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My current campaign, after going on for two years, is slowly reaching an end. Looking around and lurking around here, I've developed a bit of interest in the Pathfinder Adventure Path of King Maker to run next in case none of the others take over. And after checking /rs/, I have to ask, does anyone have the PDF of the first book of the Path and not the Player Guide?

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Off-topic: Why are there two Asukas?

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Because of the Third Impact. Shinji is pretty much stuck in an infinite time loop and forced to unknowingly relive his life for all time, his situation rarely changing. The Eva movies, show a different Asuka then what she was during the first time loop. This one is supposedly less of a 'bitch' and far more likable from what I've heard from fansubbers.

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Or, we can go with the non-retarded explanation, and assume that because this, and most other characters, are more stable because Anno isn't a depressive fuck anymore.

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Either theory would work, but I happen to like the Time Loop theory thanks to how things are in the movies. LCL rivers and lakes, the Angels evolving, Shinji knowing about an Angel under Central Dogma, and bringing in ?Mana from Girlfriend of Steel? to be the new character to hate instead of Asuka.

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Now, about that PDF of King Maker part 1?

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>LCL rivers and lakes
ADAM awaking did that

>the Angels evolving
But, it's only a retelling. So they didn't "evolve" because they were always like this.

>Shinji knowing about an Angel under Central Dogma
Because some hair brained timeline theory is they only reason Misato showed Shinji that, right? Nothing about inspiring him to fight on, and not be a whiny bitch, right?

>bringing in ?Mana from Girlfriend of Steel?
Mari is a brand new character, for one, and it makes no sense that a new character points to a looping timeline.

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>ADAM awaking did that

The first time around, that only happened in Antarctica, not the world over.

>But, it's only a retelling. So they didn't "evolve" because they were always like this.

The story's different, this time around, as are the Angels.

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The Eva movies just being a retelling works. The movies being a timeloop also work. No, I'm not going argue with you, it would be foolish.

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I thought the Evangelion movies were just Anno trolling the fans?

Although aren't the Angels just aliens who came to Earth and decided to fuck us up for no reason?

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Anno's not in charge of the new movies, I don't think.

The Angels got here first. We're the invaders.

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Its all nanomachines.

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So the Angels are Silurians?

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Neither of us are native to the planet, they were just first. We were destined for another world, really. The entire plot of NGE is the result of a cosmic fuck-up a billion years ago.

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anno is in charge of the new movies.

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My mistake. He's writing and managing, but not directing.

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Angels and Humans are born from Adam and Lilith respectively.

Adam ate from the tree of life, so his offspring are fucking HUGE, superpowered, and solitary beings who are near-godlike.

Lilith ate from the tree of Knowledge, so her offspring are small and weak, but capable of building, inventing, creating, and survivng through intelligence and ingenuity.

Adam and Lilith seeds aren't supposed to land on the same word, they were made by a kind of ancient race to spread life throughout the universe, send in white and blakc moons with scrolls that contain instructions on how to use them, and a Lance of Longinus just in case both DO land on the same world.

the dead sea scrolls contain instructions for a number of things, the things Eva are concerned with are:
1) Instrumentality
2) How to destroy Adam/Lilith in the event both seed the same world.

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So it's just Neglectful Precursors with meaningless Christian symbolism, basically.

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>with meaningless Christian symbolism
It's old news that Anno admitted to sprinkling in the christian shit simple to sell/get viewers.

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The White Moon landed first. The Black Moon landed second, though it was not supposed to. The Angels have claim to Earth, and humans do not. Therefore, we are the invaders.

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pretty much.

Although, the precursors wern't neglectful, they provided detailed instructions and tools to set things right.

Seele are just arrogant assholes who wanted to become godlike beings by following the isntructions for instrumentality instead of just using Adam's lance to destroy him.

Second Impact was caused when Misato's father, under Seele's direction, removed the lance from Adam, and he woke up, got REALLY pissed, shat out several angels, and tried to ascend to godhood before they used the lance to kill him and he blew up, killing billions of people and melting most of the polar ice caps.

Smooth move, Seele.

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Nobody has the PDF file?

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Except Adam never birthed his offspring before the Black Moon knocked his ass out.

Earth was Lilim territory for hundreds of thousands of years before we woke up Adam again.

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First come, first serve.

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>The movies are a time loop
That is so damn retarded. It has been flat-out said that the Rebuild movies are a RETELLING.

Anno is writing the films and will serve as general director and manager for the entire project, with Kazuya Tsurumaki and Masayuki directing the films themselves. He's a supervisor for it, essentially.

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Well that was pretty fucking dumb of us wasn't it?

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To the victor go the spoils.

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We DID succeed, in a way.

Exscept Shinji Ikari basically was given the final choice in Instrumentality, and rejected it.
Do you count that as a win or a loss?

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Sorry, newfag here. THis is DnD3.5, yeah? I just torrented the fuck outta a ton of source books, it might be in there.

My pic == the REAL reason I'd subject myself to Evangelion again

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Yep. Just because we're the invaders doesn't mean that we shouldn't fight, or that we can't win.

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Shinji Ikari is, was, and always will be...a fucking moron.

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there's too much evidence pointing to Rebuild being a sequel.

the bloodstain on the moon, Kawaouru saying "This time, I'll at least make you happy", lilith being on the fucking MOON, Adam being in the Geofront, second impact turning the sea red (like at the end of EoE, AKA THIRD IMPACT)

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They don't bring the race/whatever with them. They land & then spawn/birth/word-of-your-choice them.

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The Angels were defeated. We won the war. Shinji fucking things up in the end doesn't invalidate that.

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He's a teenager, and a damaged one at that. Expecting him to make the smart choices is retarded.

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Kawaouru make himself known in a fabulous way at the end of the second Evangelion Rebuild movie.

by stopping Third Impact from happening when Shinji suddenly grows balls and rescues Rei.

This is WAY out of character for him.

Had Third Impact been allowed to continue at that point, Shinji would have become a god.

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>there's too much evidence pointing to Rebuild being a sequel.
Then everyone working on it has lied in every interview/article ever & they should be shot in the knees. They've said it was a retelling since day 1.

Still has no influence on whether or not I'll watch it so meh.

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not really.

the creator of Ico said Shadow of the Colossus wasn't related to Ico in any way.

It wasn't until MONTHS after everyone beat the game that he finally admitted they were connected, and the only reason he didn't say so sooner is because he prefers it when people think for themselves and make the connections on their own.

That's what Anno is doing with Rebuild.
Make what you will of it, I personally believe it takes place after Third Impact in the original series.

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Pathfinder is pretty much D&D 3.75. A 'new' product.

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So, additional thought: what if the re-telling is to be a sequel to an as yet unknown version? As in, they make up a Previous just for the re-telling to be a sequel of?
As odd as it could be, would you be willing to put it past them?

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Explain this, please.

Why does shinji hallucinate someone he's never met before?

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As long as they keep selling merchandise, they will make more films.

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anything is possible.

Did you know there's a Gainax made video where Kaowauru kills the diamond shaped angel with a Lance of Longinus by piloting Unit 06?

It's pretty baller.

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because it wasn't a hallucination.

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He doesn't. Those two Rei's are the same thing. The Giant Naked Rei god.

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Those are the bookend Reis, present at the beginning and end of the story. Who knows why they're there.

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You got a link to this?

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the "giant naked god rei" is actually Lilith and Rei.

also, Kaowauru for some reason.

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My bad, it's Unit 04, the one who keeps getting blown up in America.

Unit 06 is the one he gets in Rebuild.

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It's Rei(lilith)+Adam(looks similar to Kaowauru)

Gendo was a fucking dumbass merging his adam-hand with Rei when he wasn't sure she'd do what he wanted.

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Well, that's certainly something.

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The whole series is just shinji's hallucination during instrumentality. He's not an eva pilot, he's just some kid who thinks he is.

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The PDF file, anyone?

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The what?

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he's a new born god tripping off LSD

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Hmm, looks like you didn't read the opening post. I'm looking for the first part of the Kingmaker Adventure Path. Not that I can blame you, seeing as this thread got thread jacked about the Eva series.

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A chronic case of "picture more interesting than post"

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it's either not out yet or no one has bought it and scanned it yet, come back in a week and try again

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Fuck this trap,
starting anti trap photoshop exercises.

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i like it myself

but then again i do go to /d/ often...

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Shit. Sorry, bro, no can help

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Personally I've been partial to the reset / Time loop idea for a while now.

I read ReTake for the fap, then it was a nice story, and rumour has it that it was only a doujin to avoid complications within the studio, so since then I've been partial to thinking that that is whats going on

Also what >>10517156 said, the blood stain on the moon especially, that is a VERY physical thing to be there without a reason, and it can be seen from Earth in a couple shots

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the blood stain thing is a good point.

I don't really take anything as "evidence" anymore. Anno put too many red herrings and things "just because they were cool" in the first series. I don't see any reason for him to stop that now.

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>Kawaouru saying "This time, I'll at least make you happy"
Oh yeah. I DID forget about that. So I'll admit it is a possibility though I hope they don't fuck up with the ending like was done before.

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But I'd rather have Kaoru make ME happy!

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This -IS- anno we're talking about, I would suspect he'll leave us with a "Wait... what?" moment again. He seems to have distinct disdain for people who are unwilling to draw their own conclusions and continually ask him what the whole thing was about

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Also the kaworu love freaks me the fuck out, hes creepy, even without being as gay as the day is long, hes fucking creepy

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But he was SO NICE to Shinji.

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Kaworu & Rei is better

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