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Seriously guys.

You left me for that snaggle toothed skank?

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I didn't. I never did.


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I didn't, I likes big titties, and Cultist's are moderate at best.

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No one is drawing you. Get new material.

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You mean Cultist-chan? You better not mean Cultist-chan, I'll destoy you.

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Look, we talked about this, breaking my bones during sex is not proper romantic etiquette.

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I never left you because I never was with you, and I don't know who this snaggle tooth you're talking about is.

This is the only woman I love.

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Why yes, I've hurped so much that I've durped.

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Someone draw Cata-chan, Cultist-chan, and Chem-chan in a big oily wrestling match.

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i sense the chaos approaching

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And the prize for the winner is a date with Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!

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Blowout soon, stalker.

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Capturing this fucking thread for Kay-oos.

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Brb, cave

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gais how do i make a post in a thread

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Leave this place, stalker!

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because you are just the Wendy's girl with muscles

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Really? When?

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I never forgot about you. Ever since our regiments went their separate ways... I... I guess this explains why I never got any communications from...

No, no. It's okay. I still have your image. I keep it in the copy of my primer. I've been fighting hard. For the Emperor. I have to. Have to make it to the next battle. The battle after that. Because some day... If I fight hard enough, long enough, I might get to be with you again. Don't forget about me...

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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(Fuck I knew I should have organized my folders)

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is this fail or win gets kinda hard to tell sometimes

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Ahahaha, I never liked you.

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Fail/Win, the line is razor thin.

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>fixed that for you

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>This is my happy face, I am happy.

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Mrrrnph mrph hrnph hup.

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Shhh, back in the house Emmie, they'll see you!

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Hun, I gotta be honest; the fact you put out on the first date is massively counteracted by the fact you can crush a penis like an exploding blood sausage with your kegels.

Seriously though? That part where you pick up a heavy stubber by the barrel using no hands is still pretty awesome.

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I am dissapoint.

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>>because you are just the Wendy's girl with muscles

you say that like it's a bad thing

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It is, because I like my penis NOT being torn off by some steroid-enhanced vagina, designed to tightly store munitions!

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Why does this outfit look familiar?

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Because her hips make her look work, and cultist-chan is a shameless whore.

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Um, yeah, how would that be different than a night with Cuhlteest?

Seriously, teeth. Or dodn't you know?

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I'd argue with you about the shameless whore part, but Cultist-chan is at least a part-time worshiper of Slaanesh, so that would be stupid.

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Once again, how is this bad? This just means she's in jam-it-in-mode at all times. Not tonight because all-night.

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Why on earth would I sleep with her.
I guess I dodn't wont to think about her, stop shoehorning her in everything.

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But I'm doing my duty to you! ...with a sideline hope...

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Don't worry. I haven't forgotten. You have your own folder even.
...Although most of it is porn...

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Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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Also, they're not just DEM HIPS, they're DEM CHILD-BIRTHIN' HIPS.


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Post it?
Is this a series? And if so, is there more?

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Wait, there's cata-chan porn?

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I am tired, therefore my response to you will be brief.
Bag of dicks.
That is all.

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Yes. Mostly by WKCD.

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I lolled.

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Then on the day I die, I'll die a proper guardsman. Disappointed, but holding the line.

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So that's how dickgirls are made.

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Pic related.

Not a series, at least as far as I know.

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Eh, oh well. Anyone got any more Cultist porn?

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Huat hyuu say?

Hai fpurge hyoo nhao!
(she continues ranting and spitting sporadically while she talks)

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You and your need for cultist-chan pics.

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Worse. It's not actually a dick, it's just an enormous clit.

And yes, she's still better hung than you

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Got that one.

And this one.

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I might vomit now.

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I love the hat

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Keep in mind that this is standard commissar uniform. ALL COMMISSAR'S HAVE COCK-HATS.

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I'm laughing so fucking hard, right now.

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Too smooth and creamy for you?

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Please stop talking about mayo.

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but its good on burgers....and mixed with other things makes good dipping sause for anything from frys to chicken wings..

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rolled 15 = 15


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Who is this?

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If you don't know her, get out.

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Even the women?

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Well, what else would they put on their cocks?

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Well, I admit I do have my bad side

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cuhlteest is completely intimidating and does not threaten my manhood.

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