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Can my rogue trader just send some of his thousands of crewman down to explore these ork infested hellholes? I don't see why the five of us have to go do all this shit.

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Those crewmen are needed to man the ship.

Also, he needs to be the first one to set foot on a planet to claim its wealth. His Charter says so.

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Because when other rogue traders come to a meeting, they'll look at you and laugh.

Besides, why send less skilled people to supervise your acquisition of fame and fortune?

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You could. But you have to remember that your Rogue Trader also is likely an explorer who loves his job. Besides, they also tend to like fame and respect, not going to get a lot of that unless you go do the ADVENTURE YOURSELF.

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The crew will die. IN THEIR THOUSANDS. And then who will crew your ship?

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A good way to start a mutiny.

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These. You'll just get 'em all dead.

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I can't bring 100 soldiers down with me instead of myself and my 4 commanding officers? I see the validity of going myself, but it seems odd that I can't bring a decent strike force when I know I'm in for some serious fighting.

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Well yeah, you can bring some naval armsmen down. Thats easy.

You'd probably be better off with... 20 or so, not 100.

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Because frankly? The job won't get done unless you do it yourself.

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Our RT group has a small strike force of 100 men with carapace and hellguns. They don't actually get deployed all that often because we don't want to lose our investment.

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sure, bring an army. That's assuming you have enough men on your ship who are a) expendable and b) capable of performing a function other than crewing your ship. Most of your sailors will be useless at anything but being sailors- really for any sort of military action, you'll need mercs.

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Makes sense.

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The teleporters only have room for six?

Oh, wait...

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Because if you're in a situation where you actually need an entire army at your back, you should probably just wait for Deathwatch to come out instead. Or, in-game, you mark that world on the "smite and purge" column of your list of newly-explored planets and send a message back home that Sector Government may want to send a few million Guardsmen there when they have the chance.

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Cause no one respects a man who isn't willing to get his hands dirty with work.

The minions you send down will either fail, in which case you've wasted time, money and minions, or they will succeed. In which case THEY will get the fame (the old man who sends the hero on the quest doesn't get remembered as saving the world afterall).

Oh you can kill the minions and try to cover it up, but it'll get found out eventually, either by the replacement minions or by your peers. At that point you lose all respect.

Though minions can certainly help. My ship maintains a sizable compliment of experienced armsmen (Crack Crew helps) and we've been considering forming an "Dynastic Guard" group, comprised of the most skilled and loyal armsmen, outfitted with high quality equipment like Stormtrooper Carapace armor, Hell-guns, and (not entirely ceremonial) Power Halbreds.

However even then their purpose will be more as a display of power than actual application of power. They're like those badass red cloaked/masked dudes that follow Emperor Palpatine around, they LOOK Badass, and probably are, but they exist mostly to make the Emperor look awesome.

It also helps if your Writ of Trade includes articles allowing you to requisition Imperial Guard Regiments (provided you pay their food and wages) and even Battlefleet Warships (on a 1:1 ratio, IE my dynasty provides one frigate, battlefleet provides one frigate, I provide two raiders, Battlefleet matches with two raiders) if required to further the expansion of the Imperium (and hopefully line my pocket book at the same time).

My group's writ of trade is based on a East India Company document by the British Empire. Is massive, six 8x11 pages long in Times New Roman 12 font. Its never really come up in a session, but there is always the chance...

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There's no particular reason that you can't do that. But keep in mind that your GM will feel obligated to increase the danger level to compensate.

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Care to post it?

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I suppose... that could take quite a few posts though..

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See, that's why my group's crew will double as whores so they can work the streets while the PCs get down and dirty.

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OP has stumbled upon the basic fallacy of the Rogue Trader premise.

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OP here. Would love to see that.

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Nah, its like Star Trek, they reason away teams always consist of the Captain, First Officer/Lead Science Officer, Chief Medical Officer, and disposable minion(s) is because the story would be BORING if the main characters sat around waiting for shit to get done.

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Elite IG soldiers?

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very well, warning its archaic language format. Also, to help me out, what IS the maximum word/character limit anyways?

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You don't -have- to play it that way.
The core covers this.

You can just as easily send untrained crew menials to their deaths in the thousands, putting a big strain on morale; or you can hire trained soldiers, which can be an adventure in itself.

It's just that playing Star Trek tends to be more fun.

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Why don't you post it on google docs or something?

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Rouge traders should just go and die in a corner of the galaxy! Their fucking space wasps killed my family!

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Ratings that have been yelled at by our arch-militant and given guns. The Explorator has built a training facility in one of the cargo holds. The Rogue Trader has implied that the survivors of any given mission will be rewarded handsomely. They're not Guardsmen, but they can fight.

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How many years will it take to get those crewman down in the deeps to the planet surface?

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It's not boring doing that as a Fleet Captain in the Starship Troopers RPG. I managed to keep at least 60% of my crew alive after that plasma bug attack.

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It's because your Rogue Trader and his command crew are the most experienced and competent individuals on the ship. Sending anyone else would be like sending an entire detachment of redshirts - it'd be a massacre.

Also, claiming new worlds for the Imperium is a prestigious duty, and one which the Rogue Trader should be honoured and proud to perform in person. Rogue Traders aren't just after money, they're after the glory and renown that comes from performing deeds of daring and adventure while exploring new worlds and bringing them into the Emperor's light.

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As everyone else has said, your crew are redshirts. Even if you've got a Veteran Crew (50) they aren't going to have 50s in every attribute. A single man probably wouldn't have anything above 40; the number represents the skill of the petty officers and the overall level of training. They're also going to lack the specialised skills an Explorer will have. A priest won't have the same charisma and intelligence that a Missionary has (even if one isn't present), the Master of Arms will never be as good a fighter as the Arch-Militant and nobody's going to fly as well as the Void-Master. There'll also be times away from the ship when snap judgements need to be made. Are you really going to entrust the fate of your fortunes and your *dynasty* to lesser men?

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Capital idea!



The Terran High Lords of the Imperium of Mankind and Governing Lord Sector, to all who shall see these Presents, or hear them read, Greeting.


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Simplified Terms

1. For as long as there are people of this family, they shall enjoy a transit monopoly within a set boundary, excepting those who have been granted similar benefits prior to this document.

2. The Trader may act as the Imperium in this region.

3. The Trader and his family must swear an oath of loyalty to the Imperium.

4. If anyone cheats or tricks the Trader, he is entitled to seek restitution by any means necessary.

5. If the Trader needs troops, he may requisition Imperial soldiers, but is responsible for their care and feeding.

6. These soldiers will be loyal to the Trader, excepting when it contradicts their loyalty to the Emperor.

7. The Trader has the right to imprison any of his sworn men, taking them from a planet to his vessel.

8. The Imperium will not seize your guns, money, or soldiers unless we need them.

9. The Trader speaks with the Emperor's Voice when beyond the purview of the High Lords of Terra.

10. We will not raise tariffs for this Trader for the next 40 years, unless there's a major war, in which case we won't raise them higher than they were during the last major war.

11. The bureaucracy of the Imperium has the right to audit the Trader's books.

12. The Rogue Trader will create an inventory of his fleet within three months of departure from port, and submit this inventory within one month after this. We reserve the rights to see your receipts at any time.

13. The Rogue Trader will turn his books over to the bureaucracy every 30 years for this audit, and if by the end of 40 years, they have heard no word, this Warrant of Trade is revoked.

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14. The Rogue Trader's vessels must return to their home port, and if they end up at another port, all profits and materiel must be shipped TO that port for audit and taxation.

16. If the Sector Governor sends someone to collect a tithe from any planet the Rogue Trader has claimed in the name of the Imperium, the Rogue Trader is obligated to provide access to this world.

17. Anyone working for the Rogue Trader may not start their own merchant venture as long as they are working for the Rogue Trader.

18. The Trader's organization must let everyone at a port that they have goods for sale, unless the Imperial Government or the Inquisition tells them that they may not.

19. The governors of the worlds the Rogue Trader claims are responsible for providing the appropriate tithes.

20. After any journey, the Trader or his organization must file an Astropathic report with the Imperium, as well as a written log with the local Administratum.

21. Reiterating that the High Lords expect people to fuck with the Trader, and giving him permission to take 'em down for doing so.

22. And if those people continue to mess with the Rogue Trader, the navy will send vessels and troops to help support the Trader's forces, matching vessel for vessel.

23. This clause explains how the booty will be divided between the Trader and the Imperial Navy after such an action.

24. However, any booty must be inspected for heretical or illegal nature before being disbursed, and no official will claim the Trader's rightful legal share.

25. The Rogue Trader will swear to uphold all the guidelines laid out in this charter.

26. All Imperial citizens are required to abide by the strictures of this charter as they pertain to the Trader, and to ensure that they cannot claim ignorance, we will file this Warrant in the Imperial Archives.

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Tangentially-related question: My DH character has recently discovered he is a scion of the Haarlock dynasty. On a scale of 1-10, how fucked is he?

I mean, there is the possibility he could prevail and end up tooling around the place with the Haarlock Charter in his pocket, in which case our DH party could jump to playing RT.

But somehow I don't rate his chances.

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Having read all of the Haarlock Legacy trilogy myself...

You ain't got a snowball's chance in hell I'm afraid.

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>Haarlock dynasty

whats so bad about this?

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That figures. It was a "hey, this could end up pretty cool" speculation while disregarding all the "NO NO BY THE EMPEROR NO MY FACE OH THRONE OF TERRA STOP PLEASE STOP" horror that's likely to crop up on the way. Eh, he's a Tech-Priest, he's not really cut out to be a heroic and inspirational leader of men anyway.

As it is he now knows (a) he's from some kind of hidden or overlooked minor branch of the family and (b) a crazy relative with the full authority granted by the Charter has spent the last hundred years systematically exterminating every branch of the family he can find.

He is experiencing accelerated throughput in his lower nutrient-processing subsystems.

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What the fuck is up with that picture? They're all just rearranged bits of other ships. Also fucking SHOULDER PADS. That better not be from an official book.

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Erasmus Haarlock was an angry man who delved deeply into some very, very bad things. His story is at the heart of the trilogy so I'm loathe to provide spoilers but suffice to say that his domains include devices and guardians that are far, far more terrible than what a "conventional" dynasty would have. I can tell you that he waged a genocidal war against his kin during a dispute over the inheritance of the Haarlock warrant. Those few that escaped did so because they probably didn't know they had Haarlock blood.

He's also missing and the dynasty has been left in limbo for roughly a century.

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I dunno.

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Welcome to the Imperium; no originality, just reconfiguration and kit-bashing.

They're from BFG, I believe.

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>11. The bureaucracy of the Imperium has the right to audit the Trader's books.

"We've found some errors in your bookkeeping. Until these have been reconciled we'll be impounding your vessel."

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To make something new would be to make an unsanctified design! The geller fields wouldn't hold!

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Thats what my Seneschal and his small army of scribes is for. And while the jury is out on which of us is the better merchant, he's a demon with paperwork.

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A demon you say?

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Do not doubt the revered and arcane art of kit-bashing! Forge World Magi labour for 200 years to produce each "new" design and what they produce is thrice as strong as any ship that came before!

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I'd love to play Rogue Trader, but I'm afraid the group I GM wouldn't have the imagination for it. Reading about it tho... I really wish I knew how to code/mod games - it sounds like Rogue Trader would make an excellent basis for a kind of 4x game.

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Because the rogue trader is supposed to love that kind of stuff, and if he isn't, you're playing it wrong you dumbfuck.

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>I don't see why the five of us have to go do all this shit.

It indeed suck, but you have to swallow the paradigm of the game. I have some other issues with it but that's one. Where do you put a balance? One companion per play, two, five, ten..? Also that my statistics dont matter much, or rather they dont do much and soem characters dont do shit when it comes to ship combat and so on.. It feels very poorly thought out and the game do a poor job showing me how to handle it all (as a player).

But I still like it I just dont know how to handle it.

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I agree

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There are obvious reasons for various of the command crew to go in person - the Rogue Trader for glory, the Explorator in case of delicious tech, the Arch-Militant as security, the Astropath as comms/MIND BULLETS. The Missionary would be appropriate in cases of contact with lost human colonies, the Voidsman as the shuttle pilot. Really it's just the Navigator and Seneschal who're hard to justify bringing down to the surface.

One possibility is to have more than one character per player, so the players have something to do while their main character is up in orbit keeping things running.

Maybe stat up some generic secondary characters who'd be likely to accompany the expedition to the surface - maybe a couple of veteran Armsmen under the Arch-Militant, some Tech-Priests accompanying the Explorator, or some lesser Clerics in the retinue of the Missionary. That way you have a couple of characters who could potentially be munched on to demonstrate that the planet is dangerous without taking out one of the command crew.

As long as you make sure those players get some spotlight time with their main characters then it should all balance out.

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where do they get skulls that big?

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Once the new book comes out, if you're playing anything besides a crew made ENTIRELY of Ork Freebootaz you're doing it wrong.

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I want to try running a ship made from 12 different transport hulls welded together and crewed by grots. The only tactic? RAM THE OTHER BUGGERS

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better question, who built space ships that small?

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My group got the idea to send hundreds of armsmen down to secure alien ruins. Only 3 came back insane and/or severely wounded.

They sent 1,000 men down there as their next action. After some hazy reports, it appears there were local xeno life hidden in the ruins and that they were keeping several officers hostage.

The PCs went down there and learned what happened. The armsmen, being good faithful servants of the Emperor, had to make a call when meeting xenos; the call was to purge them and it failed miserably. In the end, the PCs left under friendly terms with the release of hostages but with no profit nor glory gained. Only the shame of defeat.

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only takes 5 niggas in terminator armor.

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>no profit nor glory gained

Paramount failure is paramount. Are they still sending armsmen down these days?

I don't know why you think statistics don't matter. Stacking modifiers still helps a great deal but having an effective 60 or 70 in a stat (advanced skill training, Talented (whatever) talents, etc) is an incredible asset. Especially when it comes to gunnery. My group's ship, a mere Sword-class frigate, punches far above its weight thanks to the Void-Mistress' ludicrous BS score. She can hulk raiders in a single volley and has enough accuracy and firepower to give cruisers pause before engaging it. An explorer should always be the best at their speciality. If the crew is standing in for them and not looking terrible in comparison then you're doing something wrong.

I'll give you the bit about ship combat though. Some characters just aren't as good at it as others, nor are they as important. It's worth working out designated roles during ship combat so that someone always has something to do.

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Having two skilled merchants at the table has helped in the past when one of you botched your roll.

A question for all: how many of you have managed to obtain another ship? If so, how?

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Low level grunts aren't authorised to make critical decisions. They can't make deals with the locals, they can't promise that you won't nuke them, they can't promise to pay them.

They didn't realize that you wanted the webway intact. They didn't realize that you wanted the Xeno Psyker alive. They didn't know that the Eldar would overreact this badly.
They have never heard of Artificial Intelligences. They don't know why the Techpriests are so upset. They don't why all their guns are jammed and the servitors gone crazy trying to kill them. Or why life support is shutting down.
They didn't know the book was heretical, most of them can't even read.

The RT can speak with the Voice of the Emperor. That is amazing power and responsibility. Do you seriously think you can delegate the Voice of the Emperor to a lowly minion?

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Why can't an Inquisitor just requisition 100 guardsmen to wipe out that cult?

DH has the same "fallacy".

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Why doesn't the Imperium just bombard planets from space instead of sending millions of guardsmens armed with lasguns to destroy whatever they want dead?

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Cause usually that planet is valuable!

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Because mobilizing that many troops totally won't cause the enemy to go into hiding somewhere else.

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There's that. Also, in both DH and RT, there's nothing to stop you from using 100s or 1000s of men. But if you're not leading them then things are probably going to go all pear shaped.

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Because uncredited redshirts always die pointlessly. Only named regular characters can actually solve mysteries.

Did Star Trek teach us nothing?

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To be fair, the lesser guys often help solve the mystery. By either being victims or one-off exposition sources you never see again.

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The comparison with grots is very apt.

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