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So I want to make a field Jaghatai Khan for my Horus Heresy campaign my friends and I are playing (We each drew a Legion out of a hat and White Scars, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, Dark Angles, World Eaters, and Ultramarines were picked. We are using either Space Marine Codex or Chaos Space Marines. Alpha Legion gets 2 squads with Infiltrate.)

Anyway, I currently have Jaghatai armed with this;
-Artificer Armor
-Relic Blade
-Digital Weapons
-Great War Bow ( Bolt Gun with Hell Fire Rounds
Razor Back
-Twin-linked Heavy Bolter
-Storm Bolter
-Extra Armor

What does /tg/ think?

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Alpha Legion has already won.

You'll figure it out soon enough.

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>What does /tg/ think?

Jaghatai will turn out to be Alpharius. So will every other unit on the field. They will then proceed to capture an objective you didn't even know was there.

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OP also forgot to add that he stands on top of the razor back rather than inside, he is allow the fire normally and can disembark normally.

When fired at while riding upon the Razorback the squad firing must roll a d6, on a 4+ it hits Khan, if not it hits the Razor Back.

The Razor-Back's Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters cannot fire if he is in line of sight of target.

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Acceptable only if there is a SM escape bike hidden inside the razor back.

So if the razor back gets hit, Jaghatai can go in and RIDE OUT!

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Storm bolters were not around in the heresy though primarchs had things that were a step up from double-bolters.

Also whitescars are cool since they don't hide in silicons.

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I like the war-bow idea.

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Just convert the rules for Kor'sarro Khan to fit your needs.

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OP here, I actually am using that model and giving him one of the bows off of the High-Elf Chariot.

Pic related.

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Oh, convert his rules. Yeah to bad Kor'sarro Khan's rules suck ass.

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Yeah I know he's a primarch and all...

... but the way Jaghatai Khan is dressed....

... this man knows the taste of balls.

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Hey, it was drawn during 80's everything looked like that.

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pwned by french kroots...

Fail chapter failed.

(or perhaps just loosy Russian looser...)

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Fail, Fail everywhere...

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Didn't the Razorback not exist during the Hersey?

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From Lexicanum

Horus Heresy

The forces of Khan were present on Terra during the siege of the Emperor's palace. They recaptured one of the major space ports from Chaos to halve the reinforcements they could land on the planet. It is said that the Khan was leading his warriors from the top of a Razorback, a sight which became a tale that has been told in awe ever since

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They lost the STC during the Age of Strife.

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I actually really like the idea of a campaign where everyone fields a primarch.
I mean, it'd be ludicrous, but it could work.
I do know that at my local store, we have three players who own an entire chapter of Marines each. A Salamanders player, a Sphess Wolf player, and a Crimson Fists player.

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RL Trollface Man wins again

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my bad, i guess it was just rediscovered in M36

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>>Didn't the Razorback not exist during the Hersey?
Implying Mankind was retarded to the point it couldn't fit a heavy weapon at the top of a Rhino...

Never liked this aspect of fluff...

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>>Great War Bow


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It's not that mankind is retarded, it's just that current fluff says that if a design isn't sanctified, it's no good. Things break, the machine spirit gets restless, or techpriests simply refuse to Touch the damn things.
Of course, that's a relatively New addition to the fluff...

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>>Great War Bow

In 1st edition/rogue trader, Eldar Shuriken Katapult looked like Crossbows.

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ya but back in the horus heresy it wasn't like that

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Gawd Dayum Mongorians tryin to tear down my shity wall!

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