdMech litany in German.

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try reading dark disciple or what ever the fuck it was called

dark eldar are not in any way shape or form allied with chaos

>> No.10518200

>Chaos and Dark Eldar are natural allies
Jesus, no.

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Will there be a playable faction that can actually have a pair of tits? I'm not playing a dude.

>> No.10518635

They announced that armors could be colored, but I don't know if they'll let you upload emblems.

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>> See Trailer
>> Get all excited
>> Flatmate says "Don't all the backgrounds look a lot like WoW?"
>> Get depressed

I had hoped, so hard...

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...and to get people started on the minis game, this EXCLUSIVE MINI for a NEW FACTION will come in the collector's box (which will retail for only $229.99).

>> No.10518993

Only the area with the Titan looked WoWesque (kind alike Arathi IMO). The snowfield and interiors looked more unique.

>> No.10519054

I honestly don't care what the collector's edition has in it, i'm getting that shit just because someone bothered to make a 40k MMO.
If it's an artbook / OST / mini I'll get it and jizz all over myself.

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Dark Eldar really hate chaos.

>> No.10519242

Space Marines rally strong!

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