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PP Thread go. Warmachine, Hordes, anything goes!

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You do know that this is just going to become a Jessica Elwood thread now, thanks to your pic, right?

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I suggest a PP vs GW thread instead

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we had this exact thread yesterday. at least use a non-shoop next time

do you see the shitty tattoo? didn't think so

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I dunno, Jessica Elwood is pretty tempting.

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What? I saw this pic in the last thread and thought was cool.

Also Retribution rocks.

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Who the fuck is Jessica Elwood?

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So, JE thread?

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a very tempting ca/tg/irl

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Furry artist.

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I suggest a PP vs JE thread instead, if you know what I mean.

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Oh boy oh boy, this thread again.

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Hey, are you the Ragnarok from TGFB?

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Sorry PP poorfags. JE has been been reclaimed in the name of the Emperor.

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Reported for posting nude material on a worksafe board.

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Can you say Tyranid rip-off?

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And this PP?
Also the Inquisition would like to have a word with you all.

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anon, you card

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Considering shes a colossal furwhore, you can fucking keep her my son

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>jealous no hot chicks care about GW

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>artists draws art that is not even that furry
>colossal furwhore

It sure is summer here

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Even WoW has hot chicks.

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'not even', and uses deviant art

No amount of tits settles the rage that brings up

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I like boobs, so yes.

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Well, if that's enough to make you rage, enjoy never forming any relationship whatsoever.

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and this is why Warmahordes threads always crash and burn, there are better places for tits

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So you are saying attempting to start a thread by using a picture more interesting than the topic is doomed to failure?

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99.9% sure people exist that don't use deviant art and don't even know what a furry is exist.

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more like starting a thread with tits is bound to lead to nothing constructive what-so-fucking-ever since most people on /tg/ see tits and their little d20 size balls take over from their brains

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more MORE like starting a thread with tits means that it's the true subject. The typed words are a decoy for the homosexuals.

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explains why I can't find /hc/ anymore, looks like /tg/ got the job and is doing it oh so badly

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/hc/ was taken over by porn spam, /s/ is usually decent.

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JE nudity = good

JE thread with no new content = Bad

These threads are cool if it's been awhile or there's something new. Maybe not so much every three hours.

Bonus fact = There were two guys on here that apparently are on her inside loop and get exclusive nude stuffs. Today I found out they're like 17 years old, are big furry role-players in England, and are homely as mules (no offense, just sayin'). I looked at her body, and then those guys. And I was confused. /tg/..... I was confused. However the score, I hope they come back and grace us with more bonus content. Here's to you lads, fap speed.

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I thought /tg/ was better than cmawhoring.
Come on there isn't even a single mini or a splatbook.

Fucking summer.

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Fucking dyslexia

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Find me someone with tits who can draw, thanks.

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That's not the point. You're ready to dismiss people because of tiny little things you dislike about them. Guess what, there is no person on the world that is perfect. You WILL find little things to hate in every person.

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>I thought /tg/ was better than cmawhoring.

Everybody makes mistakes.

>Find me someone with tits who can draw, thanks.

Christ, how long does it take a girl to learn how to do that? She'd have to be a D-cup just to hold the pencil steady, and I'm not sure art schools train breasts.

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>>not sure art schools train breasts

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there are no warhammer girls ?

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yeah, but the guys are too busy playing the game to bother with photoshopping up said women

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This is a warhammer girl?

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Well I just fell in love

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No, that's Elwood

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Holy crow, I didn't know I was so popular.

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I know a few girls who play warhammer and 40K, but I'm not about to post their pictures here.

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you are very popular.

>> No.10417259

and we thank you for it.

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I think I'm going to reevaluate my stance on dating furries now.

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I know a Warhammer girl.
She can also draw.
I just got through having a lovely conversation with her.

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nice bod?

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At least, I think so.
But who the fuck cares? It's all about the head on the shoulders, man! The intellect!

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Cygnar was here, Retribution are fags.
Enjoy your pseudo-warjacks that look like wraithlords with tiny boners while other people play factions that are actually awesome.

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Here's some more JE goodness for you

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QFT. Cygnar owns all other bitches. Including those bitchy elves. Morrow's alive and well. How's Scyrah doing these days?

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Since we're here...

/r'ing that drawfag pic of Amon tripping a titan onto Morgoul. I need some Menite propoganda.

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JE's delicious ass now belongs to Cygnar

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