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Which sentient planet would win in a fight?

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Pandora, duh.

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Let's see. Sticks and stones vs longdistance mindrape.

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That one chaos planet where the orks are constantly fighting.

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Longdistance mindrape wouldn't work against Pandora and its inhabitants, obviously. What else they got?

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Is that one on the left from SMAC?
If so then Planet all the way.

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The one that's Green Lantern

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So you're saying that the hivemind planet with large predators would beat the hivemind planet with the small all-devouring swarms that also possess a fear aura?

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Tentacle planet rape

Enjoy your horribly mutated local lifeforms.

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Planet on the left is from Alpha Centauri, fyi. Those are mind worms, scary shit.

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cosmic string disruptors

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One planet has hair usb ports.

The other has a psychic aura of terror and dread, as well as swarms of creatures that can swim, fly, and crawl anywhere on the planet in unending waves.

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Wait, we ARE talking about pre-Landing Alpha Centauri, right? or is it post-Transcendance?

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Hah, good old Blue and Orange contrast.

I see what you did there, OP.

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Planet from Alpha Centauri is also sentient and has all the tech from the uploaded factions

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Let's go with pre landing so the transhumanist/singularity arguments dont start.

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Arrakis would win.

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Optimus prime says hi.

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AC would win, hands down. They're both hiveminds, but small swarms of all-devouring little horrors that can mind-rape you both mentally AND physically will win against anything short of advanced technology. Which the Pandorans already rejected pretty hard.

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Actually guys, I'm pretty sure if the two planets fought, they would just collide and kill all life on both their surfaces regardless of which has a bigger planet.

So I guess whichever has more access to space flight to evacuate the most living creatures from their planets before they collide would technically be the winner.

Pandora has some space ships all over the place or something so they can probably get a couple na'vi off.

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They all eat the same.

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Well, there's your answer OP. Except the Pandorans die in space without technological knowhow. So earth wins.

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either would kick Pandora's ass

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Mmm.. the thought of a na'vi winding up with mindworms invading its braid usb thing and making their way to the delicious brain. I'll be in my bunk.

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Planet has an endemic infrastructure that can only be countered by aggressive technology. The fungus always grows back, but can be temporarily pushed back. With the fungus of course comes the more terrifying defenders of planet, the mind worms, isles of the sea, and locusts.

Pandora has an interdependent ecosystem, and a wide variety of large, savage beasts. They, however, lack technology of any kind, and the fighting style of the denizens largely focuses on turning the planet against intruders. Also, they have not been seen to weaponize fire, the only defense against widespread mindworms.

Moreover, when Pandora's ecosystem takes a large-scale hit, it dies in an appropriately tragic cinematic way. When Planet gets hit by Planetbusters, the fungus inevitably comes back.

Planet wins.

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>Actually guys, I'm pretty sure if the two planets fought, they would just collide and kill all life on both their surfaces regardless of which has a bigger planet.
For some reason I broke out laughing at this little bit of logic.

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This one.

He's got a raygun and he's not afraid to use it.

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Pandora managed to kill off some Marines with semi-fancy toys.

Mindworms can kill hovertanks that fire BLACK HOLES and are armored with FROZEN TIME.

I'm just saying.

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Dude I can see it now, the furry xenos offering their hair link thing to a worm.

then pain

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Also, worms that exist only to make you crap your pants and claw our your eyes in terror, bypassing any technological advantage you may have over them?

I'd say that beats semi-fappable giant blue women.

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Build up your cities, get lifecycle boosts, terraform the land and keep pollution down.

Build enough Locusts of Chiron to darken the skies.

/game, /thread.

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Unicron vs. Pandora

You know you want to see it.

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I wouldn't mind seeing an SMAC movie. The only fear I have is that somebody like Cameron would direct it and turn it into a god awful piece of shit like Avatar.

"Well, it turns out there was all this cool background story but I decided what I really wanted to do was make Pocahontas in SPACE again. Also, Morgan is secretly the devil."

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Man, I would kill to see a romance between a Laser Plasma Sentinel and a boil of mindworms.

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>"Which sentient planet would win in a fight?"

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This. Pic related.

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what planets are these? i cant google cause i dont know what to google for

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Mindworms. Next question?

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Pandora from Avatar and Planet from SMAC.

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Charon aka Planetmind wins, mostly because of the horribly invasive nature of its everything.
Navi attack planet, they get ate by mindworms and nobody really notices.
Planet attacks pandora, lands even a single spore of fungus, and within a year there are spore launchers and mindworms covering the ground in a living carpet of terrifying death.

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I think the really important question here is how xenofungus would react to Pandora's planetmind. Would they get on with each other? Would they align and be best friends? Would there be a bitter struggle to determine who will rule Pandora?

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keep in mind, Planet is shown to be sentient and capable of communication, whereas the hivemind of pandora never says a direct word, and only gets the hint after alot of effort. Planetmind on the other hand goes right out and starts asking if these strange human visitor things are carrying a planetdeath disease that it might need to kill them all to keep from catching.

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Let's throw Ego, Neth the plane that lives, and that green lantern one in there just to make things more interesting

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thanks.. Planet sounds pretty badass.

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Planet is the tyranids

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Galactus wins.

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Xenofungus would do what it always does. infest everything until it dominates the entire surface and then implodes so that the cycle repeats. Remember in SMAC the only reason Planet ever reaches true sentience/sapience/understanding is because you shove all the accrued knowledge of humanity into it through the internet. So Plant wins, but it also sort of loses.

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point, but how much bigger is pandora vrs planet? Enough surface area might allow planet to his enough neural net capacity to awaken to sentience, while having enough room and resources left to sustain it without the sad implosion back down to base instinct.

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Giant toy vs a sentient world?

I'm indifferent.

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They go in to space and use USB-hair on Moon and then aims it at Earth.

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