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It just occurred to me that all those scales must work great as a natural brassiere.

Scaly humanoid thread.

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It is now occurring to you that reptiles don't have breasts.

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or belly buttons

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Dragonborn is /tg/ related.

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It's not occuring to you that Dragonborn are not reptiles and are infact mamallian in nature.

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Or long inexplicably hairlike scales.

Or capable of speech.

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no their not? isn't the mother dragon? dragons lay eggs

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"Scaly humanoid" = Reptile?

Rage less.

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So do several mammals + magic don't have to explain shit

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I'll be posting what scale-critter-arts I have.

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Snaketits, hngh

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Dragons are their own species. They aren't mammals or reptiles. They're dragons.

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no they do not...

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Let's not forget the little people.

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Wait, seriously? h4x

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yes several mammals do lay eggs

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Monotremes would like to have a word with you.

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Pretty sure dragonborn are a true species, they breed true without any dragons at all. Also live birth, I think.

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platypus is the only egg born mammal, and that creature is just a nature fuckup

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Learn to science, bro. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monotreme

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Dragonborn lay eggs, according to the PHB.

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i'm pretty sure they do eggs, but given that they care for their young for a long time, it's kinda unimportant.

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i didn't know that. guess platypus got more attention because of the duck-bill

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That is adorable. Any sequels?

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Awww, poor little kobold guy.

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Not that I know of.

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damn Australia, fucking up biology since 1606

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Dragonborn are now from Australia.

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Well, the point remains as the monotemes do not have breasts.

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>Scaly humanoid thread.

Yea, sure, I'll post what I've got.

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I'll dump a couple too.

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Anyone have that one where Lady Gaga's a snake?

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no wait, they do have boobs.. just no tits.They release their milk through pores..
god damn you Australia.
I will now proceed with denial of these species existence.
There is no mammals that lay eggs!

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>implying reptiles have breasts

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Try www.aerisdies.com for more.

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>implying he have read the thread

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I feel my services are required.

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Well, here's a dragonborn and a cutebold

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I just realised most of these I'm posting are Lamia. If anyone has any Dragonborn art they'd like to dump, I'd appreciate it.

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Righhht away!

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> I feel my services are required.

This thread just got awesome.

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this one clearly have both boobs bellybutton and tits

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Yea, so?

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damn posters, do not read thread

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I do not require logic with my porn.

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This has a Dragonborn in it...

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Needs more Bangaa

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Do teiflings count, half the time they have dragon tails

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It lets me enjoy things a lot more.

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we agreed on that dragon-born have to be Monotremes, and they do not have bellybuttons or nipples, but boobs and pussy is ok


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That's cool and all, but what one group of people decided makes sense has little to no bearing on what others pay attention to.

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More cuddles and love!

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In ecology it states that they lay eggs and nurse their young. Whatever.

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And there are a substantial number of lizards that give live birth. Not that it changes the utter lack of care that fantasy has toward just about anything, though.

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I can't believe I'm about to ask this.


Dragonladieshere, y'got anything facial/cumshot/bukkake-ish?

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So who's got these stories, and is the author still writing them?

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you could just say, deerp Australia and my argument is invalid.

I'm just irritated as the thread showed promise before, it returned to scaly humanoid thread.

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They're located on suptg archive and I have not seen any new ones. I've written a couple stories but they're not public.

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Really? Any particular reason why they're private?

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Not sure, mostly solo female.

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You want male dragons? Plenty of cum in those.

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Ah, thanks for checking regardless. I've got very little myself.

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Nah, females are by far better, even if there's a lack of cum involved.

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>One hour and 100 posts later the thread still exists.
It sure shows.

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I think that's the only male dragonborn x anything I've seen. Well, that wasn't gay.

Any more of those, or straight dragonborn couple pics?

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This is how you make half dragons.

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Only one I've ever seen myself, which is mostly why I saved it.

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Original author here, being glad someone liked them.

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You should make them public.

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Oh, I loved them. Was there a reason you stopped writing? Not complaining or anything, just curious.


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So, anyone have the sup/tg/ links?

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anons up to depravity again today

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We're always up to depravity.

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Can I get some sauce on that?

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And it seems he's fapping in this thread too.
I like this janitor.

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I was a little disappointed when Uwe didn't have sex with his clone, but whatever.

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If you were
then I'd suggest making more like that.

But if it was that one, not so much. A little too bestial for my tastes.

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there is too little human male x female dragonborn

or general dragonbornporn in general.



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>Was there a reason you stopped writing?

Got bored. Simple as that. I can never concentrate in the same thing for too long.

Maybe if the inspiration strikes, I'll write another. The fact that somebody liked them certainly goes for motivation.

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Ok. Were they ever based on anything? Or did you just think 'koboldxdragonborn, FUND IT'?

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Just thought it'd be something fun to write. I think the inspiration came from /tg/, though, but can't remember any of the details.

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>Iksar Female

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Tits on everything! EVERYTHING!

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But...they weren't even designed with tits.
It's like slapping mammaries on a Morrowind Argonian.

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Tits make everything better.

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I, for one, enjoyed the Christmas one. Highly entertaining.

And graphic.

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Still want to know where the gif is from and where I can find this writefaggotry everyone keeps talking about?

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Argonians have tits in Daggerfall and Oblivion, so I'd say that is the more official representation of them.

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Sup/tg/, probably, for the stories. Don't have a link myself. Also too busy fapping to find one.

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I remember reading the Christmas one at a relatives house because we were spending Christmas there. I kept glancing over my should every few seconds to make sure no one saw me. Good times.

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Enjoy. I know I did.

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Argonians DO have boobs though.

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Christmas one:

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Why you no like the tits :/

Are you a girl by the way? The style made me think so (not to mention almost-gay kobolds)

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damnit /tg/ you exacerbate my dragongirl kink

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Such a naughty sounding word.

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Happy to be of service!

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I guess I just like the toned shape.
Also, I just like reptile-esque characters like reptiles but that's a previous discussion which I'd rather not bring up because it's a stupid discussion.

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Fellow dragonfags:



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reptiles don't have gag reflex

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I ignore your logic.

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You are now realizing that scalies can never wear sexy pantsuits.


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That halfling is about to get jumped by a dragonborn and a tiefling....

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Somebody already posted my favorite snake lady picture up above there. I like the party hats on the mice.

But gentlemen, have you considered what a tongue sheath can do for you? But please, be careful, don't confuse it for her trachea or you could end up choking her. Remember, too, that the tongue is a delicate organ in snakes, so don't overdo it.

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Number 1 favorite of mine.

>> No.10473962

They just require tailoring, that's all.

In a world where sapient creatures of all shapes and sizes exist, there will be merchants and craftsmen who specialize in such things.

>> No.10473967

Oh yes, that is rather nice. Nice and spiky/aggressive looking. Too many Scaly pictures are soft and cute.

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>dragon sergal
>do not alter this image

what the fuck

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I am late to this party but

Dragonborn are not the children of dragons. They were made by dragons thousands of years ago to server as shock troops. The mother of a dragonborn is a dragonborn.

They're also supposed to be mammals, like dragons (which are officially "like giant cats, but with wings and scales").

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I beg to differ.

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No, they're from a show called Legendz featuring (mainly) two dragons which I think are pretty sexy.

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Dragons are not mammals. They are not of class mammalia.

Dragonborn, being oviparous, would also not be mammals. You could argue that they're monotremes, I suppose, but monotremes don't have nipples anyway, so... yeah.

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I like my women aggressive.

>> No.10474095

That's rule 63 of a Legendz character...

>> No.10474097


Incorrect. Dragonborn are mammals. They are casemodded humans.

Dragonborn are also not genetically related to dragons, who are not members of ANY normal taxonomical category.

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Again, I believ the ecology states they lay eggs, but nurse their young.

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Dragons are mammals. This is canon. It's outright fucking stated in the Draconomicon.

Do your research next time.

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Are we doing males now? I can get behind that, if we are.

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There's one of Ranshiin earlier up in the thread. Derp face incoming.

>> No.10474132

Like I said, they're oviparous, but they produce milk. Those features are consistent with monotremes, but as I said, platypuses and echidnas do not have nipples, just pores that ooze out milk.

Dragonborn have nipples, but not placentas. They're also magically-created creatures, and thus biology doesn't really apply.

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Need sauce.

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But they're really not, as they are oviparous and lack placentas. They also have six limbs as opposed to four, and possess specialized organs unique to them, with no analogue in either mammals or humans.

The fact that they're endothermic doesn't make them mammals any more than it makes birds mammals.

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These shouldn't be turning me on as much as they are. I'm not even gay, for fuck's sake.

>> No.10474197

>implying fantastical creatures must conform to real-world biological classifications

>failtrolling a dragonporn thread

>> No.10474218

Internet: warping minds since 1988

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>> No.10474237

>226 posts and 135 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>Half the front page threads are /d/ porn. One is a /b/ thread. Literally, random images and text, it's a /b/ thread.

>> No.10474240

mammals or reptiles, I meant. Fuck me, my head is pounding right now.

>> No.10474243


Neither am I (I make exceptions though), but damn, I'd let these dragons have their way with me.

>> No.10474259

Dragons don't nurse their young, at least not in D&D canon, through nipples or monotreme sweat or anything. Dragons are omnivorous from bitch and usually end up feeding on whatever's around, from insects, to rocks, to their own eggshells.

>> No.10474270


My point specifically is that they do NOT fall under real-world classification. There are so many draconic subtypes that if anything dragons would be their own Class of animals, with sub-divisions every bit as diverse as the other major animal groups.

>> No.10474273

rolled 8 = 8

What the deuce is happening here.

/tg/. You've got it backwards. We're suppose to SLAY the dragon, not LAY the dragon!

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>> No.10474287

You're a long way from home, sir Knight. We do things differently around these parts.

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>> No.10474308

I'm with you, brotha.

>> No.10474325

rolled 11 = 11

Well done! Now if only you would cut your hair!

>> No.10474350

There are more ways than just combat to resolve an "encounter," you know.
penis what are you doing this shouldn't be hot

>> No.10474355

/tg/ - /d/ is small-time

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>> No.10474369

No deal. My hair are my power.

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>> No.10474411

Wait, THAT'S the dragon that St. George supposedly killed? That's a fucking wyrmling! I thought he took on an actual, full-grown dragon. What kind of saint kills a child?

>> No.10474419


/d/ is shit these days. Even when it's not a thousand different types of futa everywhere, they lose their shit at the first sign of something that might not have been drawn in GLORIOUS NIPPON or is slightly anthropomorphic.

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>> No.10474433

>> No.10474451

So, no sauce on the Dragon raping that chick?

>> No.10474456

Dragon is symbolic for the devil in that picture. St. George didn't kill any dragons.

>> No.10474507

That's image limit, happy fapping!

>> No.10474514

Thank you!

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>> No.10474571


That's a nice image series too, there's a translated version around.

>> No.10474588

How many of these pictures do you have, by the way?

>> No.10474633


Depends on what you're looking for really. I'm in the middle of trimming a lot of stuff away, but for Dragon-related images, maybe a few hundred good ones.

>> No.10474690

Have you considered just zipping the whole lot up, before you trim anything, and throwing it up on /rs/?

>> No.10474713


I doubt anyone would want to download 40 gbs of porn and have to themselves sort through 16000 images (they're not all dragons)

>> No.10474714


What gets me is how that thing is supposed to be the terror of the countryside.

>> No.10474769

Goddamn. What other stuff is actually in there?

>> No.10474791

Yeah, it's a stupid fucking rule. I fail to see how, for instance, Vaesark's 3D stuff (including one where a chick fucks a giant worm) is not /d/-related.

>> No.10474812


There a lot of women (both real and anime) back when I was just into vanilla stuff, quite a bit of traps, some men, good chunk of furry, a lot of fetishes: bondage, piercings, etc. A large number of doujinshis that have mind-control, N-C, etc. themes.

>> No.10474848

Ah, gotcha. Yea, hell of a lot.

God, and I thought the task of organising my 500-odd picture large folder was going to be a monumental effort.

>> No.10474874


Well, the trimmed down version should have less than 1000, and that I'll actually tag and organize.

>> No.10474916

How are you planning on organising them? By fetish, or by continuity?

I don't know whether I want all my 40k stuff together, all my Fantasy stuff together, etc. Or all my Futa together, my Scaly together, etc.

>> No.10474925


I already have rudimentary folders for dragons, sharks, and RAT ASS, but I plan to keep the pictures themselves mixed with the exception of sets.

>> No.10474937


I just like a variety when I'm fapping, you know, surprise me. If I really wanted separation, I'll search for tags.

>> No.10474950

Makes sense. I'll go with that, thanks!

>> No.10474963


Have fun.

>> No.10474995

Yeah, sauce?

>> No.10475154

The platipus lays eggs and is mammalian.

>> No.10475415

bump for sauce?

>> No.10476191

bump, need sauce

>> No.10476876

sauce bump

>> No.10478612

nobody has any idea where it's from?

>> No.10478769

No, now fuck off

>> No.10478807

some mammals do too, platypusses, pangolins and echidnas do.

>> No.10478852

HUMANOID monothremes do. also, dragonborn (and for that mater dragons and kobolds too) will now have aussie accents in my games.

>> No.10479439

Pangolins do not lay eggs.

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