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Explain WH40k to somone who doesnt know shit about fantasy/scifi

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Depends on who the someone is.

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It gets worse, and the explosions get bigger.

If you're reading that from WH40K, you've likley caught six STD's, been shot twice, and been raped thrice.

At least one of those things will have been on fire.

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Lurk the site for about 20 minutes. Are you even trying?

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>doesn't know shit about fantasy or sci fi
Do they live under a rock?

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In 38000 years, the universe is fucked.

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It's basically Star Wars except the Empire is your best friend and the force wants to eat your soul.

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Once, there was a Messiah. It Got Worse.

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In the grimdark grimdarkness of the grimdark grimdark, there is only grimdark.

And redundancy

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And redundancy.

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what is this i don't even

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In 38000 years in the futre all of the oldest races including humanity have had their own apocalypse and been crippled in some manner (humanity has had at least 3!) with humans being the last one to suffer it so they built a galaxy spanning empire to try and fuck everyone over.

Everyone else is in a perpetual state of war against humanity, each other, humanity and the gods.

Oh jesus got (sorta) killed after launching the greatest crusade in all of recorded human history.

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You're forgetting redundancy.

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Well now, this works quite well, even tho it's a bit biased towards the Imperium.

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It's the middle ages in space, if all the demons and bogeymen were actually true. Space knights launch cursades against space satanists or barbarian orks, the common man lives like a serf oppressed by nobles, and everyone lives in fear of the inquisition.

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we've exchanged redundancy with skull covered golden skulls.

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ow, and our tech has been going slightly down hill for the past 10000 years.

The armies of humanity fight bravely against the alien, the mutant, and the heretic, but it is a war we cannot win, only bring to a stalemate.

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implying games workshop isnt biased towards imperium

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