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god damnit /tg/ my group screwed me over. We finally got to the fucking BBEG then out of nowhere they all decided to "sit there, and let the BBEG attack them."

WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO IN THAT?! I mean I actually called the game off after I was forced to kill one of them! Has any thing like this shit happen to you?

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lol just die them

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I think this requires additional background. They must have some reason to be doing this.

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>Has any thing like this shit happen to you

No, because the one time my group had a major problem with my DM style they told me about what they did not like and what they did like and I changed accordingly.

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well I have no fucking clue. Everything was going just fine till they just went BAMP. made their characters sit there and take it up the ass from the BBEG

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well shit, we're already past that stage. I mean I've been DMing for these guys for a good year or two already and when ever they want to switch out we do so I don't see a problem with my style of DMing.

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Maybe they all saw the same special on Gahndi?

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Well they're either trying to troll your or something has made them want to go on strike. You should sit down and have a open and frank discussion to find out what the problem is.

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Let it happen then. Maybe they have a plan. If they don't, what's the worst that can happen? They know what they're doing.

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Maybe they just don't like you. Maybe it's not so much the game as it is you. They probably just did this in order to piss in your face since gaming is probably something you like quit a bit considering you're willing to DM. How well do you know these people personally?

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Uh if they want to take it up the ass go ahead and let them.

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looks like a summerfag troll. But just for shits and giggles let's assume it's not.

The proper response as a GM would be to KILL the PCs. After all a GM is there to give the players a good time. And if they want to let the BBEG flay them alive, well it would be rude to disappoint them.

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shit I've known these guys since 6th grade and we're sophomores in college now so a good number of years. And I only DM because they suck at it and they fully know it. So odds are they're just doing it to troll with my ass.

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alright fuck just flay them. Really this hard to do?

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They're probably tired of their current builds and want to make new, even more mary sue characters to confront the BBEG and be the heroes.

Make them start at level 1 when they make new characters. Or even better, put your new campaign in the future, when the BBEG took over the world, eventually died of old age, and their old PCs are legendary for taking it up the ass when the world looked to them for salvation.

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Did you try asking them why the fuck they did that?
How the fuck are we supposed to know why a group of complete strangers (to us) did anything?
Really stupid idea for a thread.

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I don't know what's funnier, the pic or the idea..

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the pic

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