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Dear people of /tg/ I ask for some aid. I'm looking at the next month before me and see myself low on money so most of my time will be spent at home. Though that kinda sucks. It provides a golden opportunity. Other than work, I have nothing to consume my time, thus I'm going to world build.

What I'm asking is if there is anything you have or haven't experienced and want to.

ITT:Things you want in a DND world.

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bump( not OP)

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sounds stupid, but more interbreed options. Xbreeds are awesome, and bound to turn up in a multi species world

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Morality that makes sense OH WAIT NEVERMIND

How about no direct involvement of pantheons? People believe in gods but Clerics and Paladins get their power from study just like wizards do.

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I've never seen a battle between Magic human and Technological human. I would love to see one.

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oh hell yeah. maybe a secret realm where magic was outlawed thousands of years ago. or anti magic barriers. or both.

a civilisation evolves high tech dickery, and then they work out how to pass the barriers........

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Not OP but I'm sort of doing that at the moment in my homebrew. Dwarves and humans share an origin, but humans learned magic while dwarves developed technology instead. And they're coming into conflict because a god is trying to force the two cultures to merge into one, which neither side is entirely happy about.

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Here's a suggestion, OP: mess about with racial alignments. Elves are usually good and Orcs are usually evil, for instance. Why not flip that around and makes Orcs good and Elves bad?

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So the technology manage to create a no-(fun)magic barrier and keep those damn wizards out. And after a while the wizard manage to destroy the barrier?
Ohhh. How is it right now? More information please?

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*where such a thing is biologically possible

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The setting's still in development and in my head, the "present" state of affairs is terse diplomacy and a few border conflicts.

Secretly, the god wants to incite war between the two people so that the humans will wipe out the dwarves, though, so it's likely that things will escalate rapidly.

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Ahhh manipulative god(s?). Steam tank dorf VS Cloud riding human.

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How's about a world where gods are literally just superpowered humans.

A while back the magic in the world asplode and and infused [oddly specific number] people with much, much more magic than is possible for any normal person.

There's no alternate dimension for them to hang out on, however, so the gods are left just wandering around the world, being gods and doing godly things. Since they all have different personalities, definitions of "godly things" will differ.

Call them immortals for an even cooler kick.

Also, they can die, but whenever they are killed the magic that was stored up in them* just moves and inhabits some other random person in the world.

*this probably requires a setting where you do not "use up" magic in any way

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Gods on Earth. Some stay hidden and live a normal and small life while some take control of Empire and wage war on each other.

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>steam tank cloud and dwarf riding human
That's all I read.

Fucking googly eyes.

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My mental image had their physical appearance being drastically altered, so I didn't really consider instances where they try to live a normal life.

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Ahhh. What kind of alteration would happen? Grow wings? Horns? Beside they're god they can use their power to hide them.

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>someone hates cultist and loves sisters of battle
Don't mind me. I'm paTrolling here.

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I wasn't really thinking anything uniform. I'm rather used to settings where magic is this unpredictable force that people only try to control, so it fits in my mind if there's a great diversity in the outward appearance of immortals.

For instance, one could have that classic, mysterious-cloaked-figure look.

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Oh ok. Sound awesome.

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Others could be a bit more drastic.

(Sorry, most of the pics I have that scream "highly supernatural" are also dark, but I don't mean to imply that immortals would have such appearances exclusively)

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Whatever you do V.

Don't click this gif.

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Quick and painful, or just a painful death?

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Here's another one that fits.

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No death at all, actually.

The gif's just there to freak you out before you watch it.

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Dunno, click at your own risk.

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Baby hug cobra. cobra is like do not want but hugs baby anyway?

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Oh you gots burny?

I have burnies.

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Now this is more god-like.

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Did you miss the bites to the baby's head?

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Why the hell am I >>'n ...

I am namefagging at the moment, god I'm pulling more idiot moves today then I usually do.

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Now, it's not always so apparent in the physical appearance itself.

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The baby sure isn't reacting quite appropriately for someone who's being biting by a fucking snake.

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This one in particular might work well if you present her as a human before her transformation.

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I love this pic.

No clue why. Innocent theme gone psycho.

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>being biting

Did I really write that? Oh god.

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Maybe this could clarify what you really meant.

Without realizing it.

(Do not click it if you want to sleep tonight)

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Fucking Xull'rae.


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I like cute and scary stuff.


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Goblin Sharks are not meant for this world...

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Why does everyone have a problem with the religion set up in fantasy games? why is it bad to be able to physically, (through considerable effort, mind you) be able to reach out and touch your god?

Is this some sort of backlash for that not being how our world is set up? I don't get it.

I love being able to cast some ridiculously powerful magic and then present my creator with a list of suggested edits...

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This is what a goblin should really look like.

Braincase evolved under eye level instead of over eye level from apes.

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I touch my god.

Being agnostic rules.

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To be on topic.

I want to experience the first hand encounter of things beyond my control like this situation. As a close up-front spectator, knowing that I mean little to the event and their participants.

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This sounds familiar

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Setting Idea:
As long as anyone can remember, there has been the tower of Sin; an ancient brickwork building, 200 metres tall, in the centre of a grassy plain near the coast. At the top, a glowing cube with numbers and symbols on it's side. The numbers have been counting down as long as anyone can remember; for 3000 years, the dawn of civilisation. Mages have studied it, living in the city around the tower, for millenia.

Campaign starts. There is one year left on the clock.

No one is sure what will happen.

World is due an apocalypse. It's locked in a time-loop of a sort.

Ideas: When the timer hits 0, an ultra-powerful creature is released. If not stopped soon after release, portals open up across the world to the rest of the D&D universe and Sigil etc: the world comes under threat. Eventually, Devas will step through and are forced to imprison the ancient evil in the cube on a 3000-year clock, killing 99% of the population and 'restarting' time on that world. This has happened uncountable times before.

If only someone could defeat the evil, then the world wouldn't be trapped in a loop.

Not sure how you would frame the adventure, how you would reveal this info to the characters (assuming all anyone knows is that the timer goes down), and how to play it in general; but it could be a good starting point.

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This also usually means you are going to die.

First contact/explorer groups have a ridiculously high turnover rate.

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Well, I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was.

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Sound like Mass Effect. Maybe follow ME and leave some ancient culture behind?

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what if the creature is nigh-indestructible, and the only way to keep it from OMNOMNOMNOMing the material plane and several lesser planes is to trap it, and the surrounding area.

Shyamalon the FUCK out of your players by making them the ones who reset the clock...every time.

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I wouldn't put it past myself to see an idea, forget about where i saw it, assume that i came up with it myself, and then unintentionally steal it.

Got me for where I stole it from, though.

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Possibly faggy idea:
On this world, everyone has the ranger animal companion/wizard familiar power. They have an animal representation of who they are. Shamelessly stolen from His Dark Materials, but might be an interesting game experience; describing each character in an inn thusly;
The barkeep has a small pig sitting on his shoulder; the rich merchant a magpie, etc

I thyink in some ways it's a terrible idea, but it could be fun for a short while. Perhaps start with it, and have them all disappear as something has stolen people's 'souls'... which the party can adventure to restore, either as external animals or as internal moralities.

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A world built around the D&D power abnormalities; one which is economically and politically biased by the fact that there are a lot of level 1-5 people, and a few kick-ass level 19 mages who can reshape contientnets and fighters who can kill an army.

Also; some reason for there begin so many people born who want to go fight monsters.

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I would like to see interesting characters with realistic motivations and behaviors. The interactions between them should be well-thought out, particularly when it comes to politically powerful characters.

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Like this?

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Esoteric mythology procurement.

We see lots of Eurocentric mythology, or Asian, but only a few things get cribbed from Indian, Malaysian, Aboriginal Australian, or even South American lore. I can't complain about African, as much, as Nyambe filled that niche. Maztica remained untapped and unexplored. There's decent hack/conversions of Al-Qadim...

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I want to see Chuck Norris, but that might unbalance things a little.

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> anything you have or haven't experienced and want to.

A High-magic civilisation: Netheril in FR; housecleaners are level 5 casters, archmages are relatively common, and the starting fighter has +2 chainmail with magic-resistant gear as standard issue.

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>I touch my god

>Being agnostic rules


I don't think that word means what you think it means

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