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Hey fa/tg/uys, I'm just getting into 40k and I've decided to make a Tau army(I like their fluff and the run and shoot playstyle). I'm trying to get a basic cookie-cutter army to try out so that I can see what I like and change accordingly. My google-fu seems to be weak however as most lists I find are experimental or REALLY troop-heavy. I know enough to realize that the crisis suits are what make Tau good.

So far, I know I want a couple Fireknife config suits(plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker, and hard-wired targeting array), a few suits with twin-linked flamers(to deal with my friend's nids), a couple Fire Warrior squads(1 with a Devilfish), a squad or two of Kroots with hounds, 1 squad of Pathfinders with a Devilfish, and 2 Hammerheads. If anyone with some Tau experience could help me flesh out this list, I'd be very appreciative.

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Tau sucks

Play a real army

Like space wolves

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Space wolves are un-balanced

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Ultramarines or get out, faggot.

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If you play Tau, you will lose. This is because they aren't Imperium of Man. If you want to play something with a lot of ranged power, play Imperial Guard, and use bits from the Tau vehicles to fluff them, making them Tau Auxiliaries. If you want to win, play something that has a lot of close combat power, like Space Wolves.

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Space marines are noobish and retardedly easy and imba,play a real game or stfu about being a noob

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Since you collect them, i was wondering how many points is the Battleforce (10 Grey Hunters, 10 Blood Claws, 5 Wolf Scouts and a Drop Pod) Or just Min and Max points. >>10287080

Just get the battleforce?

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I actually just hate GRIMDARK. I would play fantasy if my friends did but they don't so I'm left playing 40k and Tau are really the only race in it that I don't hate.

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I firmly understand - I play 40k only because no-one in my area plays the Star Wars minis game. I'd suggest you get a race like Necrons and learn to tune out the shades of gray. You're playing black, therefore the other person is playing white.

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Play witch hunters.

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Don't listen to the trolls...or counter trolls, perhaps, I'm not so sure about you. In any case, your idea sounds reasonable, and I would suggest giving it a few tries on the field of battle to see what works and what doesn't

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Anonymous 06/03/10(Thu)23:30 No.10259441
Broadsides + Marklights
Crisis Suit teams armed with Fusion Blasters and missile pods.
Piranhas armed with Fusion Blasters and targeting arrays

if you want to take down armor, play Tau, go heavy on broadsides, Crisis Suits, and Piranhas . . ALWAYS backed up with markers lights, then watch as the other team rage quits.

Anonymous 06/03/10(Thu)23:41 No.10259690
Don't forget seeker missiles. Nothing pisses off IG more than getting tapped in their AV10-12 flanks with S8 that hits on a 2+. Also good for dealing with drop pods, rhino chassis vehicles and bikes.

Also, well positioned Pathfinder teams will DEVESTATE current Space Marines. Snipers in cover? No cover save, and Missile pods raining in. Massive bike spam? Rail Rifles, then pinning check at LD 2. (Trollface here)

The current guard are a little harder, but as mentioned broadsides work best. Vehicle squadrons are like candy; three big targets, vs. 3 twinlinked AP1 shots. If you feel like having them sit and shoot, you can also rig them with twinlinked plasma and a multitracker. Turns into 6 ap2- shots at 24 inches, and 9 ap2- at 12 inches. Plus, if the broadsides need to move they can still fire the plasma as if they were stationary, which just pisses everyone off.

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Actual helpful advice here....

Thats actually a really well rounded list. Maybe switch the hammerheads for broadsides at lower point values, but overall its what you want from a Tau group.

2 Thoughts:
1. Advanced Tau Tactica has great breakdowns on each unit and their tactics (possibly the best breakdowns, comprehensive but still relatively short, I wish someone would do somehting similar for SM's)
and 2. The Crisis Suit config depends on your playstyle. Fireknife is basically the swiss army knife, it does everything, and does it all pretty well, but maybe you prefer something a little more tailored towards heavy weapons or something a little more dakka heavy, whatever, just try out diffrent builds before settling on fireknife.

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Thanks for the input. I'm still not sure how to use drones or markerlights(even though they seem good) as I just learned to play yesterday. I have the codex and base rulebook but can't seem to find an applied example of how markerlights work. Any chance you have some info on this?

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Do Tau have motivaters like this?

And why IG say it?

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IG say it because 750 points of IG beat 1500 points of Tau unless the Tau player is very lucky.

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Oh charge with Battle suits and kill some marins heros and HQ, Face of opponent - priceless. :3

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That's an exaggeration, but essentially, yea. The Imperial Guard are one of the most powerful codexes around at the moment, and the Tau one of the weakest.

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yeah the fireknife is a great suit but i personally like making suits specialized. I find drones great additions to crisis suit teams even if its only to absorb a heavy weapon shot every once in a while. I prefer taking specialized suits and prefer the fusion blaster, plasma rifle and multi-tracker for hard targets, twinlinked missiles and flamer for mixed targets (no multi-tracker), and the burst cannon flamer and multi-tracker suit.

I've been toying with the dual flamer and black sun filter suits as a unit simply because its dirt cheap.

Marker lights work like this.

You shoot them at the same time the rest of that unit fires. Its a heavy 1 weapon so one shot per marker light wielder usable only if he doesn't move.
work out the number of hits and thats how many marker light hits you get.

You can use 1 of them to
1. increase the ballistic skill of a firing (tau (no kroot or drones or vespid with no strain leader)) unit thats shooting at the marked unit up by one
2. decrease the targets cover save by one
3. decrease the targets leadership for pinning purposes down by one
4. fire a seeker missile.

added ballistic skill and less cover are very important especially since the taus elites are still bs3 and cover is everywhere.

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tau is not weak its just that a lot of morons play tau.

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Actually, a lot of very tactically minded people play Tau, at least on /tg/. Which shows that they suck even more when it takes that level of player to break even with them.

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So essentially, they're best used from Marker Drones due to their high initiative? Does this mean I need a squad of Marker Drones or can I replace the Gun Drones on the Devilfish?

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initiative is only used in close combat, it has no effect on marker lights

the BEST marker light delivery system is pathfinders. because marker drones are super expensive, and because they waste suit systems on crisis suits. broadsides are far better off with shield drones given how important they are, and skyrays are lagging FAR behind other tau heavy support choices to the point of being unviable.

if you have to though, a minimum stealth suit squad whose squad leader has a drone controller is an acceptable alternative.

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Pic related.

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Wouldn't it be a bad idea to waste an elite slot on stealth suits though? I think I'd rather use the slot on Crisis Suit(s). Or is it that pathfinders are really expensive(due to Devilfish) and stealth suits are comparatively cheap?

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nope, you're right

but if for some reason you can't afford/don't want pathfinders stealth suits are your next best bet.

pathfinders are by far the best markerlight system in the tau 'dex though. BY FAR.

the thing about the devilfish is easy. you have to take 1+ fire warriors. fire warriors suck.

solution: take 1 min squad of fire warriors. keep devilfish near fire warriors (in objective games) then load them in turn 4/5 and rush an objective.

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there is no Fire Warrior/Tau Templats for those pics?

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So would it be advisable to have two squads of Pathfinders over one rather than buying a Devilfish for the Fire Warriors separately? Or is one squad of Pathfinders really all I need? Also, are rail rifles worth it or not? They seem strong but are they worth the points and the loss of the marker lights?

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you don't buy pathfinders for bs3 single shot marine busters

you'll get more mileage out of boosting a squad of 3 fireknife suits to bs4.

you should only need 1 squad of pathfinders up to 2000 pts. otherwise you're wasting points that could be spent on broadsides, hammerheads, piranhas and crisis suits.

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i go 6xmartek light and 2x rail rilfs it never paid back ;_;

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No, if only because Fire Warriors don't don't have overcompensate for the fact they are thralls to uncaring soul-eating dead god who's only real purpose is to serve as sandbags for the tanks and to make the Space Marines look good by comparison.

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Marker Drones fire before other units in their squad. That's what "Networked" means.

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lol networked markerlights are hilariously overpriced for the units that would benefit from the markerlight within the squad

just use dedicated markerlight units and have them shoot first.

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Are Piranhas good? From what I can gather, they seem kind of weak.

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They're also your Melta Delivery System. Since you can squad them, you can also set them up to make it difficult/impossible for the opponent to turn away from them, making them waste distance in the Move phase.

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Protip use fire warrior models with out the solder gaurds as pathfinders, they're the exact same (not counting rail-rifles)
I've found that stealth suits work really well in alot of situations with shield drones + their cover save (when playing tau you need to make sure all your suits are always in cover thats why we have jump shoot jump)

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piranhas are weak

but they block movement to buy your big guns time to fire.

park a piranha 1" in front of a squad of berserkers

what can they do? go around?

okay well that takes like 3" from their movement distance

charge it? okay, between your 1" charge and your consolidate, you got about 4" movement out of the turn where they would otherwise have had 9-10 (6" move + d6" run). oh wait, what if you roll badly (s5 isn't a guarantee vs open-topped RA10)... well you got 1"

land raider? lol park 1" away. ram? uh... one s5 hit, good luck. if you park 2 piranhas in the right spot, the land raider can only move unimpeded in one direction - BACKWARDS. shoot the piranhas you say? well that's 6-12" of movement lost in the movement phase (6" for any infantry that tries to shoot up the piranhas).

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So the Piranha is just a movable wall? Wouldn't the enemy usually be heading towards my ranged attackers therefore making any Piranha blocking their movement an obstruction to shooting? Or do I jump in a strafing pattern, shoot then jump back?

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target priority on the big guns
you don't have that many big guns
designate the big guns (railguns and crisis suits) to handle some targets while the piranhas obstruct the ones you aren't shooting at.

between markerlights and twin-linked you should generally be fucking up what you shoot at.

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Oh, I see. Should I be Twin-Linking anything except Flamers? Base BS + Marker Lights seems like enough. I think my suits would prefer the adaptability of the Fireknife over Twin-Linking Missile Pods or Plasma Rifles.

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>Should I be Twin-Linking anything except Flamers?

>Base BS + Marker Lights seems like enough. I think my suits would prefer the adaptability of the Fireknife over Twin-Linking Missile Pods or Plasma Rifles.
Usually it is. I like to pack 1 squad of TL Missile pods cuz it's cheaper than fireknife but after 2000 pts there really isn't a reason to be running all fireknives. it's not like you need the points to buy more firewarriors,

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I'm sorry if I'm asking noobish questions. I learned the game literally yesterday so I don't know much at the moment.

I will be play most games at 1500 so I'd appreciate any advice be geared towards an army that size. It seems like you're saying I should have 1 squad of TL Missile Pods to keep costs down. I will be using a squad of TL Flamers for my friend's nids and they're dirt-cheap(a whopping 102 points for a squad of 3). You would then recommend the last squad be Fireknifes?

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lemme break it down for you

to kill heavy tanks, you want s9/s10. at the very least s8 if it's also ap1.
Tau Answer: Railguns. Favor Hammerheads up to 2000 pts, after which you need to favor Broadsides to max your railgun count.

to kill light tanks (transports etc) you need medium strength (6-8) multishot weaponry
Tau Answer: Missile Pods. 2 shots, good range. although railgunning transports is often what i do turn 1-2 before switching to heavier vehicles

to kill heavy infantry, you need ap2 weaponry, hopefully multishot and with more than 12" range. a way to ignore cover is also good
Tau Answer: Plasma Rifles. JSJ is an effective 30" range (or 18" rapidfire). perfect tool for the job. Missile pods are acceptable for supporting plasma rifles. oh, i can get both on the same model? hot damn. and pathfinder markerlights ignore cover? fuck yeah.

to kill light infantry, you simply need masses of firepower
what gives you lots of high-volume, low-strength firepower? kroot. secondary weapons on vehicles and drones. that mandatory fire warrior squad. hammerhead submunitions.

You have to note that Crisis Suits are the ONLY place to get light-vehicle and heavy-infantry firepower that you will actually use. Plasma Rifles on Broadsides? If anyone is close enough that you can shoot them with the Broadside secondary weapon you done fucked up son. Where else do you get Missile Pods? Mmhmm, didn't think so.

It's a sad state of affairs, but giving your crisis suits weapons not meant for dealing with heavy infantry and transports cannot be overcome by putting these weapons elsewhere - they're simply not available

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Tau really need to branch out in their suit designs, methinks. They really need some kind of midway between the XV-8 and the 88 Broadside. Something more mobile that you can put stuff like missile pods on.

Or, something lighter and more agile than the Crisis suit that you can equip for anti-infantry work?

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The designs are fine.

The problem is that crisis suits are the workhorse of the army, and HQ/bodyguards aside you can only get 9.

in the same vein the railgun is tasked to any and all armor elimination (and any multiwound t5 without eternal warrior)

troops and fast attack need to be able to actually kill something to take the stress off the elites and heavy support

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So make infantry-deployable Plasma Rifle weaponry? Get some better armament options for the Piranha? Make Crisis suits NOT FUCKING ELITES?

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So you're saying I don't want to use Flamers on my Crisis Suits? I understand that if I were fighting Space Marines, for instance, they would be bad but I think since ~40% of my games will be against my friend's nids, they deserve a spot in my army.

I typed up a sample list that I'd love some suggestions on. It's only at 1430 so there are still some points to spare but I don't know where to put them.


97 - 1x Shas'el Commander - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Multi Tracker
97 - 1x Shas'el Commander - Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Multi Tracker


102 - 3x Shas'ui XV8 Crisis Suits - Twin Linked Flamers, Black Sun Filter
201 - 3x Shas'ui XV8 Crisis Suits - Team Leader, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi Tracker on non-leaders, Targeting Array on Team Leader, Hard-Wired Multi Tracker
201 - 3x Shas'ui XV8 Crisis Suits - Team Leader, Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods, Multi Tracker on non-leaders, Targeting Array on Team Leader, Hard-Wired Multi Tracker

Troops 1

145 - 6x Fire Warriors and 1x Devilfish - Disruption Pods

Troops 2

130 - 10x Kroot and 10x Kroot Hounds

Fast Attack

157 - 6x Pathfinders and 1x Devilfish - Disruption Pods

Heavy Support

150 - Hammerhead Gunship - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Targeting Array
150 - Hammerhead Gunship - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Targeting Array

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Has anyone pointed out MAGNETS yet?

Seriously, one good thing you can do with a Tau army is make your Crisis suits reconfigurable. Magnets are one simple way. Makes it so you can switch the loadout to whatever you need depending on circumstance.

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well GW kind of pigeonholed themselves with their description of Tau tactics

with their not holding ground and supposed strong coordination, their infantry shouldn't be fighting anything besides other infantry.

then 5th edition came and everything became METAL BAWKSES.

I don't like the concept of plasma-gun toting Fire Warriors.
Piranhas problems aren't the weapon options (well the FB is the only worthwhile one) but the cost of the hull compared to FA skimmer squadrons.
XV8s as troops is a bit too good without the types of penalties Farsight incurs.

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I've heard about this but haven't found a decent tutorial and no one at my FLGS knows how to do it.

>> No.10288786

You might wanna swap the Hammerheads' burst for SMS, as they are slightly more useful, but also more expensive so it's up to PEOPLE WHO KNOW MORE ABOUT TEH GAME THAN ME to decide.

>> No.10288816

1. Buy some neodymium magnets. Preferably 1/8" discs.
2. Drill/carve/dremel out the little indents in the Crisis suit arms where the guns usually fix onto, and glue the magnets in there.
3. Cut off the jutty-out bit on the gun that usually fits in the slot, dig a little hole and put the other magnet in there.

Make sure you standardize which way round the magnets are, though, else's you'll end up fucking yourself.

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1. Drop troop devilfish. Give them the pathfinder devilfish.
2. Only 2 Troop units at 1500 is virtually an autolose.
3. Why the fuck are there no DPods on the Hammerheads and Devilfish?
4. No need of 2nd HQ yet.
5. Targeting Array tends to be wasted points IMO.
6. Shield Drones on HQ
7. SMS on HH might be your choice

You've got good firepower in this list but no roadblocking/delaying with only 1 kroot and no piranhas.

What will happen is that you'll fuck up half your opponent's army real bad. Then the other half will reach you and you'll get run off the objectives/annihilated.

The trick to Tau is maximizing firepower where it counts while scrooging points to buy roadblocks.

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Listen to this man. He is clever.

>> No.10289033

1. So only 1 Devilfish in my army?
2. You suggest 3 or 4? Also which should I get more of; cheap FW's or stronger Kroot?
3. There are DPods on Devilfish, and I forgot them on HH's. Fix'd.
4. Really? I thought maxing out suits was a good idea.
5. I've heard TA is pretty good from a number of sources but I will do a bit of math and re-evaluate it.
6. Isn't second HQ just flat-out better than drones on 1?
7. Trying to keep costs down. HH is mostly there for the rail gun.

So I should find room for a Piranha in there?

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>1. So only 1 Devilfish in my army?

>2. You suggest 3 or 4? Also which should I get more of; cheap FW's or stronger Kroot?
At least 1 troop per 500 is a good ratio. Don't take more FWs, instead split the Kroot into squads of about 16 (10 kroot/6 hounds).

>4. Really? I thought maxing out suits was a good idea.
Maxing out on suit guns is a good idea. 97 pts for the same weapons as 50-ish pt Fireknife is not efficent

>5. I've heard TA is pretty good from a number of sources but I will do a bit of math and re-evaluate it.
Most Tau players are retarded, so yeah. Test it for yourself.

>6. Isn't second HQ just flat-out better than drones on 1
No, because shield drones are 15 pts for a significant survivability buff. You don't shoot your 48" weapons like Krak Missiles or Lascannons against a crisis commander with shield drones unless there's nothing else to shoot. A 2nd HQ is still a magnet for said weapons and dies like a bitch to them. He's also 67 pts more expensive

>7. Trying to keep costs down. HH is mostly there for the rail gun.
I don't run SMS on HH myself but once in a while it leads to me losing in kill points. Half the time when I lose the drones I wipe them anyways.

>> No.10289130

How the crap do you get kill points off of SMS? It's not a drone.

>> No.10289142

i don't run SMS
ergo i have drones
which give off KP

>> No.10289218

Wouldn't I lose the Multi-Tracker if I took the Shield Drones too? My hard points would be Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and Drone Controller with Shield Drone in my wargear.

>> No.10289230


>> No.10289261

Oh. Okay, that sentence confused me.

Use SMS instead then? Lessens the chance of losing kill points. And hell, SMS can be used through cover, can't it? Longest range of any HH secondary weapon and it's a semi-decent weapon.

>> No.10289278

Oh, the drone doesn't count as your 1 wargear? Seems I was reading it wrong. That makes them much better.

>> No.10289283

it's also 20 pts

same problem with flechette discharges

"will you use them enough to make them worth it?"

>> No.10289293

Hard wired drone controllers may be taken on your team leaders and Shas'vre and up.

>> No.10289309

3 equipments:
plasma rifle
missile pod

hardwired equipment:
drone controller

drones are not a suit system, the controller is.

>> No.10289344

Yeah, I thought you could only choose one thing from the wargear list. I understand now.

>> No.10289349

The Emperor's Canaries on youtube have a some nice videos about the XV8, he discusses most suit configurations plus their pros and cons.
See all four here:

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