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Tell me your heroic dreams. I'm sure all that roleplaying has influenced your dreams and vice versa.

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Mine are usually about escorting somebody to safety while beeing pursued. One time I was bringing the son of a fallen celtic warlord to safety while beeing followed by agents of the roman empire.

That other time I was escorting a flock of fairy like girls through some woods when we were ambushed by a shadow creature.

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i do not dream

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Everybody dreams every night they sleep. Not every dream is remembered tho.

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Strange, I thought /tg/, 4chans captial of escapism would take interest in their dreams.

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We are highly interested in our dreams. But sadly, most of us are insomniacs. For reference, I find that I remember my dreams best, when I have the luxury of slowly awakening gradually. (This happens Very, Very rarely though. Usually, I'm Jolted Alert-Awake by alarm clock or family)

I think others are in similar situations. What dreams we have are not just faded quickly, but Immediately. But yes, I do have heroic dreams. They usually play out like hollywood fight scenes, or Matix-esque gunplay

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Not rpg but I dream about assasins creed

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I don't have many, if any, heroic dreams.
I dream about old friends and half-familiar places, and about confused wandering for purposes that are unclear or never fulfilled.

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Me fighting the manifestation of my inner demons. All night, every night.

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Well I had a semi heroic dream the other night. I was in my teens again and I was leaving school. My mother was going to pick me up but she was late. My boots were untied but I ignored that and tuched my jeans into them. I was wearing a black T-shirt that said "G.A.M.E. Kid"...

Some other kid was getting picked on by this adult guy. I asked him what he was doing and the guy warned to stay out of it. Then I said, "Are you sure you have to..." and then he said, "Alright, now I have to arrest you too."

However in the dream I knew that "arrest" was just his euphamism for beat the shit out of me because he wasn't a cop. I tried to kick him but the dream ended.

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I have a dream on and off (i used to get it more frequently) where I am (currently) the administrator of hell and have to deal with the mundane everyday business involved in running an operation of that size.

In these dreams I was not originally the admin of hell, originally I was just a man in search of a book that would drive any sane man mad. I discovered that the book was contained in hell, and reasoning that only something undead could get into hell I promptly found some vampires and proceeded to not get turned into a vampire for a reason that was never adequately explained. Instead, with a group of companions I picked up over the course of a few dreams I found a bus that would take me to hell.

Before it left, my companions all left because they believed that the bus to hell was somehow a trick (how it could lead anywhere worse was never explored) and they were afraid they would not be able to get back.

After arriving in hell (stuff happened on the way, but I can't remember what) I was loaded onto a tour tram driven by the devil. The tram made various stops and people got off to enter their eternal torment.

When I was the last person on the tram the devil turned to me and told me it wasn't too late, that I could turn aside from my path and enter the eternal library. (Note the eternal library is something that comes up in a lot of my dreams, It is a library that contains every book that exists and could exist, as well as an ai to help readers find the books they want. I believe it is wht my sub conscious defines as heaven.)

(cont. in next post)

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I said no, not even for that would I turn aside. he led me to a cinema room, in which sat all of the people I knew in high school chained to cinema chairs, there was a trough that served as both a food dispenser and toilet running in front of the seats. He explained that the book was in fact a movie (which was the reason it would not be in the eternal library, nice internal logic there dream bro).

I watched the movie and... IT was fucking horrible. I don't remember much of it now but when I woke up I thought wow, when my subconscious dreams up something that would drive any man insane it doesn't hold any punches.

The next time I entered the dream the cinema was deserted, and when I left the room I was inside an decrepit shopping centre which had ash everywhere (may have been snow?).

I found and old and dying beast there, in the ash. It was the necessary evil (that's what I called it in the dream, not sure what it means). I took pity on it and broke its next, and claimed my title as the necessary evil. But killing the beast woke other, older things, and I woke up again, frightened.

Happily when I entered the dream again it timeskipped to an arbitrary amount of time later and I had already dealt with the consequences of killing the beast.

Now the dreams are rather dull, and as I said, have to do with the everyday running of hell.

Sometimes when I wake in the middle of the night I am convinced that this world is the dream, and the world where I am the necessary evil is real. sometimes I believe that when I got on that bus I was trapped in hell, and all I experience is some sort of subtle torment.

Never during the day though.

Not exactly heroic op, but I'm sure it had a lot to do with my tabletop gaming/video gaming/reading. And the vampires were world of darkness vampires.

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here again.

There was also a dream when I found the eternal library with the people I tabletop game with. It was infested with giant spiders called orbitals (I come across orbitals in a lot of my dreams) that look like red backs except they are roughly the size of your head. They operate a bit like bees in that they have a queen and drones etc.

My friends and I tried to clear the eternal library out, but we died one by one in horrible, spider filled deaths. I managed to get to the room where the queen was, where I was devoured by thousands of tiny orbitals (and by tiny I mean each was about the size of half of your fist.)

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bunch of niggers, all of you.

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I have Don't Rest Your Head-esque dreams about rescuing my ex where I'm staking memories of her characteristics against information as to her whereabouts.

Otherwise it's zombie survival dreams, where my brain makes me out to be a total bad-ass.

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I don't get to enjoy being heroic in my dreams. The closest I get to it is dreaming about talking to characters that I've played in pen and paper games, often with them turning out much different than I originally envisioned them.

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I had one where when I entered the dream it was already understood that a zombie apocalypse was happening. My group of friends and I were running through some dark woods, and came upon a huge barn-like structure. It wasn't exactly a barn, because it had way too many floors and separate rooms. It was like a complex that just looked and felt like a barn. I rushed in to escape the zombies, but apparently I was the only one because I ran all the way up to the top room of the barn complex, and when I got there I was alone. A wall and some of the roof was missing, like it had been blasted by a mortar or something. Through the large opening I could see down to the front of the complex where I had just been, only now the straggling zombies were being crushed and ripped apart by sasquatches.

Somehow I knew that even though they were killing the zombies they were my enemy. I looked around the room and saw an RPD on the floor for some reason (I played a lot of COD back then). I felt an incredible sense of urgency, like I had to have the RPD very soon for it would be too late, so I rushed for it. I grabbed the gun, swung it around towards the door and shouldered it, only to find that a sasquatch was standing right at the end of my barrel. Before I could do anything, it grabbed the barrel and swung the gun around with me still attached, and flung me out of the blasted opening in the wall. I fell all the way to the ground and heard a crack, and that's when I woke up.

Kinda unfulfilling, I think.

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bump for dreams

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