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Problem, inferior chapters?

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Nope, no problem SPESS MERHEN from Dawn of War II. That is what you're from, right?

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No problem. Just surprised you lot figured out which end of the pictocorder to hold without us there to show you.

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Find me a greatest man, then we will talk.

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Nigga please.

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Sup, Omegon?

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Chapters, what's this shit!?

We might be splintered, but we're still a fucking LEGION! We're coming for your skulls, in the name of Khorne, ANGRON and Kharne!

Good luck with your good-as-dead Primarch, at least ours a Daemon Prince!

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No problem at all after all we are THE ULTRAMATE CHAPTER!

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Our chapter is so badass that to have a special character we just take a standard marine, give him a crux terminatus, an artificer armor and a big sword.

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Comparing those two to Sanguinius is like comparing some random IG to a Chapter Master.

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Nah. I am just being the most kickass character in melee in the vanilla marines codex.

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What's that? White Scars copypasta time?

White Scars gene seed is known to have inherited the bloodthirsty nature of the steppes peoples of Chogoris. One infamous example is the "Red Highway Massacre". White Scars are civilian raping, baby making, town burning, loot plundering, earth salting, scary bad ass motherfuckers just like their khan.

"What is best in life, Jagahtai Khan?"

>"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

Mongol space rapists. One and all.

>The Emperor's foes know of our reputation. If they do not surrender their cities to us we shall raze them. Crush the weak beneath our steeds' mighty tires. Kill the men and children. Ravish the women. Drink the wines and feast upon the spoils of war. Burn down the houses. Slaughter the livestock. Cripple the leader for life. Leave him and only him alive to tell our tale.

>Thus it is that the Enemies of the God-Emperor prefer to surrender when our name is so much as whispered.

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I hate all of you faggots.

Why can't you other pussy space marine chapters appreciate our skills in siege warfare and let us actually fight in your god damn crusades?

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo, we got stuck with fucking garrison duty, while every other chapter dicks us over and claims all the fucking glory for themselves.

Fuck your Emperor, fuck your chaos gods, and fuck your Primarchs.

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Oh hi, I'm better than most of the characters posted in this thread, and I'm not even a Grand Master.

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Hurp durp, that's not following the codex astarties, herp durp

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while you faggots are fighting over who is the best, We real men will be holding the line

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Oh yeah. I forgot we were just retconned into listening to Roboute "wrong side of the galaxy" Guilliman over our own primarch, one of the finest strategic minds the galaxy has ever known. A primarch who actually had the balls to be on Earth during the heresy unlike a certain blue pussy.

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The pic made me laugh. The text did not.

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Sure thing. Keep that flashlight shining, pussy

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And I'm the mightiest warrior the Imperium has ever created other than the Primarchs', your point?

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your only bitter because you will never be an ultramarine

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I think the text was intended to horrify, not amuse.

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How many greater daemons have you banished single handedly?

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Three, and I'm an out of the vanilla codex Librarian.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my brass balls clanging together.

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Maybe if your primarch stopped playing Squat Fortress and went outside once in a while he would have gotten more respect, you whiny little babies.

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How many Primarches have you defeated in sparring duels?

How many times have you saved the Emperors life?

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fuck this, where's my movie?

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Shut the fuck up. You don't count.

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>Sparring duels

How do you like your friendly combat? Come back to me when you defeat something in actual combat.

>Saved the emperors life

It's largely thanks to us GK that you and your custodian brothers do not need to do anything back there on Terra.

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Fuck the Ultramarines, and fuck their Primarch.

They can take their Codex Astartes and shove it up their ultra assholes.

We have fucking titan legions, the Dark Mechanicus at our beck and call, we outnumber pretty much every other chapter in the Imperium and most of the other chaos space marine chapters, we field basilisks, and we have more obliterators then we know what to do with them.

On top of all this, each of our world are fucking fortresses within fortresses, impenetrable to most forms of attacks.

The Ultrafaggots are nothing compare to us.


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>Didn't read A Thousand Sons where he was bitch slapping everyone in the entire book

>Implying we need your ass when we have untold numbers of ships orbiting Terra and the Imperial Fists at our disposal

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Three words Imperial Faggot: Iron Cage Incident.

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Those ships will do you a lot of good when demons start appearing from thin air.

You couldn't stop Horus. What makes you think you can stop Abaddon when he gets there?

The reason of the creation of the Grey Knights was to battle things no one else can. That includes your golden asses.

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Chaos space marine chapters eh?

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*cough cough* we won that.

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No one likes a pedant, dustbin.

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Those ships will do you a lot of good when demons start appearing from thin air.
Ever hear of our Guardian Spears?

>You couldn't stop Horus. What makes you think you can stop Abaddon when he gets there?
Can't be that hard to beat someone with no arms.

>The reason of the creation of the Grey Knights was to battle things no one else can. That includes your golden asses.
Or because your Custode-lites and you're expendable

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Codex Astartes is dumb

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Your spears are just regular force weapons with bolters stuck on them. Grey Knights halberds are psychically tuned with their wielder, and they have an integrated storm bolter on their gauntlet. The armor of the GK resonates in such a way that it causes immense anguish to the daemonic, forcing lesser daemons to slip back into the warp just by being near them.

Their bones are branded with anti-daemonic wards and their skin is laced with silver.

They are created to fight daemons.

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Oh yeah, allowing the Fucking Ultramarines to bail you out of your own miserable incompetence is sure a good way to win battles am I right?

Thats fucking right you walking pile of chicken shit.

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You know, fluff-wise, the codex itself isn't that bad. It's bascially a handbook on tactics, and the accumulation of One primarch's lifetime of experience.
I'd like a book like that.
It's what they Do with it with the rules that makes my blood boil. "Oh, so I can't get a flamer until I have ten marines? Huh, because the codex astarties said so?"
>> fuckoff.jpg

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Even Roboute himself knew his codex was shit. He threw it in the garbage because he knew he couldn't win with it.

He still didn't win.

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No, the Ultramarines won that.

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Iron Warrior fan boy detected... by the emperor its off the charts!

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Don't forget Custodians have access to every known weapon, vehicle, and armor in the Imperiums arsenal. We also have power over the High Lords (our Chief Custodian was a high lord) and the Inqusition (spelling?).

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That's cus it's not a How To manual of war. If anything, it's a History, which really supports the theme GW has going for Space Marines being roman Legions, since roman generals often wrote histories.
The Codex astarties is a grimdark future version of one of those.

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Behold the largest pussy in the 40K universe.
His death wasn't even notable, He didn't fall to another Primarch, nor a Great Daemon. He died like a bitch in a attempted raid on a chaos barge. Personally since it isn't said who dealt the killing blow I like to think a cultist did him in with a laspistol.

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There is a certain poetic appropriateness to that. And it doesn't make him a pussy. Just means he got unlucky.

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The Codex Astartes is basically

Codex: Space Marines

It tells you how things are done, but not why you should do them and when you should do them.

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>Implying Codex Space Marines is literally Guilliman's Codex Astartes


"All neophytes must be trained until they are ballistic skill four at which point they shall be inducted into the 9th company to begin their heavy weapons training."

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If it's not a how-to manual, why do smurfs get sent on death quests for breaking the SACRED RULES LAID DOWN IN THE CODEX ASTARTES and winning battles?

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The only chapter that was truly manly were the Astral Knights. They knew the meaning of sacrifice.

/tg/, are you bad enough dudes to create fluff for the astral knights, aside from the world engine destroying?

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I'm sorry I cant hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

<= I'm working on this one right now, was just letting the glue on the stand dry when I found this thread.

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Well the pussy bit I was referring to the fact he went into a depression after he lost more than a third of his to the Iron Warriors and had to rely on the Ultra Marines and Dark Angels to win.

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Because the book is very old, and the 40k universe is nothing if not willing to sanctify things [see God Emperor Of Man].
Also, because the ultramarines...well...they're the Ultramarines. They're the super conservative Boy Scout chapter.

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>world engine destroying

Destroy all you like. We'll make more.

I mean, '...'

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Codex Astartes: Tells you how to use units of X, how you should designate weapon Y, when to fall back, how a good force is compositioned, etc etc. And all kinds of stuff fluffing up the Ultramarines.

Codex: Space Marines: Tells you how units work (as in rules), how many and which kind of weapons to pick, force organisation.

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Your pathetic incompetance in the battle know as the "Iron Cage" is laughable. Your inbred warriors were forced to seek cover behind the corpses of their own brethern, unable to break out and forced to scrounge gear and ammunition off the dead like mere scavangers! Your "battle brothers" were reduced to single combat, to hiding and crawling, to scavanging, to surviving instead of fighting! Your entire Imperial Fist Legion was shattered, decimated, destroyed and had to be saved by the ultra-smurfs!

Face it faggot, you lost, you were reduced in numbers, forced to split in Chapters and picked apart at the seams.

You. Fucking. Lost. The. Iron. Cage. Incident.

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And now they're dead.
You see children, there's an important lesson to learn from this:
Research Better Lance Technology.

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TLDR - tactical victory, strategic defea

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>Research Better Lance Technology

And then everyone realizes that the faction navies hold all of the real power in 40k.

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Fists had tactical victory, strategic defeat.

No need to be so mad.

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you really need to calm down

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There's a more important lesson to be learned:

Mentors are super duper secret and mysterious and don't talk to anybody now so stop mentoring and go shut up in a corner like a good little Dark Angels ripoff.

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The battlefleet certainly has more power than we'd think. Especially considering that in the fluff, a cruiser cracked a planet's crust with her Lance battery. Not any specialized cyclonic torpedoes, just the lance batteries she used in standard ship to ship combat

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Don't you mean Pyrrhic Victory?

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Perturabo: the premier angry internet assburger of the 41st millennium

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There's an important lession Here too children:
Don't believe everything you read. You don't know who wrote it.

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Didn't the Mentors get written out in some way in the latest C:SM?

As in, they don't matter any more.

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No, I mean what I said. The Imperial Fists won that battle, but its consequences were far worse than if they had suffered a defeat in an ordinary engagement.

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We never...Mattered, not in the same way that the Imperial Fists of the Blood Angels mattered.
We are just very good at our job, and we keep doing it. We teach. We build. We test. And we go against everything that 40k stands for in the R&D department, thematically.

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That's what a pyrrhic victory is.

A victory with devastating cost to the victor.

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Well /tg/ already established that Mat Ward is secretly Roboute Guilliman who travelled back in time through a warp rift to oversell the Ultramarines and eventually make them completely hated so that by the time the 41st millennium rolls around and Omegon takes over the remains of his once proud legion, no one at all will respect or listen to them.

So yeah. What you said.

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Well, that I understand. But I just heard words of the Mentors being.. wiped out, put on the sideline.

As in, they don't mentor chapters any more.

>> No.10456257

You seem angry. Chill out man.

Imperial Fists ftw!

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To clarify: When I say mattered, I mean we never fought off a world destroying necron death ship, or killed a hive fleet aimed at our home (which no one can find, we are secretive that way). But we were always with the Imperial guard regiments that did those great things, and the credit rightly goes to them

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Actually old fluff states that he entered the bridge of the lead ship and the shooting triggered a warp core breach which was how he died. However his body wasn't found. Only his hands.

>> No.10456279

Who was the chapter master of the Astral Knights?

To be honest, considering how they practically saved the fucking universe, the AK get criminally little recognition.

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Mr. Ward would like you to believe that.
But we're the Mentors. We teach those who need teaching.
Also, in the recent vanilla codex, we were given a brief description, and nothing more. Personally, I tend not to give it a second thought.

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That is immensely retarded.

You do not get spared if you surrender. Never.
You get raped more. Or shot by the guy who didn't.
Every single enemy of the Imperium knows this.
They would have to be positively moronic to believe otherwise.

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"Pyrrhic Victory" just means that it was costly, doesn't necessarily have the connotations that it causes the victor of that battle to lose the war.

Imperial Guard gets Pyrrhic victories all the time, but the loss of ten million guardsmen in one successful planetary liberation is affordable, in the context of an entire Crusade that deploys Guardsmen in their billions.

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Matt Ward is obviously an author for GW, and he did something to piss off the entirety of /tg/. What was that something? Why the consistently high levels of loathing?

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>which no one can find
It's either on Eris or Phobos.

>> No.10456308

It's a damn shame, isn't it?
However, they have a Bitching memorial, have you seen it?

>> No.10456311

ITT: Ultramarine troll, SM chapter fight, Custode/Grey Knight pissing contest, Imperial Fist and Chaos bitch fight

Oh this thread is entertaining as fuck!

>> No.10456313


>it carries the implication that another such will ultimately cause defeat.

>> No.10456317

Quite frankly I liked his fluff on the Flesh Tearers.

>> No.10456322

I heard Calgar only killed one Avatar.

>> No.10456337

No. Don't tell me it contains three Astral Knight Marines hoisting the banner of their chapter?

>> No.10456345


With his bare hands...

>> No.10456351

pic related, only with necrons and blood angels.

That's one.

>> No.10456352

He made the blood angels and the necrons team up against the tyranids.
The omnicidal robots...
and the bezerker marheens...
teamed up

>> No.10456366

Oh please, it's one tiny paragraph that's just intended to set up retconning Necron lords into more DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN Tomb Kings in Spehss and less boring emotionless robots.

I hope.

>> No.10456367

Nope. It's...several hundred alabaster statues, standing silent vigil on the planet they saved. I have a few battle brothers there, maintaining the site with a coalition from other chapters.
It's quite moving. There's hardly a skull to be seen

>> No.10456370

His bare, powerfisted hands.

Pic related.

>> No.10456371

do we have to list all the things he did?

>> No.10456376

Perturabo may be a anti social autistic shut in, but at least he knows how to fucking run a chapter properly, unlike you other dickless retards.

Every Iron warrior from the lowest battle brother to the highest ranking warsmith have been cross trained with the Dark Mechanicus. And each one of them is more then capable of repairing and rebuilding their own gear from scratch and maintaining our vast arsenal of tanks, artillery, ships and titans.

Hell we even do our own R&D, we build bigger and better demon engines, research new radical weapons that perfectly combine warp energy with Imperium technology, and we search for better and more efficient ways of producing more space marines and replicating gene seeds, far more efficiently then either that Gay faggot Fabulous Bile or any of the methods developed by the false emperor himself.

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>> No.10456387

Nigger what the fuck are you talking about?

Not everyone in 40k is a commissar. Read more fluff. Half the reason for space marines existing is so that they can scare the shit out of the command structure or a few key instilations/cities and force the rest to surrender, preserving the body of the imperial war machine that was just following orders from their corrupted masters.

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>> No.10456394


You mean two power fists?

>> No.10456402


- Admitting to faction favoritism, hence the game-breaking overpowered Daemons of Chaos army in WH Fantasy

- When writing the 5th Edition Codex: Space Marines, Ward turned Ultramarines from the Generic Baseline Marines to the Paragon of All It Means To Be A Marine. Includes shit like "Ultramarine heroes are heroes even to other chapters' heroes", and "all loyal Space Marines revere Guilliman as their spiritual liege, even those descended from other Primarchs".

Ward gave the Iron Hands almost no "screen time", completely rewrote the Mentors into a plagiarism of the Dark Angels fluff, and other more minor things besides.

>> No.10456415

Dark Angel plagiarism? Really?

>> No.10456426


Was the spiritual liege not Calgar? Guilliman could be OK for Codex chapters, but Calgar is a different man.

>> No.10456432

you're sounding awfully heretical there, battle brother

>> No.10456442

>> completely rewrote the Mentors into a plagiarism of the Dark Angels fluff
He said that we were a secretive chapter (somewhat true, our home planet is a mystery), and that we're currently fighting orks.
I don't think he Broke anything...he just gave us a footnote.
Which is ok.
I've still got my copy of White Dwarf 98

>> No.10456443


He's an Ultramarines "fluffer"

get it? Like a porn star fluffer

>> No.10456460

>all loyal Space Marines revere Guilliman as their spiritual liege
Sounds like heresy.
The only spiritual liege any loyal citizen of the imperium should have is the emperor.
If the Ultramarines are the source of this, then they are heretics of the highest order for trying to convert others into that mindset.

>> No.10456474

See something Fishy?

>> No.10456477


I stand corrected, it's Calgar.

That's even fucking worse, Calgar isn't even a Primarch.

>> No.10456483

you know that makes so much sense
fuck it that shit is canon now
ultramarines chaos's answer to alpha legion

>> No.10456487

Ultra Fact #1: The Gauntlets of Ultramar are a chaos relic retrieved from a defeated chaos lord. Any attempt to crack them open has failed. The gauntlets remain unpurified.

Calgar wields a chaos weapon.

>> No.10456488

Actually, it's an open secret that the Space Marines don't directly worship the Emperor. That'd kinda be like worshiping Grampa Dreadnought. Instead, each chapter has their own individual chapter cult, which is distinct from the standard imperial cult.

>> No.10456489

holy fuck reasonable pauldrons O_O

>> No.10456508

All chapters still realize that it's silly to revere him as a God, you mean.

Greatest man ever, but no God.

Except for some of the ultramarines ones...

>> No.10456509

it's still supposed to be the same shit different words though

>> No.10456518

I've never come across that bit of fluff. Where'd you read it?
*is intensely curious*

>> No.10456519


With one sentence he broke it:

- Mentors are technological specialists, constantly testing new equipment, and their MO is to attach small units to the Guard and other Imperial forces to assist them, and to act as literal 'mentors'


>> No.10456525

Its people like this that make me hate the fluff of my own chapter. I play chaos to avoid the "my chapter is bestest shit."

>> No.10456530


>> No.10456549

He said intensely secretive yes...I don't much like that, but he never said we Didn't mentor people...
I don't want to hate the man, I really don't. I'm a teacher. You want purging flames, you go talk to the salamanders.

>> No.10456553


Ultramarines confirmed for Heretics.

>> No.10456558


>Implying Chaos would ever fuck with the Star Child (aka Calgar)

>> No.10456562

Well fuck me sideways...

>> No.10456566

Join the Black Legion, we don't care what you did before.
We're moving forward!

>> No.10456575

Notice how it explicitly states that ONLY Calgar wields them. The fact that they are stored in a secure crystal case when not in use is suspicious too.

>> No.10456579

well no arguing against it now ultramarines are the alpha legion of chaos

>> No.10456596

>His death wasn't even notable, He didn't fall to another Primarch, nor a Great Daemon. He died like a bitch in a attempted raid on a chaos barge. Personally since it isn't said who dealt the killing blow I like to think a cultist did him in with a laspistol.
>a cultist did him in with a laspistol.
>cultist did him in with a laspistol.

Damn, that reminds me of that 'Landraider' comic... do we now have a higher ranked fluke-kill for /tg/'s non-mascot-mascot?

>> No.10456598

Calgars a little bitch

>> No.10456607

I'm afraid I'm not up on my chaos fluff. Who?

>> No.10456629

a chaos legion that is actually on the side of the imperium

>> No.10456633

The Alpha Legion.

The Alpha Legion, dude.


>> No.10456637

Oh, them. Yes, I've heard of them.

>> No.10456658

>> No.10456670

Yup. Why do you think they were so conveniently on the other side of the galaxy when Horus attacked Terra?

Horus didn't trick them, he politely asked Guilliman to hold back and pretend to be loyal because if he failed to kill the Emperor he needed a backup plan.

>> No.10456675

Nice try Alpharius

>> No.10456689

That is...disturbing. You'll have to excuse me, brothers, I have an astropathic message to send...

>> No.10456747

Hmm decisions decisions, follow the Ultramarines or join chaos offering my soul to Khorne in the hopes of meeting that swell guy Kharn? Could someone direct me to The Ocularis Terribus

>> No.10456748


>> No.10456757


Told you not to trust him.

>> No.10456768

*thwaps you with a newspaper* We choose our own path, thank you!

>> No.10456778


shouldn't the grey knights be handling that?

>> No.10456789

Never said I trusted him. Just instructing the Cohorts to stay clear of any Ultramarine activity until this gets resolved.

>> No.10456802

What seems to be the problem here?

>> No.10456814

We also have the best miniatures....

>> No.10456821

>actually on the side of the imperium

haha no.

Their ultimate goal is to murder all entities that have a warp signature. Including, eventually, themselves.

>> No.10456829

We knew this Astartes Codex was fishy. Good thing we flushed out our copy in space 10.000 years ago.

>> No.10456841


Proof in pic, and in this post:

>> No.10456844

>implying they actually believed the xenos and weren't just pretending while they pursued their own agenda

>> No.10456863

but they shout "For the Emperor!"

>> No.10456871


why does Dorn catch so much shit for how he died? Guilliman set him on the road to failure, so that he'd have no one to stand in his way. He got fucked plain and simple.

>> No.10456876


Damn true!

>> No.10456878

I don't see it.

>> No.10456915

When you pull this don't you kind of turn us into more of a Mary Sue than we already are?

True. But they could a) be doing it ironically like the sentence after that piece of fluff suggests or b) be loyal to the Emperor and acting under his wishes but still not be loyal to the Imperium, because they are clearly trying to destroy the Imperium and are not loyal to it.

>> No.10456919

rolled =

Pfft. Wolfy Wolfmane's Axe of Morkai is a daemon weapon too.

>> No.10456929

Did someone screen-caped the thread "what if the fluff represented the game and not the opposite ?" with things like "The most numerous force in the galaxy is Space Marines. Even the Imperial Guard dreams to ever reach their number"

>> No.10456934


brb, spreading the truth of Guilleman stabbing Dorn in the back.

>> No.10456938

Are we the only chapter that MAKE our own legendary weapons? Not, you know, yanks them off dead demons?

>> No.10456949

No, really, I Don't see it...what is it?

>> No.10456952

Check the Chapter Symbol.

>> No.10456956


>Fighting for the Emperor but against the Imperium

Were we talking about the Alpha Legion or Cypher and the Fallen here?

GW sure does cannibalize it's own fluff.

>> No.10456964

Nope. My sword is of Imperial make. And it's a damn good sword.

>> No.10456979

Neigh impossible to see on the second picture, but the first one...you crafty son of a bitch.

>> No.10457007

Hey, I recognize that sword! It came out of the Irkarilian foundries! We helped dig out that forge's STC!

>> No.10457018

Not mine, saw them here on /tigerus gentlemanus/ some time back.

>> No.10457020

Y-yOU k-kEep thinKing thaT.

>> No.10457031


Watchers in the Dark were here, you know we make good shit.

>> No.10457053


spread the word as far as possible, Guilliman is an opportunistic power hungry monster.

>> No.10457056

Fair enough.

>> No.10457058

Your lies do not affect me, Tzeentchian witch.

>> No.10457065

And long dead, unless I miss my mark.

>> No.10457108

F-fAir enoUgh. E-enJoy y-yoUr 'swoRd'.

>> No.10457116


don't worry I don't think Guilliman will ever recover from getting raped by Fulgrims daemon-dildo.

>> No.10457121


He's got chaos magic healing him up. Some of the Ultramarines can see it, and they think it's a miracle, but the official chapter position is to deny it. Why would they do this if they didn't want it investigated too closely?

>> No.10457124

Nono, he's still alive inside the Stasis field.

In fact, some of his cultists, venerating him every single day claim that his wound is healing.

>> No.10457127

rolled =

"That is not dead which can eternal lie."

>> No.10457131


>UNLESS they didn't want it investigated too closely

Pretty big typo.

>> No.10457134

Aren't Ultramarines just sitting on the egde of the galaxy doing nothing all the goddamn time?

Talk about useless. Excuse me while I use my POWER SWORD to kill TRAITOR SCUM.

>> No.10457144

>> Unless I miss my mark
You misunderstand the intention behind that statement.

>> No.10457165


A shade too subtle.

>> No.10457168

>He bears on his person an Anointed Force Sword called Arias which is the blade that banished An'ggrath


I'm pretty sure it's Imperial and a sword.

>> No.10457174

Good. Not losing my edge then.

>> No.10457209


I believe a so-called 'future-seer' over at the searchers for the Black Library wrote something called "Rise of the Tau" in which Guilliman was found to be Omegon.

Food for thought.

>> No.10457225

Fate moves in mysterious ways, to be sure.

>> No.10457233

>Wolfy Wolfmane
>Axe of Morkai
That belongs to Grimnar, you derp-servitor.

>> No.10457259

A colleague of mine by the name of Jaq Draco has actually raided the Black Library.

He grabbed somekind of Eldar armageddon book from there.

>> No.10457304

Now I have to talk with my tech priest to see if we can get our servitors to herp derp on cue. Be an interesting way to answer stupid questions.

>> No.10457328

Those Watchers do it all the time to those not initiated within the Deathwing, when asked questions.

>> No.10457346



>> No.10457350

Heh. Knew there was a reason I liked them.

>> No.10457389

What is the measure of a smurf?

>> No.10457405


There is a reason the first thing Fresh initiates in the Deathwing do is to have an argument with a Watcher, because they keep following them around to test their worth in the time beforehand.

>> No.10457410

Motherfucker, the Nightlords would ass rape your fucking Emperor as well as any who was foolish enough to follow him.

>> No.10457423


"I hate my Legion, Talos. And now, I have stemmed the source of the poison so that it may never happen again."

Night Haunter, addressing Talos - Apothecary of Tenth Claw.

>> No.10457446

>Implying Chaos will rape anything while the codex remains in the state it is...

>> No.10457461

Misquote, I suppose?

>> No.10457472

Aye. A shame.

>> No.10457556

DAs spend their time hunting the fallen
you're not the only ones doing shit

>> No.10457566



It's sekrit.

>> No.10457567

I'z an Ork n' wot is this?

>> No.10457582

your primarch was named after a poet and your legion a poem on homosex

>> No.10457603


Actually, the poem Dark Angel is about coming out of the closet.

Lionel Johnson was a closet homosexual.

And he died falling off a barstool.


>> No.10457610

>Implying there is a thought of adversary, anti-brotherhood or seperation between chapters.

>> No.10457614

Remind me: HOW MANY Inquisitors have the DA killed off now?

>> No.10457627


Not enough.


>> No.10457631

they walked into a bullet

>> No.10457633

Reasonable marines having a Reasonable discussion in a troll thread. We're also comparing notes.

>> No.10457662

Actually, the chapters of the Adeptus Astarties are often adversarial with each other. That's just how it is. One person says that their sergeant once killed a Nid THIS big, and the other says oh yeah, they killed a necron THIIIIIS big. Or thinking that camoflage is for sissies.
That doesn't stop them from working together.

>> No.10457676

The Imperium will obviously fail due to being so easilly trolled by obvious heretics like the OP. They will sit about arguing while Orks cut off their tits and Nids burrow in their assholes.

>> No.10457681

dont forget DAs and SWs fight when they meet

>> No.10457685


>> No.10457690

That's a damn waste of shells, brother.
Really, you should just show them that everything is sanctified and normal, never you mind the folding wall, off you go.

>> No.10457691


Like those silly brawly Wolves.

We still respect them as Brothers.

But damn, are they stupid and brawny at times.

>> No.10457706

Salamanders, help those Marines Malevolent purge that hive full of innocent civilians!

>> No.10457711

Hey, hush your mouth. We need Something to do in the warp, and our astromancer rigged up the internet, so...

>> No.10457721

It's only because Russ was tsun-tsun for the Lion.

>> No.10457726

I'm pretty sure that's about as out of character as an Ultramarine pissing on the body of their primarch

>> No.10457753


I have my eyes on you.

You don't know what I know.

They started it.

>> No.10457765


>> No.10457769

I'd Like to know what you know.
Is it going to involve me spacing inquisitors?

>> No.10457772

I recall Salamanders doing two awesome things:
One, where an Ultreen in charge of an armageddon campaign suggested leaving a hive as a speedbump for the orks, the present Salamanders captain drew his sword and said something along the lines of "Incorrect." and all the other Salamanders in the room drew their swords at the same time he did. It was awesome.
2) Murdered the shit out of some Blood Angels that started killing civilians on a joint op when they black raged or whateverit'scalled.
So they work together- they just threaten ultreens who suggest leaving people to die and kill space marines who berserk and murder civilians.

I ever make space marines, they're gonna be Salamanders or Salamander successors.

>> No.10457790

You don't get to know what I know.

Otherwise, I would have to kill you.

>> No.10457799

That is certainly a wise and caring route to take.
So, are yours going to be jet black, or actual black people?

>> No.10457809


first time i've seen tow different chapters in the same picture

>> No.10457814

use jetblack claim them to be manifestation of the lovecraft thing the black man

>> No.10457816

Aww, please?
I promise it'll go right into the library, no one but the battle brothers will read it!

>> No.10457824

TBH i love that picture but i want to see the view looking at the DA

>> No.10457826



>> No.10457832

no? or yes?

>> No.10457842

*sighs, and goes to check the library to see if any of your battle brothers divulged anything*

>> No.10457852


*Prepares to vox for Ravenwing support*

>> No.10457854

(insert gunshot sound effect here)

>> No.10457856

Sisters of Silence here, busy being the Emperors left hand girls.

>> No.10457871

And now we see how marines come to blows. Not for reasons like 'The emprah loves me best!', but because some of us are curious bastards, and some of us have sekrit secrets.

>> No.10457877

Ooh! Ooh! Legionnaire-sama, Legionnaire-sama! Either Lion'el Johnson or his butt-buddy whose name I can't recall went over to chaos during the Horus Heresy, and the chapter split down the middle! The side that survived became the Dark Angels as we know it now, and they hunt "The Fallen", who either are the blemish on their chapter's record for being traitors to the Emperor, or are in fact, the TRUE Dark Angels, and the heretical triple-crossing cowards that went back to the Emperor when Chaos lost the Horus Heresy are hunting them so that the secret of their hereticalness is never brought to light!

Oh, and there's this really interesting thing: There's this Dark Angel/ex dark angel called Cypher, who HURGLK-*SPLORT*

>> No.10457881


So we are at an understanding?

>> No.10457883

I think it's a *THUNK-FweeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE* noise, actually.
*Activates time folder. Wasn't here.*

>> No.10457890

He left out the part about how it all started out as a lover's spat.

>> No.10457894

Of course

>> No.10457897

Erhem. Ignore that. That never happened.

>> No.10457905

Actually, it's a THUNK-FweeeeeEEEEEEEE BOOM noise.

>> No.10457907

Dammit this is all your fault

>> No.10457913

Nothing to worry about, just stopping by for a nice cleanup.

>> No.10457934


You are but a battle-brother.

We will speak of this once we return to The Rock.

Suffice to say, enjoy your last days with functioning memory... 'servitor'

>> No.10457954

Dammit this is all your fault

>> No.10457963

Boys, boys, boys. Can't we all just get along in harmony and brotherly love? Doing the Emperor's work is something that should leave the pious feeling gay and overcome with frivolity. Come. Embrace your fellow brother, and let bygones be bygones. Or else the Captain will insist you kiss and make up in front of the entire chaplain so he may witness the absolution of your sins.

>> No.10457981


Oh, we'll do something together with our Chaplains alright, and you're coming with us.


>> No.10457986

Dammit they figured out our sekrit rituals

>> No.10457988


>> No.10458005


I heard you managed to fail to kill Master Belial.

How's that telly-porta working for ya?

>> No.10458008

Dammit the response to everything isnt shooty sometimes it's don't let secrets get out in the first place

>> No.10458022

Hey other chapters, whats going on in here....................I made all this cool stuff for you guys, you wanna see?

>> No.10458030


Your fault, 'servitor'

>> No.10458031

>> No.10458046


I heard your chapter master was a heretic. In league with Abaddon's Black Legion, even.

Begone, Heretic.

>> No.10458049

Dammit this is all your fault

>> No.10458088


We're working on it.

>> No.10458091


Back in the Shuttle. Now.

>> No.10458115

shut up both of you

>> No.10458120

I always imagined if Ultramarines appeared in the Dawn of War games, they would come off as real besseriwisser. Like Tarkus, except even worse.

Ultra: "And the codex Astartest states that you should..."

Avitus: "Be silent you blabbering schoolgirl, and let the real men show you how you kill xenos!"

>> No.10458146


>> No.10458175

>Ultra: "And the codex Astartest states that you should..."
>Avitus: "No time to read the codex, too busy turning to chaos, kthxbye"

>> No.10458186

Ultramarines help him do that

>> No.10458197

What the hell is a besseriwisser?
Like, a smartass?

>> No.10458202

>>OP posts picture of Ultramarine movie poster and three words.
>>Sits back and observes chaos that follows.
>>OP is obviously a Lord of Change.

>> No.10458207

German for 'know-it-all' basically. Literal translation is betterknower.

>> No.10458217

More proof of Heresy.

>> No.10458224


Ultramarines were in the first expansion. Winter Assault, I think it was. No Blood Ravens though.

>> No.10458226

Just an Alpha Legion auxiliary, actually.

>> No.10458242


A minor footnote. The Imperial Guard did everything, then they dropped ontop of the necrons as they woke up and took all the glory.

>> No.10458268

>> No.10458394

But it's NOT chaos. We all went "Right, carry on troll," and then us Reasonable marines got to chatting and comparing notes.
I think this turned out fine

>> No.10458397

Sauce on this one. "Matt Bradbury" is an artist, but I can't find anything called "Defend the gate" or "Storm Wardens" by him

>> No.10458408

It's art for Deathwatch.

>> No.10458417


Yes. Everything is.. fine.

>> No.10458434

almost autosage
was this worth archiving?
dun care

>> No.10458448


Yes, yes it was.

Revealing things about Ultramarines.

Important to document and log for future use.

>> No.10458466


First half, yes. Bottom half... shall be left out.

>> No.10458529

What's the i between besser and wisser for?

>> No.10458552


There is none. It's just besserwisser.

>> No.10458562

I think the Black Templar are the most loyal chapter of them all.

Everyone else is heretic scum.

>> No.10458586

Obvious troll is obvious

>> No.10458602

Better knower? I think that's the literal translation...

>> No.10458606

I think the Ultramarines are the most loyal chapter of them all.

Everyone else is heretic scum, for not accepting Rowboat Girlyman as their spiritual liege.

>> No.10458618

Samefag detected

>> No.10458623




>> No.10458629

>> No.10458633

Does your chapter have a librarian corps?

Congratulations, you're heretic scum who enjoys disobeying the Emperor's direct orders.

>> No.10458639


>> No.10458649


The Thousand Sons were the true loyalists.

They were right.

>> No.10458652

moar corpses :3

>> No.10458664

wasn't the emperor a psyker

>> No.10458669

but the original guy typed besseriwisser, bah!

>> No.10458673


The best one.

>> No.10458681


- Planet ahead, my Lord.


- My Lord, we can safely lan--


>> No.10458684

then how is it heresy to employ them?

>> No.10458698


-Our fources are breaching the Throne Room, my Lord!


-My Lord, we can safely win this.


>> No.10458706



>> No.10458707

Because he said so, and he's a hypocritical ass.

>> No.10458719

I can't Heaaar you

>> No.10458887

sponge bob square pants?

>> No.10458903


Say what you want. I will always love the thousand sons... Those poor bastards, why were they so misguided?

>> No.10458916

It was the Emperor's plan to turn all of humanity into psykers :|

>> No.10458961

He was also a lot less fanatical than the rest of the galaxy but it's best to just forget that part

>> No.10458964

Problem, Ultramarines?

>> No.10458971

Funny how psykers have some of the best goddamned population control in all of the Imperium, eh? What with them getting rounded up and sucked dry at Holy Terra, or sent out to work for Inquisitors/the Imperial Guard or just getting killed by suspicious people when OHFUCKOHFUCKWHYISITRAININGBLOOD Oh man Tim's walking his dog again!

>> No.10459770

Smurfin' smurfs been smurfing that smurf down in smurf, you know? it's a smurfing shame.

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