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Just need to get this online real quick.

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Biker Mice from Mars?

>> No.10327043

The fuck is that?

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Quick, post the human version of Chemrat

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...Ride free, Citizen?


Looks like Savlar-Chan furry style.

I'm sticking with the Biker Mice from Mars theory, though.

>> No.10327089

Why not just link to dammit then? it's where it's from and it's still up i think

>> No.10327094

It's a mouse pyro. Red team... I hate red team

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That's Chemrat. New here guys?

>> No.10327189

Chem-rat's pretty much the Pyro, Engineer, and Demoguy rolled into one.

>> No.10327227

>nobody knows about chem-rat
>my face

>> No.10327254

Is that such a bad thing? It was just shitty trolling and avatar-fagging.

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U mad?

>> No.10327310

So why's Verity hot under the collar for a rat in a gas mask again?

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How does that even fucking work.

>> No.10327391

Fucking love

How does it work?

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How does love work?

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Trolling new people with avatarfaggotry pictures is kinda ok I guess. It was both surprising and disturbing when some new person posted a Golden Neckbeard pic as a reaction face....

>> No.10327409

It's summer, /tg/ is filled with newfags. Is this any surprise?

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Fuckin' furries, how do they work?

>> No.10327467

Not really. Chemrat is one of the non-retarded trollplayers, from what I've seen. The people who ruin it are that thread-hearding cowboy newfag idiot and that other guy whose name I can't even remember. Something assassin.
I enjoy watching it; if others don't, they can perhaps politely sage (even though it doesn't do anything) and then hide the thread.

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Like this.

>> No.10327489


Fuckin' niggers, how do they work?

Hint: they don't

>> No.10327491

>non-retarded trollplayers

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> Newfag

Oh look, yet another one. Get out.

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Still looks like a shitty furry rip of Savlar-chan.

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Chem-rat > Chem-chan

>> No.10327584

Fuck yeah, Tim Curry!

>> No.10327810

I wonder what she smells like.

>> No.10327912


Chemrat? I always imagined not unlike a soldering gun after use. Like, burning, and bit electrical under taste to it.

>> No.10327915

Probably like what a giant rat that never showers would smell like.

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>>10327915 Implication rats are filthy creatures

Never had a pet rat, huh?

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Had a bunch of them that lived up in my attic before I went in and killed most with a hammer and then poison. Does that count?

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