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No wonder we're getting ground down - you fuckers have no fighting spirit!

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i hate this game because i apparently suck at it. I always get my ass handed to me. I can be running and strafing and shooting, but i never fucking hit anything. Yet enemies seem to have super accuracy and kill me within a few seconds. WTF?! I even saved up and bought a artillery mech and the missiles wont even track like they should.

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fuck off assholes, /tg/ will discuss what /tg/ likes.

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yes that is exactly what you are doing

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Accuracy is really just a matter of making sure you're locked on to whatever target you're firing at - make sure it's got the big red circle around it, and you'll fire a shot. Now, if they move, or if it's outside your range, you won't hit them, but otherwise you're just trying to get them in range. And there's a lot of missing in this game - you will miss constantly. Barraging is a good tactic - get someone under so much fire they can't dodge it all, and they'll go down fast.

If all you're seeing are the little thin blue and yellow circles, those are radar hits from other robots. You can't tag those.

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>if they move, you will miss
well fuck

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remember "report as spam" gets the quickest attention from janitors

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thanks, i'll report you as spam then.

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pic related
>/tg/ will discuss what /tg/ likes
/tg/ is saging you because this is not what /tg/ likes. promptly gtfo.

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How many of you guys are playing? I've seen a few angry dreadnoughts here and there, but not much of a coherent group.

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You're the only one samefagging here.

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are there any missile launchers that launch like a dozen missiles at once? basically a big "FUCK YOU" button?

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There's at least 4 or 5 clans - everyone tried to get a clan up ASAP, and we all got there at the same time more or less, so now we're trying to get everyone organized so we can get the clan size increases we need to have everyone together. About 250 fa/tg/uys are signed onto the community, and but then you have to count the players from the other boards who joined and all that, so I think we might have 150-200. That's a lot of people, still, and it makes it a bitch to get organized.

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If you get two Missride arms, put them on a Lily Rose, and get two missile launchers, you can fire like 10-12 projectiles at once.

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>put them on a Lily Rose
Fuck lolibots

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The dual missile pod bit

Though it's a little more like a shotgun than a crazy missile barrage, but it will fuck shit up.

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I am sad because this game does not run in Wine.

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Dappergentlemen had a fun clan questan last night. I like the very heavy tg presence in this game. I also like that from what I've seen we are fucking amazing at this game compare to the other boards

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IS pPoOp SauSAgE tHe beST fooD U Can EAts uTatYnyoIPsxvma

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So, from what I gathered, /tg/ is joining a specific faction. Mind telling me which one?

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DOS, I believe.

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DOS, on Channel 2.

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And for the most part, we hang out on Channel 2, once you get in.

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Hey guys can we get out our own IRC channel going? I've been lurking in /m/'s an half the time it's practical drama instead of actually talking about the game

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>Fuck lolibots
I sure would

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If you want an IRC channel, you start it.

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Starting a channel is easy, I don't mind. Point is, will anyone join? Judging by the responses in this thread we've got like five of us

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Newfags detected.

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The reason why DOS loses points is because new players go play in the Score Rating areas with high level games and lose.

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Registered an account and downloaded client. When I attempt to log in the game the log in screen just freezes though. wat do?

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Probably wanna look around on their forums - I haven't have any trouble so far.

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only trouble, if you can call it that, I've had is the lag going into the garage and shop, but even then it still happens

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God. I suck at this game. Is it just that the lolis are genuinely better? Artillery seem to die hard in PVP while flyers and ground dominate. Everyone seems to use Jikun Hu.

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Maybe you're just using the wrong bot/configuration? I've got the 3rd version of the artillery loli (you get it from the gambling wheel) armed with dual uzis, missile spam everywhere and God help you if you try running up on her.

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I tried trolling /k/ with Abrams-tankchan, Did not work so well, I have not played much of this game sadly,

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If you see someone coming up on you, RUN. Don't stick around. Don't fight by yourself, stay with the group. If a melee fighter tries to get in your shit, get out of there - they will stunlock you and that's the end of half your HP right there. Check the ranges on your guns and don't be afraid to hang out near the Power Point, if there is one.The learning curve for the game is kinda steep, for sure.

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>>10488092 here.

Found the problem.

Apparently need to either modify some system files with a temporary fix or just wait it out. I'll chill and see you guys in a few days then.

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I decidedly need to make a bullet/missile spamming arty loli and try to make her look like one of the Tohou girls, any suggestions as to who?

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Screw it I'm making a channel. #teej on rizon. I'll idle here all day/week and if no one joins oh well

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They always seem to single me out in a group, though. Maybe it's because I'm playing a heavy artillery bot, but I can't even lock on and shoot the Jikun Hus that everyone seems to play.

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Oh, and the Training Arena doesn't teach shit. The bots are so pathetically easy that it doesn't train you for any real combat.

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What are you talking about?

Artillery is by far the easiest and most effective bot to play.

For Jikun either suck it up and fly to allies when she's near or get a flamethrower.

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