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what does /tg/ think of Tank Girl?
post all Tank Girl related images

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I thought that was either a monkey or a fucking gorillaz album cover.

whose characters also resemble monkies..

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Fio's preferable, but the blonde works too.
what's it from? @[email protected]
ps, i'm a newfag to /c/

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Hurr it's post-apocaliptic setting, which means everyone is CUH-RAZEH and style their hair in weird manners all the time! Oh, and it has LOLRANDUM XD everything!


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Not her, but I digs the style.

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Tank Girl is FUCKWIN.

All others are imposers. Like Chemrat and Chem-Chan

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7 tabs open at once.
it gets confusing.

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Punk girls give me wood.

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It's made by the same guy who came up with the Gorillaz

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>implying you can't delete posts

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>@[email protected]

Get the fuck out.

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<- proof

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Dude, Jamie Hewlett practically invented that. Everything else is knockoffs.

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it's made by the guy who DRAWS them. Damon Albarn is the other half of the creative team.

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not really worth it. too lazy.

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I like tankgirl. She fucks furries and doesn't afraid of anything

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in with the movie

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Thanks, now I need brain bleach.

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Lori Petty is hhhhhhhot

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Naomi Watts is hotter.
But I wouldn't kick either of em out of bed for eating crackers.

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Naomi Watts was more adorable than hot.

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crackers under your foreskin and in your ass. Think about it, crackers are evil.

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I think its crap. Crap drawing and crap script. I don't care for the funneh in tank girl.

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while i disagree with your opinion, i will agree that you have the right to it.

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its because post-apocalpyse is supposed to show humanity going back to tribal ways. the "random" bits are the post apocalypse warrior adorning himself in the renmants of the past in a ritualistic manner, not fully understanding what was left behind by his predecessors.

it both shows his/hers limited understanding of the past that we destroyed as well as the diminished importance of the things we hold dear today.


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I sort of enjoyed the first volume of Tank Girl, but I find it a bit too "LOL SO RANDUM XD".

I mean, even by the author's own admission it's completely mental.

The film was entertaining in its own way, I guess.

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