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Proof that humans can and will do any thing.

Also this bard must be a god of fertility.

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No, that's just what bards do.

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He was using a Womb Dagger as a thrown weapon, he missed.

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And that's how earth genasi are made.

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Why's the elf girl so angry? Do I sense a tinge of jealousy?

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I just thought he fapped onto that random rock one day.

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The real question is what was he aiming at in the first place?

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filthy filthy whores.....
and you know you luv it....

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It's more she's sick of running into his offspring.

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Aww, so she's jealous!

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Rocks lack sex appeal even to bards.
..... BBEG? HEY CATCH THIS! *Impregnates the female BBEG so she gets all hormonal and crazy* probably would've been a good plan if he hit.

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Nah, just sick of his bullshit.

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Looked up the guy's account... The fuck?

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It would appear that not even demons are safe from him.

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>Rocks lack sex appeal even to bards.

He wasn't fapping *to* the rock, he was fapping to something else, and it happened to hit that rock.

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Yeah, you see what I mean now? I'd wanna kill the fuck, too, if I was in his party.

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>my face when i saw what was between the rock-loli's "legs"

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Is that wizard a human or a Eladrin wearing a fake beard?

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If the guys spunk was THAT potent I think he'd fap into a bag of devouring constantly.

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Funny thing is, most people won't look. Because they won't belive it

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You do realize that that may cause the bag to produce offspring right.

also his dwarfs are awesome.

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I dunno, it'd make for a funny RPing session- a family reunion...


Why were you looking there?!

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inb4 Greater Womb Dagger

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I find myself surprisingly ok with this, on the grounds of comedy.

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It probably would look like >>10504408 or this.

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Heh, the Minotaur looks pissed in the pictures with the others.

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You should see how she and the bard met.

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>Why were you looking there?!

I was noticing the odd "teeth" it has when my eyes caught what lurked below.

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I think the centaur and the scorpion lady might be bi for each other and mr. bard. It is, just THAT LOOK.

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This little series would have been so much better if the "main" was a girl/young woman.

Nothing else would have changed though.

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So will we get a picture of him making an air genasi now?

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No shit.

If you look, Scorpion Lady is putting her tail around Centaur Lady, and Centaur Lady is apparently very flattered.

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>A girl/young woman

So what, instead of fathering a bunch of half-creatures, she'd mother them?

Sounds like someone who gets around, if you know what I mean...

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Oh yeah

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Including the fact that she slept with monstrous women and fathered children with them?

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I read that motivational, and It occurs to me...

Wouldn't a human male DESTROY a gnome? I looked in the 3.5 book, and... they're tiny.

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Beat you two to it. Forgot the "greater" part though.
Second post of the thread.

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>She slept with monsterous women
>Fathered children with them

Uh, what?

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This sounds suspiciously like /d/'s territory now.

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What game is that?

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Or maybe I think he meant that the main character is a girl, and the manslut bard is a supporting character.

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If it was any male other than you yea... but thimbledick is safe for gnome girls so your dreams of banging a midget aren't shattered yet. Though you still need to figure out how to get them to go for a 300 lb slobbering albino

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Is that supposed to offend me?

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Never Winter Nights 2, with expansions.

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So instead being male the bard is now a herm?

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No, just amuse me

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Is it based off of D&D? I have only played DH as role playing games go...

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SCIENCE babies.

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Ah. Enjoy yourself then.


again... /d/'s territory. Then again, isn't /tg/ just /d/ lite?

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I want to see this further explored.

Even though describing those two together in any level of detail is going to be a clusterfuck of limb placement description.

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it's dranon's.

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/tg/ is /d/ with context and sometimes rules.

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Dranon's delight?

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It's got Tieflings and shit, too.

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Yes. The Never Winter Nights series is based off Dungeons and Dragons, NWN2 is not as good as the first, other than the expansion "Mask of the Betrayer" which was fucking awesome. (Unfortunately for best effect you have to play through the original campaign.)

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Oh... Then why is this a work-safe board?

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Because this is 4chan, and there's no such thing as a work-safe board.

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A result of a gross misunderstanding of who would populate the board.

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Hey, real tieflings.

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because 4chan is totally worksafe as a general idea.

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At least we're all on the same page.

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So I saw the aftermath of their night... Good lord.

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the elf is just mad because she wants it, but she also doesn't want a kid.

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I reckon she's just played by someone that wants to just kill some monsters for xp but the bard keeps rp-ing with all the characters he meets.

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So, does mister fucks everything with human or greater intelligence have a name or am I just writing this deity's name entry as, "The Bard," with, "You know the one," in parentheses underneath it?

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that works, and who says it has to have human intelligence?

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That's exactly it.

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remember the rock? and Ive met very few orcs with human intelligence......

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After some of the orc porn I've seen, I'd be willing to take that hit to INT.

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>Name: The Bard
>(you know the one)

Okay, now for portfolios. What does /tg/ think this guy should have a hand in?

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>What does /tg/ think this guy should have a hand in?

...The ladies?
(Insert 30 second Flapjack laugh here)

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fnar fnar.

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Lust, Child support payments, STDs.

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I disagree with STDs, Cure Disease would be his most promoted spell, also Fertility. Seriously. The guy has super spunk.

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ok, but im going to have to insist on Child support payments (and the avoiding of)

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>implying such things exist in D&D

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Yeah, definitely. His charisma allows him to avoid most negative repercussions.

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>for the sake of comedy, they would.

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what comic is this?

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its one shot art made by the guy who draws and writes pawned comic

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So far we have... hold on, downloading deities and demigods.

Shit, it's 4 AM, why am I awake doing this?

Bards(a given), Fertility(durr), Medicine(STDs need it), Passion(that 'the ladies' crack), and... there's not one pertaining to money in any way, shape or form. Any other suggestions?

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From the looks of it he gets around, so possible travel? Also luck.

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So, Bards, Fertility, Luck, Medicine, Passion, and Travel.

Works. So, on to domains then? I'm going to go ahead and nominate the Lust domain.

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>implying Neeshka is real.
Sadly, she's not.

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Don't lie to me, boy.

She is real in my heart.

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In my heart, Khelgar is still a fighter. Because I told him better than to trust that shifty bitch.

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Amen to that brother. *beardfist*

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All elves want to have sex with the race of men, because they are a race of giant pussies

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Sorry, that's clearly a dwarf.

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That's one tall fucking dorf.

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No, the two creatures behind the dwarf are either halflings, gnomes or some other fey/pixie shit.

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Not halflings (ears) or gnomes (same).

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Half-dwarves gives me a full hard-on.

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>Fire Genasi


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They make me stroke my neckbeard furiously.

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If you can't handle the heat....

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They make my beard grow

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Heat is one thing; But, when you're having sex with the elemental plane of fire!

That takes alot of balls. Literally.

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Can you imagine a goo genasi?

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Neeshka is so fucking annoying

Kelgar and Sand ftw

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Buy yoghurt, stick it in there. That's probably pretty close to the feeling you'd get.

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Goo is not an element.
Genasi do not work that way.

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You will be oiling up the hot bitches.

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So, it can only be from the four prime elements?

Water, fire, air, earth?

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Given that we've established that there's an elemental plane of arms, what would an arm genasi look like (hard mode: Not ball of arms man)

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What cruel bastard named her 'Cuddles'?

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And storm.
No, I don't fucking get it either.
Also corrupted genasi, but they don't count.

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Man, the para-elements don't get enough love.
Ice, Goo, Smoke, Lava.
Fuck, what about those four aren't awesome?

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That's an odd way to spell Bishop.

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A human with arms infused into his very being. Uses arm-related abilities as natural powers.

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Like this?

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They're for faggots.
Like you.

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the elf is sterile and wants a kid, it's mad because the bard's seed is silly strong and yet he still wont get her knocked up. later we find out the bard is dickless and has been used a magical dildo when fucking everyone but the elf, whit her he used his frozen-off penis, which he keeps as a memento.

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... is that Gene Simmons?

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rolled 1, 5, 1 = 7


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I'd love to see Genasi for the other elemental planes /tg/ invented (e.g. Elemental Plane of Wealth, Elemental Plane of Cum, etc...)

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> Genasi from the elemental plane of wealth

(oh this is too easy...) You mean Jews?

> Genasi from the elemental plane of semen

<-- /d/ is that way. Tell them I said "hi."

Elemental planes are supposed to be element-al, basic simiple components the world is made of. Rich Berlew had the right idea when he made jokes about titanium elementals and chlorine elementals.

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The reasoning behind EPoWealth was based on the observation that prices are not only completely independent of politics and market forces, they're basically universal constants - in D&D (as commonly played), Wealth IS elemental.

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If you think that's bad, you should check out the game system for "Children of the Sun" - dieselpunk fantasy, a lot of player races, and for each race, there's a section on "Why you don't want to be one of these" - for example, with elves "Everyone hates you, and they blame your race for everything wrong with the world, and for the most part, they're right".

Some are simple and obvious, like for the fish people "If you dry out, you start taking damage".

Humans however, get "You're fertile with everything, and everybody knows it". Half-breeds creep everyone else out, and Humans are the only source of it, since nobody else is cross-fertile. And yet they also get the reputation that because they _can_, it means that they _will_. Humans really are the ultimate sluts of that world.

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I never expected the thread I started to last this long.

Now for a little humor.

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