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Can we get a Cultist-chan thread up in here?

Or is that considered heresy now?

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It's considered shit.

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No one was posting anyway. You had no reason to sage.

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Posting Cultist because SAGE

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Spite bump.

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Cultist white knights get laid by her because she is a camhoe.

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I love you guys.

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She's kind of cute...

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what's wrong with some levity in /tg/?

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Oh really?

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that cant be healthy.

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How about the one strip that made her really popular.

Pic related, that's it.

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Is Cultist giving Nurgette a rasberry or taking a bite out of her?

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I didn't notice the hate until people started to spam her in other threads to troll.

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Cultist-chan is awesome!

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Another one depicting nurgle - as he really is. (I'm serious read the beast of nurgle entry in the chaos daemons codex!)

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Try saying tbthh

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I love this picture.

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That's kind of fucked up.

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Currently 390 pics in my Cultist chan folder...

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No, it's just right.

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Fuck cultist-chan, I remember who our real mascot is.

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Cultist thread you say?

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>Has anyone ever showed you how to punch through a man's chest?
Remind me never to piss off Cultist-chan.

Or a commissar.

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Ohai Squigzog, how you been?

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-4 str. Nothing to worry about. Your rape roll will always exceed hers.

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I have the followup to that.

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Oh just bored as hell.

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Slightly improved version.

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I know exactly how that is. I have to sell my Warhammer army off I'm so fucking broke. Life's fucking sucking atm.

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Shit sucks dude.

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Who dat?

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Agreed. Fucking California economy. Most of my debt is bank fees. Assholes.

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Well hopefully things can only get better. Just hang in there.

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Fuck banks. Fuck them straight to hell.

I have to have $500 in the bank that I cannot ever use, because if my balance goes under $500, I have to pay a "maintainance fee" to keep my account open.

In other words, "Pay us $500 or pay us $10 a month forever". Dicks.

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Yeah, hoping I get this job on monday. Thing is, I'm broke, and my girlfriend and I are going to Disney for 3 days for her senior trip. Shit's gonna be so loss of cash.

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No, I won't stop, Cultist-chan.


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Yeah, somehow, they let the account drop below the minimum balance, of fucking $0, and then they added on about $200+ in fees, then the checks bounced, so that's another $80 in fees added on.

I'm down to like,,, -$287.63 USD...

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Just keep your money in a safe at home.

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Well at least you get to go to Disney.

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You be ugly cultist-chan.

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Well shit, seeing all this cultist has made me want to draw some cultist.

But doing what?


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It'll b porn. Its always porn with cultist these days.

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Yeah, Non-refundable trip. So, there's not really a choice. So, I craigslisted my 3000+ points Chaos army.

I guess I'll have a reason to start up the orks eventually.

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Me a loyal imperial guard arresting Cultist-chan

>> No.10378730

Being outrageously adorable.
I dunno have it involve Orks somehow. I haven't seen one with orks yet.

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Can I have a picture of Cultist in an apron that says "The Secret ingredient is HERESY!" and a chef hat on making waffles? It would go nicely in my drawfag collection.

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Draw Cultist-chan running over guardsmen in a commandeered Lemen Russ.

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Go the fuck back to /v/! /tg/ only likes Daggerfall and Morrowind!

>> No.10378746

Failing at cap-tooring something. Maybe having waffles stolen by a slaughter deamon or somesuch.

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Nah, I don' really do porn.

This sounds tight. It'll be tablet experimentation, But bear with me, I'm still getting th hang of it.

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Sequel picture; Cultist vs. Chairman Kaga, ultimate cookoff!

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Anon, I bless you with my Triforce pizza. As a chef, this'll be my favorite drawfag piece.

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I just had whatever the cute equivalent of an orgasm is. DAMN YOU.

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wat army u selling? got any pics?

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Yes, a daw'gasm, THANK YOU.

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It's going to be a The Purge chaos army, but it's got a lot in it.

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Shitfuck. I misread your request. Sorry.
Anyways, I put the spawn in because it's actually what eats the waffles. Not cultist.

Have some phail

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Hey man, that's fine by me.

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Also; Fukken saved.

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I will be going now. If this thread hasn't 404'd in the morning, I will resurrect it.

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Hey Chaotic Fail, you're getting tits delivered in a bit. Stick around.

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Learn to take a good photo.

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Okay. I'll do a shameless bump until then.

>> No.10379245

fukkin ouch face first into power armour

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Oops, that was for you Fail, not that guy.

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Sorry bro, not gonna happen tonight.

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Looks sorta likr the mechnicus skull. Seems unheretical

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Tits heresy?

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The tits are heretical. She's a Fembot

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But... I follow Gork 'n Mork. Mork moreso.

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Appreciated, but I have already met the breasts I love.

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>Oh really? When?

>> No.10379397

Why suddenly boobs? Did not read thread.

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Who in the history of forever has made a bigger waagh or had the shiniest bitz.

Think about it.

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Good to hear. These are my girlfriends tits.

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Pretty much.

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Not even close.

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Well, she's a champ.

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Glad to hear it.

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Oh and for what it's worth, me and Dranon havent actually stopped planning stuff. We've just both been busy as all shit.

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I miss the Cultist OC.

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Cultist OC?

>> No.10379551

OC = original content

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Well it'll be back

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Every neckbeard down in /tg/ liked Cultist-chan a lot, but the Commissar, who was less popular on /tg/ - did not. The Commissar hated Cultist-chan - the whole Cultist-chan treason. Now, please don't ask why; no one quite knows the reason. It could be, perhaps, that his jock strap was too tight. Or it could be that his hat wasn't screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small. But, whatever the reason, his heart or his cock, he stood there in /tg/, hating the whole lot.

Staring down on /tg/ with a sour, Emperor-loving frown at the warm light-hearted Cultist-chan thread he found. For he knew every neckbeard in /tg/ would be in this thread, clicking until they went to bed.

"And they're fapping!" he snarled with a sneer. "They'll auto-sage her thread, but mine is practically dead!"

Then he growled, with his Commissar fingers nervously drumming. "I MUST find some way to stop her next thread from coming!"

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Good to hear!

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Fucklaw's a shithead

>> No.10380015

"The same could be said of all Servants of the emperor."

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Fuklaw aint shit

>> No.10380513

posting animated version of OP

>> No.10380551

I looked though this thead, and i dont have 4 images out of 80 odd, god i feel dirty.

>> No.10380572

Well I support you Commissar sir! For the Emperor!

>> No.10380613

I am sad that Fuklaw never really stuck, but he had a good run, he did.

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Yeah, yeah he did.

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