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So, /tg/, my players travel around Seattle on a regular basis for this and that, so I decided I'd write up a table of random encounters for these journeys.
And that I did. So here I am to share it with you, feel free to suggest other encounters/call some of mine shit/etc.

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1. Several SURGEd metahumans protest against oppressment; the rally is joined by several other elderly metahumans with their 50ies memories still fresh
2. Several SURGEd metahumans protest against oppressment;Lone Star officers persuade them to go home
3. Several SURGEd metahumans protest against oppressment; Alamos 20k strike team organizes a pitchfork crowd
4. A street urchin is seen pickpocketing a wealthy-looking passer-by
5. A gang of street urchins is seen robbing a middle-class old lady
6. Several steet urchins are seen beating one of their peers senseless
7. Several steet urchins are seen beating one of their peers senseless; kid's aura shows he's latently Emerged
8. A street kid insists on washing the runners' van for some change
9. A street kid insists on washing the runners' van for some change; kid's aura shows he's latently Awakened
10. A gang of street urchins is seen shivving a fancy-looking street sammy, a lone adult figure watching from the shadows
11. A lone elderly street sammy is seen running along the road - he's wearing armor, and going in huge grasshopper jumps (with his old implants)
12. A young street sammy is seen juggling a couple of pistols on the side of the road
13. A sad-looking ork street sammy with Tokugava-style samurai haircut is seen sharpening his katana, sitting in a silk kimono on the side of the road
14. A latino dwarf street sam is servicing his cyberarm - peeling off its synthskin and oiling the mechanisms. Several figures are waiting for him to finish in the shadows.
15. An elderly sammy is seen dragging his jammed cyberleg along the road

>> No.10474533

16. A sammy jumps down from some window several stores up, jumps over the van, and makes hasty escape
17. A drunk troll is lying across the road in a pool of his own vomit
18. A dwarf is lying across the road with half his skull gone
19. A female elf is lying on the road, BTL chip plugged in
20. A pile of gore is lying on the road. A gold ring can be seen among the remains
21. Several piles of ash/pools of ooze/shattered blocks of ice are seen on the road; an astral print is still on site
22. Two men are having a sword duel - one is heavily cybered, the other a mystical adept
23. Two mages are having a magic duel
24. A mage carrying a valueable-looking focus is seen bursting into flames out of a sudden
25. Several occult investigators are seen crouching on a site of a mage crime
26. A mage flies overhead, several drones zooming after him
27. A tired-looking old amerind shaman faints while summoning a spirit of air, the spirit roams off
28. A tired-looking old amerind shaman faints while summoning a spirit of air, the spirit attacks the man
29. A wealthy looking elf mage is fending if several ork and troll gangers with magic
30. A courier carrying virgin telesma falling under attack of several shamans

>> No.10474541

31. A courier carrying virgin telesma comes under attack of several shamans, a couple of hermetics appear from invisibility to fend off the attack
32. Drunk orks celebrate a marriage all over the road
33. Drunk dwarves hold a mourning procession across the road as a part of a funeral
34. Several trolls are seen dancing near and on the road; they are obviously high
35. An adept oozes out from a tiny basement window, something valuable-looking in his hand
36. A lone sammy freezes for a moment, reading something in AR, and procceeds to hide a clip of ammo behind a bench on the street
37. A band of hackers is seen on a square trying to drive a hacked car into one of the numbered gates
38. A young hacker is seen crying over his crushed commlink
39. An elderly hacker is seen fending of several gangers with his cyberdeck - he wields it as a sword, at the same time using it to eject clips from the smartlinked guns of the gangers
40. Two hackers are seen creating AR-graffiti
41. Two hackers are seen competing in making holo-projector dynamic sculptures
42. A young hacker is seen surfing a highjacked drone truck
43. Two hackers are obviously huggling over some piece of code, seeing the ARrows floating up in the air before them with eyeblinding speed
44. A young hacker is beaten by several gangers, their comrade is seen off to the side with his cybereyes and ears disabled
45. A young man is searched by the Lone Star officers, being accused of hacking their car's rear view cams and showing them antigovernmental materials; the man has no electronics on him but a very cheap commlink (assensing can reveal that he's a techie)

>> No.10474550

46. The face of a man walking down the street is seen instantly transforming into something completely new
47. The face of a man walking down the street is seen instantly transforming into something completely new, it's one of the PC's faces
48. A lying drunk bum is seen spitting a tiny needle into the neck of a wealthy-looking passer-by (if the runners are able to spot it); the man pays no attention
49. A random passer-by suddenly leaps up and leaves view in a second-store window
50. A young sam with an obvious cyberarm is seen dragged along the street by his troll mother, he's shouting something about him being able to hang out with his friends as long as he wants
51. Several shadows skulk down the street, streetlight's rays glancing off the optics of the item one of the figures is carrying for a second
52. A wounded metahuman in a chameleon suit is seen being loaded into a DocWagon copter
53. A wounded metahuman in a chameleon suit is seen being loaded into a DocWagon copter, a Lone Star officer hops after him. The second officer is seen putting the man's weapons in the patrol car's trunk.
54. A van bursts from a side street, several patrol cars howling after it a moment later
55. A wall of a building going along the road explodes, a van bursting from the hole, several drones and spirits giving close chase
56. An illusionary van flies through the runners' vehicle, a couple of Lone Star patrol cars giving lucrative chase
57. An obviously intoxicated elven streetwalker knocks on the runners' van's window, offering her services
58. A BTL junkie offers herself to get some nuyen for a fix
59. A blind stuttering street urchin offers herself for some food
60. A blind street urchin offers herself for some food; the girl's aura is that of a latent Awakened

>> No.10474563

61. A troll pimp in a fancy suit is seen bitch-slapping one of his girls
62. A troll pimp and several of his girls are seen beating an elven girl senseless, screaming something about her never escaping again
63. A couple of kids try to offer some first aid to their peer, who's lying with a syringe needle still in his vein
64. A legless ork crawls through a traffic jam, begging, claiming he has no money to buy implants
65. A SURGEd human is seen hung on a lamppost
66. A man in Alamos 20k outfit is seen hung on a lamppost
67. Several yakuza are seen chasing a half-naked girl - judging by the headware, a bunraku puppet. As they catch up with her and knock her to the ground, the leading men exclaims: "I told you those action movie personafix chips were bullshit!"
68. Several yakuza are seen beating the crap out of a young man in a fancy suit.
69. A couple of yakuza are seen crushing the windows of a roadside shop with baseball bats.
70. A go-gang is seen jack-knifing a drone truck and robbing it blind.
71. A go-gang is seen jack-knifing a truck, a couple of sec goons firing at them from the vehicle.
72. A go-gang is holding a race/initiation rite on the roadway.
73. A burning motorcycle is seen at the curb, fine red pulp trail leading to it.
74. A burning truck wreck is seen at the curb, obviously crushed into a lamppost. The storage compartment is ripped open, but some valuable items can be seen inside. The driver is blocked inside by the stuck doors.
75. An unmarked van stops near an Atzlaner-looking passer-by; several men in ornate respirators jump out and drag him in, the van speeding away a second later.

>> No.10474580

76. An elderly poor-looking man mind-controls several gangers who attack him and makes them DANCE
77. A couple of ghouls is seen dining on a recently dead ork.
78. A couple of ghouls is seen finishing off an ork wounded in a gang shoot-out, one of them is looking quite guilty, but hungry nonetheless.
79. A traffic control drone nosedives into asphalt just before the runners' van, likely malfunctioning.
80. A traffic control drone knocks on the van's window, calling the runner to answer "chief" and asking for directions to Renraku Arcology. If seen from the Matrix, a feral AI is controlling it.
81. Several drones wearing colors of different corporations are seen during a shootout.
82. Some mounted Spikes are towing a tied-up elf behind their bikes.
83. Some mounted Spikes are fighting several well-armed Ancients.
84. A tempo addict under spirit influence whizzes down the street on a bike, sitting sideways.
85. A burned-out tempo addict is seen speeding down the street on a bike, sitting sideways, looking extremely bored.
86. A Vory shestyorka is seen running after a young foxy gilette, falling to his knees and begging to reconsider. The gilette seems unimpressed.
87. Several Vory brutes are seen roughing up an obviously Asian street BTL pusher. A crushed hot sim module lies off to a distance.
88. A wealthy looking bypasser's head explodes in a cloud of shattered bone and spilled brain matter. A thundering sound of a shot comes a second later. If the runners look carefully enough, a Vory hitman can be seen out in the distance.
89. A man on the sidewalk briefly lights up as the nanotattoos on his face and exposed arms form absolutely new pictures, this time with dragons and not octagons and happy numbers. The man laughs aloud.
90. A group of well-armed non-uniformed people is seen transported by a spirit of air. As the group floats over you, the sammy waves a hand.

>> No.10474590

91. A group of well-armed non-uniformed people is seen in a firefight with some well-armed corp-uniformed people. The corpers are obviously losing, when one of the runners throws a white phosphorous grenade, and when the smoke clears, the men are gone. A dozen seconds later a couple of vans with corporate backup show up.
92. A group of well-armed non-uniformed people is seen in a firefight with some well-armed SK-uniformed people. The corp goons seem to be losing, till a couple of copters with back up show up. The bodies are quickly gathered, loaded up, and the corpers leave the scene.
93. A group of well-armed non-uniformed people is seen running from a mage and several spitis he's summoned. Two dead bodies can be seen lying down the street.
94. A group of well-armed non-uniformed people is seen having a shootout with a gang. Some mojo is slinged, and the gang is obviously losing.
95. Two groups of well-armed people are having a shoot-out. They seem to be runners, judging by attire.
96. Two groups of well-armed people are having a shoot-out. They seem to be runners, judging by attire. Some heavy ordnance, combat droids and powerful magic is used.
97. A beaten van drives by, a moment later, the runners' vehicle is shaken by a blastwave from a huge explosion out in the distance
98. A beaten van drives by, a moment later, the building behind the runners collapses in a huge cloud of flame
99. A troll with monofilament whips for horns is seen wreaking havoc in a Stuffer Shack you drive by
100. A young dragon is seen flying overhead

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Cool stuff, OP.

Wish I could find a ShadowRun group.

>> No.10474873

Well, you could try suptg or something.

>> No.10475011

What's that?

>> No.10475136

They don't need a rigger, and that's all I want to play.

Plus, they're dicks.

>> No.10475166

Hello, welcome to /tg/. I hope you'll like it here.

Suptg is a /tg/ companion site which has a tool for thread archival (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html), a DH character generator (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/dhroller.html) and an irc chat (http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/chats.html), which some of /tg/ denizens use for their games over the net.

>> No.10475230

Well, riggers get no love, generally. Hackers/riggers are much more popular.

Also, not everyone is dicks, I've met decent folks there and gamed with them.

>> No.10475274

So how long do these journeys usually take?
Also remember that it might start to become weird if they always encounter something, and nothing shouldn't just be one of hundered in a random table.
The table is fine though, just don't overuse it (or do as you like, it's your campaign and you can of course flavour it however you wish)

Though I would reccomend another table to accompany you.
It might not exactly be an "encounter" table, but more something to keep information, fluff, and news at a steady and interesting flow.
You could have a random table for different ads, commercials, sales, different offers, one time sales.
Different types of news, weather forecasts, disasters, crimes, new businesses/stores starting or closing etc etc, the latest things the megacorps are up to, those kinds of stuff.

It might not exactly be an encounter, but more in the sort of non-material "encounters" if you catch my drift.
It could contribute to the gaming experience.

>> No.10475374

They usually take the time from "you decide to go shopping" and "you arrive at the mall", heh. I mean, OOC, they take none, IC, from a dozen minutes to several hours, depending on traffic.

Yeah, overusing those is bad, of course, and I'm mostly looking to spice the driving up a bit - the usual routine of "you arrive at your destination without accident" gets boring after a time, don't you think?

Sure, news is an important part of immersive gameplay (and I am trying to make my campaigns as immersive as possible); but I mostly feed it to the runners once they actually get online to browse for it.

>> No.10475426

Nice table but I think you should have made the roll based on D6. The only dice used by SR (although it use LOTS to compensate)

>> No.10475470

I've been think of running shadowrun for my group and one of the things i've been having trouble with is deciding how much each run pays.
Is there some way i can figure this out or is it all guess work?

>> No.10475532

Well, that depends on how fast you want your guys to progress. As for me, I hate it when I have absolutely no way to advance my character when I play; so as I GM, I tend to be generous both with karma and money.
Basically, a typical run pays in a couple thousands Y each, 3k to 10k for our group, depending on risk, time given, wetwork involved, and so and such.

>> No.10475618

Highly depending on the professional level of your shadowrunners and how easily you want them to upgrade / buy crazy stuff.
Personally I'm starting around 500-1000¥ each per run and going up to 3-5000¥ when they have some good street cred.
Can eventually go up to 10,000¥ for a few very dangerous missions (but those are high risk of lethality)

>> No.10475733


You aren't given any guidelines in the core book, but I'm sure there's gotta be a supplement with the info. No fear though, you can think of creative ways to 'tax' them - needing to get across the map in a hurry is one I've used. And the things that most runners want to buy are 10K-50K+, so give them enough to spend comfortably if you are generous, less if you want them to have to struggle a bit more.

There are plenty of money sinks in this game, lifestyle, new toys, etc. I'm generous and my players eat it up, but that's my group. I also reward them with perks, like free contacts, increased item availability, or one time bonuses like a rap sheet wipe or a set of new identities. These are hard to put a price on, but the players seem to feel a little more involved with characters then 'Kill/steal/maim and collect fee from Johnson.'

>> No.10475762

There are no guidelines in any of the 4E books I can think of. 3E, though, had a book specifically about run prices and life as a runner, though, I believe.

>> No.10475970

It's mostly about how tough the run is, how important it is etc.

I usually have side jobs for the runners if they want more cash, while you're doing a data grab try to damage their shipping fleet for an extra X cash.

And not all runs pay money, maybe some rare cyberware, beta or whatever is an option too.

>> No.10475987

My GM simply gave us between 0-500 each run and up to 1000 on the real dangerous ones.
He claimed that since we aren't running alone the price must be split.
It was quite shitty if you ask me, my and one of the other characters had luxury and high costs for lifestyles, while this was higher than the rest of the group they were approved by the GM, yet we succeeded with all the runs the GM gave us and let the game progress at his pace.
Even though we didn't buy anything at all though it wasn't enough for us to pay rent, so when the time came we teamed up and robbed some of the lesser gangs on most of what they had, gear, cyberware, everything, the bodies.
It was swell and finally we could afford to stay as we had claimed our own reward rather than "that loot is not yours to take, you till be be payed when the run is over".

The GM seemed to find it a quite shitty move of us thoughand things didn't go that well from there.
He really had some problems aout the price thing, it wasn't really negotionable at all, he was set on a certain price and he was fully convinced on how it was supposed to be split among the group and not given to each individual member.

Why shadowrun when you can kidnap a homeless hobo no one cares for, sell his organs and reviece 10times the payement?

>> No.10475996

A few more details: I was considering they were doing 2-3 runs per monthe (depending on the length of the run), so they also to add to pay the rent often.

>> No.10476021


>> No.10476152

Who the fuck would pay real nuyen for some hobo's organs?

>> No.10478164

>Who the fuck would pay real nuyen for some hobo's organs?
Still somewhat sapient Ghouls, that's who.

>> No.10478246

This is useful. Thanks anon

>> No.10479296

Cheaper than vat grown and there is a small chance that said hobo is a type-0 and as such a universal donor.

>> No.10482206

Actually, worldwide, that would be a 4.33% chance to be O- (universal donor).
Not a good enough chance to go randomly buy black market organs I'd think.

>> No.10483353

So in other words being a runner pays less than a part time job at the local stuffer shack, and extra income sources are frowned upon. Do me a favor. Rape your GM till his mind breaks.

>> No.10486974


>> No.10487973

Wow, this thread is still alive.

The problem here is hobo life does not really make for healthy organs - would you want a liver from some drunk down on the street, or a healthy vat-grown one?

>> No.10488163


Hey, if you're desperate. Alternatively, Science! can make the liver psudo-healthy again.

>> No.10488343

SR4 Augmentation s.17
Organlegging and body snatching

"Medical technology has advanced to the point where organ
and limb transplant is more commonplace than ever. With the
improvements in transplant technology, the rates of organlegging
and body snatching incidents have risen exponentially. Small-time
criminals, chipheads, and drug addicts kidnap people and sell them
to bodyshops for some quick nuyen; some even sell out their relatives,
dead or dying, for spare parts. Why bury or cremate a body
when you have cold, hard cash sitting on the slab?"

I bet that the quality of the bodyparts ayn't as much of a problem as it used to be.
And I could guess that a drunken hobo would actually have better organs than an old dying patient at a hospital.

>> No.10488489

Here's something for you, OP. Quite old, but still good.


>> No.10488499


>> No.10488508

and page three

>> No.10488522

>Implying there's only one SR group on suptg

>> No.10488714

Huh. Speaking of OPs pick, does anyone have any female troll picks? It's the first one I've sen.

>> No.10488909

Troll Metavariant: Fomori

>> No.10488919

That's somehow cheating.

>> No.10489958

Troll girl.

>> No.10489980

Also, Earthdawn trolls (should look the same)

>> No.10490022

One more

>> No.10490037

This one is not very accurate, it's a mockup to show the different metavariants size, but here anyway:

>> No.10490087

>> No.10492160

>>10488489 >>10488499 >>10488508
Yeah, I had it already, thanks. Didn't work for I wanted, though.

>> No.10492270

Bumping with something that could be seen as a small Troll loli.
If you don't think she has enough troll traits, just imagine them to come once she hit puberty or something.

Also, no one has more female trolls?

>> No.10492298

Hottest official SR character ever, no contest.

>> No.10492322

I believe I had a couple, gimme a moment to browse my image folders...

>> No.10492354


I saw scans of a Japanese rpg (the paper and dice kind) magazine here on /tg/ with a bunch of various animu style shadowrunners, and one of them was that awesome asian ork chick. Also a loligoth and a troll Technomancer.

>> No.10492401

Hm, and here I thought I had more. Actually, trolls seriously tend to be male on the illustrations. I remember seeing a female troll mage or something some time, but not much more than that.

>> No.10492425

Except she's an ork.
Also, I have some scan of japanese manga-style basic rules, but haven't seen the scan you're talking about.
Has anyone perhaps saved them then, chummers?

>> No.10492438


Trolls are big and bulky with rough, hairy skin and random spikes and scales sticking out everywhere. Females in fantasy and sci fi (hell, any fiction or art) are almost always gorgeous and have supermodel bodies. You do the math.

>> No.10492471

>> No.10492489

Actually, I'm not so sure you can tell a female troll from a male one that easily. Examples will follow once I'm done with those three wapanese pics I have.

>> No.10492490


Didn't say she's an ork, I just saw the satyrs (who I recall as being an Ork metavariant rather than a Troll one, but I could be wrong. Fomorians are something different, they are a Troll version of vampires) and assumed other metahumans are fine too.

>> No.10492509


*didn't say she's a troll

Damn, I'm dumb tonight.

>> No.10492523

Also, there are female orks here and there. Some of them are quite gorgeous, like that one in... Augmentation, was it?

>> No.10492534

Aha, here it is.
Is the troll male?

>> No.10492536

Yeah I'm the one who posted those.

>> No.10492542


I have the pics, but on a different computer that doesn't have any working internet connection at the moment. :(

>> No.10492546

>> No.10492554

>> No.10492574

Oh, and yeah, I checked it, there's a female troll sample character in the Core Book (AE p.111). I wouldn't have recognized her as a troll though were it not written.

>> No.10492579

And here is the last one.
The Troll is a technomancer, Ork is the adept gunslinger, elf is a mage, gothic lolita is a Gillette.

>> No.10492580

Ah shadow run, when ever me and my gameing friends drive up to seattle (not a long drive) this is all I hear about!

>> No.10492581

God damn I want me some loli maid in shadowrun.

>> No.10492597

Use a flash drive, sammy!

>> No.10492608


Clearly male, don't see what makes you think otherwise. Also the artist (who by the way drew the infamous Warhammer Puppets) doesn't really draw androgynous people, they are either MANLY MEN or women.

>> No.10492628


I forgot to mention that this other computer is over 100 km away from my current location.

>> No.10492630

Definitively male.

>> No.10492635

Ahaha, omae, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

>> No.10492648

A flash drive and a car drive, then.

>> No.10492651


I wish this was virtual reality like in SR, so I could give you a virtual high five.

>> No.10492659

That one?

>> No.10492694


>> No.10492695


I've sworn to never fall in love with a fictional character and claim her as my "waifu", but goddamnit, that Ork is making it hard to keep that oath.

>> No.10492708

Also, I'll frankly say, I don't like the new art style in AE. Yeah, it's nice, clean and pretty, but it's far too futuristic for Shadowrun imo.

>> No.10492727


You got the other SR stuff he's drawn? I lost my link to the artist's site years ago, and forgot his name.

>> No.10492745

Shadowrun is all about whacky characters.
He's a runaway clone of a corporate bigwig devoid of personal memories and hooked up on Kamikaze; she's a an elf lesbian stripper catgirl ninja. Together, they shadowrun!

>> No.10492784


>elf catgirl


>> No.10492808


My shadowrunner is a black female German Cyborg Dwarven sniper, and yet she doesn't violate the canon setting at all. God I love this setting.

>> No.10492825


She could be a Cat shaman, or just have extensive wetware installed.

>> No.10492826


You can use the rewards listed for the adventures in the contacts and adventures book as a guideline.

>> No.10492871


I wish I knew the system better so I could stat the killer loli. The ork and the elf already have official stats in the 3rd and 4th ed rulebooks, after all.

>> No.10492894

Cat shamans don't actually get cat ears (well, unless a part of a shamanic mask they manifest); but you can get some as wetware or as custom cyberears.

But canonic catgirls are SURGEd - there are both tails, ears and eyes for them there. Cat Grace and...Catlike, right?.. too.

>> No.10492928

The goal of your next shadowrun campaign is to have sex with the Gungslinger Adept.

hard mode: no rape/mind-control/etc.

>> No.10492938

Well, she can be a gnome gillette with... let's see... hand razors are a must; and maybe add some false front or something to it.
Otherwise it's all pretty standard.

>> No.10492953

Baaah. What's her connection rating as a contact? Around 3, right? So that's some 9 BP for ya. And maybe a sidequest.

>> No.10492991


Gnomes are like less than 90 cm tall or something, she's not a gnome. Probably just a human with TONS of hidden implants. I bet she's actually like fourty years old or something.

>> No.10493064


Wait, is this a special goal for my character alone, or are all the shadowrunners in the team competing against each other? Or is the ultimate goal some kind of really weird interracial orgy including half a dozen shadowrunners with various magic powers, boosted reflexes and hidden weapons? Because that sounds pretty dangerous.

>> No.10493094

Well, gnomes are stated to be 70 to 100 cm high. Pretty fitting for a loli I'd say. Also, if I recall, false front allows you to change your height a bit.

>> No.10493100


Wait, catgirls are canon? Do not want...

>> No.10493126


I suppose. I still think she doesn't have the weird proportions of a gnome, but it works I guess.

>> No.10493143

Have sex with another player? That's...

>> No.10493145

A challenge for a GM: a mage with 1 IP fucks a gunslinger adept with 3 IPs.
Does that mean she get to perform the Fuck Other Simple Action three times more often per turn? And she'll also be the only one performing that action on the second and the third initiative phases. How would you stat up such an intercourse?

>> No.10493163


You don't know how long 100 cm is, do you? She would be shorter than a ten-years-old.

>> No.10493172


This thread is heading towards weird places...

>> No.10493177

Hahaha, read Runner's Companion, chum. SURGE is hell lot of fun.

Gnomes are stated to have "childlike physiques". So there.

>> No.10493211

Well, 10 y.o. are said to be around 4'6-4'7 on average. So yeah, she'd be a bit petite.

>> No.10493241


If any of my players decide they want even one surge trait then before they join the other runners, their character will have to live through a SR version of "The Most Dangerous Game" where they will be chased through a forest by an eccentric billionaire who rides a cyberbear with a built in minigun.

If they don't escape their head will later be found mounted to the wall in the Billionaire's trophy room.

>> No.10493291

Oh come on. Unless you are playing shadowrun wrong, npc considering them freaks and not willing to cooperate is a payback bad enough.

>> No.10493305


I dunno, SURGE seems a bit over-the-top, even by SR standards. I mean, I can accept trolls, minitaurs and even weretigers, but stuff like nartaki (metatype with additional arms) and lizardmen feel like stretching it a bit. On the other hand, I've made a homebrew race of scandinavian trolls (who resemble Orks more than SR trolls, and have tails), so I guess I'm don't really have any right to complain.

>> No.10493317

And here's the 100 chart in a portable format.

>> No.10493362

How about an awesome, totally unrelated, high five?

>> No.10493375


That will do nicely.

>> No.10493385

I asked a neighborhood drawthread to draw me a SR female troll.

>> No.10493408

Why not? As long as it stays rare, and not "like 30%" as RC claims, I'm a-ok with that.

Thanks, omae!

>> No.10493446

I wish Muju would do that...

I'm a sad panda. Nobody gives me high-fives, and I wrote up all that shit up there.

>> No.10493506


Honestly, it's because as a scandinavian folklore nerd, it always bugged me how SR trolls don't really have anything in common with "real" trolls aside from being large, strong and ugly. They actually have more in common with SR orks, so I simply made a new metatype of "accurate trolls" that are really just ork stats with different fluff. Also rare as fuck, they tend to stick together in hidden communities underground or in remote areas.

>> No.10493536

Definitely not a gnome.
She is simply a petite human (most likely japanese, heh).
And, of course, full of hidden cyberware/bioware.

>> No.10493572

You did the encounter table?
I saved it, I'll most likely use it on occasion.

Here, have an over-the-top brofist.

>> No.10493624

>100. A young dragon is seen flying overhead.

Time to ditch your SIN and grab the fastest fucking way out of whatever 'plex you happen to be operating in. Then you find the second fastest way out and go that way because the fastest way out will inevitably explode.

>> No.10493653

ShadowRun: The only game where a cyberpenis and cyberbreasts are reasonable purchases.

>> No.10493686

>scandinavian trolls
>SURGE seems a bit over-the-top
>Puts tails on trolls
Well that's ok really, not something I would do, but just go with thatever floats your boat.
Considering all the kinds of stuff I have used I guess none of it matters.
I have played with pyromaniac gecko like lizardman and whatnot who had two glands within his abodemen containing gas, who by itself wasn't dangerous, but when combined they would burst out in fire.
Nothing big, but enough to set something on fire to some degree. And considering he was a magician and with a GM approved spell to increase an already existing fire's rating, those small fires could grow quickly.

But I like the SURGE part of the game.
I tend to use them as guidelines when creating my own metavariants.
Basic things such as Ice and Fire giants, and I also made a closed of city with insectoid like people (even though I don't like the idea myself.. almost too "furry" for me)
I try not to overuse it and Surged people are a clear minority in my world, though I have certain societies were they have somehow "gathered", either by their own choice or through force by people who don't want them.

I don't really like furries and have never included any cat girl or anything of the sort, though I acknowledge their existence.
I thought Mutant societies could be "fun" though, so I made some.

>> No.10493698

That I did. I get bored at work.

Actually, I have a couple of ideas on how to make it better already (despite the lack of suggestions in this thread) - it could either be divided into several tables by district wealth (say, if you'd see (17) in Downtown, the cops would be all over the scene), or arranged by the district wealthiness - so you could just roll a die and add or subtract a modifier for the part of the sprawl the runners are in.

I'll think about it more. Or maybe write up an infiltration mishap table. Or a matrix encounter table.

There's hardly ever a more boring thing than a run going exactly to spec, and lots of random crap that can make it interesting - like, I dunno, some janitor bringing his dog to work the day you're trying to sneak in, or something.

>> No.10493728


Stick a monowhip in the dick and make the tits shoot acid and you got a pair of hidden weapons.

>> No.10493770

Hey, what's the big deal? The young ones just can't turn into metahumans yet.

Minding that they have their own capacity, and you can stuff them full of tasty tasty little implants, sure they are.

>closed of city with insectoid like people
So, Chicago?
Also, Freaktown is canon in the Bug City, so I imagine other communities like that may as well exist.

>> No.10493794

Yeah, but they'd still count as Exotic.

>> No.10493836


Wait, you don't know about tails? In scandinavian folklore, trolls have tails. It's pretty much the only constant feature a troll has. To a scandinavian, a troll without a tail is like an elf without pointy ears or a dragon that isn't reptilian.

>> No.10493903


Actually, trolls having tails is nothing new or extraordinary, they've been mainstream for centuries up here.

>> No.10494019

bump for the good kind of trolls

>> No.10494361

Well, I am just tired basically.
Byt yes that's right, -trolls- should have tails, they should.
I just thought of Giants for a second there.
The SR trolls often feel more like giants than Trolls to me, and that's not counting the "giant" metavariant.
They might not have that many traits of giants, but the 2.5 to 3+ meter tall powerhouses certainly does remind me of giants.
But they are modeled after Ogres anyway, and not trolls, so it may not be that surprising.

But yes, I know of trolls, both smaller ones and larger ones, ones that turn to stone and ones that don't.
And yeah, they are more like the Orks of SR.

>> No.10494442

It's their fault for not having trolls that are trolls.

>> No.10494697

Those are very good ideas.
Also you could make some tables for non urban environment (not as detailed, but something like county, swamp, forest, etc)

Ho and if you redo them, try using only xD6 rolls.
So the players won't be hinted when the GM is using some strange-shaped dice.

>> No.10494841

Ho, and maybe some matrix encounter too.

>> No.10495396

I might as well ask this now when we have a SR thread running.

You know how Cyberlimbs can be upgraded with armor, right?
I have just been wondering what the rules for such armor is.
Does the armor rating of such armor rating stack with other armor, or at least with itself?
Does it count against armor encumbrance like normal armour? If so then those armor upgrades might not be that great after all.
Personally I have trated it almost as it were dermal plating or something, extra armour that adds it's rating to each other armour piece without contributing to armor encumbrance.

It has worked I guess, but it's as if I have been running my games on a wild guess.

>> No.10495622

I add 20% of it to the total armor rating of the character (allows +1 armor mods on each limb+torso to add up to +1 armor total) unless the limb is targeted specifically. Encumbrance calculated as dermal plating.

>> No.10496031

This. Those are the rules.
Each limb adding armor rating overall would be overpowered.

>> No.10496574

>Those are the rules.
They are?
Where could I find them?

>> No.10497288


street gear?

Also there's a blurb about it in the FAQ:
Does cyberlimb armor for cyber half-limbs add its entire Rating to the character's Armor Rating in SR4A?

Yes. Armor enhancements to lower arm/lower leg cyberlimbs (and cyberhands/cyberfeet) apply their full Rating to the character's Armor Rating. Gamemasters may choose to only apply the partial cyberlimb's attributes, including armor, to tests directly involving said cyberlimb (p.343, SR4A).

>> No.10499056

Yeah, but where does it say it's not normally encumbering?

>> No.10502063

speaking of shadowrun, did anyone upload the new Corporate Guide sourcebook yet?

>> No.10502278

>notices a dong-like shape in the hilt of that sword.
>cannot unsee

>> No.10502310

>Hey, babe.
>Open your mouth and turn around for a sec.

>> No.10502641


Oh wait, yes someone did in fact upload a copy

>> No.10503554


Might I ask where?

>> No.10503602

>>A female elf is lying on the road, BTL chip plugged in
You all know what this means...

>> No.10506344

Please elaborate.

>> No.10511093

Actually, I left a lot of shit like that there. Take those street urchins and whatnot.

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