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If there is no god, what is the point in living? If there's no afterlife, the only rational choice is to kill yourself as soon as possible, you won't feel remorse or anything at all anyway.

Feeling nothing > feeling pleasure+pain

It's inevitable anyway, so why not get it over with?

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Just because there is no reason to live, doesn't mean living isn't fun.

Get some friends/drugs/girlfriend/hobbies.

You'll find out that living is quite fun.

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>Feeling nothing > feeling pleasure+pain

Yeah, your math's way off there.

Also, you a troll son.

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>Just because there is no reason to live, doesn't mean living isn't fun.

There's a reason we worhsip Slaanesh here at /tg/.

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Because living is awesome and, since we only get one shot, we may as take advantage of it.

By arguing about religion on /tg/.

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I'm serious, suicide is the only ration choice, you might try to have fun but you will die anyway so why put it off

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feeling pleasure+pain > Feeling nothing

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go back to bed, Nurgle. Slaanesh rules these lands.

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>hurrdedurp im so edgy

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why do you ask when you should do? as in go kill yourself.

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Kill yourself.

Or, make your own fun.

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Goddamn son, you're a fucking imbecile.

I vote we turn this into a Slaanesh thread.

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Slaanesh hijack?

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Moreover, even though there's no inherent "point" to everything does not mean that everything is without purpose. Humans make purposes of their own.

You may say, "well, if it's just a human devising, what does it matter?" To which I may respond, "Oho, it matters to us. And that is all that is required."

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The potential to ever feel anything positive again > Feeling nothing

Your argument is bad, and you should feel bad about it.

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Motion carries. Here's to living, loving and learning!

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I wish to be a bear ;_;

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Of course.

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Sorry OP. This is our thread now.

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You seem sad, OP.

Here, have a burger.

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Feel better, champ

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*A wizzard casts and spell*

You are now a bear.

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Hi guys, can I park on the backyard?
Oh and someone help me unload those "toys" I've brought, will ya?

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Nothing in life is created, nor destroyed. Only changed.

One way or another, I think we'll be okay.

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>If there is no god, what is the point in living? If there's no afterlife, the only rational choice is to kill yourself as soon as possible

How about "not being a tremendous faggot who needs an imaginary friend to tell him what to do lest he feel so lost that he kill himself?"

Religion is a crutch for people who are too weak-minded to make their own fucking meaning in life. OP is a faggot.

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Eh, in reality, everyone has shades of a messiah complex in them. They all think they're destined for something special that is worth staying alive for.

That said, what is the point in killing yourself due to not having a reason to live?

I counter your nihilism with further nihilism.

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... Y-you Know, I n-nEver f-figuRed out w-whAt you'Re suppoSed to be.

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>let's see what's happening on /tg/
>oh they're still responding to atheist trolling

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You may not like it, but thats how we roll motherfucker!

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I think he's an Eldar soul inhabiting the body of a Zoanthrope.

Or something.

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you sir, are a bag full of fail.
An hero now, and leave the world to the rest of us.

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No, just you, furon.

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I can't jack off when I'm dead

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Forgot something

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Speak for yourself.

Personal, it was a huge liberation to know that God does not exist.

I was instantly cured of all kind of fears and anxieties. Because I was utterly afraid of God, and his cold cruel actions.

Better to live in unending uselessness, than to dance to the will of a horrible omnipotent facist autist.

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This is your life, good to the last drop

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... F-faIr enougH.

T-thiS onE h-hAS the gist of i-it.

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Other way around chum. If there's an afterlife, why not enter it right now?

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When the elder gods make their glorious appearance, Dawkins will cry such delicious butthurt tears.

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Isn't OP's thinking more fatalism than nihilism?

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Nurgle here, we will love you, no matter what you do with your life.

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>At the start of all things the Gods shaped the earths and seas, scattered the stars across the heavens and filled the land with life. There was trees and bird and fish and all was ordered, each creature it's place and for a time the Gods ruled over their creation like a child might a doll house, revelling over it's beauty.

But like children in time the Gods grew bored. For all the order there was no life. No change, no evolution or surprise. The wonder faded, the novelty faded and all that was once beautiful became tired and grey.

So the Gods made one more creature. They fashioned him in a strange image, they took away the strengths of his peers. No fur or claws for him. No place in the natural order of things did they make for him. They threw him into the wild alone and unloved. But they gave him one gift. No God's hands could touch him. No God could control his fate. He would make his own destiny, and thus would provide endless entertainment for the watching eyes above.

And so they made Man. And cast him out upon the world.

And in that moment they realised their mistake.

For now there was no need of Gods...

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Such an outlook is only held by those who, up until recently, DID define their life's purpose in the context of God(s) and an afterlife (or still does, and is just trolling). Those who have "moved beyond such silly supersticions" dont hang all our purpose on cloudy-playland-skycity and Ah-Jeyh-usuhs! The mere reality of existence is a wonderful experience compared to none at all, and there are things like the search for knowledge, helping others, enjoying and expanding your pereception of reality, and the satisfaction of realizing that, despite your eventual death, you have made a chance in the world around you.

Just because something is transient doesnt mean it has no worth. It's like asking what the value of a cake is, if it will eventually rot or be eaten, thus ending, without an eternal cake-repository it goes to after it's eaten, where a magic beared man judges how good a cake it was and assigns it a suitable reward based upon it's flavor.

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Hawkins already predicted evil aliens. Pfffffffffff.

Science will always find an answer. As long as people exist... then.

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what's the point in not living?

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as there is no god i will simply live for myself and do the things i enjoy doing.

"god" is for the weak fools that need a reason to live or a greater purpose in life.

i need no god to believe in. i believe in myself.

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Sorry, defeatism is probably closer to it.

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Atheists =! nihilists bro

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Plessed is the Purple Prince!
Pain is pleasure!
Pleasure is pain!
Forbid thyself nothing!

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The floating head of TIM CURRY transfixes you with a terrible energy!

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and personally i find the notion that there is no god a lot more comforting than the "ant farm" alternative.

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The only reason to exist is to destroy.

Burn it all to the ground, that your spawn may do the same when they've reached maturity.
See your enemy driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the women.
Then go home, masturbate and sleep.

That is what is best in life.
That is the /tg/ way.

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Feeling pleasure > feeling nothing or pain
Hedonism, dude. (And not in the gay Epicurus version) You have to maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain. Only people and thing that matters are the ones that make you enjoy yourself. Everyone else can just die.

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>Stay home, masturbate and sleep.
>That is what is best in life.
>That is the /tg/ way.


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Yeah, but where's the role-playing aspect of that?

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"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure." - Marquis de Sade

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Screw those "-isms", it's faggotry.

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You know who felt everything and enjoyed life? Carl Sagan, until you can handle both sides like an adult you will be a poor man's Carl Sagan mr Richard Dawkins, good day sir.

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I hope you don't think Dawkins implied what is said in OP

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Not at all, that was most likely a edgy teen grabbing the closest thing he could relate his generation too, but it still stands, Dawkins is a poor man's Carl Sagan, or rather a impatient version one.

Still i assume OP ran away due to his ADD since the thread didn't yield as much debate as he hoped and produced lovely discussion and image swapping instead.

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Delicious, delicious heresy.

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post more heretic she is so sexy

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Find a reason, Make a reason, Meet a reason.

Everyone always says "afterlife" but tell me, what the fuck's so great about an afterlife? What's the point in being there? You'd either get numbed to the pain from always the same damn torture all the time (the lack of perma-death would take a whooole lot of the fear and feeling of that away) or, what, get to "bask in glory" for eternity? How long before you get suicidally BORED of that? Have you ever thought of that? That's not a fucking reward, and those that think it are fucking deranged.

So that leaves what, reincarnation and 'nothing'? Well, in both those cases (not that ANY afterlife or reincarnation has had evidence: nothing but "this guy tells me that this book told him that this guy said that...") you either want to make the world a nicer place for you to come back to next time, or you want to make the most of your ONLY FUCKING LIFE.

And bloody fucking hell you devout monstrosities: what about your friends, family, and children? and grandchildren? Are you so fucking selfish and concieted that you don't even find meaning in making their future brighter?

Of course you are. That's why you're always claiming that 'without god' you'd do nothing but rape murder and pillage. You fucking sociopaths.

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Please, go on

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yes... yes she was

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If there is no god, what is the point in living in fear? If there's no afterlife, there is no sin, no eternal punishment, you can live beyond remorse.

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I'm all out of Slaanesh I'm afraid.

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You know what, I've never liked this guy. I don't even particularly dislike atheists most of the ones around me are reasonable enough, I don't even mind people disliking or questioning religion, I think it's a worthwhile debate when done well.

Which is it really, the few times I've watched Dawkins debate with religious people trying to get them to defend Intelligent Design (a pretty fucking retarded theory at best) he'll basically just troll the fuck out of them, misrepresenting their argument, not give them the full chance to explain their belief and basically hang themselves as though the viewer is too fucking stupid to know bullshit when he hears it.

He sounds like a fucking reporter asking leading questions, putting words in peoples mouths and purposefully misinterpreting their position to make his agenda look better... but it belittles his argument so much.

It's like he's a representation of all those smug teenage atheists who endlessly attack people for hanging on to superstition as if to smear it in their face they are fucking stupid for wanting to beleive in something higher then a empty universe.

Don't feel obliged to reply though, Slaanesh this shit up, I just wanted to say I think OP's image is a faggot.

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Well I say you shouldn't have a reason to do good other than the sake of it being good.

Anyway, I guess I'll post some Cultist then go to sleep.

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really if there is no afterlife then the life we have NOW is all that matters

and we must live it to the best of our abilities because time is precious, and we have very little of it.

Because of the conception of religion and an afterlife people think that the one gift we are given in this universe is a test, and they live their lives in fear of inadiquecy.

"Until every last brick of every last church is destroyed, how can man be free, for it is more important to have freedom in your life than god."
~God-Emperor of Mankind

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This one is pretty fresh.

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Living is good.

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True freedom is a terrifying thing to behold, not everyone is strong enough for it.

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You know what? I have faith in the world.

Not in religion, not in a particular cosmology, but in this reality. This place. This beautiful, horrible world, full of wonder and terror and joy and pain. The magnificent movement of the celestial spheres (or, at least, spheroids), the tiny brilliance of a single organism, the vast web of interconnecting lives that create a single coincidence, the song of all the world's sounds.

I may die. I may cease to exist. I may discorporate into nothingness, fade away, and be utterly forgotten as all who knew me are, in turn, forgotten.

But I won't go until I make this world a better place. I'm going to live and fight and die for that and that alone. Because this world is mine, and I love it.

Live well. Make the world better. Give 'em hell. This is what is good in life.

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/tg/ - idiot philosophy

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its something I tried and failed on....

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This thread now... Why you do this?!

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Troll, if there isn't any point in living, there isn't really any point in killing yourself either.

So hell trollson, you'll die soon enough anyway, might as well put if off for a while.

>> No.10343826

because between birth and death there is Now. And there is so much fun to be had Now.

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Good thing I'm not a rational entity, I'm a Human, and I enjoy cuddles and games and achieving things.

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MORE heretic

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Chill out and enjoy the image spam.

>> No.10343867

God would be a feeble creature indeed if his world stopped spinning as soon as he withdrew his hand. The life is worth living by itself. That the life is obviously superior spent in prayer does not qualify your statement.

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I'm gonna assume you're a newfriend so here's a link.


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I am somehow irked by how unlikely the angle they are pressing their breasts together at is.

Seriously, what the fuck is going on with Cultist-chan's right breast?

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all previous species were like :
eat sleep reproduce
and now the dumb humans are like
what is the purpose of life

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Well it's already too late, so I'm off to bed.

Keep on rollin' /tg/.

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After you.

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Why would you wanna die if you can have some fun on earth?

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Belief in an afterlife/reincarnation is far from not caring about this one.

As for the rest I don't know if it is something you can get bored of /numbed to since I am not there and neither are you, also stop trying to re-rail.

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