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This is to all the singles and virgins out there.

Why aren't you trying to get involved with someone? What is preventing you from doing anything to get out of your current status?

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My last girlfriend died, that's what.
Maybe this is just the overprotective part of me talking, but I don't particularly want to open myself up to possibly experience that again.

...and now I'm depressed. Thanks, OP.

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Well, while I'm technically a single/virgin, I'm involved with someone long-distance that I plan to visit next summer and have much tender sexings with.

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After my divorce I decided that I wasn't going to get into another relationship until I was in a better position myself.

Thanks for caring, though.

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Which board am I on again...

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I don't like me.

I don't like other people.

Few people interest me enough for me to stomach them. I much prefer books - they don't fumble with conversation often and generally the topics are of my choosing.

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I just don't feel the need and never really have.

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Currently going through college, later university, and working a job. I've been in relationships before, and I've enjoyed them- But working at a fast-food place, I've also seen what a relationship can do to your life if you take it on too early.

I want to become financially stable and independent first, so that if I get in a relationship and something happens to my partner, or they end up being a money leech, I'm not going to end up flipping Big Macs until I die paying off debt.

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I'm mostly asexual and don't think I'll be interested in a serious relationship until I'm at least 30 years old. I want my life to myself, for now

Perhaps I just haven't met the right someone to get my juices flowing yet, though~

Either way, your line of questioning inherently assumes that being single is something you should want to "get out of." For the time being, I'm quite content with living my life for myself and no one else, thank you

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Me, is that you?

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godamnit i just left /adv/ cause of these threads

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Well, the girl I was with disappeared mysteriously. But I hold on every day and hope that she'll come back to me. Pathetic, I know.

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What is this doing on my /tg/


Fucking summerfags

grumble grumble

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What is preventing me from getting involved?

A particular girl I've known for 4 years has stolen my heart.

And for the past 4 years, the rest of the US and the Pacific Ocean have prevented me from getting to her.
That and finances.

Sort of sucks, but I'm working on getting to her.

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oh look, it's that thread again

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dont care

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bold tags don't work on /tg/

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Stop replying to this thread guys, you're feeding the problem and making it worse.

>implying bbcode works here the same way as whatever faggot-ass forum you came from

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No motivation at all. And I dont mean in the "wah I'm depressed" way, I just haven't found reason to try.

I dont know, maybe if I was more confident I'd go for it as it wouldn't be so much effort. I guess it's a combination of everything about my life, really.

At any rate, it doesn't particularly bother me.

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Get this shit off this board

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Another sage for good luck

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My standards are too high, and I tend to go for unreliable/cunt girls.

So there are multiple girls I've slept with who I would never go out with, and a few girls I've slept with who don't want to take it further who I actually like.

I feel like I occupy this weird place where there aren't girls on my level. I either punch above or below my weight. Actually, there are some girls that are what I would consider neither above or below, but they tend to be absolutely fucking batshit insane.

pic related.

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More of that delightful looking racoon

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World weary-ness.

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I literally don't know anyone. And breaking out of that, without help of friends which I don't have, is really fucking hard...

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Small town, most girls are dumb bitches here, or just not datable if nice due to incompatibility.

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I only have shithouse facebook.

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Low self-esteem and a tendency to freeze up during intimate moments

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I haven't felt and overwhelming need to make an effort yet. I know quite a few females, and could certainly get a girlfriend if I put my mind to it.

I'm fine how I am, however. If i find someone that I do feel exceptionally attracted to, I'll go for it. For now, however, I don't need a woman to define who I am.

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Asexual, bro. Though I did like dating, it wasn't better than hanging out with a good friend and didn't have the awkward, "why do you never want sex am I not good enough" thing attached.

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That's a pretty good one, actually. It's self reinforcing.

You're going to need to break it yourself. Trust me, nobody is coming to the rescue. I know this from experience.

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Are you kidding? In the two semesters since I told the girl of my dreams off for accusing me of bullshit while she acted like a skank; my grades have never been better! Hell, last fall I made Dean's List!

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Single, but not a virgin.

Trying to lose some weight and get in better shape before I chase some tail I can actually see myself spending time with, instead of settling for 200+ fatties.

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Oh, I know that. But there's not much I can do without, you know, becoming "that creepy dude from the library" or similar. Post college age=no real opportunities to make friends anymore.

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Currently dating Taiwanese royalty, Like, she's the daughter of the entire Taiwanese military.

She's a sweet girl but she's CLINGY as hell. Calls my multiple times a day when she's got nothing to talk about. She's also extremely sensitive, if I don't eat whatever bizzare dish she tries to make she'll break down into tears.

On the plus side, she cleans my apartment and takes it in the butt. So I'm pretty content.

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Not /tg/ related.

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>Post college age=no real opportunities to make friends anymore.


It's kind of disturbing when you realize the concrete has effectively set. Good luck, though. It's all over for me.

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currently at home, not worth the hassle of finding that rare chick that likes D&D, WoW, and MtG, doesn't care I have "casual" status at my job, and doesn't care that I still live at home (reason I tell myself is it saves a shitton of cash).

That, and I'm moving across the country in a few months, so on top of all of that, I'd have to either leave her/get left by her or assfuck my plans to a degree and bring her along.

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I honestly don't mind, given that I'm a pretty huge misanthrope, but the lack of a social network to support you has an incredibly huge effect on your professional life. Especially if you're in a more esoteric field that isn't just the standard "go to office 9-5 do your job go home" bullshit.

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Because I know that I will not be in a relationship with anyone that i meet in high school and I'm not fucktardidly stupid to want or to think I would want to be with anyone I know in high school.

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Look on the bright side virgins, at least your first shag wasn't this

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This is how some people function. We're not all social butterflies.

Then again, I'm sure you figured that out by now.

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the last girl I dated was chaotic evil. Literally psychotic.

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Chaotic Evil =/= psychotic

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and the second, dressed up without realising she looks like the fucking joker

a lying, holier than thou blank personality boredomhole who i got inexplicably attached to. fuck that for a laugh.

this is all related by the way, since it will help explain why i fucking hate women.

and yes, I can probably out nerd most of you guys on a lot of stuff, so dont go calling me a normalfag

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- I don't frequent places where attractive women hang out.

- I can't be arsed to lose thirty pounds, I get lots of exercise at work but not even lust for women can get me to improve my eating habits.

- My first attempts had a long way to go before they could even be considered epic failures, so now I don't try.

Yes, I sad.

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Because I live in the boonies and rotten fish vagina from toothless, unbathing hillbillies isn't attractive at all.

I'd rather be celibate than take that, sorry. I have standards.

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Nah but by the time they get around to it the girl's going to either be a pro or just be the kind and take it like she has the last thousand times.

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Fourth. She was great, apart from being a cheating slut. I knew that though. When I was going out with joker I dumped her for this one.

She was the best. Super insanely rich family.

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Two words: monastic lifestyle. Being barely able to afford rent and food, much less go into the city and meet people my own age, instead I work, I study, I exercise.

I've eyed a couple of pretty coworkers, but I have rules and I abide by them. No workplace romance.

>I want to become financially stable and independent first...

This is perhaps most accurate. Too poor to go out and seek someone. That being said, I am in no way celibate, avoiding masturbation, or averse to the opportunity should it arise.

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i want to be with you right now

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Nothing stopping me. Does that bother you?

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You guys who are bitching about not being in college anymore, you do know you could take a few classes that interest you like art or more english

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You're probably not a catch yourself.

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sorry, third.

well, i guess its the fourth. there was one before the camera holding girl but that was barely penetration and i dont even know her second name (co-worker who got drunk at my house).

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'Cause I can't be arsed to get off the computer or put down the cards. And all the places one normally goes to hook up with women are all infested with women I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Or are packed with dudes looking for the same thing.

And I'm shy. .___.

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low self-esteem
terrible self-image
lack of money
embarrassment at my situation

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>but that was barely penetration
So you blew a load just as you were putting it in?


She has a fucking story to tell the rest of her life.

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I know.

I can carry a conversation, my hair is amazing, and I have good hygiene, though, so it's not like I'm the average fatbeard.

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>I'm a piece of shit who would rather be an emo shit and wallow it in then get better. I'll blame the symptoms that seem like they aren't my fault.
It'll save you a lot time in the future.

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Yeah, because the creepy old guy totally gets all the chicks.

>> No.10331412

Gotta start somewhere.

Start cleaning yourself up. It helps.

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>>10331394 I'll blame the symptoms that seem like they aren't my fault.

False, I'm fully aware that they are mostly my fault.

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How do you get up the willpower to fix the fact that you have no willpower?


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Well it depends on how old, or you try something at a Community college where you have more returning middle aged students and what not.

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terrible lesson in not getting drunk too early

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Sixth. Went out with her.

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I'm not going to continue. The lesson is.

Don't fucking worry about sex or girlfriends. They are meaningless distractions that will ruin your achievements in life.

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>ruin your achievements

He he

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I am sure everyone here has friends. I just...do not feel comfortable being myself around mine, I have to act my part. I suppose it is selfish, but how can I take care of someone when I cannot even sort myself out? I just have to work on that...

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Hang out in hotel bar room, you might get snatched by a horny cougar business woman looking for one night.
If she didn't want it she would have stayed in her room and shlicked.

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>>10331496 ruin your achievements in life.
>implying I'm going to achieve anything in my life

Thanks for trying bro.

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What is this doing on the front page

Cultist-chan is displeased

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I can tell you've never done it and you're just parroting the bullshit empty "advice" given on the internet that has shit to do with how the real world works.

Not dissing you, most people do that, but try to have some empathy.

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They will. I'm a musician. Not a particularly good one but good enough to play to crowds and have people consider themselves fans of my music.

All girlfriends have ever done is make my music suffer by being in the way. You end up giving them (and you should) a ton of your time and thoughts when they could be going towards your life's work.

Even if that work is painting a star of heavies.

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>parroting the bullshit empty "advice" given on the internet
>try to have some empathy.

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>He still believes he's going to accomplish something in life!

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I was actually acting snoody toward the concept of anyone here doing anything useful.

Hell I'll probably wind up in the service and then getting turned into hamburger by the machine.

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Because while I'm charming, sociable, and have no problems in social situations or superficial charm, I have crippling issues with intimacy, trust, and my own self worth that I hide behind superficial glibness.

Lately I've been accepting that unless I accept that the way I'm doing things is hurting me, so I really don't know what I'm doing, and can't judge romantic circumstances properly. And that if I keep doing what I'm doing, it won't change So I've been working on making closer friends and slowly figuring out where my weaknesses are and improving on them. I don't really worry about romance, because I know I'm not ready for it.

When I like someone and they like me, I'll work with that. But until I know I can be open and honest with someone and not hide my problems and self from them, I'm not worrying about love too much.

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bitch please. i was in a signed band at 16. they sucked, but how many people can say that?

you CAN do something with your life. it will take a long time and a lot of work but you can do it.

>> No.10331613

That Idea is probably better than hookers.

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>He thinks he wasn't just lucky and didn't whore out to the right people!

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>you CAN do something with your life


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Sure is a gangbang of whining in here

Take it to /r9k/ guys

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I'm going to finish my list because I've had an extremely shitty day and it makes me feel better for a reason unknown to me.

The one who's -not- passed out. seventh.

I was at that party though.

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Women are worthless, and none have come along to prove me wrong.

When one does, I'll change my thoughts on the matter. I'm still waiting though.

Friends, sure. Love? Doesn't exist for me, and never will.

I've said my piece. Sage for 'take this shit to /r9k/'

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So it's nice to know so many women are ready to say they don't love you?

>> No.10331661

Bitches man, bitches.

I am dating a girl right now. We have been together for almost 2 years and I thoroughly enjoy being around her. Very chill, plays vidjas, smokes weed, similar sense of humor, and generally fun. A little high maintenance at times but still great.

My last girlfriend is crazy, no two ways about it. She thought her closet was haunted, she thought this one rock she had was holding the spirit of a volcano god (I wish I was kidding, I really do), very paranoid about her health (had the advice nurse on speed dial), and I was unable to take her out in public because she gets freaked out in crowds.

My first girlfriend is a slut and a compulsive liar. She gets around, in many different social circles. I'm so thankful I didn't get some disease from her.

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this entire thread and this is the only person who actually accepts they have a problem and need to fix it.

the rest are just lists of excuses.

>> No.10331684


Uh...no, I accept that I have a problem and need to fix it as well, I just lack the willpower to do so.

>> No.10331689


Recently, the other way around.

I posted 9 first. 'racoon'.

10 is a hambeast to define hambeasts. she shall remain unpictured.

thanks for putting up with my self indulgent crap.

>> No.10331694

Sage. In every field.

Go read some Twilight, romancefags.

>> No.10331696

>need to fix it

Need. Every time someone implies I "need" to do something they remind me of an anchorperson on TV assuring me that the weather will be clear.

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Because i don't need other people to be happy. just a web connection, a bed, and copious booze.

>> No.10331711


I'm fully aware of that fact thank you very much.

>> No.10331716


My problem is lack of willpower, which I've said earlier is a self-sustaining problem. The only advice I've gotten is "cocaine".

>> No.10331725

well one would assume that if it bothers them, it is a problem in need of fixing. perhaps the problem is not getting women, but the desire to get a woman. or that one gets a woman rather than a mutual arrangement. or the getting of women as being seen as a requirement of being a happy person, rather than an actual desire to be with a specific someone. or it could be they just need to learn they deserve to be loved too. or they just need to learn how to talk to girls they don't know and the rest falls into place.

but if it bothers you, it is a problem and you need to fix it or else it'll come back to bite you.

>> No.10331733

I've never found a guy who is just happy to be with me. It's like they're always trying to prove they're assertive by insisting we go out places and do things.

I just want someone to cuddle with ._.

>> No.10331741

Long encounters with people make me feel like a cheap failure who as I really have to try to engage people. I can talk and such but if I slip I revert to an obvious "I don't give a shit about what you are saying" nature and I know that's rude so I don't. I've tried to date a few times but I have no spark and it's what I said above only worse as it's suppose to be more intimate and I'm suppose to care more right? I don't even feel anything going home and being around parents, though I can do better as they seemingly rattle on more subjects rather than engage me so I can just sit there.

I'm honestly emotionally broken and socially non existent. If I didn't have negative reactions to how I make people feel I'm pretty sure I'd be a sociopath.

>> No.10331744

>or it could be they just need to learn they deserve to be loved too

Sure is unjustifiably inflated sense of ego in here

"Deserve to be loved?" Don't make me laugh.

>> No.10331754

Then find another gay guy who likes to cuddle. Jesus man, it ain't hard.

>> No.10331765

If not a troll. They're insecure and afraid you'll get bored of being around just them, as they don't see their company as good enough to be around them. It has to be Them and Doing Something, or else they feel like you won't want them around.

It's a pretty basic self-worth issue. They feel the need to attatch themselves to something interesting because they aren't themselves. (In their own minds at least)

>> No.10331776


>implying I am a gay male

>> No.10331792

>implying a woman, no matter how disgusting, can't always find spoon-bait someplace. lrn2vagina

also, gay male. you are one.

>> No.10331793

Sure. They have as much right as any other human being to be loved and love another. That doesn't mean people have to love them, it doesn't mean they're entitled to love. But it could be when they like someone and someone likes them, they assume out of self-loathing rather than fact that they aren't worthy of being loved and sabotage things or just let them fall apart.

>> No.10331822


That's not a right, it's a privilege

>> No.10331854

Sure is /r9k/ in here.

I'm a virgin (and yes, I'm male) and I think this is all bullshit. Just like chicks are pressured to be "pure", we're pressured to want sex at every turn. So am I fucking doing it wrong if I'm waiting for a girl I'm actually in love with? And it's not a Jesus thing for me or anything; that religious pressure to not want sex until you're married in your little suburban house is just as oppressive as the advertisers that manipulate your sex drive for their own nefarious commercial purposes. Fuck that. Refuse to be manipulated, guys. Not by OP, not by the music videos with the dancin' honeys, not by the church, not by nobody.

22, going into grad school in the fall in a faraway state if not across the border in Canada, so it'd be silly for me to try to strike up a relationship now anyways.

Of the two girls I've found myself attracted to recently, one's a classmate I only really started talking to towards the end of the semester, and I'm kicking myself for that. Hmong girl, real sporty, finishing up undergrad and going into pharmacy school; fairly deep voice and intimidating demeanor for a girl, but honestly I kinda like that. I'm pretty sure if I was a woman I'd be the stupid one that falls for bad boys all the time; it's that kind of thing. Pretty sure she's not interested in me. I'm the only white dude in the Hmong class, so I'm mostly a bit of a curiosity to everyone.

The other is our SR table's razorgirl's player. She's from a bordertown in Minnesota's North Woods, 1/4 Ojibwe, but basically white; slightly chubby, but wears it pretty well. Just finished up an English major. Big into the video games, former /ck/ user. Serious workaholic, though, which makes her a bit hard to really feel like you're emotionally connecting with sometimes. We've been besties for years now, though, so it was a bit weird realizing when she came back from a study abroad in England that I'm attracted to her.

>> No.10331859

I've been in a similar position to you man. I can assure you I did a lot of research, and took to psychology academically. I'm 26 right now and I'm in a research lab, though it's no big deal. So I'll let you in on a secret.

You've probably got trust and emotional issues that are hiding as other issues. I don't give a shit about most people either, and I realized that part of it was that I had a pretty good idea of who I liked and who I didn't...

But the other was that I wasn't willing to care about them. To trust my emotions would be worth exposing to them and wouldn't hurt me. And even more so, any sense of attatchment or reliance on them.

I think you should consider that you don't let yourself care. Not on a conscious level, but after years of building up those defenses and reactions, they've seamlessly ingrained themselves in a way you can only really get at by examining the situations.

>> No.10331860

hurr durr

>> No.10331864

10 women guy, you don't seem like you are a normal fag, you are abnormal in the opposite way as us.

>> No.10331879


None of you fucks here deserve to be in a relationship. You have to fucking earn it.

And none of you fucks are going to do any of the steps needed to do this, you're going to whine and bitch how a perfect relationship suited to your needs hasn't fallen in your lap. The few of you who had one and the other didn't die(or find out is a crack head) or had her reveal she'll fuck anything that comes along, you fucked up and lost it. Relationships are piss easy to keep as long as you aren't a total douche like the majority of you guys are. For all your nice guy bitching you're the most shallow and demanding group of self serving bastards there is.

>> No.10331889

You have the right to be loved is as much of a right as the right to bear arms or the right to free speech.

Whether or not you exercise that right is another thing. What I'm trying to say is that while no one can say you can't love and be loved, no one has to love you either.

>> No.10331896

Actaully he's about right if a bit low, you just don't phantom the average number of relationships a guy usually has. A women would have had 3 times that though.

>> No.10331901


Self-deprecate at every turn
<Advice Anon>
I don't realize how bad a person I am

>> No.10331902


Just not on my list of priorities currently. I will deal with it when I must.

>> No.10331903

>Fuck that. Refuse to be manipulated, guys. Not by OP, not by the music videos with the dancin' honeys, not by the church, not by nobody.
And falling into personal cognitive biases is better? Too many idiots on 4chan trying to be SO EDGY by rejecting TEH MAINSTREAM.

>> No.10331930

>implying finding love isn't just luck of the draw anyway, no matter if you're suave or stunted

>> No.10331944


Man, they may be cognitive biases but at least they're MY cognitive biases.

>> No.10331983

Relationships are work.

It takes work to start one and it takes work to keep one going.

I find that most people who complain about being single list off things that make it hard for them to get one, most of which are stupid reasons. "I'm shy, I am socially awkward, blah blah blah". If you really wish to stop being single, stop fucking complaining and do something about it.

Nut up and talk to them. Be proactive. Ask them out.

>> No.10331994

Because I'm:

A) Lazy
B) A Hermit
C) Possessing of flawless masturbational technique

When I find a woman who is kind and clever and gorgeous, I'll give her a go. Till then, I'll build up my library and go hiking.

>> No.10331997

>Nut up and talk to them. Be proactive. Ask them out.

Doesn't work, because shy and socially awkward.

>> No.10331999

Edgy people make me giggle

>> No.10332004

>>10331983 If you really wish to stop being single, stop fucking complaining and do something about it.
>pretending it's as simple as "just do it"

>> No.10332011


Is that supposed to say "fathom"? Or is the sleep deprivation getting to me?

>> No.10332013

Totally agree with this. We often forget that our own perceptions of the world are flawed, often coloured by our current mood and life situation, and are subject to change at the slightest whim of fate.

You seem like you've done exactly what any virgin does. Justify their virginity and rationalize it out. Which is fine. Being a virgin is no big deal. I'm a virgin. No one can tell I'm a virgin, and I never really think about it.

But you need to accept like I've had too, and most people have too, that we've created behaviour patterns and perceptions which keep us virgins. Our behaviour is what keeps us as such, not the outside world and not other people.

Which is also comforting. Because as I really look at myself, I see how I fuck myself over. The things I tell myself, the worries I have. And I'm starting to realize that I could have been laid years ago. It's just that I'm unwilling to do certain things that would lead to it. Either because I'm afraid or because I lack the skills to get them done.

You wanna know the best thing you can do? Honestly? If it bugs you that much? If you've got friends who aren't social retards, be open and honest with them about your problems and ask for their help. See a psychologist if you must. But a lot of the time, if you haven't figured it out by yourself by now, you need to talk to people.

Most people are a lot more understanding than you think. They don't shirk at the information, but the responsability of dealing with the information.

>> No.10332040

And you know how you get rid of those traits? Take some steps towards having social skills. Make small talk with people. It can be about stupid shit, as long as it is engaging for all parties, be it about world politics or the differences of quality of fast food fries.

>> No.10332042

>I could have been laid years ago

Yeah... keep telling yourself that, sport.

>> No.10332045

Then you don't want it faggot. You effectively are sitting at home with a grocers store around the corner, some pans in the kitchen, and instead of getting up and walking down there to get some eggs for an omelet you whine that you don't have one. DO THE LEG WORK OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

>> No.10332056

Sage. Again.

>> No.10332062

I'm not saying it is easy, it is work. That was the point of the post. If you aren't willing to work for the girl you like, you will probably not get her to date you.

>> No.10332067


>> No.10332084

I know 'skills' is ambigious, but I'll give some examples. A skill in this example could be

...knowing how to dress yourself in a way that makes you look good
...knowing how to read body language and inflection well enough to understand when someone is actually interested in you. (A lot of nerds don't notice because they're too busy worrying about people being interested in them)
...knowing how to think out rejection and move past it. (Asking people out isn't hard, having a successful strategy for realizing it's no big deal is)
...being able to reason out whether or not it was you or the situation. You've got to remember that in western civilization, we tend to attribute everything to the person and not the environment. They could be late for class, have gotten in a fight, be depressed and so forth.

But there are a lot of small skills like these that most anti-social people need to pick up. A particular skill I've been working on is realizing that I have attractive qualities. I have unattractive ones too, but I need to accept there are attractive ones too.

So the skill I'm learning here is how to notice and emphasize those.

>> No.10332086


>> No.10332087

STFU sagers. If you dislike this thread so much, hide it. I am enjoying venting frustration.

>> No.10332090

Hey, what was wrong with 8?

>> No.10332092


Not the guy you're responding to, but I actually could have, there was a hot chick in high school who wanted to fuck me (I have no idea why) and to this day I kick myself for not going for it.

>> No.10332099

This thread proves that most of /tg/ aren't real men.

A man shouldn't need a woman to define or validate him. He should be happy whilst single, not bawwwing about how ronery he is.

>> No.10332100

Then take it to /r9k/, where everybody knows your pain, and they're always glad you came.

Sage. Every field.

>> No.10332110

Lives at a 90 degree angle

>> No.10332112


Go and vent your frustration on /r9k/ where they thrive on this kind of shit.

This board is for discussing Warhams, Touhou and DeeanDee.

>> No.10332115


I hate it when women do that.

>> No.10332122

I could have. If I'd been willing to sleep with girls I wasn't attracted too, or willing to put aside my ego and just do it, or willing to hire a prostitute or willing to put myself out on blind faith.

but because I'm unwilling to take those steps and do what it takes to get laid, I haven't gotten laid. But I fully accept my own actions got me there.

Of course, you're right. I only really figured this out recently, so I probably couldn't have earlier.

>> No.10332124

And furries, and movies, and vidjas, and fetishes, and music, and art, and politics, and just about everything else.

>> No.10332129

There's a no real Scotsman fallacy here isn't there?

>> No.10332139

Goddamn it I lol'd

>> No.10332153

Kinda, but not really. I'm more stating that they aren't men at all. That is to say, that they have yet to mature.

>> No.10332160

Here's one for you: Why should I try to change my single status?

>> No.10332173

I just don't care.

>> No.10332239

>I just don't care.
Yet you post.

>> No.10332254

If you aren't satisfied with being single. If you are happy single, good for you, seriously. Bet your life is a lot simpler than mine, and I am a little jealous. Personally, I am a lot happier when I am dating someone, at least when the girl isn't psycho. I get lonely when I am single lol.

If you are happy being single, has it easy.
If you are happy in a relationship, got some work ahead of you.
If you are only happy when you are having sex with 10 girls at the same time, better find a way to make lots and lots of money.

>> No.10332259


Forgot your sage.

>> No.10332263

OP asked and I answered.

>> No.10332277

You're immature not a special snow flake, man the fuck up and be yourself.

>> No.10332282


Edgyfag here. I know it's my behavior keeping me a virgin, and I'm ok with that. I guess my point is, why this fixation on not being one? Like, I really could have had sex at this point if I'd wanted to. Several opportunities stick out in my mind, from a couple girls I friendzoned (including one gorgeous but completely insane 18 year old stalker I had when I was fifteen; honestly, she was hot as hell and I was definitely attracted to her, but I knew she was bad news and to this day I feel like I dodged a bullet) to a couple girls I friendzoned (which makes the situation with the razorgirl an odd reversal for me) to the Saigon brothel I stumbled into when I was lost in Cholon last May (pretty much alone in the city for an academic conference, it was an adventure, hehe; I just thought it was a cafe and I wanted something to drink to beat the heat. Imagine my surprise). So I really do feel like it's been choices I've made, and I'm ultimately content with those choices.

What I take exception to is people acting like I've failed as a man somehow if they figure out that I'm a virgin. It's fundamentally judgmental; it's just the other side of the coin from calling nonvirgin girls sluts, you know? I don't feel like a failure, but I'm being judged as one, often by guys who spent the last four years drinking and playing Smash Bros in their parents' basements while I went out and did four years of undergrad. Wasn't it Inara Serra who said sex doesn't make you a man? That scene's coming to mind right now.

>> No.10332295

The girl I want still likes her ex and her ex still likes her because he's hyper-competitive and his friend likes her.

We'd be fucking great together, but she has issues that I'm finding more and more about. So I'm in between girls to pursue at the moment.

>> No.10332318
File: 115 KB, 550x413, 1270263970482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anyways, I don't feel like I'm the problem here. I'm happy, lead a well balanced life with a lot of friends, just graduated, moving up in the world. I think it's these societal expectations of me that are the real problem here. Honestly, I don't even get much shit about my lack of a love life in person anyways, because most of my friends are female (including most of my Shadowrun table), and they don't do all the machismo teasing crap. So I think you're really misjudging how I feel about this.

Pic not terribly related.

>> No.10332327

It's all about communication and wiliness to be intimate with another person. We're a very social species and you're skipped a stage of communication and self realization. It's like you're still talking like a kid and expect others to not call you out on it. Grow up, get over yourself, and maybe maybe you can be something other then an antisocial leech on society.

>> No.10332365

I am myself, I know who I am. It just so happens that I am incredibly insecure about things all the time, though I feel I do a damn good job at not letting it get in the way of enjoying life. Having someone who I know cares about me helps me be happy. Hell, just thinking about my girlfriend is putting a smile on my face. If you are telling me that I need to grow up and stop being like this, I'd rather stay a child.

>> No.10332378

>because most of my friends are female (including most of my Shadowrun table)

How on earth do you play Shadowrun with a bunch of girls? They're incapable of comprehending anthing to do with computers, let alone play in a cyberpunk setting.

I fail to see how this could possibly work.

>> No.10332379

It's not really important to me.
I've got friends, that's all the companionship I really need.

>> No.10332383

>all the virgins
Oh good.

>> No.10332397

>maybe maybe you can be something other then an antisocial leech on society.

You heard it here first; not having a girlfriend makes you an antisocial leech on society

You fuckers are even worse than benefit fraudsters

>> No.10332399

Because I have a tiny penis. When I show it to girls they laugh.....

>> No.10332442

Mostly because you avoid it whole sale. Do you know how fucking easy it is to get laid? It's not rocket science nor does it actually cost you a lot of money. Your avoiding it because you're a fucking child who refuses to grow up.

>> No.10332477
File: 6 KB, 150x145, geoffrey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't wanna grow up
I'm a Toys'R'Us kid,
There's a million toys
At Toys'R'Us
That I can play with.
From bikes to trains to video games
It's the biggest toy store there is (Gee Whiz)
I don't wanna grow up
Because maybe if I did
I couldn't be a Toys R Us kid

>> No.10332478

>implying it is easy to get laid
>implying any girl would have sex with the sort of person who visits 4chan rather than fucking the captain of the soccer team, etc

>> No.10332494

You demand we engage in sexual activity even though you refer to it as "getting laid", as if it weren't supposed to be special and intimate.

>> No.10332498

Soccer? Who the fuck gives a shit about soccer?

>> No.10332523

Do you prefer "Making Love?"

Me and my girlfriend have never "Made Love". Its just not our thing. We both enjoy a nice fuck, or maybe even a shag

>> No.10332532


Honestly, some of them are better techies than I am. But we tend towards the magical end of the spectrum anyways in our characters. And thematically the punk stuff gets hammered home pretty well; we're a bunch of liberal arts majors, so the themes that get dealt with, the corporate control and class warfare (my pet point of struggle, considering I grew up with my dad as a UAW worker), the indigenous issues, the environmental angle, they're things we think and talk about anyways. Our shaman volunteers every weekend at Planned Parenthood, the razorgirl at the local American Indian Center, etc. So it's kind of a natural fit for us as a game in that regard; it thematically hits home a lot more than "We must purge the realm of subhuman goblins!" (colonialist/racist much?)

They were all people I knew beforehand anyways, but only three had done tabletop before. The other three were LJ-RP vets (one of whom's really blossomed as a player, participates to the fullest). So it's not like I got together a group of mostly women by complete chance; it was an existing group of friends, for the most part.

>> No.10332533

Fuck that shit I'm on rubik's cube team,

>> No.10332539

Everyone has their preferences. It's not your place to call people out on theirs so long as it only affects them.

>> No.10332552

Pussy, Mathletes for the win

>> No.10332567

No fuck you group X for the win. I went to ARML bitch.
How do you feel about suicide?

>> No.10332572

Making love just sounds too.....sappy for me. My girlfriend agrees. We joke around too much for sappy shit like that.

>> No.10332586

That's just too much bother. Also FUKKEN SAGE for this shitty thread again.

>> No.10332587

Emo kids ruined suicide for the rest of us

>> No.10332592


Edgyfag again here. Note the emphasis on "society". I'm leeching off society by being single? Seriously? Long as you aren't a creepy predator or whatever, how the fuck is it society's business who you go to bed with?

I'm glad at least one other person here gets this.


And yeah, I share this attitude.

>> No.10332601

Yeah motherfucker me and my old lady make HATE. We fucking RAGE ATTACK each other's genitals. I will destroy her in this eternal war.

>> No.10332610

>affects one person
You know how much shit has to go on after someone kills themselves? The police have to get involve, the relatives have to do funeral arrangements after someone killed themselves, then bills try to land on kin and all sorts of shit happens to the people around the loser who offed themselves.

>> No.10332612


This being /tg/, I'm half inclined to take this at face value..

>> No.10332627


I don't think taboo and repression are the ways to deal with it.

>> No.10332656

Lol, if you have a girl who will go along with that, you got a keeper. Me and my girlfriend have come to an agreement that the relationship is a game. Whoever dumps the other first loses, and the one who gets dumped wins. If I win I get this fucking awesome blanket of hers, if she wins she gets a Mario Galaxy Coin and a GTAV Statue of Liberty of mine.
The problem is that we are now stuck together because we hate losing.

>> No.10332658
File: 55 KB, 534x637, I'm fine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10332666

>Witholding cock
>affects one person
Waaaaaah the cops have to look at a dead booooodyyyyyyyy.
I am the imperial guard she is nids. I will blast her away at first but in the end all will be consumed. She will outlast me and my spastic efforts will diminish and cease eventually.

>> No.10332668

Just start beating her, she'll dump you or you have a whipped person at your beckon call.

>> No.10332676

I don't need a girlfriend to validate my existence, although I would not mind having one.

I have a lot more important shit to deal with first (getting a job, getting in shape, catching up for lost maturity and development from familial crises).

I screwed up the last 2-3 chances I had at getting laid, but it gave me wisdom so I don't mess it up again.

Quite frankly I'd rather find some friends whom I don't feel like I'm brought along when I am around but never sought out, like I'm on a periphery. I had to transfer university from the one all my friends were at, and it feels like while they keep in contact with one another I've fallen from grace. Though that seems to be the way with other people who transferred too.

And I'm generally just like my grandfather, a more reclusive person.

>> No.10332681

Good man.

>> No.10332692

Lol, possibly. She said that if all else fails, she is going to start fucking everybody while holding out on me.

>> No.10332694

>Implying I was that other person
I was just commenting on the shit that goes on around a person that kills themselves. There is an investigation, cleaning (cops don't do that it's on your own buck), and finances to take care of. If you honestly want to fuck with your family off yourself, they'll have months of utter shit to deal with for your last action.

>> No.10332697

Yeah you know you've reached the pinnacle of relationships when you get turned on by the phrase "protracted trench warfare"

>> No.10332699

>And I'm generally just like my grandfather, a more reclusive person.
He got laid, why can't you?

>> No.10332720

Nigga you talkin' crazy. I was just pointing out that using finite deleterious effects as a justification for living your life wrongly is dumb balls.

>> No.10332725

I've had a recent breakup that was a decent-sized blow to my ego. I've only gotten over it enough to get back on the playing field a few days ago, and it usually takes me a couple weeks.

>> No.10332728

I am incredibly lucky with my girlfriend. She is actually attracted to nerds and nerdy things.

>> No.10332730


Because he was a fucking badass motherfucker.

Grew up poor, went to Princeston and got looked down on by those douche bags and fought the ghnazis, and then met an omgwtf hot German woman who used to work radios for the ghnazis.

So wake me up when the nazis return from space and I'll make him proud. But nah you raise a valid point, but he was just a hell of a lot more a manly man than I, and that is why!

>> No.10332743

God damnit /tg/, why do you always bite for this shit?

Just take it away to /r9k/ and bawww about being ronery there.

>> No.10332746

>Implying he got laid

>> No.10332756

Lol, you think saging works

>> No.10332786

Sage merely allows me to post without bumping the thread. Reporting is a whole different thing.

>> No.10332789

I got my share of girlfriends befor - it were all nice and steady, when we were done dating no one had hard feelings about that. Then one girl whom i realy loved and were engaged to betrayed me in realy ugly manner. So i lost my trust in women and dont fell like dating anyone. Maybe later.

>> No.10332803

Because we want to. We like to discuss an kind of shit. Being trolled is our hobby.

>> No.10332806

The percentage of women who are is a lot higher than is commonly portrayed, and even moreso than the number that admit it or as of yet realize it. The thing is, they find passions cute, but creepiness gets you nowhere.

You have a group of friends that likes to come up with stories while playing a game. As long as you stay in her comfort zone with that stuff, you're golden. It makes you look intelligent, creative, and more interesting for having a traditionally nerdy and socially unpopular hobby and not being repulsive or some kind of obsessed crazy person.

>> No.10332811

Because I haven't fallen in love with anyone in a couple of years

>> No.10332823
File: 108 KB, 400x439, MM35_PG248a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trolls ARE /tg/ related after all

>> No.10332835

Low Cha.

>> No.10332839

You require love before you date someone? In my experience, you love someone after dating for a bit.

>> No.10332852

Yeah, its also because she is a little nerdy ass well. She is also childish in a good way

>> No.10332875

holy shit man, that's like...deep!!!

>> No.10332884
File: 135 KB, 383x566, 1274636682095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>212 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

I am disappoint, /tg/

>> No.10332885

I'm tired, I'll do it later, perhaps.

>> No.10332889

Internet people are too cowardly to lie in person for personal gain so instead they lie on the internet for personal amusement.

>> No.10332891

Like the ocean boy, like the ocean

>> No.10332922

Nigga I got this shit covered. No need to add to the cluster-fuck.

>> No.10332923

Why? We knew it was a troll thread and used it as a way to explore the communal marital status of our collective, discuss our viewpoints and come to a better understanding of the community we interact with.

>> No.10332927

I'm to high right now to be angry, but I do have have something to say.

Trolls make the internet more amusing and entertaining than sagefags

>> No.10332934

There's already a thread like this that isn't a troll thread.

>> No.10332950

Well, we are in this one. Go to the other one if you don't like us here. Is the existence of this thread harming you in any real way?

>> No.10332959

Really? I didn't see it.

Oh well, unimportant. We're here, if you don't like the discussion start your own and we'll go there if it's interesting. How the world works bro.

>> No.10332974
File: 52 KB, 640x480, IT SPINS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Simple minds are amused by noisemakers. That doesn't make them less annoying than aristotle.

>> No.10332999

Why do you wish to remove the entertainment of others? Is it because you believe in censorship?

>> No.10333028

No I am just trying to encourage you to go somewhere else while insulting your intelligence.

>> No.10333057

You do a poor job.

>> No.10333162

:( why you gotta be like that?

>> No.10333195
File: 71 KB, 684x1100, 1271733363947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not lonely at all.

I enjoyed living in my mother's basement for the past year. It's exactly where I saw myself at this stage in my life.

>> No.10333210

Asexuality, OP. I'm not interested in other people sexually, which is the main drive to leap headfirst into relationships. I'm currently working on college, and if something comes up, so be it.

>> No.10333231

Ah fuck I guess you were right. I can never stop people from coming here.

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