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Ohai there /tg/. I need proof of why Mat Ward sucks. Can you provide?

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>proof of an opinion
Delete this thread and get the fuck out.

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I need the pic of what Ward did to the Mentors.

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Oh look, the sagefags are coming.

Everyone thinks ward sucks.

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>Ultramarines are the best
>Saying blood angels can't be the best but they are second to the best, making BA players rage and everyone else rage
>Various other armies fucked over like necrons getting a complete 180 degree turn on their personality
>Blood angels getting loads of old chaos 3.5 codex rules, no crime there everyone's been doing it

Among other things. Not that it sucks, if future codexes aren't on par with his new codex (I admit the wolf codex can be pretty close or beat it). Then I'll be disappoint.

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The entire Daemons army book for Fantasy.

GW's official line was that it was made more for Eighth Edition than for Seventh, but I choose to believe that Eighth Edition itself was forced into being simply as an attempt to counter Ward's insanity.

Can anyone clarify just how each god's troops can dominate opponents almost effortlessly? I know that Tzeentch armies can get 25 power dice in the Magic phase and Slaanesh armies screw with peoples' Leadership to drive everyone off of the battlefield due to Fear as well as mess with their formation thanks to Siren Song. How do Khorne and Nurgle Daemons wreck everything?

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Bro, if there wasn't already a thread DAMN near identical to the premise of this one, i'd just hide like normal.

You want this thread >>10371955
for your Ward hating needs.


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Go back to bed, Mat.

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His mommy didn't rub his tummy before she put him to bed. He's cranky.

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>God tier: My tastes. Shit tier: Your tastes.

Sure is unwarranted self-importance in here.

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>This is just my pajama

I am wearing my jean

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Multiple people Matt. Go cry somewhere else.

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>Nerby derby doo

De derp de teetly derp

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Not Mat Ward here, there is already a thread, let's fucking talk about something else. Jesus it's a bit of an unhealthy obsession.

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>dont care about ward
>see a thread picture about an interview with him
>"You see Ultramarines are awesome everyone wants to be like them except for flawed chapters like the Ba and Space Wolves who are dying out"


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More like pant on head retarded

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From a hobbyist troll to a professional one:

Shine on, you crazy Ward diamond. Shine on.

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>Someone has an opinion that is different than mine about the fictional backstory of little plastic men.

Sure is reasonable reaction in here.

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>Spend lots of money on a game
>Play it loyally
>Get dicked by ONE writer
>I'm ok with this


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So one writer liking a particular brand of plastic soldier over all the others completely ruins the game for you?

You're the kind of guy who'll ask for a whole new plate of food if the asparagus is undercooked, aren't you?

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Considering he's writing the lore, he could easily take your particular chapter and turn it on it's head.

Any Mentors players out there care to comment?

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/ck/ visitor here.

Undercooked asparagus can, in fact, ruin a meal.

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Lore =/= crunch. You'll have a substantive gripe if he makes Ultras 3 pts/piece for S5 T5 W2, etc.

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Who is this...Matt Ward of which you speak? The only background for the mentors that I know of is in White Dwarf #98

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God, I fucking hate that fluff v. crunch shit. As if people play games entirely for the mechanics, and not, at least in part, because they like the setting and story.

Fluff is as much a part of the gaming experience as anything else. I'd rage too if I played a chapter because I liked their story and had it rewritten into the complete opposite.

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Right here. We got fucking boned. Basically; From the Bro marines to the uber secret secret club.

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pic related.

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The fluff is their property and they can do with it as they like.

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And then we don't buy their overpriced models, because the selling point (fluff) is shit.

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so... does this mean everyone should quit being lazy and make up their own chapters/kults/hives/whatever so Ward can't fuck up their army?

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But they could do so much OTHER shit with it. Things that don't have anything to do with trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

Like advancing the plot.

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I feel for you, bro. I was reading about the Mentors on /tg/ a while back and was actually considering playing them because, in the grim dark of the 41st century, some people are still cool.

Then I heard about the changes and sadfaced.

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So we have a flood of shitty sue marines?

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Not really. There's plenty of reason to follow established fluff. But you can bitch when the writer goes against EVERY previous action an army has ever taken.

See; Necron Blood Angle Teamup

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You'd best be joking, friend.

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if you want that play the ultras. Come on, hasn't /tg/ taught you better than to just come up with more mary sues

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I still play as Bro-marines. Because they're cool like that.

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You'll buy it and you know you will, because you're a GW bitch.


So I'm guessing the "Age of Ending" in 5th Edition doesn't count.

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What about the flesh hypotenuse - successor chaptor of the blood angles?

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rolled 73 = 73

what exactly changed about the Mentors?

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Truth. I got into 40k because I like the grimdark. I know, sue me. Then I chose guard because I like the idea of a tiny island of normalcy floating in this great, vast sea of fucknuts crazyness. Just normal dudes trying to hold their own.

I chose my army 'cause I liked the lore, as I expect many others did.

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Exactly what was stated. They went from a legion that tests new tech and loans out Elite troops. To a legion that doesn't play well with others because, yeah, they're super secret and stuff.

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The Guard lore has changed substantially since their inception. They've gone from conscripts using WWI-style tactics to a fully modern and mobile fighting force.

You're either ignoring points that make your argument sound wrong or you're just an idiot. I'm guessing a bit of Column A and a bit of Column B.

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Khorne basically eats anything in close combat. High strength and high WS units with ward saves and killing blow as core choices can eat other armies' elites and rares for a fraction of the cost, much less their own cores.

Nurgle daemons just NEVER DIE. EVER. If done right, pretty much every model in a Nurgle army can get high toughness, ward saves, AND regeneration!

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I chose SM as my first army thanks to my experience with DoW and the ability to tailor you army in that game, i figured, since my friends play Nids and Orks ill just take SM and add lots of rapid fire weapons

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And then close combat rape came. I lol'd.

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>implying evolving tactics is the same as 180 degree shifts in PURPOSE

...also, when was the last time you heard of guard NOT using trenches and digging in? They're still conscript heavy (see: Whiteshields and Penal Legions) and in many places in the Imperium are still using outdated equipment.

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How the FUCK can the MENTORS be Soopr sekret guys that don't do anything with anyone. That's bullshit.

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In fact, read Straight Silver, by Dan Abnett. Prime example of a HEAVILY outdated guard force.

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Dear lone troll who is defending Mr. Ward,

Games Workshop runs tournaments. One of their armies, the Fantasy Daemons, are vastly superior to other armies and unbalance the entire game. This skews the tournament results and has lost many people a fair amount of money. That's the money side.

Mr. Ward has also written fluff that appears designed to insult and aggrivate the players of certain armies, rather than to expand the setting or the history of said armies. This is a process I'm sure you are intimately familiar with, called trolling.

Many people take his changes to the canon personally because they have put time, money and effort into collecting toys they like, only to have the storyline needlessly changed in order to demean their army to glorify Mr. Ward's favourite toys. I do not think it is unreasonable for us to dislike him.

Then again, you agree with us and are just trolling.

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So you admit there is a substantive gripe to be had about his work on Daemons and therefore a substantive gripe to be had about him. Thanks for playing.

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>Calling you out on taking this game a bit too seriously = defending Matt Ward.

Oooooooooooookay, whatever you say, boyo.

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Thanks for putting it into proper terms Alpharius. I don't speak trollanese.

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legitimate gripe =/= taking game to seriously.

When a company produces an inferior product, its consumers have a right to be somewhat upset and to air their grievences. Do you not agree?

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You're trying way too hard, troll.

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Sadly, one man's gripe is another man's too serious.
As it stands, the fluff shifts are annoying to me, but not too much that it stops me from playing. I just think of them as an officer in the Adeptus Administratum has a grudge. Then go on playing. Me, I'm more annoyed by the overpriced minatures. If it didn't Cost so damn much to play, this probably wouldn't be such a marginalized game.

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So Ultramarines being a little more cock-serviced than they were before- and let's face it, GW had been nothing if not Ultra-cockwhores for a long time now- makes THE ENTIRE GAME an inferior product?

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So are the fucking stat blocks by that logic.

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it Is their property. But that still doesn't mean you can't disagree with them.

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On one hand, as a non-40k player, the whole thing seems rather silly to me. Then again, I realize as a non-consumer, this argument has nothing to do with me and therefore I should try and look at it as a consumer does.

And how would a WH40k consumer look at this? Well, considering that it is a product line that carries with it a HEAVY personal time investiture, personalizing and customizing one's armies, and that it really, honestly is enjoyable to at least the majority of its players.

Then factor in that the fluff can change COMPLETELY on a moment's notice, changing literally everything you like about an individual faction, or even removing them from the game entirely. Oftentimes, it does this because the guy in charge thinks you should've painted your little spacemen blue instead of what color you liked.

I mean, fuck, I LOVE the idea of Squats. Space dwarves on motorbikes? Cool as hell. And I admit, I would've bought them over anything else were I to get into 40k when they existed.

But then, Games Workshop would've told me that I wasn't allowed to play with my favorite toys anymore. Toys that I would have had bought from them, and painstakingly worked on. And then I'd watch as a game I'd have loved for all its crazy, over-the-top high fantasy tropes in space fun would become an ultra-dystopic grimdark abomination that I couldn't even relate to.

So yeah, as consumers, you guys got shafted. Generally when that happens though, consumers stop buying the same product that's been screwing them over. Might I recommend AT-43? Pic related, seems damn near metal enough for you guys.

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No, you might not. Get that weak shit out of here.

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Dude, if you want to continue playing your game where blue spacemen are the best because they're painted blue and the guy in charge has a hard-on for them, I'm not going to argue with you. I'm just suggesting a reasonable alternative with stable fluff.

And how does "Power-armored Buddhist gorillas created for lulz by people on space 4chan" qualify as weak shit?

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Because people here judge it's merits as a game based simply on the fact that it's pre-painted. They've never demoed it or even so much as looked at the rules. Close minded, simple as that.

>> No.10376331

That's silly. It means less shitty unpainted armies to go up against. And can't you buy them unpainted, as well?

Also, I just noticed that the gorilla has an eyepatch. HOLY FUCK HOW IS THIS NOT AWESOME.

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