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Who else loves her? I know I DO! I have 390 images being dumped!

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inb4 dranon's delite

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you may proceed

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I love her too but I am a little more picky on what I keep

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All my stuff is pretty good. Plus, I have 3 TB worth of space to fill up. Thank god for $99 1TB SATA hard drive sales and a 2 500 gig externals.

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dump or gtfo

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"Hey! Cultist! Where did you put Soth's Manreaper! He has to have it tomorrow! Dranon yelled to cultist. "Mastoor, it ees over there. Whee cleaned it too. Is Mastoor happy now?" she asked. Dranon looks at the table where cultist pointed. There it was, Soth's shining Manreaper.
"Yeah whateve..." Dranon stopped at the middle of sentence, and looked at the Manreaper. It was clean, shining without any diseases, plagues or rot. Cultist had cleaned it so it was completely useless now. "Okay. That's it. I've had enough. Hey asswipe, get your worthless ass here right now!" Cultist ran to Dranon as fast as she could, looking at Dranon with smile that showed all her pointy teeth, like she was expecting for some kind of reward.
"Yes mastoor?" she asked. Dranon gave her stern look, and pulled his half-erected manhoof from his pants. "Its your time to say hello to Dranon junior." Cultist gasped and then blushed. "Whee..." she tried to say but Dranon interrupted her. "We either please Khorne or Slaanesh, I don't care which, so the choice is yours" Dranon said, chainsword in other and dick in other hand. "Slaanesh..." cultist replied submissively.

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To this.

... lulwat

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Welp. Back to lurking for me.

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More like Manraper.

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Hwee lharve hew Culteest-chan

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I can't stand her. We don't need fucking mascots.

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Rule 34 incoming. Because you're all colossal faggots.

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we don't give a shit about your butthurt

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whee harr hadorhable

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I agree, she is adorable.

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postan in a Cultist thread

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drawfaggotry from yesterday

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I don't.

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Yeah, well, you suck.

Go back to sleep.

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She really is her little girl.

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Are these from a webcomic or something, or just the same artist?
If the latter, where dey at?

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I drew this like 4 days ago.

About a billion and 2/3 hours in paint.

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I thought this was just shitty at first, and then I realized she was supposed to look like Woody.

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It's the "meestor" in that strip that cahptchoored mheye heaart fhor thee fhirst ehvar teim.

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No problem.

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Cultists are good meat shields.

That's really their only redeeming quality.

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The one daemonette with Modesty, and she's got the biggest tits.

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