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Touhou is for pedophiles

If you disagree you're wrong

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Implying i give a damn.

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sure is /tg/

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Touhou is for pedophiles.

Mostly lolis. There's plenty of people fapping away to Touhou porn.

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>>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/ >>>/jp/

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delicious pedophilia

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click on link
first thread I see "What are the top 5 things you look for in a waifu"

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Jack Bauer is /tg/ related too, then.

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12 year olds like you make me laugh

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touhou thread?

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i agree, and sadly im friends with a few people who practically breath touhou instead of oxygen...

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I must agree since I like touhou and I'm also a pedophile. None of my friends are pedophiles and none of them like touhou.

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One of my player's has his d20 modern PC based off Jack, so yeah, he's related.

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That's not even Touhou!

THIS is Touhou.

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>lol u mad xD

Cool substantive rebuttal, bro.

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>When you put it that way I see where you are coming from.jpg
Actually those characters are from School Rumble.

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But how does she fly when her wings are not attached to her body?

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How it generally works is that since /tg/ has no mods, we essentially have a democratically run board. Someone posts something, and if it's not liked it either drops off, or gets flamed/trolled to oblivion.

Tohou is a part of /tg/ because plenty of people like it, work it into /tg/ related things, and it's ingrained into our 'culture'. It's not just one or two people forcing it, Tohou has been here for a fucking long time. Not to mention the Tohou tabletop rpg that /tg/ made, the 3.5/4e stats for the characters, the fact that Gensokyo is used as a setting by a bunch of people, and whatnot.

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>implying that was a rebuttal

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Touhou has
-Several P&P games based off the setting
-A card game
-Is a fantasy setting that can be referenced for use in P&P games

If that doesn't make it /tg/ related then things that /tg/ discusses at length like Dune, the Lovecraft mythos, Discworld, and others which while inspiring traditional games are not traditional games in and of themselves are not /tg/ related either

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Somebody is getting it right.

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But we can't put forward a rebuttal!

It'd be wrong.

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Touhou is

-for pedos

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touhou is /tg/

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>too stupid to see that wasn't a rebuttal
you're a dense cocksucker aren't you?

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Touhou as a setting is gay jap shit

Touhou as a shooting game on very hard difficulty is a fun time-killer.

Anyone who disagrees needs to stop worshiping glorious Nippon

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>Implying EVERYTHING isn't flamed trolled to oblivion

Also, the rest of this thread will eventually turn into a heated troll discussion of whether or not thought crimes should be punished

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Don't even give me that.

Touhou exists on /tg/ because weeaboos rallied around Touhoufag and his overblown, highfalutin English tomes on minmaxed 4rry characters.

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Wait wait wait wait

Touhou is for everyone, including /tg/.

There! That doesn't explicitly disagree with the OP so therefore is a legitimate statement.

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>Touhou is for pedophiles

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Touhou was being posted at length on /tg/ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNGGG before Touhoufag OR 4th edition appeared

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A lot of things that ARE /tg/ related are at least two of those, so Toohoo fits right in!

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You know why the /jp/ board was made right? Because it's a place for touhou lovers to go, so you can be with people who actually understand it's cultural significance or relativity.

Consider this the only nice "get the fuck out" you're going to receive. Moot made /jp/ so you could post touhou there, go read about the creation of that board.

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We don't want to hear about your latent racism. So any points you try and make are going to fail.

GOOD one.

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You realize "weeaboo" is a rediculous term and essentially means nothing, right? Also, Tohou on /tg/ predates Tohoufag, so that's not it.

Not to mention, using terms such as "4rry" are not exactly a good way to make yourself look intelligent in a discussion.

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Before even /jp/ was created.

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Perhaps I was wrong! Looks like it'll be 300+ posts of
"No john, you are the Weeaboo lololol!"

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>Consider this the only nice "get the fuck out" you're going to receive.
You are a collection of words on an anonymous message board. You can not threaten people. Anyone actually threatened by such a display most likely has trouble telling where the internet ends and reality begins.

Also, what about back when moot was watching over the board recently? He personally banned people, and deleted threads. The targets? Furry threads. The tohou threads and other normal /tg/ material were left alone entirely.

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And Moot has since made /lit/ for the same reason with books

Yet I don't see you in Lovecraft, Discworld, Starship Troopers, and Dune threads screaming at people to "Go BACK TO /lit/!"

And I could give less of a fuck about the "cultural significance or relativity" of Touhou beyond its ability to be an inspiration for setting/character/plot in Traditional fucking games.

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Ok, thread dumper's here, no need to post here anymore~

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Oh my god , I just went there for the first time

I shall never say that /tg/ has a shit frontpage

2 tripfag threads
what are the top five things you look for in a waifu?
If you could get raped by a touhou, which one would it be?
and even a thread about the spam

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>Oh no something I don't like is being posted on the internet

They made the 4chan filter for a reason, guys

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This is a strange thread...
We have one or two people who hate touhou for dumb reasons, multiple people explaining how touhou is part of /tg/'s culture and then a guy who is running the default settings of the basic xchan dumper to post Nazi pics.

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what are you trying to get at OP?

That's like stating dungeons and dragons is for NERDS.

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"w" + "b" - "b" + "w" + "a" - "a" + "w" + "i" - "i" + "." + "y" - "y" + "a" + "v" - "v" + "n" + "m" - "m" + "o" + "b" - "b" + "n" + "f" - "f" + "t" + "f" - "f" + "a" + "h" - "h" + "l" + "k" - "k" + "k" + "n" - "n" + "." + "u" - "u" + "s" + "c" - "c" + "e" + "a" - "a"

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So? That was before he made the /jp/ board because people on /a/ and /tg/ both said Touhou is not related to either of them.

They are right, thus the /jp/ board was made.

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are you trying to imply that there is something wrong with liking little girls?

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When /tg/ actually discusses touhou fluff (not meta threads started by trolls like this one), they are much MUCH better than the arguing and shit that goes on in /jp/.

Also, it's pretty rare for /tg/ to have more than one touhou thread going at the same time.

The only advantage of /jp/ is that most of them know how to hide shit and use wordfilters. Most of /tg/ hasn't figured this out yet.

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this thread needs some CHARISMA

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>multiple people explaining how touhou is part of /tg/'s culture

I hate it when cancer tries to pretend it belongs.

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something about monster eyes man, dem fucking eyes

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>So? That was before he made the /jp/ board
No, this was like... 2 months ago or so.

/jp/ is about Japanese culture discussion. /tg/ talks about the setting and such for Tohou, nothing to do with Japan.

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go back to /b/, your kind is not welcome here

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>X is cancer

and then Anon was cancer.

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and shut up

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can't complain about her tastes.

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Why so pic related?

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No, Remilia, NO!

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Grab her butt and squeeze it!

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/jp/ is so funny. I was there when they had a super srs argument about the comparative strength of moon bunny-girls and the american military of the 1960s.

Everyone knows the moon bunnies would easily win, after all.

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I know which one I'd pick. Gotta have the one with the most CHARISMA

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"w" + "u" - "u" + "w" + "n" - "n" + "w" + "y" - "y" + "." + "n" - "n" + "a" + "h" - "h" + "n" + "v" - "v" + "o" + "v" - "v" + "n" + "y" - "y" + "t" + "n" - "n" + "a" + "n" - "n" + "l" + "c" - "c" + "k" + "g" - "g" + "." + "x" - "x" + "s" + "v" - "v" + "e" + "u" - "u"

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never forget ;_;

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though you are overestimating the power of those bunnies.

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"w" + "l" - "l" + "w" + "r" - "r" + "w" + "z" - "z" + "." + "p" - "p" + "a" + "u" - "u" + "n" + "p" - "p" + "o" + "i" - "i" + "n" + "p" - "p" + "t" + "o" - "o" + "a" + "v" - "v" + "l" + "r" - "r" + "k" + "y" - "y" + "." + "u" - "u" + "s" + "b" - "b" + "e" + "k" - "k"

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Touhou loli, best loli.

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"w" + "q" - "q" + "w" + "u" - "u" + "w" + "e" - "e" + "." + "q" - "q" + "a" + "d" - "d" + "n" + "s" - "s" + "o" + "x" - "x" + "n" + "m" - "m" + "t" + "k" - "k" + "a" + "v" - "v" + "l" + "g" - "g" + "k" + "d" - "d" + "." + "i" - "i" + "s" + "h" - "h" + "e" + "p" - "p"

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The Second Lunar Incursion of 1969, duh.

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dem chains man, dem chains.

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>> No.10323632

Nitori's figure is hotly contested in fanart, she can go from loli to boob monster depending on who draws her, though it seems she's commonly drawn short.

>> No.10323645

I am a pedophile and I don't like touhou. Tyrian is so much better.

>> No.10323652

I demand nazi touhou.

>> No.10323657

Shiki has some controversial dimensions too.

>> No.10323667

Patchy too.

I think out of the three Marisa Options Alice is the only one with a vaguely constant breast size.

>> No.10323687


can do.

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>> No.10323736


I like how Patchouli fan artists can't decide on her bust, but seem to unanimously agree she has DAT ASS.

>> No.10323758

The reason for Patchy is that she's wearing that baggy dress so she could be totally flat to HH to somewhere in between.

>> No.10323761


It warms my heart that Japan doesn't really feel very bad about their actions during the war.

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>> No.10323802

It's called foreshortening. It isn't so much of her having a big ass.

>> No.10323812

Scarlet Devil Mansion gets ALL the best fanart crossovers.

>> No.10323830



>> No.10323834

Meiling is all about dat ass.

>> No.10323842


Touhou...proving once again it has a picture for anything...

>> No.10323860


>> No.10323870

Characters I've seen that are consistently loli in fanart:
Early stage bosses (Rumia, Cirno, etc.), Suika, Nitori, Youmu, Nazrin, couple others.

Characters I've seen that are teenaged-looking (Flat to normal size):
Marisa, Reimu, Alice, Reisen, most characters.

Characters I've seen that are commonly HEALTHY (MILF or just big boobed.)
Komachi, Yuyucow, Yuugi, Yukari, Eirin, China.

But really, since ZUN's artwork says nothing about the characters and is crappy, it's anyone's guess as to how old each character appears. There's definitely a variety of apparent ages, despite some mature looking characters not actually being that old, and some lolis being many centuries old.

>> No.10323888

Wait. Shit. Wrong picture.

>> No.10323891

You're forgetting all the bad things we Americans have done that gets ignored too? And WE still have a standing military.

They don't have the fear, hatred, disgust etc of Nazis that (most of) America, Europe and Russia has because they didn't fight them.

>> No.10323899

getting back on topic with delicious frog god.

>> No.10323914

>Maus and Tiger tanks
I see what you did there, Touhou fanartist.

>> No.10323927

We Brits didn't fight them either in any appreciable amount.

Therefore we get Touhou Allies Fanart.

Makes sense, eh? Toodle pip!

>> No.10323938

>Skim through thread
>No Yuugi
>Must correct this mistake


>> No.10323951

I love Touhou, but every time I see Touhou brought up in /tg/ it reminds me of just how many massive faggots I've come across within the western Touhou community and their willingness to shove Touhou into everything.

>> No.10323958

ass is best if you can see the clam, otherwise it's only okay

>> No.10323970

Anyway, that's all of the WW2 fanart I've got readily available.

>> No.10323981


>> No.10323984


That's how most fanbases are like.

Case in point, replace Touhou with 40k and it still works.

>> No.10323989

I think that troll left.

Sage for me not contributan'

>> No.10323992


That is still a lot more than I would have thought.

>> No.10323993


But 40k is relevant to /tg/

>> No.10323994



only if you count 'loli' as short with a childish face, maybe she fits that type but she has some pretty varied fanart that usually just shows her with small breasts (but still clearly breasts).

I've not seen any consistancy with her besides being short, I got several huge bust Nitoris, some normal sized breasts, lots of small breasts and a fair few flat chests... but mostly it's small mounds with wide variance depending on artists preferences. Same with doujins.

>> No.10323998

Sorry, I meant Britain as being part of Europe. I know that is usually not thought of as being the case.

>> No.10324005

>and their willingness to shove Touhou into everything.

We should stick touhou into 40k. It'd be the final form of /tg/, what with the 40k into everything that goes on here.

>> No.10324029


I like these dimensions the best

>> No.10324032


more like, some faggot tries to troll /touhou/, people oblige his thread with Touhou images because YOU MAD?

>> No.10324040


Already done.

>> No.10324043


I thought we already did that and Cultist-chan was the result?

>> No.10324052

Has anyone actually put touhou into 40k? I haven't seen it, and that's very surprising given /tg/.

>> No.10324061

Very true.
Hence why /tg/ touhou discussions are MUCH better than /jp/. The higher concentration of hardcore fans, the more faggots and arguments you get.

>> No.10324063

I like IN. Do you guys like the touhou games?

>> No.10324064

I guess. It seemed to me like a lot of the lolicon artists would assume Nitori was loli because the huge backpack reminded them of Mayoi from Bakemonogatari, or the grade schooler backpack kids always wear in Japan.

Nitori is friggin' adorable, but my favorite Touhous will always be the ones packing "heavy artillery" in most fanart, like China and Komachi.

>> No.10324065



>> No.10324066



No, really, Touhou is not /tg/ material. Touhou is /jp/ material, though /jp/ is a totally shitty board.

>> No.10324073


Yuugi is a slut, Suika agrees. Personally I prefer the STRONGER Oni.

>> No.10324086


and pic related

>> No.10324096

It's been done but we need more.

>> No.10324115


I lol'd so hard

>> No.10324120

I figured /tg/ would probably care for this more than /jp/. Good old lord phr0zen.

>> No.10324128

I like how the discussion jumped straight to "Touhou is not /tg/ related" and no one has yet to explicitly refute that people who like Touhou are pedophiles

>> No.10324144


they are, when on topic. I usually dislike Touhou threads on /tg/ unless it's at least trying to have a /tg/ bent, but as I said before, this thread started out stupid while /tg/ was being stupid, so I figure fuck it, OP wants loli because 4chan is all about the loli.

>> No.10324148

Saying touhou isn't /tg/ related is the same as saying the /tg/'s 40k fanon isn't related. So you get rid of touhou, you need to get rid of Angry Marines, Cultist-chan, and a shitload more things on /tg/.

>> No.10324161

>Implying we care.

>> No.10324163

That's because no one with a brain thinks that "All Touhou fans are pedophiles."

We went over this in, like, a zillion threads.

>> No.10324171

Well, there's lots of lolis, so it does cater to pedos. But there are plenty of healthy characters as well, so it's for all sorts, really.

>> No.10324172


but we agreed with you and asked 'and?'

>> No.10324177

We don't need to because it's a line a crap. Just because somebody says something doesn't mean it is true and doesn't mean it needs to be proven untrue. /tg/ is not debate class.

>> No.10324182


Touhou is not based on a traditional game.

>> No.10324196


I'm still playing through EoSD because I want to beat the windows games in order. I'm such a bitch though, I have only played it a few times in the past few weeks, and I STILL cannot reliably get past the fucking books right before Koakuma without blowing a bomb, or Meiling's midboss spellcard. I still can't get to level 5 without burning a continue 7 times out of 10 tries ;_;

>> No.10324197

>no one has yet to explicitly refute that people who like Touhou are pedophiles
We can't. OP said we're wrong if we disagree.

>> No.10324230


neither is Dwarf Fortress, or X-com. In fact, thinking about it alot of non-traditional game subjects are accepted by the majority of /tg/ because people like to accept them as /tg/ in spirit.

You guys just keep getting mad at vidya games.

>> No.10324246


>> No.10324252

>Yuugi is a slut


>> No.10324254


well look at the time.

>> No.10324260

You did not just compare Touhou to X-com

I mad.

>> No.10324268

It would be accurate if every single instance of "friends" was changed to "lesbian lovers"

>> No.10324274

I might have to start playing the touhou games. They seem quite fun, really.

>> No.10324278


>> No.10324289

Like it or not, Touhou is no more or less /tg/ related than X-com is.

>> No.10324296

I draw the line at talking about the actual games or gameplay. That's /jp/ territory.
We talk about the characters, the art and the setting here. That's /tg/'s touhou territory.

>> No.10324303

Does that mean you accept the comparison to Dorf Fortress as valid?

Gensokyo Fortress?

>> No.10324315

Comparison of its /tg/ relevance != comparison of its quality as a game

Besides their respective qualities as games are still subjective to the player anyway so also

>> No.10324317

>X-COM: All about shooting down strange monsters that threaten humans and solving incidents that result from this.
>Also, trying not to get funding cut
>Touhou: All about shooting down strange monsters that threaten humans and solving incidents that result from this.
>Also, trying not to get funding cut

>> No.10324321


why not, sorry if you think your vidya game is better then my vidya game, but that's just your opinion man.

>> No.10324333

> TG in spirit

X-Com, Dorf Fortress ,etc. = Classic games heavily reflecting hobby gaming.


>> No.10324342


>> No.10324343

There is a touhou tileset out there.
There is also a touhou Civ IV addon.

>> No.10324348


They are. Hard as all fuck on higher difficulties but fun to actually finish.

>> No.10324360


>> No.10324365

>We talk about the characters, the art and the setting here. That's /tg/'s touhou territory.
>Talk about the charcter, the art
That's /jp/ too buddy. Setting is a very gray area.

>> No.10324367


>> No.10324377

>Implying there's anything to see in those games besides OH GOD MORE BULLETS WHY AM I EVEN PLAYING THIS

>> No.10324383


You are URIST LOVECHILD, you and 6 other humans must go forth and STRIKE THE EARTH, setting up your own village in Gensokyo.

>> No.10324391

What next, are you going to tell WH40K fags to take their black library novel discussions to /lit/ and painting threads to /toy/?

>> No.10324395


Dorf Fortress and X-com have elements that are popular with traditional games, whereas Touhou is a STG.


There's another board for things popular in Japanese pop culture. /tg/ was not created for that purpose nor does anything even remotely similar tend to be brought up here.

Even Touhou fanon crossed with 40k fanon would, in fact, be a lot more related because 40k is a traditional game. As obnoxious as such a thing may or may not be to some.

>> No.10324399

>you and 6 other humans must go forth and SHOOT THE BULLET


>> No.10324400

>I like those games because I'm gay for dorfs and aliens. Females scare me.

>> No.10324423

This you goddamn triple niggers.

Touhou = vertical scrolling shoot em up with lolis
X-com = a turn based strategy game with emphasis on both tactical skills and micromanaging the economics and basebuilding side of the game

Now tell me which one is more like a traditional tabletop game.

>> No.10324440

>village in Gensokyo

replace kobold infiltrators with Rumia

Carp are now Yuka

>> No.10324441


>> No.10324442


/tg/ does tend to discuss other aspects of japanese pop culture on its weeaboo days as well. I guess you could say we're kind of like /jp/ lite in that way, for those users who are not quite weeaboo enough to venture onto that board. Or maybe it's just because 4chan is still a somewhat weeaboo board as a whole.

>> No.10324451

I was talking in reference to what is okay to talk about on /tg/ from /tg/'s point of view.
Yes, /jp/ talks about the games, setting, characters, art, music and more.

But the setting, characters and art are the /tg/ related parts. And occasionally music in game music threads.

Don't be so touchy, geez.

>> No.10324452

So... how do we shove touhou into 40k?

>> No.10324462

You're fucking right, so much it blows through your sarcasm.

>> No.10324464



>> No.10324465


don't classy vidya games beyond in /v/ bro? X-Com doesn't reflect any TRADITIONAL GAME I know off, and Dorf Fortress seems to be /tg/ related because it's a SIM game with a fantasy race...

Oh wait, Touhou has fantasy races. Oh wait, Touhou uses a classic nostalgic gaming platform. It also has roleplaying, AS A HUMAN HERO YOU MUST SAVE THE MOON. Choices are dodge, bomb or die.

>> No.10324488

that's a compliment

>> No.10324501

I'm just popping in to say that the butthurt in this thread, from both sides, is utterly delicious. I could watch you morons slapfighting over the internet all day long.

>> No.10324508

we already have
did you not see the 5+ pictures of fan art in this thread?

But if you want to talk fluff wise:

Yokai are warp entities, Raymoo is an alpha level psyker, Yukari is Tzeentch

>> No.10324512

apparently you haven't had to micromanage bullets flying through the air while dodging in a shooter before

>> No.10324522

And just why won't you go post about Touhou in /jp/?

It's not like the board wasn't pretty much made so Touhou and such could be discussed there.

>> No.10324532

what thread are you reading? only one butthurt side here

(I'll give you a hint, it's the people trying to enforce that touhou isn't /tg/ related)

>> No.10324535


Touhou = fantasy setting complete with mythological creatures from around the world in a magical setting.

X-Com = going to be remade into a Bioshock FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. Also, about men in black style agency where your traditional gaming seems to involve leading a team to fight aliens. It's about as /tg/ as fucking Rainbow Six. Or hell, I'll go there, FINAL FANTASY, THAT HAS LEVELS AND SPELL SYSTEMS AND OH MY.

>> No.10324549

And why couldn't you just hide or ignore this thread?

Even Moot said ignore what you don't like.

>> No.10324551

I love how Touhou gets ass loads of buthurt whining but all the other totally nonrelated threads get none

>> No.10324557

Now you're just really grasping for straws there, mr. Troll.

>> No.10324560


dude, if you get butthurt because people didn't fall for your troll, then you yourself have been trolled. You have been trolled by a fucking "cool story bro" variation macro. Jesus, these newfags are annoying, but thankfully they're not hard to school.

>> No.10324577


Make a codex and custom minis for a gensokyo army.

>> No.10324578

Because we don't want to discuss touhou for the sake of touhou, we want to discuss how it the settings and characters could work in tabletop games. Almost every serious touhou thread on /tg/ (trollfeasts like this non withstanding) you have people stating touhous for various systems, quests that might make use of such NPCs in keeping with their personality, Gensokyo as a setting to play in, and stories from DMs and players who have done so

>> No.10324583

95% of the Touhouverse that otaku obsess over is fan-created. It's a gigantic writefag/drawfag Original Content creation-fest.

That's why it's got a following on /tg/.

Also we like pics of girls in pretty dresses, because /tg/ is like that.

>> No.10324595

If you think that comment was trolling you, you got some problems.

>> No.10324598


same could be said about Touhou fans, seeing as this was clearly a troll Touhou thread that backfired, I'm just posting because /tg/ seems to have half a dozen people who get super bitchy when they see a Touhou image.

>> No.10324599

Best thread on /tg/ right now.

I wish I were joking.

>> No.10324603

>X-Com = going to be remade into a Bioshock FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. Also, about men in black style agency where your traditional gaming seems to involve leading a team to fight aliens. It's about as /tg/ as fucking Rainbow Six. Or hell, I'll go there, FINAL FANTASY, THAT HAS LEVELS AND SPELL SYSTEMS AND OH MY.
And both /v/ and /tg/ didn't just about totally disown the upcoming game even before it's even released.

Cool story, troll

>> No.10324607

take this shit to /jp/

>> No.10324608

Look a pedo with gigs of drawn little girls having sex on his HD.

>> No.10324618

Neither Touhou nor X-com is /tg/ related. However, as much as I'd like to see all of them banished back to rot in /v/, they've been on the board so long that people would never stop talking about them.

You're all butthurt, desperately constructing strawman arguments of either side to defend your off-topic threads and twist the interpretation of "Traditional Games" to support your own sides. Both of you are so utterly convinced you're right and that the other argument is wrong, that you're blind to the fact that you're ALL wrong.

>> No.10324624


needs retardedly overpowered rules and to be made of nothing but singular heroes.

>> No.10324635

Using logic on 4chan?


>> No.10324650

I'm curious, when did the touhou fags move in here from /a/? sadly does not visit /tg/ as often as i should considering the quality on most "but not all" threads and discussions seem to be higher then the rest.

>> No.10324656

You really need to understand your definition of a troll thread before you start posting again. This wasn't a troll touhou thread, it was a troll posting how much he hates touhou. There is a difference, please learn it.

>> No.10324664


So the new Blood Angels codex is a good choice? Plenty of single powerful characters there.

>> No.10324667

>blind to the fact that you're ALL wrong.

So touhou both is and isn't related at the same time? Schrödinger's touhou?

>> No.10324677



>Touhou is not /tg/ ,material, prove me wrong


>> No.10324685


Besides, the banishment of off-topic on any internet board, anonymous or not, is always an uphill struggle. Communities will form even if distinct identities are not used, and people in those communities will want to discuss random stuff every now and then.

I guess touhou is just "more random" than some other subjects. Or maybe it's just because we want to be the little girl with the silly hat.

>> No.10324701


I've always prefer Touhou threads to at least tangentially be related, either through discussion on char-gen or systems to use in running their setting.

Thing is, when a thread like this, or a image dump thread turns up, I tend to join in the discussion (mostly ignoring the trolls unless it's about laughing at their sage) because when I look about /tg/, it's all fucking draw threads, quest threads, 40k porn or talking about how sisters are sexual predators or some shit with a single drowning Shadowrun thread on page 3. I've lost all sympathy and reached the point I simply DON'T CARE.

Still, occasionally I troll the 'Touhou is /tg/' fags too, because they are just as bad.

>> No.10324717



>> No.10324720

We've always been here. We usually post at night during the weekdays as nighttime /tg/ has less agitated posters and trolls and is generally more accepting.

>> No.10324747


Touhou has been here since day one, it's just most fa/tg/uys have not.

That doesn't mean it's related, just that it's been around for ages in some form or another.

>> No.10324753

touhoufags have been here since /tg/ was founded. Seriously the very first fucking thread moot posted had a handful of touhou images in it alongside all the 40K ones

>> No.10324755

>responding to OP 200 posts later

You don't even.

>> No.10324773


I find mornings (GMT) are quite pleasant from time to time.

>> No.10324779


So you see how Touhou not being /tg/ material is a valid argument although the relation itself isn't all that important right?

>> No.10324781


And it also happens to be a highly infectious meme, such as 4chan has proved quite efficient at circulating since its inception.

>> No.10324829

/jp/ regular here, I for one wouldn't mind seeing /tg/-type threads on /jp/, it'd be a damn sight better than half the other shit that passes for good discussion. You're welcome to visit anytime, just beware of the tripwars and other retarded shit that gets spammed there.

>> No.10324835

of course, one has to ask themselves what kind of capacity do they want Touhou in /tg/, because clearly moderation isn't coming and Touhou fans get fucking everywhere these days, so either Touhou will have constructive daily threads (but still way behind other main subjects) and stay to one thread, or pure troll threads because they can't have the former.

>> No.10324842

Yes because
are all not logical rebuttals as to why touhou is just as related as any other fantasy/sci-fi setting in games/books that is not itself a tabletop or wargame that is used as an influence in tabletop games they are ALL obviously just fags saying

selective reading much

>> No.10324906


>Touhou with tanks, subs, a panzerfaust





>> No.10324916


any attempt to discuss more then a characters sexuality in /jp/ will end in shitty memes and tripfags shitting all over the discussion with their own brand of retarded. Usually both. Also, elitism there is hilarious, you want to discuss something that isn't quite canon? FUCK YOU, ZUN SAID THIS. Want to discuss something that is canon? FUCK YOU, WE DISCUSSED THIS, LETS TALK ABOUT YUKARI GAPPING YOUR DICK INTO YOUR ASS FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME.

>> No.10324922


>God, that guy was such a fag pointing out that there's a little more than a hint of immaturity at some points in this thread. I'd better try to tell him off with a well-written post, that'll show 'im.

>> No.10324958

>logical rebuttals
/tg/ is not debate class
you might as well get over this because trying to hide behind some debate rules is only cause more butthurt for yourself

>> No.10324978


>> No.10324987



There's a reason we say "we don't even need the other boards anymore.' /tg/ is slowly becoming the last bastion from the total derp that has overtaken the 'chons. If you want something approaching quality at ALL, over ANY topic, you bring it here.

>> No.10325007

get over it, it's been that way for a long time
things haven't changed, you only think they have

>> No.10325050


it would be pretty valid if most /tg/ threads were actually traditional games, but we already covered that they aren't.

Touhou gets in on the same basic other video game settings get in on. Maybe if someone enforced the subject on this board, I'd think twice about it, but then /tg/ would quickly get stale as the wide range of civil discussion on /tg/ would get quickly stiffled.

Lets be clear here, Touhou threads, even those which pertain to traditional gaming, are hated by people who think everything that is weeaboo should be banned. Everyone else just ignores it.

>> No.10325087

My pleasure.

Toodle pip, old chap.

>> No.10325116


your favourite loli has grown a fat chest, is this awesome?


>> No.10325128

>> No.10325147


If someone made a K-on! thread in /tg/ despite it being just about as related to /tg/ as Touhou and having a board that fits it, just as Touhou does, do honestly think that's at all related to /tg/ anyway?

I'm not saying Touhou and other non-/tg/ related topics should be banned but Touhou is nowhere near as related to /tg/ as the vast majority of other topics that come up on here, you must be able to recognize that unless you're arguing for the sake of sounding right.

>> No.10325174

I'm okay with this

not really
just like OP, posting something doesn't make it true

>> No.10325184

Silly Kisume, you don't need breasts... how are you going to fit in your bucket now?

>> No.10325189

so first >>10324677
says "touhoufags are resorting to reaction images and derptext to supposedly "defend" their position

where in >>10324842
responded by pointing out several posters that had made their point not by HURR DURR shitposting but by actually making points in readable english. And thus you reply that such use of logic is a sign of being butthurt

So your opposition can't defend their position with shitposting, but they can't do it constructive argument either. . .


>> No.10325192

On Tewi: Y
The rest aren't loli, they're flat, that's the attraction. Busty momoiji is not momoij.
Busty tewi though, with that face... brb, fappan.

>> No.10325210

this >>10325147 is a trolling trap post
don't respond

>> No.10325218


>no Cirno

>> No.10325224

Get her a barrel

>> No.10325229


cirno cannot into boobs

>> No.10325235

see >>10322757

>> No.10325253

who is this, why is she sharpening a pencil, and why would she be sad?

>> No.10325255


Please don't make yourself appear equally as butthurt as you are insinuating that >>10324677 makes the majority of this thread out to be.

>> No.10325268

rolled 15 = 15

>We usually post at night during the weekdays as the kiddies have bedtimes


>> No.10325278

>If someone made a K-on! thread in /tg/ despite it being just about as related to /tg/ as Touhou and having a board that fits it

wow, blatant logical fallacies.

This is a board about traditional games, which often are set in fantasy worlds inhabited y fantasy creatures. So you are saying a setting that is a fantasy world filled with fantasy creatures is as relevant to this board as a story about school girls playing music. . .

Thats tantamount to saying LoTR is as /tg/ related as The Princess Diaries

>> No.10325299


best be trollin

>> No.10325313

late blooner

>> No.10325325

>who is this,
Sakuya, head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
>why is she sharpening a pencil, and why would she be sad?
Because she's using a craft knife, when her trick is throwing MILLIONS OF DAGGERS. A craft knife must be a tad disappointing.

>> No.10325328


and the funny thing is, making a K-On thread would probably be successful. I've seen /tg/ discuss everything from rifles to elf rape (by monsters.)

>> No.10325347


>K-ON, a anime about highschool students forming a light music club.

>Touhou, a series of bullet hell shooting games in a wide ranging magic fantasy setting, has many offshoot RPG games and even it's own fan made roleplaying system. Increasingly common use as a P&P setting with most legitimate threads revolving around that.

Sorry bro, not seeing it. I fail to see how Dorf Fortress, a fantasy fortress simulation rogue like is any more related, or why being a little closer to traditional gaming means a damn when both a vidya games.

Touhou isn't even a anime. You only compare it to one because of the art direction. It's more like a vidya game, but then I suspect you are just trolling because you used K-ON as a example.

>> No.10325353


Those high school girls could totally be counted as bards. I thought their musical skills were rather captivating, at least.

>> No.10325368

...and then you replied to the troll

>> No.10325394

I'd rather they just get taller and get some hips ;_;

>> No.10325395


/tg/ - /troll grappling/

>> No.10325402


>implying this entire thread isn't just EVERYONE replying to trolls.

>> No.10325404


>> No.10325411


>failing to see how dwarves doing dwarven activities are irrelevant to /tg/ because they're in a video game

>> No.10325422

It's summer, but I agree with OP.

>> No.10325434


that's not nice, Japanese aren't very tall or wide people.

>> No.10325437

Make a K-ON thread here and within an hour it will be full of homebrew game mechanics, campaign settings, as well as optimal character builds for Ditz and Closet Lesbian classes.

There is nothing /tg/ won't make /tg/ related if it wants to.

>> No.10325459

>flat chests
Sorry. I like girls, not sports equipment.

>> No.10325466



>> No.10325473


>> No.10325485

>Closet Lesbian class
I feel undeclared is more accurate, because bitch sure ain't hiding it.

>> No.10325490


>fantasy race acting like a fantasy race should is /tg/
>Touhou isn't the kind of fantasy I like.

You seem kind of lost on this one bro, why are dwarves more traditional games then say, demons?

>> No.10325492


... the guy who makes these macros is getting better by the god-damned day.

>> No.10325496

You trying to get at something?

>> No.10325506

You better not be implying that Ritsu is a closet lesbian.

>> No.10325507

so, we stat them for Anima: Tactics then?

>> No.10325532


Yeah that stuff is definately /tg/ related, but random pic dumps of a series that is not, at it's base, /tg/ material are not.

>> No.10325538

So fantasy settings well established in tradition games > fantasy settings as of yet not so well established? Why should it matter?

>> No.10325546

Thanks man!
Although to be honest, that one came from joke in a thread a couple night back.

>> No.10325563

As compared to how how vampires, Crow demons, and ogres doing vampyric, crow demony, and ogerish activities are irrelevant to /tg/ because they're in a video game?

>> No.10325567

>character image dumps aren't /tg/

>> No.10325585

>I am OP
>I am samefagging

>> No.10325590


Touhou image dumps are troll threads though, most Touhou fans, expect the odd faggot namefag who seems to think it's ok, don't like them because of this kind of butthurt response they illicit.

>> No.10325607


>random pic dumps of a series that is not, at it's base, /tg/ material

>> No.10325631

Hm... not sure if want, Wizard, not sure if want.

>> No.10325655

Too much Spring. ;_;

>> No.10325658

>Touhou image dumps are troll threads though, most Touhou fans, expect the odd faggot namefag who seems to think it's ok, don't like them because of this kind of butthurt response they illicit.
Excuse me? You got it all wrong. I like posting touhou pics and having the occasional touhou thread. I am not trying to troll when I post them. I do realize that trolling is subjective (I don't think you do though). But my intent is not to troll.

>> No.10325676

its obvious she is storing extra blood points in there. Considering she is 99% likely to be a Ventrue she probably needs a lot to burn on those area-effect social Disciplines the Blue Bloods love so much

>> No.10325691

Right, so it's the odd namefaggot and anonymous who dump. Same thing.

>> No.10325699

So they aren't so much boobies as they are water balloons?

>> No.10325705

I like touhou, but I don't like touhou image dumps without text.
There are 'boorus for that, something /jp/ and /tg/ ought to realize.

>> No.10325717


when it's just image dumps, yeah. It's either trolling or being fucking retarded. I don't mind people posting images without text, but if it's just some guy dumping a image folder into a thread he made with zero discussion you may as well go fucking danbouru or something.

Post a interesting picture, try and get some discussion out of it, that's how most of 4chon works.

>> No.10325723

You need to be more clear when you type. What you said was practically nothing.

>> No.10325740

hide it then

>> No.10325756


most artists can't master breasts, but sometimes even water balloons are kind of hot.

>> No.10325770

Touhou is for pedophiles.

I should know, since I fap to lolis.

I only like Touhou for the loli porn.

I fap to the pettanko touhou lolis.

>> No.10325791


>> No.10325810

>most artists can't master breasts
cause art is subjective interpretation

>> No.10325832


Now I want to write a story where an outsider trolls the hell out of her with Durandal.

It's touhou trolling AND katana is durr hurr best-est trolling all in one.

>> No.10325848


true, but this kind of shit just looks BAD.

>> No.10325860

you know it's true

most touhoufags are pedos

>> No.10325880

Most Touhoufags don't care either way.

>> No.10325901


this is true enough, but if you say that on a none 4chan western Touhou community you'll get Strike Witch style claims of liking the characters because they are cute, or liking shooting games, or liking only the busty ones... they can't be honest about it.

>> No.10325935


/jp/ on the other hand will argue they are into 'lolicon' not 3D, then they'll obsess over that one Suwako cosplayer who is like 13.

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