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You recognize you are genetic garbage, that is why you picked a hobby where you pretend to be someone else.

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You recognize you are genetic garbage, that is why you play video games, to be someone else.
You recognize you are genetic garbage, that is why you watch movies to escape from being yourself
You recognize you are genetic garbage, that is why you read books, to follow the lives of others who are not yourself.

... I should distribute these to their respective boards!

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I'm definately genetic garbage. However, I used my own power to become pretty badass. Unfortunately, no matter hwo hard I try, I can never save a kingdom from a dragon or stop an Ork WAAAAGH.

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Might be fun.

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man, what?
genetically I'm fucking awesome.

it's the mental bits that give me crippling self esteem issues.

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Cultist thread?


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I wish I was a witch elf.

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It's true from what I have noticed, attractive or successful people usually have some real life drama or adventure and are too busy for a lot of that.

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You wish you were the little fanatic elf girl?

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I am the genetic garbage. But I am the best genetic garbage to grace this world. I could be a god of genetic garbage. Man, I'm so awesome I can't stop masturbating all over myself.

I also have a case of overinflated ego.

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I wish I was a drug-addled sex kitten who existed to fuck other women and generally be hot and wasted 24/7.

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No, this is a Cultist thread now, stop that.

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So not a witch elf then.

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Man, sure feels bad.

Oh wait, no it doesn't. I'm happy the way I am, who gives seven fucks what other people think.

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I am a God in my opinion and that's all that matters

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I wouldn't call inheriting my dad's smarts genetic garbage.

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If your dad is so smart, why did he have a son like you?

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>Who gives seven fucks what other people think.
People who get to enjoy the company of attractive women

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Fukken told

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>implying some /tg/ers don't enjoy the company of attractive women

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"Genetic garbage?" What the hell is that supposed to mean?
As though any one person can select their genes, disposition, appearance? As though any such traits are not inadvertently selected by an individual, by his own will or lack thereof?
OP, learn what genetics means, then come back to me to bitch.

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durr hurr we post in troll thread

GIMME BACK MY /TG/!!!!!!!!

(needs more exclamation sir)

oh thank you number two


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Means you got the short end of the stick and will always compare unfavorably to others.

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