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Fa/tg/uys I could use a little bit of advice.

About a year ago my small collection of dice for roleplaying was stolen. My backpack with my dice and a few roleplaying books was taken from my car.

Since then I have not been in any games so I did not sweat it much. However I have found a game in the near future and will be needing dice again.

Where should I get dice from, I would prefer to order online, and what sort of dice (design should I get). Also I need mainly d10s.

Pic related the game I shall be playing.

Also fuck me for not knowing how to make a short post

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Just use a dice roller program

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seconding dice-program if you dont have much time, but

if you want real physical dice, try a Pound-o-Dice from chessex, via ebay or something.

tons of dice for dicey needs, plus enough extra to throw away ones that roll poorly (you have to make an example for the others)

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Chessex does good collections. If you need mainly d10, I assume you're looking at a White Wolf or L5R game, and if so, in both you never need more than 10 to my knowledge, maybe 12 for nWoD rules. If you're debating either of them, Chessex does tubes of d10s, sets of 10 at a time, and do a decent deal on shipping. If you plan to play hardcore, you can order a few sets and have different colors/patterns available based on a character.

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Dice rollers aren't bad if you have something like an iPod touch or something like that. However, I still prefer my players to use dice since then I can see what they're rolling.

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don't order online. rob games workshop.

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