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Anyone here play Shadowrun? I'm interested in starting it up with some friends.

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Yes. Have fun.

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Starting up my own SR4 game as well. Was there something specific you wished to discuss?

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Why is covert ops guy so bad? He's had good art but the charater is shockingly bad.

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Enjoy your overcomplicated DnD with implants.

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Do you mean because he's probably a liability in a firefight? The point is that he doesn't get into one in the first place. Though the choice of weapons is a little weak when it comes to fast-acting knockout toxins.

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>implying Runners are ever covert and don't inevitably wind up destroying 90% of the target location

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>shadowrun overcomplicated
It's really not. There are some more rules you have to learn, but that doesn't mean it's MATHMATHMATH

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I play a game pretty regularly and it's a favorite of mine. Start off with simple characters first. Complicate them after a few runs when you know what you like to do. Never trust an elf and don't make deals with a dragon.

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I think its mostly just that you finally get all the basic combat and stuff down then turn the page and see LOL MAGIC ASTRAL PLANE SHIT and you cram all that down and manage it and next page is LOL HACKING CYBERSPACE SHIT TOTALLY DIFFERENT HAAAAAAAAA

Its not complex alone but there is a lot to put together.

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Shadowrun GM here.
I have my players trying to stop a grimdark version of the Wild Hunt that's acting as a front for a Tamanous operation, where they snatch people off the street in more or less plain sight. The Hunt's led by a big guy totally encased in green armour who calls himself Gwydion. My question is, what does /tg/ think should be under the armour?

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Shadowrun isn't hard. I learned 2nd edition no problem when I was a teenager and I was the GM. 4th edition should be no problem.

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Bluntly yes.

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I was going to, but I think I am going to run Corporation instead.
I like the lack of magic and shit.
Shadowrun does seem tits tho. I thought it was stupid for a long time, but I think it would be easy to run because, shit, you can just throw ideas against a wall and see what sticks.

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seconded. First game, cut out magic, the matrix, rigging, and dealing with polite society. Simply don't allow it. Do some gang warfare or something to make it plausible.

Basic gunfightin in the barrens. After you get a handle on that, throw in the crazy shit. Or more like throw a mage against them and starting killing them. Dead players are allowed to come back as magic users.

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A dwarf.

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[ ] dice pools
[ ] not complicated

Choose one.

I chose the impossible. I chose d20+modifiers vs difficulty of action.

Also magic in cyberpunk. Picture related.

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There is the Wild Hunt. Check Running Wild - ruins anyones day. But if you're talking about aroaming pack of bodysnatchers, I'd suggest a Fomori. That way, you've got a big bastard troll who's pretty and celtic, giving them the idea of where the Hunt came from.
Because just break-and-enter is a bad idea for a character when the locks and doors shoot back.
You can trust elves, just make sure their 'powers' list doesn't include 'immunity to age, toxins, pathogens'.

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>implying dice pools are complex

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>>implying Runners are ever covert and don't inevitably wind up destroying 90% of the target location
Preposterous, runners are pro they would neve... HO COME ON.

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Do lots of numbers make you cry? Is counting hard?

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Could be done.
The macguffin in their first run was a commlink with an insane AI trapped inside. Which they safely disposed of. Thanks anyway.

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That was an accident, okay? An accident.

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Nah, then you're getting into Rhiannon Glendower's cyberknights territory. And what's an Otomo drone (or armoured equivalent) going to be doing working for a Tamanous snatch squad?

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There ARE a bitchy number of modifiers to keep track of.
But that kind of comes with any sort of accurate/realistic system.

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Clearly it's time to dump my shadowrun images, not counting character portraits.

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I should probably point out that this Hunt consists of a loose assortment of gangs who congregate under Gwydion's banner in exchange for a goodly amount of loot n'pillage in a poor, unprotected part of town. Only one of the gangs, the Disassemblers, are aware of the real story and do the snatching.

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>dice pool complicated
You can't count chummer?

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>"I told you I wanted you to REMOVE THE DOOR!"
>"Oh... I thought you said "lose the floor."

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Well, you know that I'm fond of the Fomori idea, as that gives you an out for where the wild hunt idea came from. If you can think of a reason why an AI wouldn't be doing something far more valuable for Tamanous, by all means. A

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All right, that one was a little our fault I guess. A little...

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Ok, ok, I'm sorry for being so dumb. May I sign to your newsletter?

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Hey, we got the thing, didn't we?

Didn't we?

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Another obligatory.

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Cheers, mate. I'll admit I'm a bit new at this, and have no idea who the Fomori are...

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And barring character portraits, that's it.

Also playing bounty hunters in Shadowrun is awesome. Take an assault cannon, go to Chicago and hunt down a Queen! Easy 50k!

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Ah. Celtic trolls. No dermal deposits, but they do have horns - so pretty, enormous, with 1 extra body. Metavariant - look in Runner's Companion, a pink mohawk book if there ever was one.

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I got loads of these. Dumping for help with my mildly retarded Hunt idea.

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Well, we got a good chunk of it!

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That could work as a double bluff, actually. My players would expect something like the earlier dwarf idea from me.

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I get the feeling we both downloaded the same folder...

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Adept Troll reportin' in!

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I get the feeling you downloaded my old archive

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Fair enough. If I'm wasting my time here, say so.

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Um. Dice pools really aren't that complex. The hugely stupid ones can be slow to count, but if you find them complicated, go back to grade school.

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Well, I'm not the only one here.
Here, have some newer stuff.

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TO quote Dumpshock - "A run is 3 days of planning, 1 day of preparation and 600 seconds of mayhem."

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Shadowrun, Japanese version

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Needs less guns, more mind-rape sorcery and elemental spirits.

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Cheers! I'm pretty much done, anyway.

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You can play it like that, yeah. But add in trolls with mohawks and heavy weapons.
Most people who enjoy good, messy pink mohawk fun don't come to talk about SR on the internet, though.

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last one I have

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I love shadowrun trolls

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And I'm out. Thanks for the pointers on my story, guys. Might do an image dump in a few days, the folders I dl'd are fucking huge.

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Behind you!

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Successfull troll is successfull!

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Oh please, she's almost unarmed.

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Only houserule I used when I ran was no playing trolls. The firepower it took to kill them would kill the other races twice over.

It came about when a player in my first game got butthurt that his troll was getting shot by autocannons, grenade launchers and missiles all the time since those were the only things that could hurt him.

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or caring about perception checks to spot her weapons

>> No.10415836

Don't bring shotguns to an orbital laser fight.

>> No.10415855

You should have tried toxins, spells, negotiation and stuff like that.

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That's not how you wage war

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She's so cute! <3

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That smells like a maxed out Troll with security armor...

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Here, have a bigger version

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Autofire is the best way to get past armour in the newer edition.

SMGs will will fuck you up with alittle recoil comp

>> No.10416063

>ITT: implying everyone doesn't just use katanas anyways

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Magic works well too, Troll are not tougher (and most likely less) than humans against mana spells (which also ignore armor).

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>implying everyone is using something other than monowhips or spurs.

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Game is way too fucking complicated.

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That image alone made me want to play shadowrun, and made me want to play an elf. Thanks asshole, now I gotta go read neuromancer.

>> No.10416137

Man i don't think i've seen on used in years, most meleers pack monowhips, stun batons or machettes.

Last adpet used a set of wooden clubs.

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Also, if his troll is that bulky, he should legitimately be a priority target for the enemies.
More specifically the bigger ones...

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Get a brain booster chummer.

>> No.10416260

>>Hurpety-durpity-doo, I can't follow the most basic ruleset!

>> No.10416316

Ho yes stun batons are good too.
Some of my players also really liked the Wallacher Combat Axe in SR2

>> No.10416484

Who needs a katana when you can have a sword implanted in your cyber arm. My last cqc character used 2. Baraka style.

>> No.10416499

1. Add attributes + skill (and maybe a few bonus from your gears)
2. Roll dice.
3. count 5 and 6 (you can color them if it's too hard)
4. ???????

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You can implant a sword?
I thought there was nothing bigger than spurs.

>> No.10416547

Fuck yeah Gordon Geccko!

>> No.10416554

With all the D&D fluff you people have learned over the years you could have easily learned how to play Shaodwrun or any game for that matter, it's not even a complicated game.

>> No.10416587

I'll check augmentation/arsenal just incase it was a houserule. It could have just been a big spur though.

>> No.10416648

That must have been the one long blade spur instead of the 3 short blades spurs (à la Wolverine).
(same weapon mechanically)

>> No.10416662

I would allow it.
But a real sword? Enjoy it being an obvious limb/implant.
And if it's obvious anyway I can't see why you would want one stuck in your arm.
A dagger perhaps, and perhaps something allowing you to shoot it as well.
But then it would basically be a spur.

>> No.10416743

I'm pretty sure you happen to be right good sir. I think it's down to personal style. Essence loss is the same and I believe damage modifier is as well.
Bitches say this is complicated. Hah!

>> No.10416904

Spur: This narrow blade is attached to the user's bone, similar to a razor. Retractable versions must be placed where they can be withdrawn along a long bone. Alternatively, a set of three smaller blades may be anchored to the back of the hand.

>> No.10416936

So it's kinda like the forearm blades in Deus Ex 3 trailer.

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Found some of the books on /rs/: http://www.mediafire.com/?d3ujienhymy


I play a human Sammy that rolls 20 damage resistance dice if hes wearing armor, so its not just Trolls.

>> No.10417061

My current character rolls 18 to defend against firearm attacks, 24 on full dodge. Then he rolls 30 dice to resist damage. If there are tw points left, it's reduced to one. If three or more points left, 1 becomes stun (or, if all stun, 1 disappears), 1 is removed and 1 goes into physical.

>> No.10417120


You're playing a Troll, right? Or have i met someone who can out-munchkin me?

>> No.10417156

>human sammy
so max Stamina 6, max augmented stamina 9.
How do you get 11 more dice from here?

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>> No.10417309

Why is there a fucking Tau in there?

>> No.10417367


Body 4 (5) - From Suprathyroid gland.
+ 4 to damage resistance tests from Bone Density Augmentation 4.

= 9 without armor.

Then slap Form-fitting body armor and a Camouflage Jumpsuit on him for +11 ballistic armor, and you get:


His reaction is also 9, so he has a pretty good chance of not even being hit.

On one run, everyone but him died. But in the process, he killed 22 CorpSec guards in the process of shooting and punching his way out.

He survives ground zero grenade blasts. He can't die, its insane.

>> No.10417405

>syllas - ork (subgroup syater) magician. yes, he's based on a tau firewarrior. has a decent rank in sniper rifles. obvious full head replacement, so that's his actual head.

>> No.10417435

Human. Give me an elf and I can be even more munchkin-e.

>> No.10417442

Ho yeah, the infamous form-fitting stacking. I had forgotten about that one.

>> No.10417477


He's got 12 agi/rea, 6 in combat sense. Further, he has 10 bod, a suit of heavy military armour and four points of mystic armour. He also has an implanted trauma damper and platelet factory.

12 stats is achieved with metagenetic improvement as a changeling and exceptional attribute on your second attribute, metagenetic optimization for 8. Half of that is 12 max. So you train to 8, and for rea, a rating 3 synaptic booster and a suprathyroid lgand. For agi, muscle toner and the suprathyroid.

>> No.10417651

>numbers numbers numbers exploit optimize optimize
It feels like you are more building battletech mechas than roleplaying characters.

>> No.10417675

Not much of a difference between mecha and shadowrun characters sometimes.

>> No.10417738

Are you saying this because of the missile pods?
I can totally explain those!

>> No.10417948

4e DnD is a superior system

>> No.10417973


All the stock characters are poor - if slightly improved over the originals, where the smuggler lacked any smuggling skills for example.

>> No.10417980

Haha, nice one 'mate

>> No.10418103


...So? You want us all to play Magical Tea Party? (Counter-strawman)

When people talk mechanics - they are talking mechanics, so fuck off.
When people talk backstory - they are talking backstory, so fuck off.
When they talk both - they are talking both, so fuck off.

You enjoy money right? But you obviously don't like numbers. So lets drop the numbers and just talk about money in terms of how it feels to spend.

"That'll be an insignificant amount, hardly worth thinking about please."
"That'll be a creeping sense of unease, that you manage to squash with only a little effort."

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File: 185 KB, 712x679, Harlequin2..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on, that was a joke.

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