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You awaken one morning to discover that you have been transformed into Cultist (complete with razormaw and accent).

What do?

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Worship the dark gods.

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The fat one in front of the puzzled skinny one?

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worship the gods of KHAY-OSSSS!

what else?

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Take pictures, sell for heaps to people on /tg/.

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I'm an insane girl with razor teeth?


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Make a shitty What Do thread on 4chan.

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give a blowjob

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Ascend to daemonhood.

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captoohr eet for kay-oss of course.

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And bite it off before climax.

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Whorsheep Kay-oss!

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Repent and worship the God Emperor

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Everyone who doesn't write "become a camwhore on /tg/" is a filthy liar. You will never know the joy of skub.

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Sit around all day, talking out loud and enjoying my byooteeful ac-cent.

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Get on all fours, and have my pet Chaos Spawn fuck me.

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>Worship Slaanesh


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I go find an orthodontist, or someone who can get my razor teeth in check.
I have no problem with Cultist, but... seriously, those teeth, man. Major turn-off.

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Man, seriously? Dat Razormouth is one of the best things.

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>Razor teeth

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Eat, masturbate, sleep.

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Pic very much related

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>Sharp teeth
>Not a turn on


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> Doesn't like razor teeth


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I dunno, lol.

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>>10346054, >>10346025, >>10346097, >>10346100
Okay, let me put it like this - imagine you're Cultist and one of your non-heretic (or heretic, if that's how you swing) friends wants you to go down on them. It would happen eventually; you just know it would, and that friend is not gonna stop until he gets what he asks for.

Razor teeth + oral sex = most painful blowjob ever, followed by a heavy dose of "beat that bitch half to death for not providing".

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More like most orgasmic blowjob ever

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>Implying I wouldn't be a dedicated self-sexual

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>Razor teeth + oral sex = most painful blowjob ever

Masochist here. This only makes me harder.

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It's simple

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Gentle tooth action during oral feels fucking awesome.

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Who's the human nurse in that shot? I recognize everyone else, though I can't remember the shark chick's name off the top of my head...

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It depends on how razormouth she is drawn.

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I think it's just a human nurse verity

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Same as the other nurse just human.

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Look man if CCC can give someone a bj safely then I think I could too

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Locate nearest fire.
Purge self.

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I like to think noise marines have exhausted pretty much everything sex-related. So if a blowjob now tears your dick into pieces, it might actually be kind of an interesting new twist on things, for a while. Aaaaand the novelty just wore off. Oh well, at least she tried.

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Well... I'll probably have to go about getting new forms of ID. I'll need to visit an orthodontist so I can get the teeth fixed... A speech therapist would be nice, too.

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Sharp teeth gently biting/nibbling your shaft would feel amazing, I think. Little nips of pain amidst the pleasure.

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Before I opened this thread I thought "I bet the first answer is shlick" I know you too well /tg/.

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Verity can turn human? Huh.

Anyway, the only thing that'd change is my relationship would be a little awkward... But it's all cunnilingus already anyway.

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Why is there not moar cultist 34?

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Who is the shark girl in that pic?

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A musician from a furry touhou clone.

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Probably because she seems...

Well, there's no other word for it. She seems innocent. HOW CAN A CHAOS CULTIST SEEM INNOCENT? I don't know.

It'd be like rule 34 on Yatsuba.

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-sex up battle bitches

-annoy dranon

-do both at the same time.

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I love those teeth.

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is u a poop sausage wat lulz 5fa628b3bd9e91dd25a83a162304b8e6

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>You awaken one morning to discover that you have been transformed into Cultist (complete with razormaw and accent).
>What do?

Hwee warrship thar emprarr!

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Call mom. Ask why she refuses to speak to us any more.

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wait so cultist has the tzench and nurgle tattoos on her abdomen, the slannesh on the thigh, where is the khorne one?

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Bottom of her foot.

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Bottom of her left foot.

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I always found Cultist one of /tg/'s worst meme's. This just proves it.

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It's 40K inspired, what did you expect?

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>> 10349985
I've seen it on her right thigh...

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>> 10349985
... and bottom of left foot...

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needle teeth

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How joo getting zis numbah?! Verity telling joo to nein ever be kalling her!


Und nein kalling Verity ZAT joo littul abominashun!

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i think ill stick with my flat chompaz

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Bite my tongue and bleed to death/starve to death because I can't chew

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Wish I'd been turned into Ayanami instead.

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Meh, having sharp teeth isn't that bad, and the tongue is a very resilient chunk of muscle that heals pretty fast.

Also, I would row row and fight tha powah.

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