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I demand juicy fapfiction

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Maybe later, when im asleep.

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the shitty tripfag yiffbumped

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Well, you don't say

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Oh hai

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While I did enjoy this, this is neither the time nor the board for this.

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No shit Sherlock.

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butthurt faggit that doesn't like erotic writefaggotry


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There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

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ITT: /tg/ - Totally Gay

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gayfags are the best fags

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My favorite.

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This is not erotic.

This is just gay.

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oh please tell me people have more. . .

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Why, why does 7chan and the trapschool story have to be gone right now?! Oh maaan. . .

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>/tg/ - Totally Gay


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My god. If only Blackheart could see this.

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This right here is the hottest fucking faPfiction I have.

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brb fappin'

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the bugs bunny part was a nice touch.

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Which reminds me to archive and share the fiction I saved off /tg/

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Honestly, I'd have been more interested to see what Egg Move the human trainer would have given the baby Ralts.

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I love this thread so much.

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Well done.

Anyone want Chem-Chan Gets Knotted?

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I prefer the one with Chem-chan and Shlicktau.

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that sounds like "both please"

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I remember that. Didn't save it.

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bring it forth

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I especially love the climax.

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So you have wished it, so shall it be.

Plus, I have the climax to boot.

In return, all I ask is more stories like >>10458181. Anything'll do, though, really, so long as it's not as terribad as OP's.

It'd been a few weeks since the last battle, and as usual, the pickings-before the Administratum showed up to take everyone to the next battleground, anyway-were excellent.

Considering a pile of lasguns, Gretchen frowned. She knew damned well the things weren't worth their salt against pretty much every Daemon, but the Administratum would appreciate the work she'd gone to by piling them up to be easy to collect.

It seemed every time she was dispatched, just two of her regiment would survive-her, and the Ork. Which was fine by her-less to share, after all-but it meant that after the battles, there was little to no dicking to be had, and she'd run out of cells for her vibrator months ago.

Having salvaged the best from the pile of corpses, the Savlar girl slung the old Commissar's backpack over her shoulder, snickering. They'd actually thought he'd survive! And she'd gotten a boltpistol out of it, which wasn't to be sneered at. Back on Savlar, that'd have fetched a pretty bit. Here, for the next ten years, it was just a useful bit of weaponry more likely to kill a charging Spawn than not.

"C'mon, Miffgrod."

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And with that, her Ork nodded and hopped up, grabbing his own backpack and dutifully following, with a quick "Right boss."

They'd been fighting alongside Kriegers, this time; and she had to admit, as she crested a hill they'd fought for weeks ago, the Death Korps of Krieg made a damned good bunker.

Within minutes, she'd opened the blast door with the dead Commissar's badge, and stepped inside, finding the only other survivor of their battle-a Kriegshünd. She'd liked its distinctive brown-and-black fur, and traded a few braces of grenades and a hellgun to the Kriegers in trade for it.

As she stood in the doorway, looking at the dog, an idea struck.

"Hey, Tiny?"
"Yes, Boss?"
"You remember that Chimera you wanted?"
"'Ow could I forget, Boss?"
"Go get it. 's all yours."
The Ork grinned, saluted, and charged off, laughing to himself. "Boss," on the other hand, grinned to herself and chuckled a bit.
"That oughta keep him busy a few hours...now...c'mere, boy."

The Kriegshünd had been sleeping in a ball in the corner underneath the space heater, and raised its head with a faint whine when his mistress addressed him before standing up and picking up a can of K-9 ration, bringing it over to her with another whine, waiting expectantly.

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Gretchen looked down, before smiling and taking the can, walking back to a folding chair comfortably warm, much like the rest of the room, before unbuckling her belt. Sliding her pants down, muttering a little as they caught-the cheesecake ration was HERS, and damned if she wouldn't enjoy it-the Savlar girl stood in standard-issue white panties, before pulling them down too and sitting down.

The dog had followed her, confused. All he'd wanted was to be fed, after all-but-Oh, now she was opening it! The dog's mouth opened in a little grin, his tail wagging.

The Imperial Guard combat knife was nothing if not reliable and multipurpose. Stabbing enemies, cutting ropes, opening cans...with a flick, Chem-Chan threw the lid onto a nearby table, before dipping her fingers into the meaty broth inside and offering them to the dog, which began to lick hungrily, sucking her fingers a little.

With a little grin, Gretchen dipped her fingers into the can again, before drawing her fingers across her slit. With a whine, the dog looked up at her, before beginning to lick-

The Salvar girl sat back and gripped the back of her chair, letting out a groan of pleasure and eased tension. This, now, this was just what the medicae ordered...Sliding a hand down her body, spreading her folds with two fingers, she laid down another layer of ration, taking in a hissing breath that segued into another groan as the dog began to lick deeper, teasing her folds in an attempt to get every bit of the ration she'd so cleverly hidden away.

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"Merciful fucking Emperor -yessss-..." Gretchen groaned, the dog's nose pressing against her clit, rough muzzle-fur scratching that most sensitive of areas. "Don't stop, dog, don't fucking stop...nnnf-"
She needn't have worried. Somewhere in the past minute, she'd...turned on, as it were, and the dog had begun licking just for the hell of it. A finger-gloved hand gripped the back of the Kriegshünd's head, scratching it determinedly behind the ear, rewarded with the sound of the dog's paw kicking against the floor. Arching her back, Gretchen pressed her hips up against the dog's muzzle, feeling something she hadn't felt in weeks rising. Eyes slitted, head back, mouth open, she laughed as she came, squirting enough to soak her loins, the dog's muzzle, and the tiny landing strip she kept for the hell of it.

Panting, eyes slitted, Gretchen felt herself come down slowly. That'd been one of the better orgasms she'd had-of course, considering she usually chose her paramours from the penal legions, which would die soon anyway, she wasn't too surprised.

Standing up, she found a bowl for the dog and gave him the rest of the food, smiling as he munched the lot down. From the desk in the corner, she retrieved a bottle of amasec and sat back, sipping now and then, enjoying the warmth of the bunker after a day out in the mud collecting the various discards of battle. Pulling a ration bar-labelled "MEAT"-from her vest, she sat back and chewed. Fat, bits of gristle, and some manufactured spices in a bit of edible tube-reminded her of the snacks back home, she thought with a grin. But as the last bit of glow faded, she looked back at the dog, thinking as he licked his chops, looking up at her and wagging.

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"You're going to need a name, hound." Gretchen murmured, sliding off the desk into a kneel, beckoning him over with a kissing noise and chuckling as he licked her face. "Maybe something from Kriegengothic...lie down 'n roll over, boy."

As the dog complied, Gretchen licked her lips. She'd done this once or twice before, but needless to say, never with a dog. Just as she'd hoped, they hadn't gelded him-though he wasn't quite ready.

She smiled just a little. Time to fix that.

Lying down on the floor, supporting herself on her forearms, she placed her mouth over the tip of his sheath and began to lick, pushing her tongue in, sucking gently. The Kriegshünd let out a yip and began to pant, one leg kicking.
Gretchen took the his tip and began to play with it, licking, curling her tongue about it, flicking the thin tip back and forth, sucking gently as he stood harder, smiling inwardly as she gauged her progress by the kriegshünd's quick, short yaps. Finally, as he tickled the back of her throat, she drew back with a smirk. Oh yes, that's just what she wanted...

Sitting back, Gretchen grabbed a pillow from a nearby bunk-then, on a second thought, the folded blanket as well. Setting both behind her head, she whistled to the dog, smirking as he stood over her, panting and hard. Pulling back her legs and pulling down his rump, she guided him in, gripping the back of his sheath-then letting go and lying back.

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Not to think of Savlar, of course. As the dog thrusted eagerly into her, she pulled up her shirt and began to rub and squeeze one breast, eyes closed in pleasure, giving a long, pleasured groan. "Ohhh fuck, that's the stuff. Don't fuckin' stop. Just keep it comin'...nnf." Cracking one eye, she let one leg slump and stroked the back of her dog's head, chuckling as he at licked her face. "Yeah, you're a good dog. Goo-ooh-ood dog-mmm-" God, she'd forgotten just how good it felt to have something *warm* inside her, instead of the cold comfort of the vibrator. The dog's fur rubbed her clit, steadily dampening his ticked tan coat, her back arching. Emperor, why hadn't she done this before?

It was getting harder to pay attention to anything else. Her dog's insistent pounding, the feeling of a warm body between her legs-hell, the feeling of a warm dick inside her-were all things she could have quite happily kept up with until the Emperor rose from the Throne.

That is, until she heard the distinctive electric-motor hum-and-rumble of the door.

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[Can't post anything from Miffgrod's interruption. Go figure.]

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As the door closed, Gretchen breathed a sigh of relief and let go of the dog's muzzle, stroking the back of his head.
"Good boy, hünd. Good boy."
With a short whine that rose into a yip, Hünd licked her face. In the intervening interval, he'd gone half-soft, and Gretchen sat back against the desk with a thought. With a smile, she scooted him forward. "Sit, boy."
Slipping two fingers into herself, Gretchen smiled and laid her hand on his member, beginning to rub. Gripping the dog's member, she slowly began to rub his cock, running her fingers over the smooth flesh, coaxing him back into arousal. With a quiet yip, the dog began to thrust against her hand, Gretchen's thumb running against the bottom, feeling the pulsing vein. As he hardened fully again, she smirked, before rolling over, moving the bedroll and pillow under her rump, spreading her legs and her folds. "C'mere, boy. Come 'n get it."
With another happy yap, Hünd padded forward, placing his paws on her hips, beginning to thrust down into her. With the position changed, Gretchen pressed her face against the floor and pushed her rear back against the dog's powerful thrusts, giving little grunts of pleasure every time his hips slapped hers, rubbing her slick hands over her breasts. The dog's cock slammed into her, tip pressing against her with each thrust, short spurts of precum splattering her cervix. With a grin, she gloried in it, pressing back against him every time he pulled back, taking him in and loving every second.
As Hünd kept up his lusty pace, Gretchen began to realize that his cock was getting bigger-at least, at the base. She'd not had a dog before, and didn't know what to make of it-save that it felt delicious. As the forming knot began to spread her every time he went in or out, Gretchen began to pant, the feeling decidedly novel. "Yesss...that's a good boy...that's a good Hünd...fuck me harder..."

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Gretchen had to admit...Hünd was well trained. The Kriegshünd pushed his paws against her hips even harder, its groin warm and wet against her with precum and her own slick, natural lube. As the thrusting cock delved deeper into her, Gretchen buried her hands in a small, woven rug underneath the desk, groaning in pleasure as little silver flashes spiderwebbed across her body. She could feel the dog-no, -her- dog-edging closer and closer to climax, spurts of precum coming quicker and quicker.

Letting go of the rug, she reached back and rubbed her hand over her groin, getting her fingers properly slick, stroking Hünd's cock a few times before pushing two fingers into her rear. Such a pleasure-frowned upon as it might be-was something she'd want to try-

And all thought stopped as her hünd came.

It felt good. No-it felt more than good. The thick knot pushed against her as the Kriegshünd's cock jerked, cum splashing against her cervix, leaving her feeling delightfully warm, giving a little groan as some overflowed and ran down her belly.

Still-she wanted it all. Licking her lips, she took her hünd in one hand, stroking him, giving a gasp of surprise as a spurt splashed across her rump, before guiding him against her ass-

Gretchen had just a moment to dig her hands into the rug before she was overcome, gasping in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her pet forced his way into her rear, frenzied jerks giving way to short, powerful thrusts. Inch, by inch, she felt him work his way in, nearly screaming as the knot forced its way through-before her knees buckled, and the Savlar woman let out a long, low groan of pleasure, eyes flickering as Hünd finished inside her.

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This is the last of it.

Several hours later, Miffgrod returned, to find the Boss dressed and asleep in the Comissar's quarters, the growler asleep at her feet.

He couldn't wait for her to wake up.

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What, nothing else?

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i've always wondered what it would be like to take the knot...

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It hurts... ;-;

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If only there were a tg-er with a red dog penis for us to find out.

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Dog smut.

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Needs more of the Chem/Schlick fiction

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It's pretty cool.

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needs moar Chem Rat / Nurse Verity shenanigans

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B.... Bump?

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Nein. Never liked them much.

Bumping with...delicious sweaty Nazrin.

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Wait, what?...As far as I know, only one person knows I was in Boy Scouts, and I know where he was at this time.

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C'mon, no Nazrin love?

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So, that WAS you?

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This is where I keep the fapfics I wrote for /tg/. Enjoy, or don't.

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poastin' sum moar Nazrin

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*hums A Tiny Tiny Clever Commander*

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A metal version of "Tiny Clever Commander" was actually the theme of a character in one of my dungeon crawling games. He was the magician-commander of the expedition crew, and a total badass.

I think his original concept was "gender-swapped Nazrin". (Gender-swapped because another player went to him "dude how long has it been since you played a man")

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I need to hit the Boorus again. I'm running low on delicious Nazrin.

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/rs/ Xiombarg's Storyteller.

Remove eyes with spoon and eat them.

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No and fuck you.

Seriously, Nazrin is one of the few characters I'd be fine friendzoning with.

And, y'know, brutally murdering the tormentors of.

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Out of NSFW pix, moving onto tame stuff.

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I think
meant you will want to remove your own eyes with a spoon and eat them.

Actually her Mercurial stories are kind of nice, between rapes.

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Oh, that.

Eh. I never followed her stories. I much preferred the other stuff going on at the time.

That was when the Angry Marines were a-birthing, for example.

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Sadly, I can take refuge in my nerdiness.

I didn't have lady-friends until I was 15.

Wouldn't have fit in a girl scout uniform either.

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Eh, oh well.

Don't worry. I'm certain /tg/ will be able to offer a bunch of dudes willing to gangbang you in a Girl Scout uniform. :3

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I kind of want a girl scout uniform now. >.>

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I have been looking for something interested to occupy my time. Writing a fic sounds like it could be fun.

However, the ideas I think of seem so drab.

Can I get some suggestions? Can be in just about any setting custom or established.

And suggest fetishes too, most don't bother besides the particularly hardcore stuff. I am particularly a fan of tentacles, eggs, transformation, occasionally bestiality and rather exotic things. I'll watch this thread a bit before heading to bed.

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Well, I've got one out of three...

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And hey look at that, tentacles

I should probably write a bit with less death and horribly maiming though. Poor Kanako~♥

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Tentacles and transformation, esp. genderswapping. *nods*

...Cthulhu mythos? maybe?
Adorable factor is always a plus. Cuddles are a plus, playfulness is a plus.

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Squick. :(

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Here again. I'm trying to think of something besides: lol slanneshi/tyrranid tentacles, slannesh/elfdar rape, inquisitorial 'interrogation' sexy style, or WIZARD SEEKS VOLUNTEERS FOR NEW POTION (hope you're not too attached to your penis! PUN) and things that I feel have been done too much.

>> No.10465447

An actual shapeshifter that plays along with a forced transformation scenario, then reverses it. :3

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Hmmm that sounds pretty interesting. I'll see how I can get that to work out. Thanks.

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bonus points if it ends up mutually enjoyable!

>> No.10465618

Definitely, I prefer happy, or at least good endings. Not a big fan of real hard rape.

>> No.10465977

Oh, forgot to mention a thanks for that idea.

Good night /tg/ stay thirsty my friends.

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>Multiple levels of folders
Hiding something from someone anon?

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Nobody can penetrate my impenetrable fortress of sub folders.

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>"she likes it so it's OK" rape
So pathetic.

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>how kitten earns her cream

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Hey I like this guy, you can be my friend.

>> No.10466257

You will need to register to view.

>> No.10466270

Repost it here then.

>> No.10466324

Part One

Morning Light

Kitten prowled her room, stretching every so often to shake the sleep from her limbs. Her large double bed lay in a state, with tangled sheets and black velvet pillows strewn haphazardly across it. The air in the spacious room is stuffy, with a faint muskiness to it. Kitten paid this no heed, seeming not to notice as she wandered absent-mindedly. With a yawn she reached back, and pushed one hand through her vibrant crimson hair before rolling her head from side to side, cricking her neck.

In one corner of the room stood a full length mirror. Kitten drifted over to it and ran her hands over her naked body and stood, admiring her own reflection. She posed before the mirror and looked herself in those bright blue eyes. She licked her lips and blew herself a kiss, then turned away, her vanity sated.

In the middle of the room a small round table stood, and sometime during the night had been set. A bouquet of fresh flowers had been placed in a slender vase in the very centre and a bowl of fresh fruit and silver tray with slices of cheese and cold meats had been laid by a single pewter plate. A small clear jug of water and another, larger decanter filled with rich red liquid completed the table which had clearly been laid with a single diner in mind.

The door to a neat bathroom stood ajar, the sweet scent of bath salts emanated from the marble-clad room. Kitten pondered the idea of running a warm bath, but dismissed the notion. She felt clean enough, although the days activities were almost certain to require the use of the cavernous bathtub. She strayed away from the small, clean smelling room and meandered over to a small raised wooden dais. It marked a point of the house that overhung the street, providing Kitten with fine views of a Stormwindian thoroughfare.

>> No.10466335

Hazy sunlight spilled through the windows, catching the motes of dust as they tumbled lazily through the air. Outside the sounds of a city waking up could be heard. The clatter of iron-clad wheels and coarse, guttural shouts of traders echoed up from the streets below. Kitten strayed tot he window and peered into the world beyond. The windows were barred from the outside with heavy black metal forming a criss-crossed mesh across the glass. They did little to impede her view, and in the streets she saw the sights that matched the sounds.

Busy looking people strode purposefully though the busy street two floors below Kitten. The vast majority seemed to be dull, uninteresting townsfolk doing dull uninteresting things. But strewn among the crowed were more exotic folk, elves, draenei and several dwarves passed by in a short space of time. Kitten watched a particularly lost looking elven woman as the crowd pressed past her, buffeting her as though she were nothing more than a piece of flotsam in the sea.

Kitten licked her lips, admiring the shapely curves of the woman, barely covered as they were by thin and revealing robes. Kitten felt her hands sliding up over her soft milky flesh, tracing her own human curves as she imagined the elven form as her own. Jealousy flushed through Kitten's mind as warm, sleep numbed fingers cupped her breasts. The elven woman's impressive bosom was at least twice the size of Kitten's own and once more she found herself cursing herself for being born a human.

>> No.10466341

Kitten kept her eyes locked on the lost looking night elf and rewarded herself with a playful squeeze of her not unimpressive breasts. The action resulted in a soft, mewling moan from the sleepy human girl and she found herself pressing up against the windowsill, eyes half closed as her hands began to explore and caress her soft breasts. She traced an index finger around the nipple of her left breast, feeling it perk up as she teased herself. Her pleasure was clear, and the lithe human girl felt her pussy moisten.

One hand abandoned her breasts and slid down, tracing its way over her naked form. She relished the way her well trimmed nails caused the hairs on the back of her neck to rise. Kitten savoured the tickling sensation and continued to tease herself, allowing her gentle fingers to make small circles around her navel and down over her mons. Her devious little digits brushed against a black, tattooed patch of skin and she drew her fingers across it, tracing the shape of the fleur-de-lies marking without once taking her gaze from the night elf.

An illicit thrill shot through Kitten's mind and tingled down through her body. She let her legs spread apart slightly, giving herself ample room to play. Kitten licked her lips as the elf passed below, offering her a delicious view of her breasts before the crowd carried her out of Kitten's vision. With a delicious sigh of pleasure Kitten closed her eyes, mind racing with thoughts of how delicious the pillowy breasts might feel as she suckled greedily on them.

>> No.10466344

A soft gasp of pleasure slipped past Kitten's lips as her fingers stroked down even further. Her delicate touch brushed over the small pink hood that hid her clit, causing her to shiver and the flesh to retract, revealing the throbbing bundle of nerves to her delicately probing fingers. Kitten pressed her cheek against the warm glass, almost as though she was nuzzling against the window. Another short gasp of pleasure escaped her full lips, contrasting beautifully with the sounds of everyday life outside.

Kitten's hand tightened its grasp on her breast, fingers splaying out around the heaving orb. Her thumb and forefinger tightened around her nipple, squeezing and rolled the stiff little nub between them. Another shivering murmur of pleasure spilled from Kitten's lips and drove her fingertips lower. She felt her fingers tease over the slick outer lips of her labia, the silken smooth flesh stretched and spread, giving her middle finger ample space to sink deep into the quivering tunnel of her pussy.

Her lips parted and half pressed against the glass as her cheek twisted. The remnant's of the previous night's lipstick smeared across the surface of the window and was rapidly joined by a thin rope of saliva. Kitten mewled with pleasure, sounding much like her sweet and furry namesake. Her single probing finger speared into her soaked depths and pressed up against the spongy, wet flesh. She wasted little time seeking out her well-know pleasure points, her finger instinctively grazing against the secret spots deep inside her sweltering cunt.

>> No.10466351

A second finger pushed its way inside the squirming human girl's sex, stretching apart the pretty pink lips effortlessly. It joined with its companion and pressed hard against Kitten's inner walls, pushing the pliant and juicy flesh inwards, causing her to moan loudly with ecstatic pleasure. Kitten groaned with arousal and flattened herself against the warm glass, providing any of the citizens in the streets below with a wondrous view, should they deem to look upwards.

Kitten's busily pumping fingers became rapidly slicked with clear, glistening liquid. It covered the slender digits with a slippery veneer which oozed down the working fingers and hung lewdly from her knuckles, occasionally dripping down onto the worn wooden floorboards. A small shimmering puddle began to form on the floor between the moaning human girl's legs, each successive mewl of pleasure causing it to grow a little more.

Clearly growing tired of teasing herself, Kitten mashed her palm against her clit, grinding the throbbing nub mercilessly. The action pushed her over the edge, sending the slender human headlong into a screaming orgasm. Kitten's pussy clenched down on her squirming digits and released a sudden gush of crystal clear fluid. The hot fluid splattering against the floor in a shower of glistening droplets.

She moaned loudly, face held frozen in rapture as shards of pleasure shot up and down her spine. She held herself there, pressed against the window, panting loudly and shivering with delight. Kitten's fingers slowly continued to caress her velvety innards for a few moments more, then with a shudder she pulled free the slick digits with a audible wet 'schlop' sound. With a murr of delight, Kitten twisted around and stood, legs still parted with her back against the window.

>> No.10466355

With a devious smile, Kitten brought her fingers up to eye level, admiring the mess she had made. Twin strands of shining fluid linked the two digits, stretching thinner until they snapped and fell back against her skin as she spread her fingers apart. Kitten licked her lips and then, slowly, as if rewarding herself, she pressed the soaked fingers past her lips. Her dainty little tongue swirled around the fingers, greedily lapping the sweet and musky fluids from her skin.

She felt her eyes lid as she surrendered to the pleasure of the taste of her own juices and the sensation of soft fingers against her sinful tongue. Her blissful reverie was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a key turning in a heavy lock. Kitten's ears picked up and her eyes suddenly flashed completely open. The first customer of the day had arrived.

>> No.10466362


The interior of The Shattered Flagon positively seethed with life and the raucous sound of a hundred conversations. Upon a raised dais sat a four musicians, strumming away at their instruments in a vain attempt to overcome the sounds of the revellers below them. Human commoners rubbed shoulders with off-duty guards and adventurers, all of them sharing a single common goal: to drink and forget the world outside the sweltering pub interior.

Pretty serving maids darted in and out of the crowd, carrying large trays laden with tankards of ale and tumblers filled to generous levels with heady spirits. A single large bar dominated the entire inn and the crowd around it pulsed and writhed as the patrons attempted to get served by the flustered and overworked looking barkeeps. The heat within the inn was oppressive, and the stale scent of bodies rank with the sweat of the day's activities filled the room. The smoke that billowed from various lanterns and candles that illuminated the inn did little to improve the air quality.

If the drinkers felt any discomfort they did not show it, and continued to pour coins into the hands of serving wenches and warm ale down their own throats. Occasionally a cheer would erupt, or a chorus of drunken laughter. Some of the more intoxicated patrons were even attempting to dance to the vibrant beat of the band. Their crazed shadows jostled on the smoke stained walls, overlapping the more sedate shadows of those intent on drinking themselves into a stupor.

>> No.10466370

Two of the inn's walls were lined with enclosed booths, offering privacy and comfort for those willing to pay a few extra coppers. Most of these stalls were filled with wealthier looking guests, separating themselves from the churning mass of common folk with thin fabric curtains. Serving maids slipped in and out of the booths carrying trays of more exotic drinks and spirits.

None of the drunken patrons paid the occupants of the boxes much heed, nor they of the people beyond the curtains covering the entrance to the booths. As such, none of the drinkers congregating around the bar even looked up from their tankards when a figure dressed from head to toe in a dark robe slipped into one of the darkened booths at the very rear of the Flagon. One of the serving maids was not so lax and closed on the booth, sensing an opportunity for a generous tip.

She practically skipped through the crowded floor, darting with well-practised ease through the crowd to where the robed figure had vanished. She stepped into the close confines of the stall and was greeted by not only the ominously clad patron, but also a grim looking man. He was tall and his dark brown hair was cut short, almost military style but without the strictness. He was unshaven and wore several days worth of thick black stubble on his cheeks and chin. His face showed no sense of enjoyment and was lent an unnecessarily aggressive edge to it by an ancient scar that led from the corner of his mouth across his left cheek.

>> No.10466378

The serving maid flinched slightly as he locked his watery blue eyes on hers. The man's cold hard gaze seemed to stare right through her. She licked her lips and picked up the courage to speak, fighting back her tongue tied-ness.

'Can I get either of you gentlemen a drink...' she managed to spit out, the desire for a few extra coppers dispelling her fears. The blue eyed man looked at her a moment longer, the hard stare making her squirm slightly. He broke away and tilted his head toward the table he was sat at. She followed his gaze and rested her eyes upon an empty tankard on that sat beside a flickering candle. Pale foam still clung to the pewter tankard's sides, making it obvious that the contents had been drunk swiftly.

He turned his attention back to her and nodded slightly. 'Bring me something cold, not that filthy, warm piss' the man gestured towards the empty tankard. The maid noted how weather beaten the hand looked, with its multitude of fleck-like scars and short, grimy fingernails. Clearly this was a man used to hard labour, the kind which the serving girl did not wish to dwell upon. She licked her lips again and nodded 'Of course sir, and for you?' she said, turning to the robed man. He looked about to answer when the blue eyed man interrupted him.

'A glass of something red and expensive for my guest' he said, his voice cutting cleaning through the commotion outside the stall. She nodded and curtsied then turned on her heel and left the booth, drawing the small curtain across the threshold. The robed man waited a few moments, staying in silence, not willing to risk a sudden return of the serving girl. Satisfied, he turned to the blue eyed man.

>> No.10466383

'Thank you Steiner, I do not wish for any of these...people to know I am here, not that they would probably recognize me' Steiner shrugged almost non-perceptively in response and ran one of his fingers around the rim of the empty tankard. 'Although I cannot fathom why you insisted on meeting me here, in this...den of vice...' the robed man said. It was the first time Steiner had hear the man's voice, it sounded old and frail. He could see a white beard in the shadows of the hood, the hints of a face that matched the timbre of the man's voice.

'Because, m'lord Rogen, if I had paid you a visit in your oh-so-humble home, questions would be asked. How often do you receive the likes of me into your home, think that would go unnoticed by your servants, by the neighbours, eh?' Steiner paused and tapped the rim of the tankard three times 'You said you wanted to be discreet, and this is what you get. Hiding in plain view amidst the stinking masses'

Rogen snorted and looked towards the curtain, as if imagining the citizens cavorting beyond. 'Perhaps you're right, perhaps you're worth the extortionate amount I am paying you, bounty hunter' Rogen turned his gaze back to Steiner who met it, unblinking. The bounty hunter shrugged again, remaining impassive before the stern old man. 'Did you bring me what I asked for?' Steiner asked. Rogen nodded and dipped his hand inside his dark robe. He fished around for something then withdrew a small sack. He dropped it on the table with a reassuring clink of coins.

>> No.10466388

Steiner reached out and took the sack, dragging it over the table surface to where he sat. It vanished into a pouch at his side and with that act, a slight smile worked itself onto his lips. 'That's a start, and the other thing?'. Rogen delved into another hidden compartment and pulled out a rolled up piece of canvas tied with a single red bow. Steiner took it from the old man's hands and slide the bow from the roll. He unrolled it and leant in, examining the material held in his worn hands.

A small miniature painting looked back at him, illuminated by the flickering candlelight. A young woman had been lovingly rendered onto the small piece of canvas, it was clear that such a work of art had cost a great deal of gold to commission. She wore a light purple dress, elegant and long and she appeared to be bedecked in all manner of jewellery and her pale face barely hid the high and elegant cheek-bones that spoke of her noble lineage.

'My daughter is precious to me, Steiner. Bring her back to me swiftly and you shall receive a princely bonus on top of your fee, as generous as I am meeting your demands as it is...' Rogen stood, fidgeting. 'I shall contact you by messenger, Steiner. I have had enough of your world for one evening, I dare say for a lifetime.' Steiner grunted and wafted away Rogen with a dismissive gesture of his hand. 'Then go back to your poetry recitals and books old man' he paused and looked up at Rogen as he turned to leave 'I promise you, I will return your daughter Lord Rogen, or what's left of her'

>> No.10466398

Rogen snarled something obscene pertaining to Steiner's mother's street trade, but cut himself short. 'See that you bring her back -alive- Steiner, or it will be you that will be presented to me...or what is left of you' Rogen turned with a melodramatic swirl of his cloak and stormed from the booth, leaving Steiner to contemplate both the picture in the bounty hunter's hands, and the threat that he had left ringing in his ears. If Steiner gave the slightest care in the world, he did not show it, instead he remained focused on the woman in the picture, studying her face, her defining features.

The picture got the bounty hunter thinking, she was certainly a very pretty girl, or at least the artists creative license had been very vivid. His musings were interrupted by the sudden reappearance of the serving girl, a tankard in one hand, a wooden glass held firmly in the other. Her face dropped instantly, seeing her fat tip was no longer present within the stall. Steiner looked up at the woman and rapidly rolled the small painting up, reattaching the binding ribbon. He examined the serving maid for the first time, smiling at the look of intense disappointment on her face. She wasn't a bad looker, he mused and ran a hand across his stubble. He leant back to regard her, admiring her slim form and long golden hair. Maybe 18, or even 20 years old, he mused.

'Where did your...' she began before Steiner interrupted her. 'He had to go. Urgent business elsewhere meant he could not partake in your lovely company' Steiner smiled apologetically and then reached into his pouch, fishing for a silver coin. The serving girl placed the tankard and wooden goblet down on the table and pocketed the coin as Steiner held it out to her. 'What's your name?' he asked, the smile still on his lips. The eagerness at which she took the coin had sparked an idea in his mind.

>> No.10466404

'Lysa' she replied, smiling slightly. 'Well Lysa' Steiner said and leaned forwards conspiratorially 'How would you like to earn a nice, shiny gold coin?' he watched her face, seeing the greed sneak into her expression. She licked her lips 'And how might I do that good sir?' Lysa said, placing her hands on the tabletop. 'A man's got needs, Lysa, I propose you step outside and help me address them?' Lysa looked unconvinced, but he saw through the façade; the prospect of gold held her interest.

'I'll make it two lovely, gold coins if you make it worth my while, Lysa' Steiner said, and instantly knew that he had her. 'Well...all right' Lysa murmured 'but you'd best be a quick finisher, these people won't serve themselves!' Steiner nodded slightly then smiled knowingly. Two gold coins was far more than Lysa would earn in a week, perhaps even two. He let the remark slide however, and followed Lysa as she led him from the stall, through the heaving mass of drunkards and out into the warm Stormwind air.

Lysa took Steiner's hand and guided him along the path, dodging tipsy citizens as they weaved their wandering ways home. Steiner was content to be led, and allowed Lysa to drag him along, knowing the girl would undoubtedly have a nice quiet place in mind, probably where she fulfilled similar such requests from horny clients. Steiner was proved quite right, as Lysa steered him down a small and quiet alley. Old boxes covered with tarpaulins lined one wall, stacked at crazed angles. Some had fallen and lay broken and abandoned, most showed signs of rodent gnawing.

>> No.10466414

The thin alley was long, but ended in a crumbling brick wall. Lysa turned towards Steiner and smiled coyly, her features barely showed in the half-light of the passageway. Steiner closed on Lysa and pressed his rough hands against her breasts, squeezing the tightly restrained orbs through the bodice of her dress. She shuddered at the sudden rough treatment and began to protest quietly. Steiner ignored her complaints and pressed both thumbs against where he guessed her nipples would be. He was rewarded with a sudden silence from Lysa and then the sound of a guilty moan that escaped her lips before she could stop herself.

'Oh, you're going to earn every copper...' Steiner said as he released her breasts from his grasp. He leaned in closer, his arms reaching around behind the pinned girl. His cheek brushed against hers, the softness of her flesh scratching against Steiner's hard stubble. The bounty hunter breathed in deep, catching the scent of sweat and toil as well as the girls own unique musk. He smiled and gently nuzzled her blond hair as his fingers crept up the panting serving girl's back to the strings that held her dress together.

Lysa squirmed slightly as she felt her dress coming loose with soft tugs of Steiner's powerful fingers. A well placed knee ceased her protests as Steiner pushed it hard against her crotch through the fabric of her dress. His smile broke into a grin when the increasingly aroused girl wrapped and arm around his neck, holding him closely. He rewarded her with a hard kiss to her throat, tasting her sweat and flavour on his lips. The upper half of her cheap dress fell down Lysa's arms, freed by the gradual undoing of the straps behind her. Her ample breasts sprang into view, exposed by the falling cloth. The pale flesh caught the moonlight slightly, allowing Steiner a pleasant view of the slowly rising and falling chest of the girl.

>> No.10466426
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>> No.10466432

He growled under his breath and stroked his hands up Lysa's thighs, pushing her dress up until it was bunched around her waist, displaying a pair of simple white panties to cover the serving maid's needy sex. Lysa did not remain idle, and she reached down feeling for the not inconsiderable bulge in Steiner's leather pants. She squeezed it carefully, eliciting another low growl for the bounty hunter. She licked her lips and spoke 'Lets get this over with, before they notice I'm missing...'

Devious little hands stroked down to the crotch of Steiner's pants and fumbled with the simple buttons that held his hard cock back. The thick meat sprang out and brushed against Lysa's hand, making her gasp. 'You're...a big boy aren't you...' she stammered, looking down at the impressive shaft spearing towards her stomach. Steiner grinned at her, showing his full mouth of skull-white teeth. He didn't reply, instead the fingers of his right hand hooked under the hem of Lysa's panties and pulled hard. The poor quality fabric gave little resistance and ripped with a satisfying tearing sound. Even in the darkness Steiner could make out a small and well trimmed triangle of hair upon the girl's mound.

>> No.10466434
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>> No.10466435


wait what, battletech fapfiction?

>> No.10466442

Again she began to protest 'Hey! My pants, why did you have to do tha...' her words trailed away as Steiner pressed forwards, the half revealed head of his cock pushed firmly against her moist folds. She bit her lower lip and practically gnawed on it. Steiner reached down and took a hold of his cock and guided it towards the the trembling girl's silken canal. He pulled back on the flesh, revealing the engorged head just before Lysa's pillowy lips enveloped it. With a sharp thrust of his hips Steiner pushed forwards groaning as the serving girl's young sex clamped down around him. He slammed forwards, embedding himself completely, his leather pants rubbing up against Lysa's sensitive lips, teasing the squirming girl yet further. Lysa dug her nails into Steiner's tunic and pulled herself against him, pushing her breasts against his chest.

Steiner grabbed the moaning girl's thigh and lifted it, causing her legs to spread apart. He started to thrust into her, pulling out almost completely only to power back into her wettening sex. Steiner risked a look down and watched as his dick was devoured by Lysa's pussy, only to cling to it as he pulled out, the silky pink lips of her labia reluctant to see his member leave her sodden warmth. Lysa abandoned her attempts to stifle her mewls of pleasure and threw her head back, panting gasps escaping her parted lips.

Eagered on by the high-pitched mewls Steiner sped up, grunting loudly as he put his weight into each deep thrust. Lysa shiver and gasped with pleasure, her frantic whimpering reaching a crescendo as an orgasm rippled through her body. Her entire body seemed to tense and spasm, even her cunt contracted and squeezed Steiner's cock as if attempting to milk his twitching length. Lysa's sweet moans and squeezing pressure pushed the bounty hunter over the edge, and he slammed forwards, crushing Lysa against the wall.

>> No.10466443

This porn is terribad.

>> No.10466446
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>> No.10466450

His cock twitched and pulsed within Lysa, then erupted, shooting thick and sticky ropes of come into her tight wet sex. Lysa felt him twitch, felt the first splatter of thick cream against her sensitive inner walls and yelped 'Nnnnnnnooooo!' she managed to stammer as she pushed her hands against Steiner's shoulders, desperately attempting to push him away 'What if I get pregnant!'

'Should have thought about that before taking the offer!' Steiner grunted, then pressed his full weight against the girl, squashing her against the wall. He moaned loudly and allowed his balls to finally empty. Rope after thick gooey rope shot into the half coming, half whining girl, filling her birth canal with viscous seed. Finally spent, Steiner groaned and pressed his two arms around the moss-greened brick behind Lysa. He panted several times, then pushed himself away from the wall and the moaning serving girl.

Steiner's softening dick fell from Lysa's abused sex, releasing a small trickle of creamy come that had been imprisoned by his thick prick. His ears were greeted by the sound of wet splattering as dollops of his come impacted on the floor. The bounty hunter buttoned his pants back up and watched Lysa slide down to the dirty ground, her legs cocked at an angle to unwittingly display her seed-oozing sex. The pale white come caught the moonlight. Steiner fished into his pouch and drew forth two gold coins, just as promised. He tossed them down to the spent maid. One rolled through a small puddle of his come and left a thin and sticky trail on the paving slab before coming to a stop between her legs.

>> No.10466458

>implying whores whore without protection from pregnancy.

>> No.10466461

Steiner chuckled and took one last look at the panting, oozing Lysa then turned and walked briskly down the alley and out into the night. His mind began churning now that his balls had ceased to do so and his thoughts began to race with how he would go about finding Rogen's daughter. Vervane, he would visit Vervane. Surely she would know where to find someone with hair of that hue...

End dump.

>> No.10466465
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>> No.10466505
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Ok, im back, whats going on... god damn...

>> No.10466534

They're fornicating with xenos.

>> No.10466543
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>> No.10466547

A dude posting as Hot Dickings post a couple incredibly hot stories here. I haven't been able to find them again in the archives. Anyone have them saved, especially the succubus fapfiction.

>> No.10466551
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>feel the glory of the Sunwell


>> No.10466559

I just wanted to take this chance to inform you that you are, barring maybe a few others, the worst poster on this board. I don't think I've seen you make even a single decent post.

>> No.10466571
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This is now a Forte thread.

>> No.10466572


Thank you for your input, it will be noted.

>> No.10466624
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>This Whole Thread

>> No.10466629

kittens cream poster here, does anyone have part3 to the Velina slaanesh story, originally posted by lunar something on the /tg/ archives.

>> No.10466659
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You kids may of seen all of these chapters, but its still a good read.


>> No.10466823



Oh god I laughed so hard my hard-on went away.

>> No.10466857
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>this thread

>> No.10466882

I heard Fap fiction and then I hoped for Demo's souls fap fiction. It was disappointing to instead find wow fap fiction.

I just want some one to write a story about how a female demon hunter wandering around world 3-1 stumbles into the grouping arms of a Legion demon, or how she take a wrong turn in 1-1 and finds herself face to face with a red eyed knight spear.

>> No.10466899

Did you even read them?

>> No.10466913

anon you can thank me later.


The Artificer: The Adventure of the Golden Scarab

>> No.10466942


yeah but I'm in a Demon souls mood, so I want something more interesting than oh look futa, the dusk and morning light where good. although the feel the glory of the Sunwell was awesome.

I just think it would be kinky for a Black Phantom to ambush and rape a female slayer or for her to get gangbanged by a group of goblins or slaves.

>> No.10466970
File: 324 KB, 1008x2870, Mokou Kaguya Fanfic FFFFFF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We never did finish this in /jp/ I don't think, but it was back in a time we could actually discuss shit.

>> No.10467045


I only got circlejerks. ;__;

>> No.10467088

Oh dear. MTL. I automatically crack a grin every time I see his name above a post just because of having read that copypasta.

>> No.10467367

To be honest, there are many worse. I don't know Foron well but I know him well enough to say he manages to be vanishing, posting often but rarely drawing much attention; it's the best thing to be, tripfag, namefag or anonymous.

>> No.10467397

I have a long, long list of ones thrice as worse.

>> No.10470407


>> No.10471138



Mornin' /tg/. Anything interesting yet?

>> No.10471172

If you want warhammer, you name it, we've got it; Everything from cultist to three futasisters raping each other to death.

>> No.10471194

Do you know why is the whisper font in WoW pink ? They knew people will use it for erotic roleplay

>> No.10471218

Cuddles fapfic: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5366612/

>> No.10471273

What are /tg/'s desires for novel fapfics, I wonder.

(the more depraved the better)

>> No.10471543

Ahaha, oh wow.

>> No.10471606

Something with pregnancy

>> No.10471643

An Eldar maiden getting owned by a Keeper of Secrets.

>> No.10471736

I'm fond of role reversal. Do something with a futa planning to do something naughty to a shota, only for the shota to outwit her and use her for his own pleasure.

It's something I've been planning ever since I came across that "Let's all Play With Whatever The Fuck His Name Is" doujin.

>> No.10471748

Illithid rimming.

>> No.10471834

I remember once reading a hilariously poorly written Starcraft fapfic where Kerrigan turns a guy into a zerg then he rapes her. I think it was called 'A race of three".

>> No.10471946

starcraft schlickfic? and others.

>> No.10472124

It's not the one I was looking for, but thanks anyways.

>> No.10472274
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>Cuddles fapfic

>> No.10472333

Y'know, I still struggle to believe people liked my work enough to repost/link it from time to time.

>> No.10472454

Tentacle-girl on guy is one I've always wanted to see.

>> No.10472547
File: 14 KB, 433x451, boxdog, teadog, and moar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this, but that's about all.

>> No.10472588

Anyone mention Sister of Nurgle?

>> No.10473136

Oh man I remember box dog...

>> No.10474147


>> No.10474177

>Sister of Nurgle

Oh, god, I remember that. There shall never be enough mind bleach.

>> No.10477551

le page 15 save

>> No.10477609


That story brought "Grimdark" into actual prospective. That is prety much one of the things that would happen in 40k GRIMDARK MODE! So much potential....

>> No.10477738

Is that the one where she goes naked in a Nurgle infested area and gets raped and dissolved and shit?

I actually fapped to that. I'm still not sure how.

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