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"I thought you were dead."

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They kept that old anti-semite alive? Pull the plug.

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"I don't remember reading this on snopes..."

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"Is that a Golden Toilet?"

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Someone really needs to Terry Schaivo that motherfucker.

I mean, look at him. He doesn't even have any skin left.

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"Well this isn't disturbing at all."

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"I'd quote Dickenson, but you've probably heard 'em all by now."

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"Well, that's not disturbing at all," you mutter. "Somehow, I always assumed you were dead."

Walter Elias Disney's zombified hand rises from the hand rest of his golden throne, and his lich body stands up slowly, the arcane power in his dessicated corpse animating his body in a perverse parody of life. "I wasssss. . ." he hisses. "But. . . a ssssscion of my old friend sssssshould know that deattthhhhhhhh isssss no barrier to one willing to bargain with dark powerssssssss. . ."

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If you think that's disturbing, just wait til you see the REST of 40k.

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so then...... how's undeath?

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Not so much 'bargain' as 'beat senseless & outwit'.

So what can we do for The Walt?

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Squint at him thoughtfully.

"... old friend. The Tiger Lily predicament bondage scene explained at last."

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>on topic bullshit


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Considering we've died twice and gotten better each time, I think we can hear him out.

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This sounds like a line from some Mafia movie.

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Oh, that's not my reaction. That should be the character's reaction. Don't worry about me, I've masturbated to worse.

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We already got the Troll XP, you don't need to give us more.

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"It issss. . . hang on one moment. . . .aaaach" He hocks up a huge loogie, then coughs for a bit, and once he's done, he seems to feel much better. "Sorry about that," he says, the sillibant hissings gone. "Frog in my throat. Anyway, it's okay. Kind of quiet, rather peaceful, in fact. Join me for dinner?"

He gestures to a wall, and three black cloaked figures wearing full face masks and Mickey Mouse ears emerge from the shadows. A long table is brought to you, and plates are placed before you. Another man in a white lab coat emerges from the back room and brings out a large syringe filled with a glowing blue liquid.

"I hope you'll excuse me if I don't dine with you," Disney says. "Nowadays, the dreams and wishes of children are my only sustenance. Now, tell me. . . how is the old mansion? And how is it that the demon that gave my old friend his wealth and power now walks free in my. . . land?"

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That was my intent, yes.

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Summarize the quest so far. Also ask if he actively consumes the dreams and wishes, or if their mere existence fuels him.

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>three black cloaked figures wearing full face masks and Mickey Mouse ears

damn I love Maid Quest

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"I made her an offer she couldn't refuse."



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>Nowadays, the dreams and wishes of children are my only sustenance

".. and THAT explains Brother Bear and the sequels," you mutter quietly. "The mansion was a bit of a fixer-upper, but I've made good progress on that. As for Alica here, our contract has been modified a bit."

Let's keep our cards close to our chest.

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>And how is it that the demon that gave my old friend his wealth and power now walks free in my. . . land
>in my. . . land
>Disney's land
Pic related.

Seriously though: "It's a long, drawn out story."

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Dude, it's fucking Walt Disney. If we can trust anyone, it's him.

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i dont think we should reveal that she is powerless now. say something like you have a contract with her, etc, and that part of it was going to disneyland and trolling her.

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"So you knew my uncle? How did you meet?"

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it's an undead abomination that made a deal with dark powers to come back to life and feeds on the hopes and dreams of children to stay that way

he is in no way shape or form "trustworthy"

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Hey, we don't know that last one. It could just be "having hopes and dreams of children made in his name keeps him alive".

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How did you meet my uncle?

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Disney made a deal with dark powers and didn't know Alicia was depowered.

IE, with different dark powers.

IE, probably with the ones who are hunting us.

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Walt Disney leans back in his chair as he listens to you tell him the bare bones of what happened. "I see," he says, as the blue liquid courses into his withered veins. "When the demoness appeared in my park, I had feared the worst. . . that one of my old friend's descendants had finally decided to take the betray his ancestors and choose personal wealth. I see, however, that you chose. . . a third path."

"He also turned me into this powerless. . . thing," Alicia mutters.

"And yet, my Lady Asmoday," Walt Disney says, as a fine vegetable soup is brought out and served before you, "You seem happier now than you ever did when you reigned in Hell."

Alicia just ducks her head and seems to pay very close attention to her soup.

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that's where the dark powers bit comes in

also, if you've ever been to disney you'd know that more dreams get shattered than actually come true

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File this away until relevant: have Koyomi activate the sectoid deathbot, reprogram it so that it kills demons instead of humans (with Alicia registering as human to it), and program it to be our chef.

Also, file this away: blow one high-risk use of our magic to give Felicia full sentience.

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Fucking bullshit. Did you SEE "Brother Bear?" or any of the other shit Disney has squeezed out in the past ten or fifteen years? They are DESIGNED to lure in the hopes and dreams of children, and then massacre them.

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He all but went "Yo, dawg. I know all about that consorting with demons an' shit just like you. Word."

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"And who did you make your deal with."

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>"You seem happier now than you ever did when you reigned in Hell."
>Alicia just ducks her head and seems to pay very close attention to her soup.

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A casting of detect poison or something should be in order.

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>You seem happier now than you ever did when you reigned in Hell

All origin-story Maximilian angst aside, being a minor queen in Hell is a classic example of the sword of Damocles, if nothing else.

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>Alicia just ducks her head and seems to pay very close attention to her soup.


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> You manage to make your saving throw vs. Snarky Comment.

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damn it, why did I use second.jpg in the other thread. Seconding.

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Spend XP to reroll!

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"So, Mr. Disney, fascinating place you have here. You mind telling me about my uncle? I didn't have much chance to know him."

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ok, new thoughts on why he's here

he knows we're all aware of the magic/coming back to life shit

most people aren't

old walt be lonely

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"And who did you make your deal with?" you ask.

"No one," Walt Disney says, as the servants take away your soup and bring out a delicious waldorf salad. Your magic, by the way, detects no poison. "I simply. . . asked your ancestor. . . for some advice on how one might prolong one's life by adapting demonic techniques to technological ones." He indicates the tubes leading into his back. "The technique is. . . imperfect. . . but it allows me to continue my life's work."

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"Neat... So what do you want with us exactly?"

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*on why we're here

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"A man who appreciates technology, eh? Somehow I always suspected your hand behind Tron. Who else woul have the vision?"

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FFFFHHUUUU- was going to point out a GM typo in an earlier post, but I have been undone by my own device.

Time to start on the bourbon to erase the memory of my sin.

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"Which would be the sucking of dreams and souls of children? Nice renewable energy source. Considered starting up Disney Energy?"

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"Dare I ask what that might be? Aside from trolling Warner Brothers; I'm assuming you were the one who convinced them that Loonatics Unleashed was a good idea.

And are you worried that Steve Jobs is going to try to siphon off your power, now that Pixar basically devoured your company from the inside?"

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Waldorf Salad? I always suspected the old geezer never had any meat on him!


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Have you ever actually seen TRON, or do you just go by what everyone else said? It's basically two good scenes in a pile of filth.

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> 5XP for Sudden Realization. This is the equivalent of an old person asking his young relatives to visit in the nursing home.

Walt Disney chuckles. "I did not know your uncle very well. . . but your great grandfather, I knew him very well indeed. He and I were members of. . . well, that would be telling. Suffice to say, there was a society we both belonged to, secretly."

"It was he who encouraged me to create these parks, these places of arcane power, where the happiness of others is tapped by the mystical architecture of this place, and channeled into my dead body to continue to animate flesh long dead. Although, lately, my needs grow greater. . . I have had to expand overseas as well, to Japan, and Europe as well. Some day, I suppose, even that will be insufficient. Perhaps I will be bored of life at last by then." His withered lips pull back into a smile.

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...do you think that Pixar was trying to tell us something when they made Monsters, Inc?

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Offhandedly mention we MIGHT be able to help out a bit while commenting on the salad.

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Walt Disney does not answer. He simply smiles.

To make a long story short, your lunch with Walt is. . . creepy, but rather dull. If there's nothing else you want to ask him, you can take your leave and go back to enjoying your day at the park.

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"Have you considered the possibility of just transferring your mind into a robot body instead? I mean, you do employ some of the world's best android technicians to make scenery for your rides..."

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Find a way to slip in that we're looking for a chef. Imply we would visit intermittently if he can help.

>> No.10377103

See >>10377056

I'm just wondering what his reaction would be. Maybe we could get Koyomi to hook him up with something better/more efficient?

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Ask if he saw Iron Man 2 yet, and whether he really is Tony Stark's dad.

>> No.10377113

How much magic would it take to poof Walt back into fighting shape?

>> No.10377116


Ask what his life work is?

>> No.10377122


I did. At first, I was like "... what the FUCK am I reading.jpg," but it had a strange way of growing on me. When I first watched it, I was watching alone, but by the halfway point my two roomies had drifted in to take a look and failed to drift away again.

The story was okay, but the visuals were so... unique... that it kind of sucked you into it's weird world. Kind of like Avatar, but more surrealistic. And the actor who played Sarck was fucking BOSS.

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Enough to kill us/drive us mad. The dude's been "dead" since 1966.

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>> No.10377140

Ask him why he put EuroDisney outside of Paris, given that the French aren't so much "happy" as they are "tremendous assholes".

>> No.10377148


This, but don't make like our visiting is contingent on that. The whole thing is whack, but this is MOTHERFUCKING WALT DISNEY. We need to do this again sometime.

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It's a linguistic thing. It was his way of saying that the french were gay.

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Walt simply smiles as the waiters bring you the chilean sea bass on a bed of rice pilaf. "Your aid is appreciated. . . but unnecessary," he says. "We have it all well in hand. . . and your own powers should be husbanded closely."

"Ahh. . . a chef. I have little need of such things. However, if you are happy with the food you were given tonight, I shall give you the use of my own personal chef, for your own."

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Oh good, I wasn't the only person who made that connection.

...and on that note, when we get back to the mansion we're having Koyomi analyze Epcot to see if there's any hidden technological secret encoded in its layout.

Also, I agree that we should ask Walt what his life's work is.

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ask him if he's ever considered dying then just leaving whatever portion of the afterlife he ends up in

it worked for us, twice

he'll if the rest of our life continues like this it'll end up being like a wak in the park

the demons'll even set up a nice guest room for us in the hopes that we won't kill off too many of them when we leave

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>Kind of like Avatar

To this I should add that, in Trons case, the story wasn't exceptional but at least it refrained from knocking you down and teabagging you. That tends to distract you from even the most amazing visuals.

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We left Sam to hire the Chef though, remember? We can't have to chefs, can we? Twins they were?

>> No.10377194

Fuck should say "we can't have two chefs"

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>> No.10377205


>> No.10377209

Let's see who Sam picked out for us, ask for this guy's buisness card though.

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...you know, that's actually a reasonable point. If we can simply walk out of Hell TWICE, then Walt Motherfucking Disney can probably literally waltz out in a complicated musical number, accompanied by woodland creatures.

>> No.10377224

We can have more than one chef. Days off, assistant cheffery, and so on.

>> No.10377225


Smile happily. "Quite, quite, we'd love the Chef."

Note to OP: DO WHATEVER RAILROADING IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS NEW CAST MEMBER AWESOME. Even if he's The Invisible NPC most of the time... oh what the fuck am I saying, it's YOU. It's going to be great, no matter what.

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in b4 IronChef Quest?

>> No.10377232

This. When we get back we can hold an Iron Chef competition to see which one gets to stay.

>> No.10377243


Walter Elias Disney simply shakes his head and smiles. "I think you will find the situation rather more. . .tenable. . . than that."

He waves his hand. . . and, well, look at the pic. :P

>> No.10377247

we're a PC though
it works different for us

>> No.10377255

I'd check and see whether Samantha has anyone yet. If she's still looking, great, if she has someone we don't want to invalidate her efforts.

>> No.10377257


Actually, I didn't see any mention of that in Goshujin-Sama's opening post detailing the maid assignments. And there's no guarantee she'd find proper help in only three days.

tl;dr trust Goshujin-Sama, he'll engineer a situation that is trolltacular and amusing one way or the other.

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>> No.10377263

PFAHAHAHAHA, I fucking love this quest.

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>> No.10377273

"It's not cute enough. I mean, he's adorable, but it's just that... he..."

>> No.10377279

HOLY FUCK A RAT! haha just kidding. C'mere you cute little bugger!

>> No.10377298


...inb4 felicia chasing/eating our new chef

>> No.10377300


So, accept Remy the Rat as your new household chef?

>> No.10377302



... you know what the funny thing is, Goshujin? I was just worrying that this quest wasn't as much fun for you as it was for us tonight, and the GM should always have as much fun as the players.

And then you troll the ever-loving fuck out of us. My worries are washed away. Carry on, sir. carry on.

And I vote we take the rat.

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>> No.10377306


"That would be greatly appreciated."

I was gonna say that with Alicia, not really enjoying our trip so much, we should enjoy it like the insane magical playboy we are. That is start shooting laser guns at random park employees and causing mayhem in general with Alicia holding tightly onto our arm as we rampage through the park. But what with the favor of a personal chef, maybe we should reconsider...

Or at least call Reginald and see if we found a descent chef. If he has then all bets are off and through the park we will ride on the back of a three headed steed.

>> No.10377310

Warn him that we employ a catgirl as a maid. We'll still hire him, but it's probably best if he keep his hat on at all times until either we make her sentient or she learns to recognize him as the one that feeds her, whichever comes first.

>> No.10377312

Fuck yes, we do.

It's on him to get it to the mansion, though.

>> No.10377332

Fuck yes. We can have whoever Sam hired help; any great chef needs a good assistant.

>> No.10377340

>recognize him as the one that feeds her
It's actually probably best she doesn't ever realize this.

>> No.10377342

Yeah while we're giving felicia her well-deserved day of lovin' when we get back we must emphasis that she may only mildly terrorize the new chef. she may not eat him nor drive him to the point that he quits/brings the wrath of walt disney on us.

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>> No.10377347

to be fair, the rat is probably smarter than she is currently

>> No.10377360

heh, that might be funny

>> No.10377361


>> No.10377363


"He's seems like a great guy but there may be personnel conflicts back at the mansion. Your generosity is appreciated but no thank you"

Felecia folks. Although if she eats him does she gain his power?

Suddenly Cat-Chef-Maid!

>> No.10377366


Still me. I still say we should call Reginald and see if we already found a chef.

>> No.10377367

I say we should ask if its ok, because we do have the catgirl.

>> No.10377373

And that's why we're warning him now; he's smart enough that he'll appreciate the advance notice.

>> No.10377374


+1 to KITCHEN!
Kitchen Level is now GOOD (4 of 5)
Quest "HIRE A CHEF" Complete!
+5 XP!


>> No.10377375

Of course, whoever Sam hires will end up being the assistant.

>> No.10377382



When we get home, we'll ask Kyomoi about making Remy a miniature robotic combat sphere. Felica is the least of our worries, given the shit that goes down at that place.

>> No.10377393

Can we still have Sam hire somebody though? As much as the sex scenes are less entertaining than the humour bits, it's in our character to amass many fuck buddies.

>> No.10377400

All right, I'm going to skip ahead to after the lunch. What do you guys want to do in the afternoon? Continue with Magic Kingdom, or go to a different park?

>> No.10377402

here's a thought felicia is actually at genius level intelligence, fully capable of speach and converses reasonably often with the other maids

she has simply convinced them to not let on to us that she does so, and makes nyuu noises as a quite impressive trolling on us

>> No.10377404

Are fa/tg/uys seriously suggesting we NOT accept the generous gift from the God Emperor of Disney?

Receive chef, deal with hilarious catgirl hijinks.

>> No.10377413


Remy is French, remember. There's not much chance he'll back down from ANYTHING. A little too much baggage there.

"For sale, French spatula, never used, dropped once," etc.

>> No.10377422

New park

>> No.10377435



>> No.10377438


First, PLACE THAT CALL TO REGINALD to let him know we're safe.

I vote we do Universal Studios or MGM or whatever that movie magic place is. I think Alica's time on earth predated the best of the cinema age.

>> No.10377448

Have we watched Philharmagic yet? Gone on the Dumbo kiddie ride? We must make sure to treat her like a child where she can't tell us off for it. Voting we do a few little cool-down things first, then head to Hollywood Studios.

If only for the Green Army Men actors.

>> No.10377454

after loving Felicia as to prevent her from dropping to neutral we must emphasize that the rat is the person who feeds her. i she eats the rat she might be happy for a few hours but then she'll get hungry again and no one will feed her. :(

>> No.10377455

That would be quite a troll, indeed. And would warrant kudos considering she hasn't broken character even mid-coitus.

>> No.10377457

link related

as well as other stuff until night

the fireworks at magic kingdom are the best of all the parks

>> No.10377460

Yes, for God's sake, call Reg.

>> No.10377462

We haven't taken Alicia to the Animal Kingdom yet.

...actually, you know what? We'll do Animal Kingdom and Epcot tomorrow (quest time), since Animal Kingdom closes mid-afternoon anyway. Stuff to see at Epcot: Soarin' (god-tier), Honey I Shrunk the Audience (classic), Mission: Space (awesomeness), and take her to dinner at the Moroccan restaurant after wandering through the shops in the various national pavilions (China, Japan and Germany are all especially good for that). Moroccan because it's one of the best restaurants in Disney, and it has belly dancing and live music. Then we watch the fireworks with her.

The last day, we end at Hollywood Studios, because Fantasmic is fucking awesomeness and we want to see it. For the first part of the day, I propose Blizzard Beach. See if Alicia can age herself up just a bit; 15 or 16 should be okay, since IIRC we're only 19.

>> No.10377463

Animal Kingdom!

>> No.10377473

MGM is the better of the two IMHO

>> No.10377482

Damn. You know Disneyworld fairly well.

>> No.10377490



>> No.10377492

If she can age herself up, we should needle her about the belly dancers to see if we can get her to dance herself.

>> No.10377496

also, this

let alicia catch up on all the stuff she's missed while locked away in hell

>> No.10377497

Guys I've never had so much fun on a make believe vacation to disney land...... i love you guys

>> No.10377510


All the trolling, none of the heat/lines!

>> No.10377513

Finish up the Magic Kingdom, then maybe go clubbing at Downtown Disney or something.

We may want to ask Walt if there's something he can give us to show the Disney World staff that Alicia is older than she looks (as in, old enough to get into clubs and such).

>> No.10377534


No worries brah, I'm sure Walt has put out The Word.

>> No.10377535


I second this.

>> No.10377542


Don't need to, Just need to use the Make-A-Wish troll.

>> No.10377555


All right, I'm going to amalgamate the decisions. . .

Long story short, you place the call to Reginald and decide to spend some time to do the kiddy stuff at Magic Kingdom first, then decamp to Epcot for the evening.


- The Dumbo Ride: Alicia declares this "boring as hell," but seems to accept this as a necessary part of the Disney Experience.

- The Teacups: Does not end well. It turns out that in addition to not liking roller coasters, Alicia gets motion sick easily. She winds up feeling queasy on a park bench for about half an hour afterward, and gets quite annoyed with you.

- It's a Small World: Alicia seems to enjoy this the most. . . she gets a bit nostalgic. I guess it reminds her of home. . . or Hell. Or something, I dunno.

- The Autopia: Alicia can't seem to figure this out. She does okay.

- That Buzz Lightyear Ride With the Laser Tag: She gets a score of Zero. You are not encouraged to remind her of this.

>> No.10377568

That was pretty much the point.

I remember things, that's all. Animal Kingdom Lodge is great for dinner, by the by; get there in the afternoon to watch the animals, then eat in one of the restaurants (pretty much top-tier as the Disney Hotel restaurants go, along with Wilderness Lodge). And if we aren't staying there, we might want to be. Aside from the bennies of staying at one of the Disney hotels (like early access to the parks), it's just a really nice hotel. And we have the money to afford it.

>> No.10377573


>bequeathed by undead-golden throne Walt Disney

... I had my sage all ready to go for another quest cancer thread, but I saw the pic of Remy and couldn't help but wonder WTF.

And now I just cannot bring myself to sage. Fuck.

>> No.10377597

I remember being trapped at the small world ride as a child. It was horrifying.

>> No.10377601


So she likes slow rides and singing?

Perhaps something with shooty bits that she will excel at and enjoy?

>> No.10377605

This quest is awesome precisely because it runs on crazy shit like that. And because our DM is willing to bail on elements that get boring.

>> No.10377608

aw man im all nostalgic. i did all of those thing almost to the letter. except i wasnt with hot demon loli... :(

>> No.10377624

Wot, no Philharmagic?

>> No.10377661

> You go to this, but I have no idea WHAT THE FUCK it is, so I have no idea if Alicia would enjoy it or not.

>> No.10377663

I kind of wished you had saged, we could use the experience points.

>> No.10377682


>> No.10377685

3-D show. Donald gets hold of Mickey's Magic Hat and winds up chasing it through all the classic disney movies up to about...Mulan, I think, before he gets his hands on it. Very low-key, very well done.

>> No.10377693


>> No.10377694

it's a 3d musical movie

it's pretty epic

this isn't the movie, but it is the music

>> No.10377707


>OP is not afraid to say "FUCK IT TIME SKIP"

>XP given to spite sagefags

.... holy shit, I'm in.

>> No.10377720


>> No.10377721

> You already got your troll XP for this thread, don't try to game the system.

> Thanks, guys, that picture always makes me laugh like a retarded donkey.

. . . okay. Long story short, you are kicked out about halfway through the showing because Alicia flips out when some 3d effect hits her and tries to rush the stage and tackle an animated tuba.

She is very apologetic about it afterwards.

>> No.10377736

Too bad.

What time is it?

>> No.10377739

So is it about night time now? Head back to the hotel and catch a couple winks.

>> No.10377741

i could actually picture that happening in that show

oh god i lol'd

>> No.10377746


>> No.10377752


By this time it would be getting towards dinner time.

>> No.10377757

> . . . okay. Long story short, you are kicked out about halfway through the showing because Alicia flips out when some 3d effect hits her and tries to rush the stage and tackle an animated tuba.

Okay. I can go with this.

>> No.10377760

Alicia just continues to become more awesome/adorable. I dont think even if she did become demoness of lust ever again i could take her seriously.

>> No.10377765

I think our tsundere loli is reaching critical moe~

>> No.10377767

>Long story short, you are kicked out about halfway through the showing because Alicia flips out when some 3d effect hits her and tries to rush the stage and tackle an animated tuba.

>She is very apologetic about it afterwards.
That is adorable.

>> No.10377778

All right, let's go get something to eat.


>> No.10377779

Lets ask her what she wants unless we can do that Restaurant that some guys were talkin about earlier.

>> No.10377782

Take her to the best dinner we can afford.
Also, is it still day 1 of Disneyworld, or are we on day 2?

>> No.10377792

ask her what kind of food she wants to eat

also, at mgm tomorrow you gotta eat at the 50's prime time cafe

and get her a goddamn chocolate milk, i swear to god they are the best goddamn chocolate milks made on the entire planet

>> No.10377795

It's late into day one.

>> No.10377798

Determine what she's in the mood for it. Acquire it in a fine dining establishment.

>> No.10377806

To the Animal Kingdom Lodge, then!

And even better, the rooms with a view of the savannah come with night-vision goggles so you can watch the nocturnal animals. Not that we necessarily need them, given that we both have magic, but still.

>> No.10377812

I tried to visit that, but we had to go back to the hotel to pack and leave. T_T

>> No.10377819

we aren't going to stick around for the parade and fireworks?

>> No.10377826

What time are the fireworks?

We need to try and get a carriage and watch it with her while riding it.

>> No.10377829

yeah we wanna come back/eat while watching the fireworks

>> No.10377835

Philharmagic. ShakeCam at the beginning, but otherwise good.

>> No.10377836

Yeah, let's catch some quality eats... at a restraunt with tables high enough that she'll need a booster seat.

>> No.10377844

Well, we can. Although one of the nice little tricks that we can do with teleportation is going to see all of the fireworks shows in succession; IIRC, Magic Kingdom's is at seven-ish, Epcot's is at eight, and Hollywood Studios' big show is at nine.

>> No.10377849


This is still Day 1 of your trip. Four fucking threads about taking an imaginary loli to Disneyland. Yeah. It's that kinda Quest.

Alicia shrugs. "Don't really care," she says, as she stretches out. "As long as it's a decent place where I can get a real meal, without an undead guy staring at me the whole time."

"I know just the place," you say. . .

> I have no idea what the menu at this restaurant is like, so I'll assume you guys order something good.

>> No.10377852

oh, damn man, i'm... i'm sorry

you missed out on some of the best food in the place, homecooked style food everywhere, stuff like potroast that melts in your mouth, veggies that aren't cooked to goo

the wait staff acts as if they're relatives in charge of younger cousins, they make you finish what's on your plate or stand holding a sugar packet to the wall with your nose for saying a bad word

they'll ask you what color the soap was in the bathroom if you end up going to make sure you washed your hands

>> No.10377853

This. Eating while watching the fireworks sounds like a plan.

>> No.10377875

Fantastic, go back to the hotel and get started on day two?

>> No.10377876



>> No.10377900

> . . . Okay that sounds awesome as fuck.

And because people are asking about it. . . yes, you can get back just in time to see the fireworks if you cast a teleport spell. 1d6 Stress, 6+ chance of backlash.

>> No.10377902

> they'll ask you what color the soap was in the bathroom if you end up going to make sure you washed your hands

Haha, classy. I actually wandered for ages looking for the place because I was too proud to look at a map, so I get what I deserve.

>> No.10377904

do it

>> No.10377911

Worth it.

>> No.10377915


Use money, make arrangements for the carriage to be at our place of teleport.

>> No.10377920

not worth it

>> No.10377925

I kind of hope we go into super montage mode soon.
Has Disney been paying you?
They have, haven't they.

>> No.10377930

we can always see them tomorrow night

>> No.10377936



>> No.10377939

If we get a backlash over this I rage hard.
So no casting.

>> No.10377940

no, that shit takes forever to go down

>> No.10377942

rolled 2 = 2


>> No.10377945


The first day is always the most memorable.

>> No.10377948

It's African. Some damn good stuff. Plus, of course, we took Alicia out to watch the giraffes, wildebeest and other animals that come pretty much right up to the hotel while we waited for our reservation.

Because I really want to know how she liked the animals. I mean, everybody loves giraffes. They're just awesome.

Just out of curiosity, how badly would it hurt us to use magic to give the Animal Kingdom an actual breeding colony of dinosaurs? Preferably something small and herbivorous, and made by transforming some of the animatronics into real animals a la Pinocchio.

>> No.10377952

Fuck you it's a one-in-six. We're doing this.

>> No.10377958

fuck no the backlash isn't worth it for something that we can watch tomorrow night.

>> No.10377973

it would probably cause us to explode and have our bloody remains reform into a chuthulu cult.

>> No.10377975

that's cause it is awesome as fuck

my family tends to go at the end of august every year, i decided not to go on the past couple of trips because school and cause i'd been there, done that

but this year i decided to go again, since it's been a while and this thread is making me nostalgia so hard for that restaurant

if i lived in the area i'd literally go there just to eat at that restaurant

>> No.10377976

rolled 10 = 10

All right, the vote is tied. . . so here goes. I'll roll 1d10. First post to end in that digit decides it.

Unless it's a troll, then I say fuck it and flip a coin.

>> No.10377986

I would not be horribly opposed to this. Setting down a general outline of things to do (HAVE TO INCLUDE TROLLING PEOPLE. IT'S SOMETHING WE BOTH SEEM TO LOVE) over the next couple of days while actually handling the few major things.

>> No.10377994

No go.

>> No.10377996


>> No.10377999

Yeah, that's my plan for Day 2 and 3. Today's big event was Disney's Golden Throne.

>> No.10378003

do it faggort.

>> No.10378005


>> No.10378015


wait, isn't 6+... BAD?

>> No.10378018

Do eeet.

>> No.10378026

Don't we have another casting outfit/powerset?

Doesn't our loli have magic?

>> No.10378027



>> No.10378035

6+ means I roll 1d6 and if it's a 6, then you get backlash. Higher is less chance of backlash.

>> No.10378039

This thread is now going to enter autosage before we hit that number D:

>> No.10378041

Do it. Teleport to the top of the castle for the best view in the world.

>> No.10378047

a 6 on a d6 means that we fuck up. as opposed to 4+, meaning a 4, 5, or 6 on a d6 means we fuck up.

>> No.10378058

no, 6+ is good

that means you need to get a 6 or more on a d6

also, do it

>> No.10378059

Don't cast the spell.
Also this is kind of a silly way to vote.

>> No.10378060

Sit atop castle under moonlight and stars, veiw pyrotechnics.

>> No.10378062

rolled 1 = 1


Can we just flip a coin for the 'port? Heads (1) = 'Yes' & Tails (2) = 'No'

>> No.10378063

Montage mode is used to gloss over the stuff that isn't interesting.

Things like taking Alicia on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom, or potentially making dinosaurs there with magic, or going to Blizzard Beach with her and seeing how she likes the Summit Plummet (and, of course, what sort of swimsuit she picks), or going to the Moroccan place for an excellent dinner and watching her demonstrate her pride as the Demon Queen of Lust via a belly dance...

Those things are worth a bit more time.

I also think we might want to have Taiga from Toradora as a model for Alicia to imitate appearance-wise, in the sense that she's loli-size but still obviously at least in her mid-teens. We can enjoy everything more if Chris Hansen doesn't start stalking our every move.

>> No.10378072

Let's do something.

>> No.10378076

we have ourselves a winner

>> No.10378078


Inclined to say don't but, if do, do this.

Don't, though. Rest up, recover from our magic usage.

>> No.10378080

Do eet!

>> No.10378092

>Basically the same as my idea
>Except you won.
I'm okay with this.

>> No.10378093

Fuck it, then. Everyone voting says DO EEEET LOL so you do it.

> 2 Stress, no Backlash

After dinner, you wind up teleporting back into the park in order to save travel time. You flash into existence in a small nook behind Cinderella's Castle.

The carriage is waiting for you there, and you wind up watching the fireworks and parade from it.

As you watch the last of the fireworks explode over the park, you see Alicia's face lit up by the scarlet flowers in the night sky. She is quiet, and pensive, and she is biting her lower lip. There are tears on her cheeks. You don't think she realizes it yet.

>> No.10378095

i'm also against sitting on top of the castle though, there are people up there

>> No.10378099

Actually, the best view would probably be from on top of the train station at the entrance to the park, since the show is designed to be watched from the Main Street area. The castle itself would be too close to everything to get the full effect.

>> No.10378107

Covertly lean over. Kiss one of the tears away.

>> No.10378111

hug her close to your side, stay silent

>> No.10378112

> Okay, Retcon because this is awesome: you watch the fireworks from on the castle roof instead.

>> No.10378124

wrap an arm around her and enjoy the show, if she looks at you, smile warmly.

>> No.10378125


Wait until she notices herself, then quietly offer her a clean handkercief to wipe them away with.

>> No.10378136

Give her a hug. In so far as it's possible to make it obviously comforting and non-sexual, do so.

And wipe away her tears with a hand. Then pat her head a bit.

>> No.10378138


This. Then back to the hotel.

>> No.10378140

Sit quietly with her, MAYBE gently putting an arm around her.

This is bound to be one of the few times we can keep our damn mouths shut.

>> No.10378141

Throw a single arm around her and say "I love you."

>> No.10378145

Awww. seconding this.

>> No.10378153

Put an arm around her, wipe the tear away. Look her in the eyes.

"Having fun yet?"

>> No.10378154


You put an arm around her, and Alicia, as if on instinct, leans in close to you and rests your head on her shoulder.

"Have you ever been to Coney Island?" she asks, after a long while, as the fireworks fade away.

"Can't say that I have," you say.

". . . they used to have fireworks there. I went there once, and saw them from the Ferris Wheel. It was a new thing back then. . . the newest and most exciting thing." She sighs and cuddles up to you closely. "It seems so boring compared to what people can do nowadays."

>> No.10378157

I'm going to say that at the hotel, we share a bed with her. And cuddle. No sex, just warmth.

>> No.10378158


>> No.10378166


>> No.10378172

Ask her if she went on the Cyclone.

>> No.10378177

You know, if we brought up the point "I make magic for you..." that it would have a truly profound effect on her, us being mortals and all....

>> No.10378181

Kiss her.

We're on the roof, right? Nobody's around. Perfect romantic opportunity.

>> No.10378182

rolled 2 = 2

Well, I guess we know what we're doing at the end of the third day.

>> No.10378193

"the things we do with them may have changed, but at it's heart it's still the same show you watched on coney island"

>> No.10378203

"Beautiful things are never boring. Especially when you're watching something else beautiful alongside one of them."

>> No.10378204


"Even so, it's a good memory. Boring or not, how you remember it is important."

>> No.10378210

Alicia laughs at that. "Oh, no," she says, sighing. "That was. . . well, it was a little after my time. After. . . well, after I died, I guess."

>> No.10378211




>> No.10378215


>> No.10378218


Too overt. Ruin the mood.


Appendum, put her to bed. Then walk back to yours. Make her ask for us to stay with her that night.

>> No.10378219

Seconding this. It's awesome.

>> No.10378222

"There will always be something newer and more exciting in the future. That doesn't cheapen the past, or what we have now."

>> No.10378233

Not at Disney, sadly, because they don't have a Ferris Wheel.

On the other hand, we do have a different fireworks show to watch every night. Tomorrow night is Epcot's; we can probably conjure up a little boat on the edge of the lagoon to watch it from.

>> No.10378248

This. I LIKE it!

>> No.10378252

bad idea, large amounts of fire

fuckhueg amount of fire

oh shit i'm on fire, fire

>> No.10378268


Erk. Don't comment on that now. It'll spoil the mood. Just keep hugging and watching for now.

>> No.10378281


> "Beautiful things are never boring. Especially when you're watching something else beautiful alongside one of them. I mean, the things we do with them may have changed, but at it's heart it's still the same show you watched on coney island"

She looks up as you try to comfort her. . . her eyes are dark and troubled.

"No," she says. "It's not the same show. It's not the same time. Things have changed." She stands up and walks to the edge of the roof, her Alice in Wonderland dress fluttering in the breeze. "I've changed. I'm from a bygone time. . ."

> "There will always be something newer and more exciting in the future. That doesn't cheapen the past, or what we have now."

Alicia laughs a bit at that, a genuine laugh, and shakes her head. "You're such a sentimental fool," she smirks. "But thanks anyway. For trying, at least."

>> No.10378288

"Any time you want to g, just tell me..."

Also it appears the thread has been archived.

>> No.10378289


Bad Idea. Fire.

Let's sit on top of the Viking or Japanese pavillions; they're pretty huge and give a good view.

>> No.10378306

Do either her or our non-soul-injuring magics allow us to fly?

>> No.10378309

The fire is in the center of the lagoon; our little boat would be on the very edge. Assuming we don't just use our money to screw the rules and acquire seats at the restaurant in the British pavilion; their outdoor seating is supposedly the best spot in the park to see the show from, and is nigh-impossible to get as a result. We only get those seats to sip tea and watch the show, though; we do dinner at Morocco earlier.

>> No.10378313



>> No.10378321

I'm gonna skip ahead now. . .

After the fireworks show, you sneak your way out of the park and back to your hotel room: one of the FUCK HUEG HOLY SHIT suites that hotels have for FUCK RICH people.

As she opens the door to her bedroom, Alicia pauses with one hand on the doorframe. "Good night," she says, pensively. "See you in the morning."

>> No.10378329

Alicia, if no one in the world is ever sentimental then the world would just be cold and dark... this isn't hell unless you make it so, and i have to say, this place is more beautiful than hell...

>> No.10378337

"Do you...want us to stay with you for a while?"

>> No.10378343

Follow her in and tuck her in snugly, before leaving with a quote I leave to other anons due to me being poor at them.

>> No.10378345

"goodnight alicia, i enjoyed spending today with you"

>> No.10378378

Kiss her forehead, wait for response, if you receive none tell her you had a great time, and that you cant wait for tommorrow

>> No.10378383

> Us
We are not plural.

>> No.10378389



>> No.10378397


Hey. She can sense people fucking in the vicinity.

This is Disney. Along with families, it has hundreds of horny couples here on vacation or honeymoon.

She's not going to get a wink of sleep tonight.

>> No.10378401


"Good night," you say. "See you in the morning."

You give her a kiss on the forehead. She closes her eyes and seems to just soak it in for a moment.

Then she goes into her room and closes the door behind her.

After a few minutes, you can hear the shower in her room start running.

>> No.10378414

Don't interrupt.
But do come in after it turns off.

>> No.10378420

Well then, take a show and get ready for tomorrow.

>> No.10378421

Bet you guys twenty dollars she's doing more than showering

>> No.10378427

Well... we just said good night to her. We can't go on interrupting her NOW...

Go to our bed and sleep.

>> No.10378432


Do we have any hearing enhancement spells?

If so, cast and listen intently

>> No.10378446

Wait for it to turn off, enter room, be there holding a towel out for her when she comes out?

>> No.10378447

Yeah, let's do this.

If she, um, could use our help, we'll be there for her.

>> No.10378455

Use magic to fold towel in interesting animal shape, leave on bed.

>> No.10378461

"Couldn't stand to leave you, lovely." would be useful if we don't go with this.

>> No.10378473

second this, but make animal shape out of it.

>> No.10378474

"And yet if it wasn't for that, you wouldn't be here by my side now. I'd say I feel like the luckiest man on Earth, but I don't want you to think I'm ripping off Lou Gehrig."

Ruffle her hair affectionately, then stand up.

"Let's go. I've got two more days to give you a century's worth of happiness, so I think I want to be well-rested before then."

>> No.10378482

If they're anything like the rooms my family had, the towels are already hung in the mouse-ears shape.

>> No.10378489


This. The thing that crosses my mind is that she might be getting intimate with Mr. Razor.

>> No.10378493

Guys. Recon first.

Amp up our hearing and see if she's crying or schlicking in the shower.

>> No.10378496

> +5 Sentimental XP

All right, vote time: be in her room when she comes out of the shower, or no?

>> No.10378502


Leave for own room.

Drink lots of fluids.

Tomorrow morning there will be FURIOUS MASTURBATING!

>> No.10378508


>> No.10378513


I fucking BAAAWED.

>> No.10378515

Yes, but avoid creepy at all costs.

>> No.10378516

Hearing enhancement spells indicate that she is, as far as you can tell, taking a shower. As in washing herself.

>> No.10378525


No. Although dependent on figuring out what she's doing in there first.
If we don't it's a no.

>> No.10378528

Be there, hiding in closet, with towel in hands just in case she asks what i'm doing here.

>> No.10378530

sure, she's tsundering hard

surprise her, make her off balance, she may kick us out, but she won't be able to deny that we're interested

>> No.10378533


Sounds like a bad idea.

>> No.10378534

Go to her room. Might as well keep her company.

>> No.10378535

id say yes but maybe like looking away from the door holding a towel out for her. Say some cheesy one liner like "I just wanted to hear your voice again before i went to sleep"

>> No.10378537

Left unspoken:
> You fucking perverts.

Yes, go to sleep.

>> No.10378538


NO. Let's just loiter attentively on the other side of the door and make sure she DOES get out of the shower.

Fuck that magic shit, empty the complementary drinking glass and apply it to the wall. If she catches us at it, we'll tell the truth- we were listening to make sure she didn't off herself in there.

>> No.10378540

Yes. Preferably asleep in her bed. Leave a note saying "Sorry if it's presumptuous, but I thought you could use some company."

>> No.10378546


Then no, I don't see why we need to be in her room. If she was schlicking, yes, we could troll her, but not if she's just doing normal stuff. Also, keep listening, she isn't done yet!

>> No.10378557

I vote no. We've been nice enough so far. Let's keep it up.

>> No.10378563

also, all you people badgering the GM for minor magic uses that do not require rolls are bad people and have forgotten the face of your uncle. SHAME.

We troll with our heart.

>> No.10378571

why are we passing up potential cuddle/sexing time with our demon loli?

it's like you guys don't even want to lose our virginity for the second time

>> No.10378584

And hers for the third time.

>> No.10378586

He's not writing any more sex scenes. Also, she's a small child.

>> No.10378587

NO to being in her room. We're REDEEMING A LOST SOUL here.

... and fucking her brain out later. NONETHELESS, we rescue first, fuck later. Just like with Kat. Hurfdurf.

>> No.10378588

No. Go to room and sleep. Not perving is combo trolling and raising affection.

>> No.10378591


Because all tropes point to her sneaking into your bed later in the night.

>> No.10378594

> Vote over: "Yes" wins it.

You quietly let yourself into Alicia's room and get a towel from the linen rack. You wait for her to finish her shower and come out.

She emerges with a towel wrapped around her small body and one wrapped around her hair. Strangely, she doesn't seem too surprised to see us.

"So," she sighs, as she sits down on the bed. "Is this the part where you prove that those guys on that pirate ride were right about you after all?" She smirks when she says that, as if remarkably pleased with herself.

>> No.10378607

that one is a valid point

the whole healing thing is not, since that requires emotional contact, though the sexings would be a bit off in that case

>> No.10378608

And that's why I'm saying we go to sleep in her bed, with the note. Because trust me, she doesn't really want to sleep alone with nothing but her memories for company. Not tonight. Tonight is when she needs somebody to just be there.

>> No.10378620

"That's up to you. I was just here to deliver a towel, but it appears they left some in the bathroom."

>> No.10378629

"no, this is where i hold you while we fall asleep, you're too moody to be alone tonight"

"and the guys on the pirate ride were somewhat right about me as well, i am a grade a pervert after al"

>> No.10378634


"Actually I was worried you might be having a nice quiet wrist-slitting party in there, and if I visit Hell one more time I'm going to run up frequent-fucking-flyer miles. Sleep well."

Then leave.

>> No.10378636

Smile back.

"Maybe. Depends on what my 'little sister' wants."

>> No.10378642


/take mask that was hidden behind you and put it on.


>> No.10378647

She is not going to buy that.

>> No.10378656

"No, this is the part where we keep you company until you fall asleep. And after it, if you want us to. For as long as you want us to."

>> No.10378676


"Well," you say. "I was just here to deliver a towel, and maybe stay up with you if you're too damn moody to be alone, but if you want. . ."

"No," Alicia says, a bit chagrined. "That's fine." She stands back up and goes to the hotel dresser, pulling out a set of Minnie Mouse pajamas and heading back into the bathroom. "But if you change your mind about that, the door's not locked," she says, as she closes it behind her.

>> No.10378681

this followed by

>> No.10378682


FFFFFFUUUUUU you guys are corny as fuck. Just sayin. Come on, we're the trolltacular MAID QUESTAN, HELL RAISAN, TROLL FACE-AN HERO. Man the fuck up guys.

>> No.10378687

You should probably stop making the actual quotes plural.

>"No, this is the part where I keep you company until you fall asleep. And after it, if you want me to. For as long as you want me to."
Fixed that for you.

>> No.10378690

>"No, this is the part where I keep you company until you fall asleep. And after it, if you want me to. For as long as you want."


>> No.10378694

We're a Gentleman Asshole. Get it right.

>> No.10378705

>Minnie Mouse pajamas
guess that's not a fetish of mine, odd

>> No.10378718


oh, quite right. My mistake.

>> No.10378726


New Thread

>> No.10378733


VOTE- GO TO SLEEP. We're gonna make her jump OUR bones for a change.

>> No.10378739

I'm okay with this. And yeah, I probably should stop pluralizing the quotes, at least until we link into a hivemind or something.

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